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How Many Republicans Won In Yesterday’s Elections

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Presidential Election Undecided: Remaining Paths To 270 Electoral Votes

How GOP retirements are making the 2022 midterm elections a Trump referendum

In races called by our results provider Decision Desk HQ, Joe Biden has 227 electoral votes to 213 for Donald Trump as of early Wednesday morning. Aside from Biden winning the electoral vote associated with Nebraska’s 2nd district, the map is identical to 2016 in the called states.

Based on the current map, there are 37 paths for Biden to 270, 24 for Trump and 11 that would result in a 269-269 tie.; Some are obviously more likely than others. FOX has called Arizona for Biden, although that has not been confirmed by others.

Here are the live vote counts for these remaining races.; Aside from Nevada, these were all won by Donald Trump in 2016.

List Of United States Presidential Elections By Popular Vote Margin

In a United States presidential election, the popular vote is the total number or the percentage of votes cast for a candidate by voters in the 50 states and Washington, D.C.; the candidate who gains the most votes nationwide is said to have won the popular vote. However, the popular vote is not used to determine who is elected as the nation’s president or vice president. Thus it is possible for the winner of the popular vote to end up losing the election, an outcome that has occurred on five occasions, most recently in the 2016 election. This is because presidential elections are indirect elections; the votes cast on Election Day are not cast directly for a candidate, but for members of the Electoral College. The Electoral College’s electors then formally elect the president and vice president.

The Twelfth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides the procedure by which the president and vice president are elected; electors vote separately for each office. Previously, electors cast two votes for president, and the winner and runner up became president and vice-president respectively.

The appointment of electors is a matter for each state’s legislature to determine; in 1872 and all elections since 1880, all states have used a popular vote to do so.

Special Elections To The 117th United States Congress

  • 7Footnotes
  • Special elections to United States Congress are required in the event of vacancies. This page is a compilation of all special elections to the 117th Congress in 2021-2022.

    As of September 2021, there are three special elections scheduled to complete a term in the U.S. House of Representatives:

    Puerto Rico also held special elections to elect a special delegation to the U.S. House and Senate on May 16, 2021.

    Special elections to Congress occur when a legislator resigns or is removed from office. Depending on the specific state laws governing vacancies, a state can either hold an election for U.S. Senate within the same calendar year or wait until the next regularly scheduled election. For the U.S. House, vacancies are filled through a special election.

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    Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District

    Chad Conerly , Allen Guillory Sr. , Robert Lansden , Jaycee Magnuson , Horace Melton , Richard Pannell , Sancha Smith , Errol Victor , Jim Davis , and M.V. Mendoza also ran.

    Before 2021, Louisianaâs 5th was represented by Ralph Abraham , who won re-election in the 2018 nonpartisan primary with 67% of the vote to Jessee Carlton Fleenorâs 30%. In the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump defeated Joe Biden 65% to 34% in the district. Louisiana’s 5th was last represented by a Democrat in 2004, when Rep. Rodney Alexander changed his partisan affiliation from Democratic to Republican.

    Christophe previously ran in the 2020 primary election in Louisianaâs 5th. Luke Letlow and Lance Harris advanced to the general election with 33.1% and 16.6% of the vote, respectively. Christophe received 16.4% of the vote. Luke Letlow won the runoff election against Harris by 24% of the vote. Letlow died from complications related to COVID-19 on December 29, 2020, five days before the 117th Congress was sworn in on January 3, 2021.

    Louisiana elections use the Louisiana majority-vote system. All candidates compete in the same primary, and a candidate can win the election outright by receiving more than 50% of the vote. If no candidate does, the top two vote recipients from the primary advance to the general election, regardless of their partisan affiliation. If necessary, the general election was scheduled for April 24, 2021.

    Georgia’s 5th Congressional District

    Democrats win special election for Wisconsin state Senate ...
    See also: Georgia’s 5th Congressional District special election, 2020

    A special election for Georgia’s 5th Congressional District was held September 29, 2020. Former incumbent Rep. John Lewis died on July 17, 2020. On July 27, Gov. Brian Kemp issued an executive order scheduling the election. Kwanza Hall defeated Robert Franklin in a December 1, 2020, special runoff election.Robert Franklin and Kwanza Hall advanced to a runoff election. Hall received 32% to Franklin’s 28% Mable Thomas received 19% and Keisha Sean Waites received 12%. No other candidate received more than 10% of the vote. Franklin, Hall, Barrington Martin II , Thomas, and Waites received the most media coverage. The Democratic and Republican nominees for the , Nikema Williams and Angela Stanton King , opted to not run in the special election.

    The winner of this race served the remainder of John Lewisâ Congressional term through January 3, 2021. Because no candidate received at least 50% of the vote, Franklin and Hall advanced to a December 1st runoff election, which Hall won. If a candidate won the primary outright, their time in Congress would last 96 days, and if the election advanced to a runoff, their tenure in Congress would last 33 days.

    Steven Muhammad and Chase Oliver also ran.

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    What Do Yesterdays Elections Mean For 2018

    Yesterdays elections were a shock, if not for their results, than for their magnitude. Almost every office that the Democrats had a chance of winning, they won. Elections that were supposed to be nail-biting down to the very end were declared early in the night and won by wide margins. Democrats generally underperform in the midterm elections;and do even worse in odd years. This year has proved to be an exception to this rule. This begs the question: will this rule be broken again next year? While one election doesnt guarantee the results of the next, it does indicate a trend. Its clear that Democrats are consolidating their gains, however fractured they might remain, while Republicans are floundering while grappling with the question of how to run with Donald Trump as the head of their party.

    Unless something drastically changes in the next year, 2018 will be a blowout for the Democrats. Yesterday exemplifies that the Democrats are capable of winning in off years in conservative areas and the Republicans dont know how to cope with their President. Under these conditions, only a Democratic victory in 2018 can be reasonably predicted.

    The 2020 Election By The Numbers

    Its almost over. Yesterday Electoral College electors convened virtually or in person in state capitals across the country to cast their votes. The result was what everyone expected, the election of Joe Biden as president of the United States. With the election now essentially settledRepublican lawmakers may make one last doomed attempt to reverse the results when Congress meets on January 6 to confirm the Electoral College voteheres one last review of how the vote went.

    The Electoral College

    In 2016, seven electors declined to vote for the candidate they were pledged to. That was the highest number of faithless electors ever, with the exception of the election of 1872. That year sixty-three electors broke their pledge. They had a good reason to do so, however. They were pledged to Democratic candidate Horace Greeleyhe of Go West fame. Greeley died three weeks after losing to Ulysses S. Grant and before the Electoral College met. His pledged electors were understandably reluctant to vote for a dead man. Three electors, however, did cast their votes for Greeley.

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    Democrats Retain A Reduced Majority In House; 10 Races Remain Uncalled

    Democrats will have a noticeably smaller majority when the 117th Congress begins in January.; Prior to the election, the party held a 233-20111This includes five vacancies allocated to the party that last held the seat. edge over Republicans, with one seat held by Libertarian Justin Amash, who left the GOP in 2019. Republicans regained that seat and have flipped ten others thus far. Democrats have flipped three seats, two of which were virtually certain due to court-mandated redistricting in North Carolina.;

    Of these ten Republican gains, nine were seats the party had lost just two years ago. Freshman Democrats Gil Cisneros , Harley Rouda , Debbie Mucarsel-Powell , Donna Shalala , Abby Finkenauer , Xochitl Torres Small , Max Rose , Kendra Horn and Joe Cunningham all went down to defeat. In addition, Collin Peterson failed to win a 16th term in the strongly pro-Trump MN-7.; The one Democratic gain not associated with redistricting was in suburban Atlanta GA-7, where Carolyn Bourdeaux prevailed. Bourdeaux lost to incumbent Republican Rob Woodall in 2018; it was the closest House race in the country that year. Woodall did not run this year.

    Here’s a map of where things stand, with the 10 uncalled races shown as toss-up. Click or tap for an interactive version. For those looking ahead, keep in mind that the map will change for 2022, as redistricting will occur based on the upcoming Census results.;

    Update:;The map below will change as these 10 races are called.

    The 147 Republicans Who Voted To Overturn Election Results

    GOP Election Misinformation Scheme Violates Federal Law: Voting Rights Attorney

    By Karen Yourish,;Larry Buchanan and Denise LuUpdated January 7, 2021

    When a mob of President Trumps supporters stormed the Capitol building on Wednesday, they forced an emergency recess in the Congressional proceedings to officially certify the results of the 2020 presidential election. The disruption came shortly after some Republican lawmakers made the first of a planned series of highly unusual objections, based on spurious allegations of widespread voter fraud, to states election results. The chambers were separately debating an objection to Arizonas results when proceedings were halted and the Capitol was locked down.

    When the Senate reconvened at 8 p.m., and the House of Representatives an hour later, the proceedings including the objection debates continued, although some lawmakers who had previously planned to vote with the objectors stood down following the occupation of the Capitol. Plans to challenge a number of states after Arizona were scrapped, as well but one other objection, to Pennsylvanias results, also advanced to a vote. Here are the eight senators and 139 representatives who voted to sustain one or both objections.

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    Elections In Wayne County Are Conducted Under The Authority Of The County Clerk

    The County Clerk is responsible for coordinating and administering all Federal, State and County elections conducted in Wayne County. Also, responsible for monitoring the candidates compliance with all filing requirements and the printing of ballots for respective elections. Furthermore, this Division serves as an administrative officer to the Board of Election Commissioners, Board of County Canvassers, Election Scheduling Committee and Apportionment Commission.

    Wayne County’s Election Officials are:

    • Cathy M. Garrett – Wayne County Clerk
    • Gregory P. Mahar – Director of Elections
    • Jennifer Redmond – Deputy Director of Elections
    • Gil Flowers – Campaign Finance Manager

    2021 August 3rd – City Elections

    Ohio’s 15th Congressional District

    See also: Ohio’s 15th Congressional District special election, 2021

    A special election to fill the seat representing Ohio’s 15th Congressional District in the U.S. House will be held in 2021. Allison Russo and Mike Carey won their respective primaries on August 3, 2021, advancing to the special general election on November 2, 2021. The filing deadline was May 17, 2021.

    The special election will fill the vacancy left by Steve Stivers , who resigned to become the President and CEO of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, effective May 16, 2021.

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    After Days Out Of Sight Trump To Emerge From White House

    In addition to coronavirus restrictions, Arlington National Cemetery says the amphitheater is closed for renovations; it’s slated to reopen to the public late this month.

    Trump and several other administration officials did not wear face masks, despite Arlington National Cemetery requirements that state, “All visitors are to follow social distancing requirements and wear face coverings while on cemetery grounds. Anyone not having a face covering in their possession at cemetery entry points will not be granted access to the cemetery.”

    Social distancing floor stickers are seen at a mall last month during early voting in Anchorage, Alaska.hide caption

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    Social distancing floor stickers are seen at a mall last month during early voting in Anchorage, Alaska.

    President Trump has won the state of Alaska, The Associated Press reported on Wednesday, days after President-elect Joe Biden won the general White House race.

    As ballots continue to be counted in the week since the election, Trump won Alaska’s three electoral votes, as had been expected. The state typically supports Republican presidential candidates, but Trump’s lead in polls had been smaller than usual, with the Republican nominee leading by fewer than 10 points in some recent polls.

    A total of 270 electoral votes are required to secure the presidency.

    Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, won reelection, giving Republicans control of 50 seats in the Senate with two races still outstanding.hide caption

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    Republican Leads In California Vote To Replace Us House Member Who Quit After Scandal

    Election Over, America Wins!

    Wednesday, 13 May 2020 10:48 AM MYT

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    WASHINGTON, May 13 Republicans advanced toward their goal of recapturing a seat in the US Congress yesterday as Mike Garcia, a former Navy fighter pilot endorsed by President Donald Trump, was leading in preliminary results from a special election north of Los Angeles.

    With about 140,000 votes counted, Garcia was ahead of Democratic California state legislator Christy Smith by 55.9 per cent to 44.1 per cent in the state’s 25th congressional district, preliminary results from the California Secretary of State’s office said.

    If his lead holds up as the results are tallied, Garcia will fill a seat that became vacant after Democrat Katie Hill last year resigned following a scandal in which intimate photos were published of her online and she faced accusations of sexual relations with her staffers.

    But it could take several days for a winner to be declared, because the election was conducted largely by mail-in voting to avoid any novel coronavirus exposure at the polls. As long as they are postmarked by election day, California will accept ballots arriving up to three days later.

    A Democratic strategist said that late ballots are likely to favour Smith, because more Democrats than Republicans had not returned their ballots by election day, according to tracking by Political Data Inc.

    Garcia, a political newcomer, has described her tenure as an embarrassment.

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    The Road To 270: North Carolina

    This is the 51st and final installment in The Road to 270 series.;The column is written by Drew Savicki, a 270toWin elections and politics contributor. Contact Drew;;or on Twitter;.;

    North Carolina has transformed from being the heart of the tobacco industry in the old south to a bustling hub for business and technology. The Tar Heel state has shed its traditional conservative lean in favor of a decidedly purple or light pink status. A population boom over the last 10 years has brought enormous change to North Carolina. Bitter polarization has come to grip the state’s politics during this period, with the Tar Heel state the subject of numerous court battles over voting rights, LGBT rights, same sex marriage, etc.

    Georgia’s Brad Raffensperger: National Gop Figures Didn’t Understand Our Laws

    But Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s voting system implementation manager, said on Wednesday that the system is working exactly the way it is intended.

    “The irony of saying ‘fraudulent votes have been found’ â he has gained in the finding of these votes,” he said.

    Raffensperger has said he’s been pressured by top Republicans to find ways of disqualifying ballots that hurt the Trump campaign.

    “They say that as pressure builds, it reveals your character, it doesn’t change your character. Some people aren’t behaving too well with seeing where the results are,” Raffensperger told NPR’s Ari Shapiro on Tuesday.

    “At the end of the day, I want voters to understand that when they cast their ballot in Georgia, it will be accurately counted. You may not like the results and I get that. I understand how contentious it is. But you can then respect the results.”

    Poll workers check voters’ identifications on Election Day at the Orpheum Theater in Madison, Wis. The Trump campaign has announced it is filing for a recount in two Wisconsin counties.hide caption

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    Poll workers check voters’ identifications on Election Day at the Orpheum Theater in Madison, Wis. The Trump campaign has announced it is filing for a recount in two Wisconsin counties.

    President Trump’s campaign announced Wednesday morning it is filing a petition to formally ask election authorities to conduct a recount in two Wisconsin counties. President-elect Joe Biden won the state by a little more than 20,000 votes.

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