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Santa Clarita Republican Voter Guide

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In one of the last U.S. House of Representative seats still unsettled after the Nov. 3 election, Republican Mike Garcia has fought off a challenge from Democrat Christy Smith for the 25th Congressional District, which has parts of both L.A. and Ventura counties, including Simi Valley, Santa Clarita, and the Antelope Valley.

Smith conceded the race early Monday evening after both counties reported final vote counts. The tally left Smith trailing Garcia by only 333 votes. Smith beat Garcia in L.A. County by more than 5,000 votes, but the more conservative portion of the district in Ventura County sealed the victory for Garcia.

Democrat Katie Hill won the seat in 2018 when she beat Republican incumbent Steve Knight. But she resigned following reports of an inappropriate relationship she had with a campaign staff member, and nude photos of Hill were published online without her consent.

Garcia beat Smith in a special election this Spring to finish Hill’s term, setting up the general election rematch that is now settled.

With Garcia’s victory, Republican candidates have recovered four of the seven California House seats Democrats flipped in the 2018 blue wave election: in Orange County, where Michelle Steel and Young Kim defeated incumbents Harley Rouda and Gil Cisneros, and the Central Valley, where David Valadao reclaimed his seat in Congress by defeating T.J. Cox.


  • 2016: 67.46%
  • 2004: 77.67%
  • 2000: 67.97%

Editorial: Republican Party To California Voters: Drop Dead

Partisan arguments over voting procedures are routine. Whats remarkable about the debate in the pandemic era is that not just elections but lives are at stake and how little those lives seem to matter to some of our most prominent political institutions.

Take the growing opposition to Californias efforts to ease voting by mail, the safest means of participation in the November election. The argument that more Californians should be forced to choose between their rights and their health is no longer confined to President Trumps tweets and other far-right agitations. Its now the official position of the national Republican Party and its campaign for the House of Representatives.

The Republican National Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee and the California Republican Party have sued to block Gov. Gavin Newsoms order that mail ballots be sent to all registered voters. Filed in federal court and announced by RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel on Sunday, the suit dutifully invokes that old GOP shibboleth, voting fraud, to justify the partys latest bid to suppress voting.

Earlier this month, a special election was conducted mostly by mail in a congressional district near Los Angeles where every registered voter received a mail-in ballot much as Newsom has ordered statewide in the fall. The result? Republicans won back a Democratic House seat in California for the first time this century.

A Boost To Latino Power In The Central Valley

Three of the most competitive seats in the Central Valley have been those held by Democratic Rep. Josh Harder and Republican Reps. David Valadao and Devin Nunes, who announced earlier this month that he is leaving Congress to head up Trumps social media venture. Under the new lines, territory that had been held by both Nunes and Democratic Rep. Jim Costa ended up in the new 21st District, which is more Democratic than Nunes current seat. Costa announced Tuesday that he will run in that new seat.

The commission made some dramatic changes to Harders seat, essentially splitting it in two with a dividing line in and around the population center of Modesto, where Harder went to high school. But later in the process, the commission spent much of its time trying to boost the percentages of eligible Latino voters in three of the Central Valley districts to increase Latino influence in future elections in keeping with the Voting Rights Act.

During that process, Harders fortunes improved as greater portions of Modesto were added back in to his district, which is the new 13th District. The competitive seat now runs farther south through the Central Valley, sweeping up large portions of Costas district, which is making it unclear how they will sort out their home turf. Rexroad noted that there may also be an opportunity for the GOP in a newly created 9th District just to the north, which encompasses Stockton and San Joaquin county.

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Pros & Cons Unbiased Explanation With Arguments For And Against

The Question

Should people on parole in California be allowed to register to vote and vote in elections?

The Situation

Currently, the California Constitution prohibits people in prison or on parole from voting. People who are in county jail or supervised by county probation are able to vote. This ballot measure would still prohibit people in prison from voting but would allow those on parole to vote. State parole generally supervises, for a period of time, those who serve a state prison term for serious or violent crimes. Currently, there are approximately 50,000 people on state parole.

The Proposal

Prop 17 amends the California Constitution to restore voting rights to persons who have been disqualified from voting while serving a prison term as soon as they complete their prison sentence. Those eligible to register to vote may also run for elective offices, if qualified. If passed, those on parole would be able to register to vote and participate in elections.

Fiscal effect

Supporters say

  • When people complete their prison sentences, they should be encouraged to reenter society and have a stake in their community. Restoring voting rights does that.
  • 19 other states allow people to vote once they have successfully completed their prison sentences. Its time for California to do the same.
  • Nearly 50,000 Californians who have completed their prison terms pay taxes at local, state and federal levels, yet are prohibited from voting at any level of government.

Opponents say

Mountains And Rec Conservation Authority

Coronavirus has made the 2020 election a perfect storm for ...

Measure HH: YES

This is a parcel tax to pay for fire protection. We usually oppose parcel taxes because they typically levy a flat amount for each property, whether its a small house or a large office building, but in this case, almost everyone who will pay is a homeowner in the wealthiest area of LA the canyons from Bel Air to Studio City so we are not concerned about the impact. We are concerned about fires, and want funding to prevent them HH will provide that. Vote yes.

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Apathetic Voters Could Hand California Recall To Republicans: Folks Seem Unaware

Gavin Newsom remains popular but Democrats appear far less likely than Republicans to vote in the election

When Gavin Newsom was first elected governor of California in 2018, he captured a greater share of the vote than any other Democrat in state history. And he has remained broadly popular, despite a global pandemic, economic catastrophe, and a scandalously ill-timed visit to the Michelin-starred restaurant the French Laundry.

But with Californias gubernatorial recall election under way, Newsom is fighting for his political life. The Democratic governor of a deep blue state could narrowly lose his seat to a fringe rightwing radio host in large part due to inertia and apathy among voters.

Democrats outnumber Republicans nearly two to one in California but while the former are distracted and disengaged this year, the latter are riled up, political strategists and pollsters say. By voting at higher rates, Republicans could capture the governors seat for the first time in a decade.

Only 36% of all registered voters want to oust Newsom, but that number rises to 47% when polling likely voters, according to a poll by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies. And a recent CBS News poll found that 72% of Republican voters were very motivated to participate in the recall, while just 61% of Democrats felt the same.

Democrats up and down the state are growing increasingly nervous about that possibility.

Californias Oppressive Policies Are Keeping Us Down

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that California has the highest Unemployment Rate in the nation, at 7.5% as of September 2021. How is this possible? In the chart below, the states that are dark red have full Republican control of the legislature and governorship, and dark blue connotes a state with full Democratic control. As expected, red state/ blue state policies impact the states recovery. Politicians blame the bottleneck on people not returning to work, yet the same politicians attempt

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A Competitive Field In Orange County

Californias redistricting commissioners made major changes to the highly competitive areas of Orange County that will affect the fortunes of Democratic Rep. Katie Porter, as well as Steel, Kim and the Democratic contenders who had been lining up to challenge them.

Commissioners essentially drew Porter, Steel and former Rep. Harley Rouda the Democrat vying for a rematch with Steel into the same seat, creating a long coastal district that encompasses Seal Beach and Huntington Beach to the north, continuing south through Costa Mesa and Newport Beach to an area south of Laguna Beach, while folding in much of the Democratic-leaning city of Irvine, where Porter lives.

Porter intends to run in that new 47th District and Democratic strategists view it as a solid opportunity for her given her popularity and huge war chest, and the fact that President Joe Biden won by double digits in that area.

But in an unusually pointed statement Wednesday, Rouda said that the new coastal district includes 70% of the area that he represented while serving in Congress between 2018 and 2020 . He added that he learned via Twitter that Representative Porter has left the district that includes 70% of her constituents, and is now running in my coastal district.

Rouda said he believes he is the most electable Democrat in that new district but said that he would spend the holidays with his family and evaluate all the options laid before us.

Happy Veterans Day From Svgop

Special Election Today In 25th Congressional District

To Our Veterans, Past and Present, and to all the men and women of the United States Armed Services: We thank you for your service to our country. For protecting the liberty enjoyed by all Americans. None of Americas achievements are possible without your courage, dedication and sacrifice. We owe you our freedom. SVGOP is committed to promoting the values you fight for: freedom, liberty, and opportunity for all. To those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, those who risk their lives every day

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Lively Summer Picnic Kicks Off 2022 Election Preparations

Santa Clara County Republican Party and South Peninsula Area Republican Coalition joined together to host this years Republican Membership Picnic and we were pleased to see over 120 people comfortably seated at the shaded tables at Linda Vista Park. Executive Committees for each group organized a tasty summer barbecue, live music, and festivities celebrating our volunteer achievements. This years theme on Accountability was perfectly vocalized by our featured speaker Lanhee Chen, one of Americas leading policy commentators and experts, teaching at Stanford

Water Replenishment District Of Southern California

Division 2: Joe L. Macias

The incumbent, Robert Rob Katherman, is endorsed by State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, who pushed the bill to give the Central Basin MWD to this agency, and former LA Antonio Villaraigosa, who has been a lobbyist for the Cadiz water privatization scheme that Food & Water Watch has fought for 20 years. The incumbent was charged of embezzlement and supports building a desalination plant that could harm wildlife. By contrast, Joe L. Macias is a union organizer who opposes both the proposed desalination plant and the twin tunnels that will drain the Sacramento River Delta to enable more real estate development in Southern California.

Division 5:Leticia Vasquez Wilson

Leticia Vasquez Wilson is an elected director of the Central Basin Municipal Water District who opposed the attempted disenfranchisement of the voters of the Central Basin by the state legislature , a step that led to the privatization of another water district in the area. Wilson has organized protests and public comment against water privatization generally and SB 625 in particular, so we recommend her for this seat. She is also running for reelection in Central Basin MWD, Division 4, for which we recommend her as well.

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County Of Los Angeles

Reimagine LA County : YES

Measure J, more popularly known as Reimagine LA, is designed to address the racial inequities across the county. The measure divests at least 10% of the countys locally-generated unrestricted revenues from carceral systems and law enforcement agencies and directly reinvests that money back into Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities.

If passed, the county will be able to fund services like restorative justice, public health services, job training for low-income residents, and provide capital for BIPOC-owned businesses. This is both the bare minimum the County should be doing to support racial justice, and a huge step forward. This measure earns our unqualified support.

District Attorney: George Gascón

Incumbent LA County District Attorney Jackie Laceys got to go. This has been the cry from BLM-LA for years, as she has both failed to prosecute killer cops and refused to meet with family members of those killed by police in LA County. Her tenure has also been one of aggressive prosecution and over-sentencing. Lacey is the sort of retrograde DA we have to get rid of.

Supervisor District 2 : Holly Mitchell

La Community College District

Planned Parenthood supporters slam Steve Knight for ...

The Los Angeles Community College District serves 250,000 students on nine campuses and is the largest two-year college system in the nation. Low-income students and students of color make up a majority of those enrolled. It also has one of the larger contracts with the sheriffs department in the county, which has stations at each campus. On top of that, the trustees oversee a massive $3.3-billion construction bond program that has faced accusations of mismanagement.

The four candidates below are endorsed by LACCD faculty union. We recommend their slate, although we were not fully satisfied with their answers on the LACCD contract with the sheriffs department.

Office 1: Dr. Andra Hoffman

Dr. Andra Hoffman, who is running for reelection, was initially elected to the Board in 2015 and became President of the Board in July 2019. In addition to having been a student at Valley College, Dr. Hoffman runs the Career Center and Job Placement Program at Glendale Community College, is a Professor of American and California government, and has 23 years of community college experience. After the 2016 Trump election, Dr. Hoffman advocated for sanctuary campuses on behalf of immigrant students, as well as gap pay for students in the wake of the pandemic.

Office 3: David Vela

Office 5: Nichelle Henderson

Office 7: Mike Fong

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Easy Voter Guide Summary For New And Busy Voters

The way it is now

After someone ends their prison term for a serious crime, they may spend time on parole when they get out. People on parole must follow certain rules, such as meeting regularly with their parole officer. Parole usually lasts three years. Around 50,000 people are on parole in California. People on parole are not currently allowed to vote.

What if it passes?

Prop 17 would allow people on parole to register to vote and vote in elections. Certain people on parole would be allowed to run for public office.

Budget effect

Prop 17 would update the states voting system. This would cost the state a one-time payment in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Counties might spend more money sending out voter information or counting ballots. This would cost counties in the hundreds of thousands of dollars each year statewide.

People FOR say

  • People on parole pay taxes. They should be allowed to vote, as well.
  • Parole is a time for people to rebuild their lives voting helps people on parole feel more connected to their communities and increases public safety.

People AGAINST say

  • Parole is a time for serious and violent criminals to prove that they have changed.
  • When people get out of prison, they should complete parole before being allowed to vote.

West Basin Municipal Water District

Director, Division 3:Desi Alvarez

Desi Alvarez is an environmental engineer who opposes a proposed $500 million desalination plant and wants to reduce imported water. The incumbent, Carol Kwan, thinks All lives matter, Black lives matter, police lives matter, all lives matter and if you want success, you work for it and you dont portray yourself like the victim.

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Swing Seats In Northern Los Angeles And San Diego Counties

The redistricting commission also made some major changes to the Republican seat held by Garcia, a Santa Clarita native and former Navy fighter pilot. Garcia managed to flip Californias current 25th District which Republicans had lost in 2018 back to the GOP in a 2020 special election after Democrat Katie Hill resigned from Congress amid controversy. Trump endorsed Garcia in that race.

In 2022, Garcia is facing a rematch with Democrat Christy Smith, as well as a challenge from Democratic newcomer Quaye Quartey, a former Navy intelligence officer, among others. Smith, a former member of the state assembly, only lost to Garcia by 333 votes in the 2020 general election, underscoring the competitiveness of the area.

Garcia faces some challenges under the new lines in what will now be the 27th District. The commission has removed conservative portions of the Simi Valley from his district and added bluer areas of the San Fernando Valley. Despite Garcias conservative voting record, however, he has not shied away from running in areas that have typically been challenging for Republicans and political observers on both sides believe the seat will remain competitive.

Republican Rep. Darrell Issas seat covering parts of East County, San Diego had looked more competitive at various points during the process, but now looks fairly safe for the GOP.

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