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Patriots 72 Hour Food Kit

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Why Choose Food 4 Patriots

FOOD REVIEW : 4 Patriot 72-hour Survival Food Kit : Creamy Rice & Vegetable Dinner

To start off with, all of the ingredients contained in the Food 4 Patriots food preparedness kits have been manufactured in the United States. Additionally, all of the production sites are routinely audited/inspected for their hygiene and standards. Some of the other key qualities offered by Food 4 Patriots include:

  • Taste: Even though the food items being offered a marketed as survival meals, they are surprisingly delicious, and users reviewing the products have been surprised with how little the taste is sacrificed in these packaged meals.
  • Natural and Healthy: None of the products being manufactured by Food 4 Patriots have use GMO or similar chemicals, many of which have been clinically found to have several negative effects on the human body.
  • Easy-to-store: Since the food items are designed especially for catastrophic events, they necessarily have a long shelf life. More importantly, they have been designed to stay fresh even in the harshest conditions and can be stored quite easily.
  • Uniquely Devised: These food items have also been preserved using a unique low-heat dehydration method instead of traditional freeze dry and dehydration techniques. As per the official company website, the preservation techniques used by Food 4 Patriots allow their products to stay fresh and consumable for up to 25 years, all while maintaining the nutritional integrity of the food items.

Emergency Food Survival Kits

Once you’ve calculated how much food and water you’d like to put into your emergency survival kit, check out the wholesale survival kits at Sam’s Club. There are lots of food storage kits available, some of which will feed a family of four for an entire year. There are also water storage and filtration systems along with a wide variety of bottled water. If you decide to use bottled water, store it in a cool, dry place that doesn’t get any direct sunlight.

Peace Of Mind That’s Good For 25 Years

With everything that’s in the news these days…

People are taking stock of their own emergency-preparedness plans. And as you can imagine, the demand for survival food is sky high. America has a ferocious appetite for this high-quality survival food.

And its easy to see why…

Survival Food: A Cinch to Make

Cooking your delicious food takes about 15 minutes, in only 3 simple steps. Its so easy, even your kids or grandkids can make these emergency meal kits.

Just look how easy it is

  • Boil
  • Jonesboro, Ga.

    * Real reviews from real customers. Sometimes customers receive a free product to test or receive a free product as a thank you for submitting honest feedback. For more information, see footnote 1.

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    Free Disaster Replacement Warranty

    We are proud to offer the survival industry’s very first free disaster replacement warranty. If your My Patriot Supply purchases are destroyed in a natural disaster, our warranty replaces them all, and no cost to you.

    Customers call our shipping “impressive,” “flawless,” and “man-that-came-fast” excellent.

    Tips For Emergency Supplies: What Food To Stock Up On

    Food 4 Patriots 72

    Beans are a good example of thinking about things like ease of preparation, dietary value and density, and adaptability . For example, we recommend having both dry and canned beans because dry beans last longer, however canned beans can be eaten right out of the can without spending any fuel on heat.

    You may be questioning if the expiration date printed on a package is truly completion of life for that food. In medicine, for example, the “expiration” date is often when the medication ends up being a little less efficient it does not indicate the medicine is useless or damaging. We ‘d love to give you a list of common foods and inform you precisely how long they’ll last, but that’s harder than you might anticipate.

    Who to believe? USA Emergency Situation Supply, a supplier of preparedness supplies, offers as truthful an answer as we’ve seen: Identifying the storage life of foods is at finest an inexact science as there are so many variables. These range from the condition your food was in when you initially bought it and includes many other aspects This details must be used as a basic guide only, and should not be followed “as the gospel truth” since your outcomes might be various. 4patriots 72-hour survival food kit.

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    Your Most Cost Effective Long Term Food Storage Solution

    Started in 1972 by Phil Augason, Augason Farms products can now be found in Walmart, Associated Foods, WinCo, Sams Club, Costco, and other places. Their first product was Morning Moos Milk, which is their number one selling instant milk. They focus heavily on producing food supplies for long term storage in case of emergencies.

    After doing my own price comparison, I found that when compared to other Long Term Food Storage Companies Augason Farms is the most cost effective. See my comparison chart at the bottom of this article for more details.

    Where To Buy Survival Food Ready Squirrel

    That suggests even short-term disasters like typhoons, floods, and earthquakes can cause supply chain problems that will rapidly wipe out their inventory. Now include a long-term catastrophe that cuts off supplies for months, and you have a genuine recipe for catastrophe. To be prepared to deal with an emergency situation where supply chains begin to fail and food supplies are blocked, you require to invest in a long-lasting food supply.

    With the help of recommendations that have actually can be found in from our readers, we have actually put together a list of the top food products and emergency supplies that you can purchase at the grocery shop. 4patriots 72-hour survival food kit. The list consists of foods with a long shelf-life, products that have multiple uses, and supplies that are terrific for bartering.

    Survival Foods that are great during short-term catastrophes: The following products are terrific for short-term emergency situations, and will remain fresh for a long duration of time. Throughout many catastrophes, you’re going to desire to have food that needs extremely little cooking, or can be consumed with no preparation at all. Make sure some of your stockpile consists of these types of food.

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    Is 4patriots Food Freeze Dried

    Yes! All 4Patriots survival food is freeze-dried to ensure its longevity and quality. The brand states that its kits are packaged using a low-heat dehydration process. Afterward, its concealed in a durable Mylar bag thats suctioned with an oxygen absorber. This ensures no moisture or light penetrates through each meal pack.

    Q: What Bonuses Come With Food4patriots

    4 Patriots 72 Hour Survival Food Kit Is It Worth It? How Many People Does It Feed? How Many Calories

    A: As part of every order placed through the official 4Patriots website, users are provided with a host of goodies, including: Patriot Pure Personal Water Filters , Victory Garden Seed Collections , Survival Multi-Tools , a free copy of a survival guide called Survival 101 , a copy of Survive Chaos , Survival Library , and playing cards

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    How Do You Store Survival Food

    Most survival food kits come in sealed pouches that have oxygen absorbers to increase their shelf life, but its still important to protect them from the elements: excess heat, moisture, air, and light. The exact storage instructions may differ based on which kit you purchase , but Augason Farms, one of the top survival food kit companies, recommends storing your survival food kit in a cool, dry, dark place that stays between 55 and 70 degrees Fahrenhait. That means keeping your kit out of the basement and/or the attic, unless these areas are temperature- and humidity-regulated.

    Best Vegetarian: Survive2thrive Organic Preparedness Pail

    • Meals arent individually packaged

    • Expensive

    If youre looking for a survival kit with high-quality vegetarian food, the Survive2Thrive food kit has everything you need to feed one adult for 40 days and nights. There are 298 total servings of high-protein foods like beans, lentils, and garbanzo beans. There are also sources of slow-acting carbohydrates, like oats and brown rice, that can provide much-needed energy during emergency situations. One thing to note: Unlike other food kits that have complete meals, this one comes with each ingredient individually vacuum sealed, so youd have to mix and match to create a complete, balanced meal.

    Shelf Life: 20 years | Servings: 298

    • Not as much variety as other kits

    While most survival food kits are designed to supply around 1,500 to 1,700 calories per day, the meals in this kit offer 2,667 calories daily. This is an excellent option for anyone with higher calorie needs, or in a situation where you may be injured and require more energy and strength for regaining your health. There are a total of 42 servings split up into nine meals, and five different types of entreesenough for one person to eat over the course of three days. All meals are freeze-dried and only require the addition of water.

    Shelf Life: 25 years | Servings: 42

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    Q: Can Food4patriots Be Trusted

    A: Even though every nook and corner of the official Food 4 Patriots website tries to scare customers into believing that the world is going to come to an end very soon, the products being offered by the company look quite legitimate. This is because there are a number of testimonials available online from users who have consumed the products and have verified all of the claims made in relation to their quality.

    With that being said, the folks over at 4Patriots have made some dubious claims such as the company being contacted by FEMS that cannot be substantiated at the moment. Also, there are some complaints from customers online who have stated that the quality of the food is poor .

    We recommend that users interested in trying Food 4 Patriots might want to start small to establish their own opinions on the legitimacy of their offerings before purchasing the more expensive packages.

    What Foods Have The Longest Shelf Life


    Most survival food kits are made with dehydrated foods and/or freeze-dried foods, which have the longest shelf life. These types of foods can last 20 to 30 years if sealed and stored properly. According to the USDA, not all canned foods are considered shelf-stable. The ones that are typically have a shelf life of one to two years, so while the canned foods you have in your pantry can certainly help in an emergency situation, you shouldnt store them in a food survival kit.

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    My Patriot Supply Reviews Are They Legit

    : Salt Lake City, UT, July 31, 2020 My Patriot Supply:- If recent events have caused you to start thinking about emergency preparedness, you are not alone. Millions of Americans are starting to see that they werent prepared for a pandemic, let alone an earthquake, flood, or the myriad other catastrophic events that might happen at any time.

    Why Should You Care About Emergency Preparedness?

    Preparing for an emergency isnt about being scared its about being ready. When disaster strikes, you dont want to be worrying about not having basic supplies you want to be focused on keeping your family safe. My Patriot Supply ensures that youll have the basics food, water, and emergency supplies at the ready and can focus on more important things.

    My Patriot Supplys survival food also comes in handy for more mundane life events too. Extended power outages, contaminated water , or even just heavy rain and snow can easily interrupt food and water supply for several days at time. My Patriot supply helps make sure you survive those days without worry.

    To decide what exactly you want in your own survival kit, check out our My Patriot Supply reviews below.

    My Patriot Supply Overview

    My Patriot Supply is not just about food and gear their typical customer is heavily focused on self-reliance. According to the Company, being able to rely on yourself alone is ultimate freedom, and the Company is driven to help its customers achieve that kind of independence.

    Why My Patriot Supply?

    Heirloom Seeds

    Buy Survival Food By Mountain House Freeze Dried Food

    In the type of emergency situation where you’re depending on this food, you might not have utilities or other things that makes cooking much easier. So we favor foods that can be consumed as-is, just need standard reheating or rehydrating, or are simple to mix and match with other active ingredients. Not whatever needs to be “healthy,” and while mental/emotional comforts are valuable in a crisis, you don’t wish to make things even worse by attempting to live off junk food consisting of Nuclear Twinkies .

    An emergency situation isn’t the time to be choosy, but it’s fine to avoid foods that your family widely dislikes, are dissuaded by your faith, or someone has a dietary issue with There’s an old canard about healthy grocery shopping: store in the external aisles, where fresh meat and produce are generally put, and prevent the inner aisles, where processed, sweet foods live.

    The very best items are discovered on the interior aisles. Avoid the fresh stuff around the shop boundary. Budget, space is typically one of the greatest limitations when building your at-home food shops. You want to pack as much nutrition as possible into your space. Most of the foods on this list are currently thick (eg.

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    Your Discount Long Term Food Solution

    Based in Salt Lake City, UT Legacy Food Storage has been around since 2006. All their food is processed, packaged and shipped within the United States. They guarantee the lowest prices online and say they will match any competitors online prices. They also have a 100% free shipping policy, payment plans, and group discounts.

    The 12 Best Survival Food Companies Of 2021

    4 Patriots 72 hour Survival food kit unboxing.

    That implies even short-term disasters like cyclones, floods, and earthquakes can trigger supply chain problems that will quickly eliminate their stock. Now include a long-term disaster that cuts off materials for months, and you have a genuine recipe for catastrophe. To be prepared to deal with an emergency situation where supply chains start to fail and food materials are blocked, you need to buy a long-lasting food supply.

    With the aid of suggestions that have been available in from our readers, we have actually compiled a list of the leading food products and emergency products that you can purchase the supermarket. 4patriots 72-hour survival food kit. The list contains foods with a long shelf-life, products that have multiple usages, and products that are excellent for bartering.

    Survival Foods that are excellent throughout short-term disasters: The following items are fantastic for short-term emergency situations, and will stay fresh for a long period of time. During a lot of disasters, you’re going to wish to have food that requires very little cooking, or can be eaten without any preparation at all. Ensure a few of your stockpile consists of these types of food.

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    Your Convenient Long Term Food Solution

    Born in Oregon in 1969 Mountain House is seen sold in many stores including your local Walmart. They began by making freeze dried foods for the military but are now enjoyed by all types of consumers such as hikers, campers, preppers, and backpackers.

    Known by most consumers are Mountain Houses convenient Pouches. In addition to Pouches, they sell Pro-Paks, #10 Cans, Emergency Preparedness Buckets and Kits. The difference between a Pouch and a Pro-Pak is that the Pro-Paks are vacuum sealed to ensure they stay compact at high altitude.

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    In An Emergency You Need Food

    Thatâs why its recommend that every American should have at least 72 hours of non-perishable food on hand per person for an emergency. So if youâre one of the self-reliant few, grabbing this 72-Hour Survival Food Kit is a no-brainer.

    It comes with 16 servings of delicious survival food. Itâs designed to feed 1 person for 3 days . If you have a bigger appetite, stock up on a few of these tasty kits.

    Each kit comes with 3,760 total calories . Enough energy and nutrients to help you survive a 72-hour emergency.

    You may want or need more calories per day. Your Survival Food Kit is designed to provide energy and nutrients for one person in a stressful emergency situation. Itâs not intended to be a complete caloric replacement during ânormalâ times.

    +++ You may want or need more calories per day, especially if pregnant, a child, elderly, or have other health conditions. Your Survival Food kit is designed for 1 person in a stressful emergency situation. In an extended emergency youâll want to supplement calorie intake, nutrients and variety with additional food items.+

    Why 4Patriots

    • Designed to Last 25 Years
    • Survival Food That Tastes Good
    • âDisaster-Resistantâ Packaging

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