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Patriot Auto Repair Colorado Springs

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Colorado Springs Automotive Repair Patriot Auto Repair In El Paso County Co 80915

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Find a Colorado Springs Automotive Repair that is here to serve you. Patriot Auto Repair is that company. Please reach out to us today so Patriot Auto Repair can help you solve any questions you have to meet your goals as a local consumer.

If you own a home or a business in Colorado Springs El Paso County and you need Colorado Springs Automotive Repair, then give Patriot Auto Repair a call now or fill out the contact form below and someone will get back to you and help you with your Colorado Springs residential, commercial, or industrial needs.

To Schedule An Appointment with a Colorado Springs Automotive Repair just reach out to them now!

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In 2012, our owner Todd Hedrick was just like you, sick of being given one quote, when he dropped his truck off, and half-way through the day being told it was going to be exponentially more. Dont you hate that? Thats how Patriot Auto Repair was founded, and we havent looked back since!

I have been bringing my car here for 4 years now. This is by far the best mechanic shop that I have used in the area. Todd, the owner, is a very genuine and honest guy. He is the type that will go out of his way to make sure his customers are satisfied. Patriot Auto Repair also has a fantastic warranty program on all work that they do. I will continue to bring my vehicles here and continue to recommend them to everyone that I know.

Whether youre just doing annual upkeep, general maintenance like oil changes or you need a motor overhaul, our team is not afraid of getting dirty and getting the job done! Being a small business, we do what it takes to get the job done the right way, the first time!

With Patriot Auto Repair, youll be able to take advantage of the 2-year parts and labor warranty!

On all our jobs youll also have nationwide roadside assistance once you leave the shop! Were so proud to say that 4 out of 5 customers are returning ones, the others just havent needed any repairs! Feel free to give us a call with any repair questions!

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I want to thank all of our loyal customers/ friends, I could name you all personally, but if I goofed and left ONE name off I would feel horrible. I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope all can enjoy with family. 1 Thessalonians 5:18Give thanks in all circumstances for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

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Small business in Colorado Springs

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How To Choose The Right Auto Repair Shop

To many, our cars are an extension of ourselves. We take pride in the 30 minutes we take to make sure she has had a good wash. We work hard to make sure we can put 91 octane in our babies because thats what they deserve!

So why when our cars need tune-ups, we are so willing to send them into the unknown? Weve compiled just a few things that should help ease your worry and make you more confident in deciding the right auto shop!

If the mechanic answering the phone wont give you the time of day, speaks to you in a way that makes you seem like you dont know whats going on with your own vehicleits probably best to just hang up the phone now. How this conversation goes is a sneak peek to how your whole auto shop experience will be!

Shop Reviews

This is a MUST! What kind of experiences have other folks in your area had? Are they continually expressing the concern of one person or problem? Is the auto repair shop responding and taking responsibility for any wrongdoings that may have occurred? The combination of all these things can show consumers how well the business is being taken care of. You should also look to see if a company has customer testimonials too!

The Work Area

Would you take your children to daycare without seeing the classroom? Of course not!

You should be able to see the workspace where your vehicle will be worked on. Disorganization, mechanics standing around, general laziness are not good signs that youre a top priority on their to-do lists.

Colorado Springs Car Repairs

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Patriot Auto Repair is a local Colorado Springs Car Repairs area business. Feel free to fill out our contact form here at the bottom of our profile on so we can reach out to you!

If you need Car Repairs services, then call us now at 694-1887. We are always happy to provide you with quality Colorado Springs Car Repairs and excellent customer service.

Inquire about Colorado Springs Car Repairs and call Patriot Auto Repair today!

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I also came to them by recommendation. Todd is a very honest easy going person. His wife is very nice as well. I was very impressed with the service I got today and I will definitely be making a return visit. Ladies if you are tired of mechanics lying and taking your money you need to come here. Todd served his country and they are good Christian folks. Fair prices. Shuttle available if you don’t want to wait but they do have a comfortable waiting room with a big screen TV.

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Colorado Springs Auto Repair

Patriot Auto Repair is a Colorado Springs Auto Repair company servicing your local community in El Paso County CO, 80915.

Talk directly with the Auto Repair experts or a business owner on each call. Our business community thrives when each of us researches locally first for Auto Repair Colorado Springs and then makes an honest effort to do business with them.

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