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Why Donald Trump Is The Best President

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President Trump Personifies Success

Top 10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Will Be a Controversial President

One of the most remarkable aspects of Trump is his success. The president owns multiple hotels, resorts, golf courses, residential towers and more. He has authored multiple best-selling books and currently maintains a net worth in the billions.

Unfortunately, success is something that is constantly under attack by progressives and Democrats. These attacks are largely carried out by the lefts incessant calls to increase taxes on wealthy, successful Americans. However, what the liberal left fails to realize is that one cannot make the poor rich by making the rich poor.

Success is something that must be earned and worked for. Having Trump in office places a spotlight on his achievements it also shows that anything can be accomplished with determination, gumption, hard work and consistency.

‘contesting The 2020 Election’

What’s Trump’s key legacy?

Contesting a very constitutionally and numerically clear election victory by Joe Biden.

We’ve had plenty of really unpleasant transitions. Herbert Hoover was incredibly unpleasant about his loss, but he still rode in that car down Pennsylvania Avenue at inauguration. He didn’t talk to Franklin Roosevelt the whole time, but there still was a peaceful transfer of power.

Trump is a manifestation of political forces that have been in motion for a half century or more. A culmination of what was not only going on in the Republican party, but also the Democratic party and more broadly in American politics – a kind of disillusionment with government and institutions and expertise.

What else stands out to you?

Trump is exceptional in many ways, but one of the things that really makes him stand out is that he is one of the rare presidents who was elected without having held any elected office before.

Trump may go away, but there is this great frustration with the establishment, broadly defined. When you feel powerless, you vote for someone who’s promising to do everything differently and Trump indeed did that.

A presidency is also made by the people that the president appoints, and a great deal of experienced Republican hands were not invited to join the administration the first go round.

Ending The Mortgage Interest Deduction

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which President Donald Trump signed in December 2017, significantly reduced the importance of the mortgage interest deduction for owner-occupied housing an overdue change that makes the tax system more efficient and equitable.

In general, taxpayers choose to take a standard deduction or to itemize various expenses. Mortgage interest, which constitutes a substantial part of many homeowners monthly housing payments, is among those deductible expenses. But the 2017 law substantially raised the standard deduction, decreasing the incentive to itemize: The of homeowners taking the mortgage interest deduction promptly tumbled from 21 percent in 2017 to 9 percent in 2018.

The deduction has essentially served as a subsidy for the upper middle class that encourages people to buy overly large homes, driving up housing prices. Its defended on the grounds that it encourages homeownership, but numerous studies suggest that it doesnt partly because first-time homeowners often either dont itemize or are in low tax brackets.

Once seen as a middle-class birthright, the deduction is now largely the province of the rich: In 2018, nearly 80 percent of the benefit went to households earning in the top 20 percent. Eliminating the deduction entirely and perhaps creating a tax credit for first-time home buyers is the next logical reform. But Trump oversaw a good first step.

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What Trump Got Right

An earlier version of this story stated that Donald Trump was the first president to be impeached after he had left office. He was impeached for a second time on Jan. 13, before he left office.

Donald Trump will not be remembered by most Americans as a great president.

An informal survey of historians this summer ranked him as the fourth-worst chief executive, ahead of only Franklin Pierce, Andrew Johnson and James Buchanan. He lost the popular vote in both the election he won and the election he lost. He was the first president to be impeached twice, as well as the first to have an impeachment trial after he left office. And by the time his supporters had finished storming the Capitol in a furious attempt to prevent Congress from certifying Joe Bidens victory in January, only 38 percent of Americans approved of the job Trump did with 52 percent strongly disapproving.

But four years is a long time, and presidents have an enormous amount of power. So even an unpopular chief executive who insists he actually won a losing reelection bid cant make the wrong call on everything. Now that Trump has been out of office for six months, Outlook asked experts and writers who mostly disagreed with him often vehemently to look back on what he got right.

Mike Madden

New Concerns Over American Democracy

Why Donald Trump Is The Best American President In History: mr Anthony ...

Throughout his tenure, Donald Trump questioned the legitimacy of democratic institutions, from the free press to the federal judiciary and the electoral process itself. In surveys conducted between 2016 and 2019, more than half of Americans said Trump had little or no respect for the nations democratic institutions and traditions, though these views, too, split sharply along partisan lines.

The 2020 election brought concerns about democracy into much starker relief. Even before the election, Trump had cast doubt on the security of mail-in voting and refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power in the event that he lost. When he did lose, he refused to publicly concede defeat, his campaign and allies filed dozens of unsuccessful lawsuits to challenge the results and Trump personally pressured state government officials to retroactively tilt the outcome in his favor.

Most Americans placed at least some blame on Trump for the riot at the Capitol, including 52% who said he bore a lot of responsibility for it. Again, however, partisans views differed widely: 81% of Democrats said Trump bore a lot of responsibility, compared with just 18% of Republicans.

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Cherishing Life And Religious Liberty

Steadfastly supported the sanctity of every human life and worked tirelessly to prevent government funding of abortion.

  • Reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy, ensuring that taxpayer money is not used to fund abortion globally.
  • Issued a rule preventing Title X taxpayer funding from subsiding the abortion industry.
  • Supported legislation to end late-term abortions.
  • Cut all funding to the United Nations population fund due to the funds support for coercive abortion and forced sterilization.
  • Signed legislation overturning the previous administrations regulation that prohibited states from defunding abortion facilities as part of their family planning programs.
  • Fully enforced the requirement that taxpayer dollars do not support abortion coverage in Obamacare exchange plans.
  • Stopped the Federal funding of fetal tissue research.
  • Worked to protect healthcare entities and individuals conscience rights ensuring that no medical professional is forced to participate in an abortion in violation of their beliefs.
  • Issued an executive order reinforcing requirement that all hospitals in the United States provide medical treatment or an emergency transfer for infants who are in need of emergency medical careregardless of prematurity or disability.
  • Led a coalition of countries to sign the Geneva Consensus Declaration, declaring that there is no international right to abortion and committing to protecting womens health.
  • First president in history to attend the March for Life.

Donald Trump Is 45th President Of The Usa And He Is The Current President Too 5 Reasons Are Mentioned Why Donald Trump Is Best Choice For Usa

Do you ever think thatDonald Trump doesnt have the potential to do well in office? Think again if you can. Well, he does have a tendency to open his mouth without thinking twice and has embarrassed himself on certain occasions, still, he might be the best to take some head strong decisions for the country when needed. He is the one person who would never put the honour of the States in harms way, whatever the situations may be.

Here are some of the reasons why Trump is the best choice for the United States.

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Fair And Reciprocal Trade

Secured historic trade deals to defend American workers.

Took strong actions to confront unfair trade practices and put America First.

  • Imposed tariffs on hundreds of billions worth of Chinese goods to protect American jobs and stop Chinas abuses under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962 and Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974.
  • Directed an all-of-government effort to halt and punish efforts by the Communist Party of China to steal and profit from American innovations and intellectual property.
  • Imposed tariffs on foreign aluminum and foreign steel to protect our vital industries and support our national security.
  • Approved tariffs on $1.8 billion in imports of washing machines and $8.5 billion in imports of solar panels.
  • Blocked illegal timber imports from Peru.
  • Took action against France for its digital services tax that unfairly targets American technology companies.
  • Launched investigations into digital services taxes that have been proposed or adopted by 10 other countries.

Historic support for American farmers.

Republicans View Reagan Trump As Best Recent Presidents

Why Mary Trump Isn’t Shocked By Damning January 6th Testimony

When asked to name the president who has done the best job over the past 40 years, a majority of Democrats name Barack Obama. Republicans, by contrast, are divided between a president who served in the 1980s Ronald Reagan and the one who left office this year, Donald Trump.

About four-in-ten Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say Reagan has done the best job as president over the past 40 years, while slightly fewer say Trump has done the best job.

Around six-in-ten Democrats and Democratic leaners say Obama has done the best job as president of any president of the past 40 years. Far fewer name Bill Clinton or Joe Biden , who will complete his first year in office next month.

Seven presidents have served in the last 40 years, four Republicans and three Democrats. Among U.S. adults overall, 35% say Obama has done the best job over this period, followed by Reagan , Trump and Clinton . Relatively small shares among both the general public and among Republicans name either George W. Bush or George H.W. Bush, according to the survey, conducted in September on Pew Research Centers American Trends Panel.

Here are the questions used for the report, along with responses, and its methodology.

Among Republicans, views on who has done the best job as president over the past four decades vary by race and ethnicity, age and other demographics.

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Misogyny And Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct

Trump has a history of insulting and belittling women when speaking to media and on social media. He made lewd comments, demeaned women’s looks, and called them names, such as ‘dog’, ‘crazed, ‘crying lowlife’, ‘face of a pig’, or ‘horseface’.

In October 2016, two days before the second presidential debate, a 2005 “hot mic” recording surfaced in which Trump is heard bragging about kissing and groping women without their consent, saying “when you’re a star, they let you do it, you can do anything… grab ’em by the pussy.” The incident’s widespread media exposure led to Trump’s first public apology during the campaign and caused outrage across the political spectrum.

At least 26 women, including his first wife, have publicly accused Trump of rape, kissing and groping without consent, looking under women’s skirts, or walking in on naked teenage pageant contestants. In 2016, he denied all accusations, calling them “false smears” and alleging a conspiracy against him and the American people.

‘standing Up To China’

Saikrishna Prakash is a University of Virginia Law School professor focusing on constitutional law, foreign relations law and presidential powers.

What’s Trump’s key legacy?

The last gasps of his administration are the most consequential, as he exerts a control over his most devoted followers and he’s talking about running again.

He forced people to consider what the presidency has become in a way that wasn’t true I think either during the Bush or Obama administrations. Issues like the 25th Amendment and impeachment hasn’t been thought of since Bill Clinton, really.

It’s possible that people now when they think of the presidency are perhaps going to adopt a different stance going forward, knowing that someone like Trump could come along.

It’s possible that Congress will delegate less to the president and take away some authority.

What else stands out to you?

The president has demonstrated that there’s a constituency who’s opposed to a lot of these trade deals and that there are people willing to vote for those who will either extricate us from these trade deals or “make them fairer”.

The president has also suggested that China has been taking advantage of the United States in ways that are deleterious to our economic and national security – and I think there’s a consensus behind this view. No one wants to be accused of being soft on China, whereas no one cares if you’re “soft” on Canada, right?

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Great Healthcare For Americans

Empowered American patients by greatly expanding healthcare choice, transparency, and affordability.

Issued unprecedented reforms that dramatically lowered the price of prescription drugs.

  • Lowered drug prices for the first time in 51 years.
  • Launched an initiative to stop global freeloading in the drug market.
  • Finalized a rule to allow the importation of prescription drugs from Canada.
  • Finalized the Most Favored Nation Rule to ensure that pharmaceutical companies offer the same discounts to the United States as they do to other nations, resulting in an estimated $85 billion in savings over seven years and $30 billion in out-of-pocket costs alone.
  • Proposed a rule requiring federally funded health centers to pass drug company discounts on insulin and Epi-Pens directly to patients.
  • Ended the gag clauses that prevented pharmacists from informing patients about the best prices for the medications they need.
  • Ended the costly kickbacks to middlemen and ensured that patients directly benefit from available discounts at the pharmacy counter, saving Americans up to 30 percent on brand name pharmaceuticals.
  • Enhanced Part D plans to provide many seniors with Medicare access to a broad set of insulins at a maximum $35 copay for a months supply of each type of insulin.
  • Reduced Medicare Part D prescription drug premiums, saving beneficiaries nearly $2 billion in premium costs since 2017.
  • Ended the Unapproved Drugs Initiative, which provided market exclusivity to generic drugs.

Approval Ratings And Scholar Surveys

Trumps Priming the Pump: An Old Economics Expression Has a New Fan ...

Trump was the only president to never reach a 50% approval rating in the Gallup poll dating to 1938. The approval ratings showed a record partisan gap: 88 percent among Republicans, 7 percent among Democrats. Until September 2020, the ratings were unusually stable, reaching a high of 49 percent and a low of 35 percent. Trump finished his term with a record-low approval rating of between 29 percent and 34 percent and a record-low average of 41 percent throughout his presidency.

In Gallup’s annual poll asking Americans to name the man they admire the most, Trump placed second to Obama in 2017 and 2018, tied with Obama for most admired man in 2019, and was named most admired in 2020. Since Gallup started conducting the poll in 1948, Trump is the first elected president not to be named most admired in his first year in office.

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He Has His Priorities Straight

He has greatly emphasized his beliefs in free enterprise and a strong military.

He has already started on his objectives of making the USA a superpower in terms of military, the Navy and Air Force has organized varied training for Army personnel. He is trying to maintain peaceful and good diplomatic relations with all the important nations and has thereby proved to be an effective leader. His acumen for success and ability to get things done are one of the major reasons of defining him as the best choice.

Hes Not Politically Correct

We are living in an age where most people have to bite their lips to the point of bleeding for fear of offending some delicate soul who will scream bloody murder and call the cops and press if you dare to say anything that hurts their feelings. This is mind control and tyranny of the worst formrepression of thoughts. For all that the media and academics say they want diversity, dont you dare utter a contrary opinion or they will ruin your life. Then along comes Trump and says, fuck that.

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He Appeals To Rural Voters

More than any other group, Americas rural people have been disempowered and abandoned due to the policies pushed by urban elites. Theyve seen their jobs evaporate and their local culture obliterated, only to be replaced by a Walmart and McDonalds in every town. They also realize that most of the media and academia see them as ignorant and backwards and laughable. instead, Trump treats them with respect. If you look at an electoral map of 2016, Clinton won all the urban areas and Trump won all of the rural ones. Thats because he was the first politician in memory who didnt sneer at them.

Hes Nationalist Rather Than Globalist

The second coming of Donald Trump: Can he become president again? | 60 Minutes Australia

He realizes that the ex-factory worker in Ohio lost his job because it was sent to Malaysia. He knows that some banker in Brussels is more interested in increasing his stock portfolio than whether doing so will render huge swaths of the American heartland jobless and pill-addicted. He cares more about what a homeowner in Iowa thinks about him than what some sneering cosmopolite at a Parisian cocktail party thinks.

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