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Who Are The Republican Candidates For 2020

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Republican Candidates Who Deny 2020 Election Results Win Key Primaries

The Maga fanatic threatening to upend Arizonas fragile democracy | Anywhere but Washington

Victories underscore the continued political potency of the stolen election myth, with most significant win in Arizona

Candidates who question the 2020 election results won a handful of key primaries on Tuesday, underscoring the continued political potency of the myth of a stolen election in US politics.

The most significant victory was in Arizona, where , who was endorsed by Donald Trump, easily won the GOP nomination for secretary of state, placing him one step closer to overseeing elections in a key battleground state.

Finchem, who has self-identified with the far-right Oath Keepers, vigorously fought to block certification of Joe Bidenâs legitimate victory in Arizona and has sought to overturn it ever since.

He told reporters on Tuesday he received a subpoena from the Department of Justice, which is investigating the January 6 attack, about a month ago. He has also been subpoenaed by the congressional committee investigating the attack.

Finchem joins prominent election deniers in Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania who have earned the Republican nomination for positions in which they would wield considerable power over elections.

In the Arizona gubernatorial primary, Kari Lake, a Trump-backed former news anchor who has made election misinformation a centerpiece of her campaign, narrowly led rival Karrin Taylor Robson on Wednesday morning.

Republican Presidential Nomination 2020

2024 2020 2016

The Republican Party selected President Donald Trump as its presidential nominee at the 2020 Republican National Convention, which was held from August 24-27, 2020.

Prior to the national convention, individual state caucuses and primaries were held to allocate convention delegates. These delegates vote at the convention to select the nominee. Trump crossed the delegate threshold necessary to win the nomination1,276 delegateson .

George H.W. Bush was the last incumbent to face a serious primary challenge, defeating political commentator Pat Buchanan in 1992. He was also the last president to lose his re-election campaign. Franklin Pierce was the first and only elected president to lose his party’s nomination in 1856.

Sixteen U.S. presidentsapproximately one-thirdhave won two consecutive elections.

False Statements About Family And Religion

Santos has used the name Anthony Zabrovsky to fundraise for a pet charity , while records contradict his claim that his maternal grandparents had a Ukrainian Jewish last name of Zabrovsky. Santos has also claimed that he was biracial and was born to an African American father, who had Angolan roots, but there is no evidence of that.

Santos told Jewish Insider in November 2022 that “my mother’s Jewish background beliefs … are mine”. In a 2022 campaign position paper his campaign sent to pro-Israel groups, Santos called himself a “a proud American Jew”.CNN reported that during Santos’ 2022 campaign appearances, he called himself an “American Jew” and a “Latino Jew” on multiple occasions.

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Secretary Of State: 12 Of 27 Gop Candidates

Kristina Karamo : In December, Kristina Karamo tweeted that “corrupt politicians with the help of the lying media were trying to steal the election, ain’t going to happen.” Karamo gained a following after the 2020 election, when she claimed to have witnessed fraudulent activity where Detroit was counting absentee ballots. She made several cable news appearances to spread unfounded claims of widespread fraud and filed to intervene in Texas’ lawsuit to overturn the election. One of Karamo’s central fraud claims was about a ballot that had straight-ticket voting bubbles filled out for both Democrats and Republicans. She claimed a worker had wanted to count the ballot for Democrats and a supervisor told the worker to “push it through.” Chris Thomas, the longtime elections director in Michigan who was at the absentee counting facility in Detroit, told CBS News that “push it through” meant that the ballot would be registered as an overvote and would not count for either party.

During New Jersey’s gubernatorial election last November, Karamo claimed that ballots for Democrat incumbent Governor Phil Murphy were “magically” appearing. “Can’t make this stuff up, but again you’re ‘insurrectionist’ and a ‘big lie proponent’ for pointing out the obvious,” she tweeted. Ahead of her election this November, Karamo has claimed that election machines in Detroit are illegal.

Abortion Rights Drinking Age Drugs And More

Latest poll of potential Utah Republican candidates for 2020 governors ...

At present, Weld is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Self-described as strongly pro-choice when it comes to abortion rights, he is also said to believe that drug use should not be considered a criminal offense. He feels the drinking age should be lowered but has not stated at what age it should be set.

When it comes to matters of the military, Weld also draws a conservative line. He feels that America should withdraw its troops from foreign engagements and that the countrys efforts and resources should be refocused on domestic issues, in order to prosper. According to, Weld previously supported bans on assault weapons in the US.

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The Midterm Elections And Views Of Biden

Among all registered voters, preferences for the U.S. House are currently closely divided and a sizable share of voters say they are uncertain of how they would vote if the election were held today. Four-in-ten registered voters currently support or lean toward the Republican candidate in their district, while about the same share back a Democratic candidate about two-in-ten registered voters either support another candidate or are not sure .

Among all registered voters, more men support the Republican candidate than the Democratic candidate , while women are somewhat more likely to back the Democratic candidate in their district over the GOP nominee .

About half of White voters say they would back the Republican candidate if the election were held today, while 36% would support the Democratic candidate. About seven-in-ten Black voters support the Democratic candidate just 4% of Black voters back the Republican. More Hispanic voters back Democrats than Republicans , while 55% of Asian voters support the Democratic candidates in their districts, and 20% support GOP candidates.

Voters with college degrees favor Democratic candidates over GOP candidates by a sizable margin . By comparison, voters with a high school diploma or less formal education support Republican candidates over Democratic candidates . Those with some college experience but no degree are narrowly divided: 41% support Republicans and 38% back Democrats.

Comparison Of 2020 Presidential Candidates To Congressional And Gubernatorial Candidates By State

2024 2020 2016

This page compares the performance of Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election to gubernatorial and congressional races in each state. It provides the percentage difference between the number of votes received by Biden and Trump and the number of votes received by the respective Democratic and Republican candidates statewide.

See also: United States Senate elections, 2020

Thirty-five U.S. Senate elections were held on November 3, 2020. The following chart compares the number of votes received by presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump to the number of votes for each state’s respective Democratic and Republican senatorial candidates.

  • Biden outperformed Democratic Senate candidates in Nebraska, Maine, and Louisiana, by a percentage difference of 27.0%, 22.5%, and 15.8%, respectively.
  • Trump outperformed Republican Senate candidates in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Delaware, by a percentage difference of 19.2%, 11.4%, and 7.5%, respectively.
  • Biden underperformed Democratic Senate candidates in Montana, Alabama, and Mississippi, by a percentage difference of 10.7%, 8.0%, and 7.0%, respectively.
  • Trump underperformed Republican Senate candidates in Maine, South Dakota, and Nebraska, by a percentage difference of 14.6%, 5.7%, and 4.7%, respectively.

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President Trump Your Legacy Is Secure Stop The ‘stolen Election’ Rhetoric

As many on the left have pointed out, the 2020 election was less a repudiation of Trump than a narrow loss for a man who proved just unpalatable enough for a critical sliver of his coalition.

Sean Spicer, a former Trump press secretary, told The Post his ex-boss would be an instant front-runner in a 2024 primary. He has a rock-solid base, I just dont think that there is anyone else who even comes close.

Teasing a potential run in 2024 would at the very least ensure Trump stays relevant and in the press for years to come.

If Trump himself passes on the opportunity, his two very political children Don Jr. and Ivanka Trump could also potentially pick up the mantle. Trump Jr. has long acted as an outside surrogate for his father online and in the press and connects strongly with his base. Ivanka, meanwhile, has years of administration experience under her belt as a White House adviser to her father.

Over Half Of Republicans Running For Federal Statewide Office Have Raised Unfounded Doubts About 2020 Election

Obama sharply criticizes GOP candidates in Nevada

Over half of all Republican midterm candidates running for federal and statewide office have raised unfounded doubts about the validity or integrity of the 2020 election results, and according to CBS News’ analysis, all of the states but two Rhode Island and North Dakota have a candidate on the the ballot who is an “election denier,” that is, who denies the results of the 2020 election were valid.

Among the 597 GOP candidates running for state or federal office this November, 308 have raised unfounded doubts about the results of the 2020 election.

Here’s the candidate breakdown:

  • 20 out of 37 Republicans running for governor
  • 9 out of 31 Republicans running for lieutenant governor
  • 9 out of 30 Republicans running for attorney general
  • 12 out of 27 Republicans running for secretary of state
  • 20 out of 36 Republicans running for the U.S. Senate
  • 238 out of 436 Republicans running for U.S. House

Other candidates backtracked after their primary races, hoping to appear less extreme to a wider electorate. CBS News still considers these candidates to have questioned the integrity of the election, even if they have since changed course.

The same is true in Michigan, where Tudor Dixon and Kristina Karamo, running for governor and secretary of state, have also said they wouldn’t have certified Mr. Biden’s 2020 victory.

Below are profiles of some of the candidates who meet one or more of the following criteria:

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Chuck Todd Explains Why Election Deniers Lost In Tight Races

They won, however, in the races for the Senate in Ohio and Wisconsin, as well as attorney general in Florida and Ohio.

In many of the races involving election deniers, candidates sought offices with the power to affect elections some ran in pivotal battleground states where presidential election results have an outsize impact on the Electoral College outcome and thus who wins the White House.

Iowa Gop Candidate’s Wife Cast 23 Fraudulent Votes For Her Husband In : Prosecutors

In the political world, Iowa is known for its early position in the Presidential primary election season, but now the state is making political news for a very much different reason.

The wife of a 2020 Iowa Republican candidate for Congress has been arrested and accused of filing 23 fraudulent votes for her husband, reports Business Insider.

Kim Phuong Taylor was arrested for trying to help her husband Jeremy Taylor win the Republican primary in 2020 for the Fourth Congressional District in Iowa. Taylor was trying to beat Steve King, a far right-wing incumbent congressman notorious for spouting racist rhetoric.

The indictment alleges that Phuong Taylor, born in Vietnam, used her ties to Iowa’s Vietnamese community in Woodbury County to go home-to-home to collect absentee ballots from people who were not home. Then she allegedly completed those ballots herself, filling in Jeremy Taylor’s name for the residents who did not know the votes were cast in their name and did not consent to voting for Taylor.

IN OTHER NEWS: McCarthy made an agreement to release all J6 security cam footage to win the Speaker vote: Matt Gaetz

These actions drew charges of 26 counts of providing false information and voting, 23 counts of fraudulent voting and three counts of fraudulent registration, along with signing voter registration forms on behalf of residents who were not present. There is a five-year maximum sentence for each charge.

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Wide Partisan Divides In Voters Attitudes Beliefs

Republican and Democratic voters are deeply divided in attitudes and beliefs on a range of subjects, encompassing race, government regulation of business, foreign policy and even whether society can be thought of as divided between good and evil.

A large majority of registered voters who support Republican candidates say White people receive little or no benefit from societal advantages that Black people do not have, including 36% who say White people get no benefit at all from such advantages. Just 10% of voters who support Democratic candidates share this view 60% say White people benefit a great deal from advantages that Black people lack, while 29% say they benefit a fair amount.

The differences are nearly as pronounced in views of the impact of government regulation on business and whether women continue to face obstacles because of their gender.

The partisan divide on obstacles to womens progress is nearly symmetrical: 76% of Republican voters say the obstacles that once made it harder for women than men to get ahead are largely gone. Among Democratic voters, 79% say these obstacles still exist, and just 20% say they have disappeared.

Differences over foreign policy are not quite as large. Republican voters are 39 percentage points more likely to say the United States should follow its own national interests even when allies strongly disagree , and 28 points more likely to say U.S. policies should ensure Americas role as the lone military superpower .

Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley

As state Republicans struggle to field 2020 candidates, Reichert eyes ...

Haley listens to Lisa Scheller, a Republican candidate for Pennsylvanias 7th Congressional District, speak with members of the media during a news conference in Allentown, Pa.

Haley was widely seen as a gifted politician during her time as governor of South Carolina. As the daughter of Indian immigrants, she was also viewed as an emblem of a new, more inclusive GOP.

Haley is a compelling figure, but her political positioning in relation to Trump has caused her problems.

Though she served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations during his tenure, she also left abruptly and is viewed with suspicion by some in the former presidents inner circle.

Haley caused a stir in the immediate aftermath of the Jan. 6 insurrection when she was critical of Trump in a closed-door meeting with Republican National Committee members, saying his conduct between the election and the riot would be harshly judged by history.

Later, she again became far more supportive. She has indicated she will not be a candidate in 2024 if Trump enters the race.

Every time she criticizes me, she uncriticizes me about 15 minutes later, Trump mused to Vanity Fair in September 2021.

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Us Presidential Election 202: Trump’s Top Republican Challengers

The path to the 2024 US presidential election begins almost as soon as midterm elections end – and several candidates are already waiting in the wings.

Former president Donald Trump has announced he will run for the party’s nominating contest, vowing to “make America great and glorious again”.

But while he remains popular with Republican voters, an underwhelming midterm performance, due in part to losses for Trump-endorsed candidates, has left him more vulnerable.

The ex-president, who will be 78 in two years, is likely to face a stiff challenge from a coterie of Republican hopefuls, including some who once backed him.

False Biographical Statements Scandal

In September 2022, The North Shore Leader raised questions about Santos’s net worth increase from “barely above ‘zero'” to $11 million. On December 19, 2022, after Santos won the 2022 election but before he was to take office in January 2023, The New York Times reported that he had apparently misrepresented many aspects of his life and career, including his education and employment history. The Times also reported Santos had unresolved charges for check fraud in Brazil. The same day, Santos’s lawyer wrote that Times was “attempting to smear good name with these defamatory allegations” Santos did not produce any documents to substantiate his claims, despite several requests. On December 21, The Forward and Jewish Insider reported that Santos had lied extensively about his family’s supposed Jewish heritage. His initial claims that his maternal grandparents were Jewish Holocaustrefugees who fled Soviet Ukraine and occupied Belgium were false both his maternal grandparents were born in Brazil. On December 22, Santos wrote on : “I have my story to tell and it will be told next week” the same day, New York Attorney GeneralLetitia James announced an investigation had been opened into Santos.The Daily Beast also first reported on Santos’s previously unknown marriage Santos had been married to a woman between 2012 and 2019.

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Minnesota Nevada And New Mexico

Conspiracy-theory led individuals who dont believe in the results of past elections are now seeking to be the chief elections official in key states: Kim Crockett in Minnesota, Jim Marchant in Nevada and Audrey Mendonca-Trujillo in New Mexico. Crockett the 2020 election rigged, Marchant has asserted that he would not have certified Bidens win and would consider sending alternate electors in 2024 and Mendonca-Trujillo labeled 2020 a huge coup to unseat a President.

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