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How Many Republicans In Congress Support Trump

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Tom Rice South Carolina

FBI raid on Trump galvanises voter support for Republicans

In the June 15 primary, Rice lost to a Trump-backed challenger, Russell Fry. Fry got 51.1% of the vote to Rice’s 24.6%.

Rice had vehemently defended his impeachment vote, telling Politico recently that “I think that was one of the worst things, if not the worst, that a president has ever done in terms of attacking the Constitution and separation of powers.”

Trump issued a celebratory statement after Fry’s victory, saying the “biggest News of the evening so far is that Russell Fry beat Impeach Master Tom Rice with a Vote of more than 51%, therefore WINNING OUTRIGHT with no need for a run-off.”

The Republicans Running To Support Donald Trump

Across the country, candidates who support Donald Trumps false claims about the 2020 election are running for office, promising to replace fellow-Republicans who went along with certifying last years results. Republicans are favored to take back both houses of Congress in 2022 and tighten their grip on state houses, raising urgent questions about whether the Party, which largely proved unwilling to support Donald Trumps push to overturn the election last year, might be more amenable to doing so in 2024.

One of those candidates is Don Bolduc, a retired Army general and the only Republican who has declared his candidacy for next years U.S. Senate race in New Hampshire against the Democratic incumbent, Maggie Hassan. Establishment Republicans in Washington are hoping that New Hampshires governor, Chris Sununu, will also challenge Hassan, in part because Bolduc has firmly attached himself to Trump, praising the former President frequently and signing a letter with other former military leaders claiming election fraud. Trump has not yet endorsed a candidate in the race, but he recently released a statement praising Bolducs attacks on General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Trump and Biden.

What is it that you want to bring to the Senate?

This reminds me a little bit of former President Trump. Can you talk about his appeal?

The Vice President?


The 12 Trumpiest Members Of Congress

Every Republican member of Congress has become, at the least, a little Trump-y. Thats been exemplified by their willingness to tolerate scandals without investigation, allow tainted appointees to remain at their posts, support the presidents agenda and, for the most part, turn a blind eye toward his inflammatory, divisive and often downright false rhetoric and tweets.

The following 12 lawmakers, however, are arguably the Trumpiest.

Many of them echo his alarming rhetoric. But all of them most importantly run interference for him and support his legislative to-do list reflexively, principles be damned. And theyve all been complicit in the remaking of the GOP into a Donald Trump fiefdom, where the rank-and-file walk in lockstep to his command.

Regardless of what their political futures hold for them, history will remember these Republicans for their obedience and obsequiousness to Trump.

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It Doesnt Pay To Be A Congressional Republican Opposing Trump

Rep. Liz Cheney was sent a loud, clear message by her House Republican colleagues this week: oppose former president Donald Trump, and youre out.

Its a message that has been sent in less official ways before but by now is unmistakable for any congressional Republican who would dare to venture where she has. Most of them have been forced out in one way or another, with many voluntarily backing down and retiring. But were about to get a better sense for how politically tenable such a position could be in todays GOP.

Cheney hasnt lost her congressional seat though she already has challengers back home who want to run against her in the 2022 GOP primary. But her leadership position is gone and is likely going to a congresswoman who has made praising Trump her No. 1 priority. But Cheney has staked her political future on opposing Trump, saying she believes she can lead the party back from where it is now.

If she can actually leverage her opposition to Trump into some kind of political success which appears unlikely at this point shed pretty much be the first. It hasnt gone well for other elected Republicans, going all the way back to those who opposed Trump during his 2016 presidential run.

Flake announced he wouldnt run for reelection just nine months into Trumps presidency, becoming an early symbolic sacrifice and a bit of a trophy for Trump. More than that, though, it sent a message.

Of those 11:

Former President Donald Trump

Question9 Overall Do You Think Donald Trump Has Had A Mainly Positive Or Mainly Negative Impact On

New Analysis Shows GOP Losing Senate Over Support For Trump:
                     ADULTS.....................................................                                                               WHITE........                                                               4 YR COLL DEG                     Tot    Rep    Dem    Ind    Men    Wom    Yes    NoPositive             41%    84%     4%    45%    48%    35%    37%    58%Negative             51      9     94     47     44     58     60     36DK/NA                 8      7      2      8      8      7      4      7                     AGE IN YRS..............    WHITE.....                     18-34  35-49  50-64  65+    Men    Wom    Wht    Blk    HspPositive             33%    36%    47%    49%    57%    45%    50%    12%    37%Negative             56     54     47     49     36     50     44     81     51DK/NA                11      9      6      3      7      5      6      7     12

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Democrats Think Many Republicans Sincere And Point To Policy

Democrats, however, were somewhat more generous in their answers. More than four in ten Democratic voters felt that most Republican voters had the countrys best interests at heart . And many tried their best to answer from the others perspective. A 45-year-old male voter from Ohio imagined that as a Republican, he was motivated by Republicans harsh stance on immigration standing up for the 2nd Amendment promised tax cuts. A 30-year-old woman from Colorado felt that Republican votes reflected the desires to stop abortion stop gay marriage from ruining our country and give us our coal jobs back.

Other Democrats felt that their opponents were mostly motivated by the GOPs opposition to Obamacare, lower taxes and to support a party that reduced unemployment.

Americans Not Only Divided But Baffled By What Motivates Their Opponents

By Eric Plutzer and Michael Berkman

As it became clear that Democrats would win control of the U.S. House of Representatives, pundits immediately began explaining the Blue Wave. Some said it was rooted in concerns that President Trump was leading the nation into dangerous territory others pointed to alarm about health care, or compassion for citizens of color and refugees. But Republican voters were having none of this, according to a recent Penn State Mood of the Nation Poll.

The nationally representative poll of 1,000 citizens included 307 voters who cast votes for Republican Congressional candidates in the midterm elections. We asked them, In your opinion, how many citizens voting for the Democrats did so because they sincerely believe that the Democratic party is best for the country?

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Question23 Do You Consider What Happened At The Us Capitol On January 6th An Attack On The Government Or Not

                     ADULTS.....................................................                                                               WHITE........                                                               4 YR COLL DEG                     Tot    Rep    Dem    Ind    Men    Wom    Yes    NoYes/Attack on gov't  59%    29%    93%    56%    53%    66%    65%    49%No                   35     66      5     40     42     29     32     44DK/NA                 5      5      3      5      5      5      3      7                     AGE IN YRS..............    WHITE.....                     18-34  35-49  50-64  65+    Men    Wom    Wht    Blk    HspYes/Attack on gov't  63%    64%    55%    56%    46%    63%    55%    83%    57%No                   31     30     42     39     49     32     40     13     39DK/NA                 7      6      2      5      5      5      5      4      4

Question6 Overall Do You Think The Country Is Better Off Or Worse Off Today Than It Was A Year Ago

How Trump Could Help Or Hurt Republicans In The Midterms
                     ADULTS.....................................................                                                               WHITE........                                                               4 YR COLL DEG                     Tot    Rep    Dem    Ind    Men    Wom    Yes    NoBetter               41%     5%    76%    38%    37%    45%    53%    25%Worse                52     94     14     56     56     48     44     70SAME             5      1      7      4      4      5      1      3DK/NA                 3      -      2      2      3      2      2      3                     AGE IN YRS..............    WHITE.....                     18-34  35-49  50-64  65+    Men    Wom    Wht    Blk    HspBetter               44%    43%    37%    40%    30%    38%    34%    67%    42%Worse                44     51     58     56     65     58     61     24     50SAME             8      4      4      2      2      2      2      7      4DK/NA                 4      2      2      2      3      2      2      2      4

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More Republican Congress Members Linked To Extremist Groups

Today is 1776, said Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert

More Republican Congress members are facing scrutiny after the Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6.

When asked whether the country heading to Civil War, Representative Paul Gosar of Arizona said Were in it. We just havent started shooting at each other yet.

According to The New York Times, nearly 150 House Republicans were in support of former President Donald Trumps baseless claims of voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election.

Gosar and many other Republican members of the House are said to have deep ties to the extremist groups that caused a riot and stormed the halls of Congress in protest of President Joe Bidens certification.

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Some of the Republican members of Congress linked to extremist organizations and movements include Lauren Boebert, Andy Biggs, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Matt Gaetz.

Representative Biggs of Arizona was connected to the Stop the Steal campaign in support of Trumps bid to overturn the election. Representative Gaetz of Florida appeared at an event in 2020 with members of The Proud Boys, an extremist organization that was present during the Capitol riots.


Joni Skibo/LaCroix

On an episode of his podcast, Hot Takes with Matt Gaetz, Gaetz said that the Proud Boys were present solely to provide security and expressed that taking photos doesnt mean hes tied to a certain group.

More Than 100 Republican Primary Winners Support Trumps Baseless Election Claim

At least 108 primary victors in races across several states have won after repeating false claims originated by the former president

More than 100 Republican primary winners support Donald Trumps false claim that the 2020 election was stolen from him.

At least 108 primary victors in races across several states have won after repeating claims originated by Trump that electoral fraudsters denied his winning the 2020 election after rigging the race in favor of Joe Biden, according to new analysis from the Washington Post.

Those who questioned the 2020 election results won primary races for seats in the House of Representatives, US Senate seats, state gubernatorial mansions, and other high-profile positions.

A large amount of primary winners also campaigned on improving electoral security, but they offered no evidence that current practices in that sector are compromised.

These officeholders are so important, said Joanna Lydgate, founder and CEO of States United Democracy Center, a nonprofit promoting free and fair elections, to the Post. They are going to be the ones on whose backs our democracy survives or doesnt.

Excluding primaries from 7 June, eight US Senate candidates, 86 candidates for the House of Representatives, five gubernatorial candidates, four candidates for state attorney general and one for secretary of state have all won while promoting Trumps 2020 election denialism.

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Republicans Who Backed Trump Jan 6 Probe Face Fierce Backlash At The Polls

The votes have fueled a growing anti-incumbent mood among GOP voters that has hit other incumbents too.

Rep. Chris Smith , who was first elected in 1980, was held under 60 percent in his primary election earlier this month. | Ken Cedeno/Pool via AP

06/30/2022 04:30 AM EDT

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Never in nearly 42 years in Congress has Rep. Chris Smith had a primary quite like his last when he spent the final weeks gettingbombarded by angry constituents who felt he crossed President Donald Trump.

The New Jersey Republican won renomination with his lowest primaryvote share ever, after he voted to create a bipartisan commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. And his opponent seized on it, stoking an angry and anti-incumbent mood sweeping through Republican primaries around the country.

Republican members from Utah to Texas to South Dakota who also voted for the Jan. 6 commission have had a similar experience, marking an especially intense primary season for the GOP. The bottom has dropped out for the Republicans who did support a Jan. 6 investigation: They are running13 points weaker than their average colleague in their primaries, according to a POLITICO analysis of 2022 primary results so far.

Altogether, the numbers paint a portrait of an angry base sending a message to its ambassadors in Washington: Dont step out of line, or else.

Simply being an incumbent puts you in those crosshairs, said Rep. John Curtis .

That kind of distinction is often lost on voters.

A Split In South Carolina House Races


RepresentativeTom Rice, one of the 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Mr. Trump, was ousted by his Trump-backed challenger, State Representative Russell Fry, in the Seventh Congressional District.

But RepresentativeNancy Mace defeated her Trump-endorsed opponent, the former state lawmaker Katie Arrington, in the First Congressional District. Ms. Mace had said that Mr. Trump bore responsibility for the Jan. 6 attack but did not vote to impeach him.

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Rep Madison Cawthorn R

  • Participated in planning conversations with Jan. 6 rally organizers: Two organizers behind the Jan. 6 rally in D.C. and others around the country said Cawthorn or an aide participated in planning discussions, Rolling Stone reported.
  • Spoke at Jan. 6 Stop the Steal rally: Just days after he was sworn into office as the youngest member of Congress, Cawthorn spoke at the Jan. 6 rally that preceded the attack on the Capitol. We are doing this for the Constitution, Cawthorn told the crowd. Our Constitution was violated.

Cawthorn has said he does not regret speaking at the Jan. 6 rally. He did not respond to a request for comment.

How Wyoming Voters Are Reacting To Rep Cheneys Leadership Battle

Many Republicans, including McCarthy, have decided that the path to retake majority control of the House requires embracing Trump, which means either repeating his false assertions that the election was stolen or keeping quiet, neither of which Cheney has been willing to do.

McCarthy has long viewed Trump as important to helping him become the next House speaker and important to helping Republicans win the midterm elections said a House Republican aide who works for neither McCarthy or Cheney.

The aide described the leadership fight as a s show and something that should never really have happened, expressing anger over its handling.

I think its dumb when we always try to claim that were this big party that were pushing out someone who has a slightly different opinion, the aide said, adding, Its just absurd to me.

Another senior Republican congressional aide argued that Cheney was likely to be removed because she keeps publicly disagreeing with McCarthy, not because of her criticism of Trump.

As conference chair, was spending more time bashing Republicans than Democrats at the recent House retreat, the aide said, adding that McCarthy was literally the only thing keeping her in leadership.

Many Republicans have lamented that the squabble is distracting from anti-Biden messaging, which is what they say will actually help them in the midterms.

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Republicans Vote Against Measure Bill Faces Uphill Fight In Senate

In this Jan. 6 file photo, supporters of then-President Donald Trump try to break through a police barrier at the Capitol in Washington.

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WASHINGTON Thirty-five House Republicans joined Democrats Wednesday in voting to create a bipartisan commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, risking the wrath of former President Donald Trump and flouting GOP leaders who condemned the proposal as unfairly partisan and unneeded.

Modeled after the investigation into the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the legislation would establish an independent, 10-member commission that would make recommendations by the end of the year for securing the Capitol and preventing another insurrection. It passed the House 252-175.

The Republican mavericks were led by New York Rep. John Katko, who wrote the measure with Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson, D-Miss. Katko, that panels top Republican, was battling two tides that have overwhelmed Congress in recent years: the nearly overwhelming potency Trump still has among Republicans and a jagged-edged partisanship that often confounds even mundane legislation.

I encourage all members, Republicans and Democrats alike, to put down their swords for once, just for once, and support this bill, said Katko.

This is about fact. It is not partisan politics, he said pointedly.

Leader McCarthy wont take yes for an answer, she said

Gop Rep Reveals How Many Colleagues Actually Believe Trumps Election Conspiracies

Trump dominates CPAC 2024 presidential straw poll in Texas

Rep. Adam Kinzinger said Friday that only a handful of his Republican colleagues in the House actually believe ex-President Donald Trumps election lies.

The vast majority of House Republicans, Kinzinger told CNNs Jake Tapper, were simply boarding the Trump train in a desperate bid to preserve their jobs.

How many actually believe it? Five, probably, if that, maybe? I dont know, but its in the single, its low, said Kinzinger, a vocal critic of Trump who defied his party to vote for the impeachment of the former president for inciting the deadly U.S. Capitol riot.

People dont believe it, he continued. But what they are doing is theyre sitting around saying, I need to continue to exist in this job so that I can make an impact. I dont have the courage or the strength or the ability to swing this party, so Im going to just kinda put my head down and go along.

Some people have made the decision that grabbing onto the Trump train again, even though its been derailed, is the best way for us to push whatever, Kinzinger added. Others, meanwhile, just want to destroy the place.

Kinzinger said GOP backing of Trumps conspiracy theories may give the party a temporary hit, maybe youll win the majority, I dont think you will.

But I guarantee you in the long arc of history, this is not going to bode well for Republicans, he added.

Watch the video here:

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