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Who Is The Speaker Of The House For Republicans

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Trump’s Save America Pac Released A Photo Showing The Former President Meeting With House Minority Leader Kevin Mccarthy On January 28 2021 Save America Pac Mccarthy Gets A Mixed Reception From Trumpworld

Trump continues to hold immense sway over conservatives, and House Republicans delivered an easy victory for Stefanik in becoming the party’s Conference Chair last week, despite her having a more moderate voting record than Cheney.

Loyalty to Trump, which Stefanik displayed in lending credence to the former president’s grievances regarding the 2020 presidential election, is a true tenet of being accepted in his orbit.

Only weeks after the January 6 Capitol riot and Trump’s impeachment by the House, McCarthy made a sojourn to the former president’s residence at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida, even taking a smiling photo with him.

However, according to a report from Insider’s Tom LoBianco and Warren Rojas, some loyalists in Trumpworld view McCarthy with a heap of skepticism.

A Trump advisor recently told the former president that McCarthy likely wouldn’t lock up the requisite number of votes to obtain the speakership if the GOP regains the majority in 2022.

“He’s left too many people unhappy and unsettled and time is not on his side,” the advisor told Insider.

However, a veteran GOP strategist with close ties to Trump who spoke to Insider noted that McCarthy was a stellar fundraiser who backed the former president in a very public way in ousting Cheney from her leadership role.

“He’s not gotten crosswise with Trump,” the strategist said.

Democratic Congressman Leaves Open The Possibility Of Mccarthy And Trump Being Called Before Jan 6 Committee

From CNN’s Ryan Nobles

Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Democrat from Maryland, and a member of the Select Committee to investigate Jan. 6 said today that Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s decision to pull the members he selected from the committee after Pelosi rejected two of them, will not prevent the committee from doing their work. 

Raskin said he and his fellow members are still focused on seeking the truth — and left open the possibility that both former President Trump and/or McCarthy could be called before the panel to testify.

 “Well, the investigation is following the events of January 6 and the causes of January 6 and all relevant evidence and all relevant witnesses should be part of the investigation,” Raskin said.

When pressed if that could include Trump and McCarthy, he said it will depend on where the investigation leads. 

“I don’t want to prejudge anything about where it’s going. If people were not involved in the attack or the insurrection or the plot to overthrow the electoral count process then they don’t have anything to worry about, but I mean, I would hope that any elected official who knows anything about what took place would step forward to tell us,” he said.

Rep Liz Cheney The Lone Republican On The Jan 6 Committee So Far Says She Agrees With Pelosi’s Decision

From CNN’s Maureen Chowdhury and Manu Raju

GOP Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, who was appointed to the Jan. 6 select committee by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said the rhetoric around the investigation by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and by those GOP members who Pelosi rejected to put on the committee has been “disgraceful.”

“The American people deserve to know what happened. The people who did this must be held accountable,” Cheney, an outspoken critic of former President Trump, told reporters outside of the US Capitol.

“There must be an investigation that is nonpartisan, that is sober, that is serious, that gets to the facts wherever they may lead, and at at every opportunity, the minority leader has attempted to prevent the American people from understanding what happened. To block this investigation,” Cheney said.

Cheney said she agreed with Pelosi’s decision to reject two GOP members appointed to the committee by McCarthy, Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Jim Banks of Indiana, “I agree with what the Speaker has done.”

“The idea that anybody would be playing politics with an attack on the United States Capitol is despicable and is disgraceful,” Cheney continued.

Asked if McCarthy deserves to be Speaker of the House, Cheney told CNN’s Manu Raju:

“I think that any person who would be third in line to the presidency must demonstrate a commitment to the Constitution and a commitment to the rule of law — and Minority Leader McCarthy has not done that.”

Harris Says She Respects Pelosi’s Ability To Lead After Her Decision On The Jan 6 Select Committee

From CNN’s Jason Hoffman

Asked by reporters for her reaction to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to reject Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Jim Banks of Indiana from serving on the select committee that’s investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection, Vice President Kamala Harris said “I absolutely respect Speaker Pelosi and her ability to lead, and support that.”

“…And there is no question in my mind, and I think most people’s mind, that the American people deserve to have a thorough, a full, fair and transparent process of getting down to what happened on Jan. 6. How it occurred, who was responsible, so that we can make sure that history does not repeat itself. That is in the best interest of all Americans,” Harris continued during a meeting with poll workers and election officials at the White House on Wednesday.

Harris also told those in attendance at the meeting that they are upholding some of the most important tenants of our democracy and asked them to share some of the challenges they have faced carrying out elections, specifically threats they faced surrounding the 2020 election.

Speaker Huston’s Statement On Gov Holcomb’s Latest Actions To Address Coronavirus Protect Hoosiers

Republican House Speaker Jeff Hoover under fire from his ...

“Hoosiers across this state are feeling the effects of this unprecedented health event, and Gov. Eric Holcomb is taking bold, decisive action to make sure Indiana is utilizing all available resources to help bridge the gap until the economy recovers. Cutting red tape for unemployed workers, delaying tax payments and penalties for Hoosiers and businesses, giving necessary guidance for schools, and providing flexibility to those who need social services programs are all important steps to providing relief and security.”

Mccarthy Says He Opposed The Bipartisan Jan 6 Commission Democrats’ First Choice Because Of Scope

From CNN’s Ryan Nobles and Annie Grayer

Asked by CNN why he opposed the failed bipartisan Capitol riot independent commission if he really wants to get to the bottom of what happened on Jan. 6, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said it’s because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the time played politics with the scope of that now moot commission.  

“That’s why people objected,” McCarthy said, referring to Democrats’ objections to including the attack on Good Friday that led to the death of fallen Officer William “Billy” Evans, among other reasons.

McCarthy also argued that Pelosi played politics and took too long to get the committee together, stating that Rep. Rodney Davis, who McCarthy had appointed to serve on the committee, requested an investigation as early as Jan. 13.

From the perspective of Democrats and Pelosi however, the Republicans were the ones who were trying to delay the bipartisan commission from being formed and getting underway.

Separately, House Intelligence Chair and Select Committee member Adam Schiff told reporters that Pelosi made the right decision to reject Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Jim Banks from the select committee.

“The two of them were clearly selected just to be disruptive, and that’s not acceptable,” Schiff said.

Bipartisan House Probe Of Jan 6 Insurrection Falls Apart After Pelosi Blocks Two Gop Members

Plans for a bipartisan committee to investigate the Jan. 6 insurrection fell apart Wednesday after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi moved to block two controversial Republicans appointed by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy from sitting on the panel — paving the way for two separate and largely partisan investigations of the violent attack on the Capitol.


Pelosi called on McCarthy to name two new Republicans to the committee after refusing to appoint conservative Reps. Jim Jordan and Jim Banks , a privilege she has as speaker. As staunch backers of former president Donald Trump, both members voted against his impeachment and pushed to overturn the election results certifying Joe Biden as president.

“With respect for the integrity of the investigation, with an insistence on the truth and with concern about statements made and actions taken by these Members, I must reject the recommendations of Representatives Banks and Jordan to the Select Committee,” Pelosi said in a statement. “The unprecedented nature of January 6th demands this unprecedented decision.”

McCarthy instead vowed to go his own way, pulling all five Republicans he had named off the committee and saying the GOP would launch its “own investigation of the facts,” without providing specifics on what such an inquiry would entail. Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, a sharp Trump critic chosen by Pelosi, is the only Republican remaining on the panel.

Mike DeBonis contributed to this report.

Republican Congressman Calls For Capitol Riot Commission That Does Not Include Politicians

From CNN’s Josiah Ryan

GOP Rep. James Comer of Kentucky said Congress should set up a non-political investigation into the Capitol riot of Jan. 6 which excludes elected officials.

“The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to have an independent commission that we know who’s going to be on it,” he said, speaking on CNN. “It doesn’t need to be political.”

It should include “not politicians,” said Comer. “Outside people… because any time you have political people, I don’t care if they’re Democrats or Republicans, it’s going to turn into a political event. It’s going to turn into a political entity.”

Comer also objected to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s decision to deny membership on the select committee to two outspoken Republicans, saying the GOP ought to have the right to choose their own members. He added that some Republicans view Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, who is on the commission, with the same disdain Democrats hold for GOP Rep. Jim Jordan, who Pelosi rejected.

“Democrats traditionally pick their members, the Republicans traditionally pick their members. Obviously it’s going to be political when you do that,” he said referring to Pelosi’s decision.

Speaker Huston Supports Governor Holcombs New Recovery Team To Help Reopen States Economy

STATEHOUSE – “While the state is still battling this public health crisis, I applaud Governor Holcomb’s efforts to bring together this group of leaders to get Indiana’s economy moving again while ensuring the incoming federal stimulus dollars are used to help and support Hoosiers as we work to open up the economy soon. House Republicans look forward to working with the governor’s team and our Senate colleagues to get our state back to firing on all cylinders quickly.”

Huston Responds To Governor Holcomb’s Roadmap For Moving Forward In Fight Against Covid

STATEHOUSE – “We continue to see the number of cases and deaths drop, with the number of fully vaccinated Hoosiers nearing 1 million. These encouraging facts clear the way for Indiana to responsibly move forward. We are excited about the ending of the statewide mask mandate and capacity limits in early April. It’s clear that Indiana is following the data, and listening to the thousands of Hoosiers and businesses who are ready to get back to work or fully reopen.”

House Gop Fiscal Leaders Respond To Surge In State Revenues Governors Recommendations

“Indiana’s surge in revenue is proof that our low tax, pro-business environment and strong record of fiscal responsibility continues to pay dividends for Hoosier taxpayers. I strongly support the governor’s prudent recommendation to use this one-time money to pay cash for much-needed capital projects, which would otherwise require debt financing. This proposal could save over $100 million in interest payments over the next 20 years and free up those funds for important priorities like education and child protection. We look forward to working with Governor Holcomb in the coming months as we finalize plans for the 2020 session.”

Huston Responds To Gov Holcomb’s Actions Supporting Equity Inclusion And Opportunity

STATEHOUSE – “Governor Holcomb’s actions are thoughtful and important steps forward for Indiana. We will continue to have meaningful conversations with stakeholders, including the governor, legislators on both sides of the aisle and law enforcement, on how we can build on these efforts and further improve our criminal justice system.”  

Speaker Huston Responds To Governor’s Latest Update Continued Efforts To Fight Covid

Arizona State Speaker of the House addresses Republican ...

STATEHOUSE – “Governor Holcomb has shown tremendous leadership during this complicated and overwhelming public health crisis, which continues to evolve daily. All levels of government and the private sector are coordinating efforts at an unprecedented level to slow the spread. I appreciate the level of transparency his administration continues to provide, and I encourage Hoosiers to stay informed and do their part to protect themselves and others so that we can all bounce back more quickly.”

Huston: Local Communities To Receive Over $25m In Road Funding Over Next Five Years

STATEHOUSE – “In the next five years, Hamilton County will receive more than $25 million in state funding to complete many road and bridge projects thanks to a long-term and responsible road funding plan passed this legislative session. Local projects include 33 miles of lane resurfacing and the rehabilitation or replacement of 20 bridges. This funding is part of a statewide infrastructure investment that will help ensure a bright future for Indiana and our local communities.”

Speaker Huston Supports Governor Holcomb’s Call For More Protections To Slow Covid

STATEHOUSE – “Rest assured, the governor and all state leaders are working together to engage necessary resources to protect our most vulnerable while understanding the tremendous urgency to get employees and businesses back to work as soon as possible. We all have to pull together now and do our part to protect our families, friends and communities, so that we can accelerate our state’s recovery.”

Former Speaker John Boehner’s Memoir Serves As A Reflection On Life In ‘crazytown’

You describe the way that you ran meetings when you were speaker of the House or really in any leadership position. You say that the key thing was to listen to other people and figure out what was on their minds and which way the room was going.

Well, I was in the sales and marketing business before I got into politics and learned a few things about sales. The most important thing about a salesman is not his ability or her ability to talk. It’s their ability to listen. Because if you’re listening to the person across the desk, you have a pretty good idea what it is they’re looking for and you can figure out a way to get there.

And no different in politics, because in politics — especially in the Congress — you’ve got this large body of people that you’re trying to move in a particular direction. You really can’t even begin to move them until you understand where they are and why they are where they are.

Your party captured the House in 2010. It was driven by the Tea Party movement. You make it clear that there are a lot of people in the Tea Party movement that you consider “crazies.” But at the time, you made sure there was no distance, no gap between mainstream Republicans and Tea Party types. You knew that was the way to power.

What do you think about some of the leading figures in your party, the way that it has gone in recent years?

Mccarthy Is Favorite To Get Speaker Role If Republicans Keep House But Not A Shoo

McCarthy: Speaker Pelosi ‘should scare all Americans’

Pelosi is confident she ‘will be speaker of the House’ if Democrats win in the midterms. On ‘America’s Newsroom,’ House Majority Leader McCarthy says the midterm elections are about ‘results vs. resistance.’

Who will be what in the House in the 116th Congress is as muddled as it’s been in decades.

We start today with a look at the GOP leadership contests and scenarios. We’ll evaluate the Democrats later in the week.

Here’s the process. The full House votes for speaker on January 3, 2019. The winning candidate must secure an outright majority of the entire House: at least 218 votes cast by the 435 members. The Democrats will formally nominate one candidate. The Republicans another. But it’s not unusual for members of both parties to cast ballots for someone besides the formal nominees. Plus, the House Speaker doesn’t have to be a member of the body.

The House Democratic Caucus and House Republican Conference will likely meet in late November or early December to select their candidates. Only members who prevailed in the midterm election and will be part of the 116th Congress will take part in this internal election.

Who assumes the speakership in addition to who emerges as the top leaders on both sides of the aisle hinges on which party is in charge – and by how many seats – in the new Congress.


It may be a little warped, but losing the House could be the best outcome for McCarthy himself.

Speaker Huston Says Decision To Move Indiana’s Primary To June 2 Is ‘right Call’

STATEHOUSE – “In the face of an unprecedented public health emergency, Gov. Eric Holcomb and Secretary of State Connie Lawson, with the support of both political parties, are making the right call by pushing back our primary election to June 2. I also support the option of allowing all voters to use mail-in absentee ballots for the primary election to preserve citizens’ rights while protecting Hoosiers.”

Huston Releases 2020 Interim Study Committee Topics Including Impacts Of Covid

STATEHOUSE – House Speaker Todd Huston today released the 2020 interim study committee topics, which includes reviewing COVID-19’s impacts on Indiana and recommending best practices moving forward.

Huston, chair of the Legislative Council, convened the group’s annual meeting virtually for the first time to assign legislative study topics on Wednesday. He said the council passed a resolution, which requires each state agency to submit a report by Sept. 18 to the appropriate summer study committee outlining agency plans for handling similar public emergency situations in the future and recommendations for legislation.

Arizona Election Official Reacts To ‘check Your Six’ Threat From Republican

House Republicans balked at participating in the House committee that’s investigating the January 6 insurrection on Wednesday after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected two of the five Republicans House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy had tapped for the panel.

LIVE UPDATES: The latest on the House Capitol riot committeeNancy Pelosi just doomed the already tiny chances of the 1/6 committee actually matteringThis story and headline have been updated with additional developments Wednesday.

CNN’s Manu Raju, Melanie Zanona, Ryan Nobles and Daniella Diaz contributed to this report.

Hamilton County Representatives Lace Up Sneakers To Raise Cancer Awareness

Republican House Speaker John Boehner news conference ...

CAPTION:  Hamilton County legislators, State Reps. Tony Cook , Donna Schaibley , House Speaker Brian C.  Bosma , Todd Huston and Chuck Goodrich pair sneakers with their suits to draw attention to National Cancer Prevention Month Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019, at the Statehouse in Indianapolis. Each year, the Indiana House of Representatives participates in the Suits and Sneakers challenge, an annual event hosted by the American Cancer Society and the National Association of Basketball Coaches. According to the Indiana State Department of Health, cancer is the second-leading cause of death for Hoosiers. Many cancers can be prevented or treated early by getting regular detection screenings.

Former Ohio House Speaker Says Hes Left Republican Party Over Donald Trump

Former Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, seen here in a 2016 file photo, says he’s left the Republican Party over Donald Trump and now identifies as a political independent. AP

Andrew J. Tobias,

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Cliff Rosenberger, a former Ohio House speaker who abruptly resigned from office in 2018 amid an FBI investigation that hasn’t led to any charges, said Monday he’s left the Republican Party over his concerns with the GOP’s continued alignment with former President Donald Trump.

“I’m a conservative, and I’m going to be a conservative,” Rosenberger said in a Monday interview. “But if the Republican Party is going to continue, which it seems that they are, going down the path of supporting a guy like Donald Trump, I’m not going to have anything to do with that. So at this juncture, I’m going to consider myself an independent.” / The Plain Dealer contacted Rosenberger after a reader noticed that state voter records listed him as a Democrat. Public records show Rosenberger pulled a Democratic ballot in the May 2020 primary, and Rosenberger said he did so to vote for Joe Biden.

Rosenberger said he may have considered voting for a Republican challenger to Trump had there been a legitimate one. He said he ended up voting instead for Biden, whom he met while working as a White House intern in then-President George W. Bush’s administration.

A spokesman for the FBI field office in Cincinnati said Monday the investigation remains ongoing.

Speaker Huston Statement On Governor’s Roadmap To Reopen State’s Economy

STATEHOUSE – “I commend Governor Holcomb on his thoughtful and sensible approach to opening Indiana’s economy. Hoosiers are anxious to reopen their businesses and get back to work. This plan strikes an appropriate balance of protecting vulnerable Hoosiers while responsibly opening businesses throughout the state. Additionally, I am very pleased the governor laid out a long-term plan so Hoosiers know what to expect in the coming weeks and months.”

Huston Comments On Gov Holcomb Signing Indianas Balanced Budget Into Law

STATEHOUSE — “Today’s signing reflects our ongoing commitment to schools, workforce programs, veterans and the safety of Hoosier children. Our $34 billion balanced biennial budget is the culmination of many months of hard work. We funded the state’s priorities, protecting Indiana’s healthy reserves and valuable AAA credit rating without straining our finances or burdening future generations with debt.” 

List Of Speaker Of The United States House Of Representatives Elections

List of speakers of the United States House of Representatives

Speaker of the United States House of Representatives elections are held when the House of Representatives first convenes after a general election for its two-year term, or when a speaker of the House dies, resigns or is removed from the position intra-term. The speaker is the political and parliamentary leader of the House, and is simultaneously the body’s presiding officer, the de facto leader of the body’s majority party, and the institution’s administrative head.

There have been 127 elections for speaker since the office was created in 1789. Traditionally, each party’s caucus or conference selects a candidate for speaker from among its senior leaders prior to the vote. Prior to 1839, the House elected its speaker by paper ballot, but since, on all but three occasions, has done so by roll call vote. A majority of votes cast is necessary to elect a speaker. By House precedents, votes of present are not to be included in the official vote total, only votes cast for a person by name are; even so, they have been counted on several occasions.

If no candidate receives a majority vote, then the roll call is repeated until a speaker is elected. In the longest speaker election in House history, 133 ballots were needed before representatives chose Nathaniel Banks as their presiding officer for the 34th Congress . Multiple roll calls have been necessary only 14 times since 1789, and not since 1923.

Mccarthy: The Only Way To Reverse This Is For Pelosi To Seat My 5 Picks

From CNN’s Adrienne Vogt

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said the only way to reverse his decision to pull his 5 GOP members from the Jan. 6 committee is for Speaker Nancy Pelosi to include all of his picks into the committee.

“The only way to reverse this is seat these five. That’s the only way,” he said.

McCarthy pledged the GOP’s own probe “will answer all the questions” surrounding the Jan. 6 riot.

When asked how this move helps officers and the families affected by the Capitol riot, McCarthy said it is “politics by Pelosi.” 

“What helps them is we will go forward just as I promised them, and we’ll get the answer to those questions. We’ll make sure they’re protected,” he said.

Huston: State’s Unprecedented Economic Success Triggers Taxpayer Refund

STATEHOUSE – “Today’s fiscal year closeout results demonstrate that the fundamentally strong Hoosier economy has picked up where it left off after the initial shock of the pandemic and revenues continue to surge beyond our expectations. The automatic taxpayer refund ensures that reserves beyond what’s needed go back to where they belong – in the pockets of hardworking Hoosiers. Indiana’s already provided record funding for our K-12 schools and a fully funded infrastructure improvement plan on top of paying down debt, so this taxpayer refund is well-deserved. As I’ve said before, we’re going to jump at the chance to explore sustainable tax cuts and reforms next session. It’s critical for us to build on this record-breaking momentum and continue to do what’s right by taxpayers. We’re fortunate to be on such strong financial footing, and that’s in large part due to conservative Republican stewardship over the last 10 years.”

Huston Rolls Out Indiana House Republicans’ 2021 Legislative Priorities

STATEHOUSE – “We’re focused on continuing to navigate this pandemic and helping Indiana bounce back stronger than ever before. It’s critical we get more Hoosiers back to work, businesses open again and our economy firing on all cylinders. This session, our legislative priorities focus on helping small businesses and Hoosier workers, expanding rural broadband, improving public health, and supporting students and law enforcement. I look forward to working with our Senate colleagues and Governor Holcomb, and having a safe and productive legislative session.”

The Speaker Of The House: House Officer Party Leader And Representative

Will Congress Finally Tackle Immigration Reform?

January 29, 2007 – May 16, 201797-780

The Speaker of the House of Representatives is widely viewed as symbolizing the power and authority of the House. The Speaker’s most prominent role is that of presiding officer of the House. In this capacity, the Speaker is empowered by House rules to administer proceedings on the House floor, including recognition of Members to speak on the floor or make motions and appointment of Members to conference committees. The Speaker also oversees much of the nonlegislative business of the House, such as general control over the Hall of the House and the House side of the Capitol and service as chair of the House Office Building Commission. The Speaker’s role as “elect of the elect� in the House also places him or her in a highly visible position with the public.

The Speaker also serves as not only titular leader of the House but also leader of the majority party conference. The Speaker is often responsible for airing and defending the majority party’s legislative agenda in the House.

The Speaker’s third distinct role is that of an elected Member of the House. Although elected as an officer of the House, the Speaker continues to be a Member as well. As such the Speaker enjoys the same rights, responsibilities, and privileges of all Representatives. However, the Speaker has traditionally refrained from debating or voting in most circumstances and does not sit on any standing committee of the House.

Speaker Huston Responds To Governor Easing Some Restrictions As Covid

STATEHOUSE – “Governor Holcomb is actively listening to constituents, business leaders and legislators in addition to health experts, and I’m encouraged by his decision to responsibly lift some restrictions on certain areas of the economy. Hoosiers have continued to do their part by staying home and practicing social distancing, and it’s working. I look forward to being part of ongoing conversations about further opening up our state in the days ahead.”

Speaker Huston Says State Local Budgets Face New Reality Due To Covid

STATEHOUSE – “The federal emergency relief package will help so many Americans and job creators weather this unprecedented storm. Expanding and increasing jobless benefits will have an immediate impact on those who have suddenly found themselves, perhaps for the first time, out of work and anxious about their future. I’m encouraged by the federal government’s aggressive and swift response, and I hope this relief is expedited directly to those who need it most.

“The federal legislation also provides direct financial assistance to the state and local governments to assist with the COVID-19 response, but this funding may not fill all of the gaps created by a dramatic decline in state and local tax revenues. Our fiscal prudence and strong reserves serve as a critical buffer to ensure the continuation of essential state government services, but it’s also clear that all levels of government must prepare now to tighten their belts.”  

Huston Statement On Former House Speaker Bosma’s Upcoming Retirement

STATEHOUSE – “Indiana’s history is filled with strong leaders who shaped lasting, meaningful policy to make our great state what it is today, and Speaker Bosma is among those Hoosiers. Whether it was protecting homeowners by constitutionally capping property taxes or ensuring all children have opportunities for a quality education, he’s been an integral part of so many game-changing reforms. We will certainly miss his experience at the Statehouse. I am thankful for our friendship, and I wish him and his wife, Cheryl, the very best moving forward.”

Bosma Huston Respond To Governor Holcombs State Of The State Address

“Governor Holcomb continues to provide strong leadership and vision for our state, and we look forward to working closely with him this session as we complete the people’s work on time and under budget. He is a tremendous ambassador of Indiana’s success story, and finds ways to get big wins for Hoosiers. We are excited about the record-setting pace of our economic development efforts, and we look forward to seeing the results play out in communities across our state,” said House Speaker Brian C. Bosma .“Our state continues to earn the spotlight with our fiscal stability and top-ranked economic environment, which attracts businesses large and small that support families across our state. With a structurally balanced budget and healthy reserves, we are on the right track to continue funding our state’s priorities and building on our momentum. Governor Holcomb has shown great leadership, and we will continue working together to support all Hoosiers,” said House Speaker-elect Todd Huston .

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