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Patriot Exchange Program Sm Standard Worldwide

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Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

Raytheon’s Smith on Standard Missile 6 Program, International Opportunities

Kidnapping and ransom insurance is an important coverage for companies sending executives abroad to travel or live, and has become increasing more important for US companies. This type of insurance coverage provides, as the basis, for all benefits, access to one of the premiere crisis response organizations in the world. The response team gives advisory assistance to the family or business with regard to independent investigations, negotiations, arrangement and delivery of funds, and numerous other services vital to a safe, speedy and satisfactory resolution.

Pilots Loss Of License And Disability Insurance

Pilots need to protect themselves and their families with adequate disability insurance coverage. Our plans include pilot loss of license insurance and can be used to create protection against both short and long-term disabilities. We also offer flexible elimination periods, monthly disability payments ranging from $500 to $25,000 and rates for every budget. Our comprehensive, affordable plans cover many different types of pilots including corporate, commercial and helicopter pilots.

Environmentally Conscious Group Plan

Patriot Green Group is designed for groups of five or more environmentally conscious international travelers that are serious about sustainable and responsible tourism. The plan provides up to $2,000,000 of medical coverage and services. It also includes an Eco Sports Rider covering such activities as jungle zip lining, wildlife safaris, and cave tubing among others. The plan also includes an additional AD& D benefit allowing the insured the opportunity to donate $5,000, in the event of his/her Accidental Death and Dismemberment, to an environmental organization that positively impacts global conservation. This donation is payable by IMG on the insureds behalf. Patriot Green Group can only be purchased online. Coverage is available from five days up to two years for U.S. citizens traveling outside the U.S. and for non-U.S. citizens traveling outside their home country.

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California Consumer Privacy Act

IMG does not sell your personal data to third parties and will not do so. Any data that IMG processes on your behalf is subject to your express consent or relates to services that you have asked us to perform on your behalf.

You may access, correct, or request deletion of your personal information by logging into your account or by contacting . We will respond to your request within a reasonable timeframe. In certain circumstances we may be required by law to retain your personal information or may need to retain your personal information in order to continue providing a service. If you believe you have other rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act or have other questions regarding your data, please contact IMGs Data Protection Officer.

Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance


Five or More Individuals Five Days up to Two Years

Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance is designed for organizations who have a group of five or more members that will be traveling together, and are traveling to a destination that is not the home country of any of the traveling members. Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance provides the same benefits as the individual Patriot Travel Medical Insurance, but with a 10% discount for applying as a group.

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Pep Summary Of Benefits

Eligible Medical Expenses are limited to Usual, Reasonable and Customary Limits per Period of Coverage unless stated as Maximum Limit

Maximum Limit
$500 per period of coverage limit
Personal Liability – Injury to third partyPersonal Liability – Damage to third party’s property $2,000 per period of coverage limit after $100 deductible$500 per period of coverage limit after $100 deductible
Limited High School and College Sports Company pays 100% after deductible is met

Groups may also purchase a customizable long-term plan. Any coverages, benefits and premium rates offered are in U.S. Dollars. Benefits are subject to exclusions and limitations. This is only a summary and does not supersede in any way the Certificate of Insurance and governing policy documents . The Insurance Contract is the only source of the actual benefits provided.

Accessing Your Personal Information And Search History

When using a web browser, you can access and manage your information, including Search History, through the preferences page. You may clear your search history from appearing on the site by following the steps provided in see your search history. Clearing your history removes it from the Search History and prevents that history from being displayed on the web browser, but does not delete information from our standard search logs, which are retained and pseudonymized.

Upon request IMG will provide you with information about whether we hold any of your personal information. You may access, correct, or request deletion of your personal information by logging into your account or by emailing us at . We will respond to your request within a reasonable timeframe. In certain circumstances we may be required by law to retain your personal information, or may need to retain your personal information in order to continue providing a service.

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Other Important Privacy Information

Below you will find additional privacy information you may find important. Much of this describes common practices that we want you to know about. And some of this is just stating the obvious . Please keep in mind that this information is not a complete description of our practices this is all in addition to the other, more specific information contained in the privacy statements, agreements and releases relating to each IMG product and service you use.

Enhanced Benefits And Services Plan

[SM Global New Zealand Education] New Zealand Polytechnic – Unitec / New Zealand Auckland

Patriot PlatinumSM provides first-class protection for the discerning international traveler who wants to obtain the maximum coverage available in a short-term travel medical product on the market today.

Patriot Platinum builds upon the Patriot Travel plan by providing up to $8,000,000 of coverage with enhanced benefits and services and our Global Concierge & Assistance ServicesSM

There are two plans available: Patriot Platinum InternationalSM provides coverage for U.S. citizens traveling outside the U.S. and Patriot Platinum AmericaSM provides coverage for non-U.S. citizens traveling outside their home country. Coverage can be obtained from a minimum of five days up to three years.

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Medical Insurance For Students Studying Abroad Or Participants Of Cultural Exchange Programs

IMG Patriot Exchange Program is designed for international students and scholars. There are insurance plans for Scholars and Students traveling to the US with a variety of US visa’s . Dependents are also eligible to purchase. The Patriot Exchange Program also has plans for people traveling outside the US for educational purposes. Anyone studying or teaching outside their residence country is eligible to buy. You can purchase online at any time and you may select any future date to be your insurance policy’s effective date. The plan comes with several deductible options, and benefit levels to meet a wide variety of needs. All J visa holders are required to meet the US Department of State J1 insurance requirements for the duration of their visa. Patriot Exchange Program with at least $100,000 benefit per illness or injury and four deductible options meets this requirement.

Patriot Exchange Program Insurance

Patriot Exchange Program insurance is quite suitable for anyone traveling outside their home country as an exchange visitor. If you are participating in educational or cultural exchange programs abroad, Patriot Exchange Program is the right plan for you. That includes non-U.S. citizens traveling to the U.S. on J-1 and J-2 visa.

You have a choice of policy maximum ranging from $50,000 to $500,000 per incident and deductible choices of $0, $100, $250, and $500. However, due to you must purchase at least $100,000 per incident.

As long as your sponsoring institution have only the standard J visa insurance requirements, you can confidently buy this insurance plan. However, if they have specified , make sure that this plan meet all of the requirements before you buy the insurance. It is very important because the insurance company will not sign the compliance form if all of the requirements are not met, and they will not sign even indicating that some of the requirements are not met.

In addition to the medical benefits, Patriot Exchange insurance also covers the emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains. Patriot Exchange insurance participates in .

Patriot Exchange program can be extended up to 48 months total. Patriot Exchange insurance pays 100% up to the policy maximum.

Coverage is available for the primary exchange visitor as well as his/her dependents.

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Patriot Exchange Program Sm

Cultural Exchange Student Insurance Plans

The Patriot Exchange Program is designed for students studying abroad or participants of cultural exchange programs. Two plan options are available: The basic short-term travel plan, which is a more economical plan and the standard short-term travel plan, which meets the U.S. visa insurance requirements. Plans are available in monthly increments and if a minimum of 3 months is purchased, coverage may be renewed for a total of 24 months.

Chaperone / Faculty Leader Trip Interruption Rider


Groups may request the Chaperone/Faculty Leader Trip Interruption Rider rider which offers up to $3,000 in benefits. In the event of the original chaperone/leader’s hospitalization, a relative’s unexpected death, or travel plans must be cancelled as a result of a break-in or destruction due to forces of nature at his/ her residence, the subsequent chaperone/faculty leader can be reimbursed for the certain transportation costs to join the group.

*Benefits are subject to exclusions and limitations. This is only a summary and does not supersede in any way the Certificate of Insurance and governing policy documents . The Insurance Contract is the only source of the actual benefits provided.

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Patriot Exchange Program Insurance Faq

Below are some of the questions frequently asked with the Patriot Exchange Program plan:

Who needs the IMG Patriot Exchange Program plan?

Patriot Exchange Program Insurance for Exchange Visitors

Patriot Exchange Insurance is an affordable choice for international insurance, and the plan is available for exchange visitors participating cultural programs, or international students enrolled in full time academic study or research.

Patriot Exchange Program plan meets the J1 visa insurance requirements set by the U.S. Department of State, as long as a maximum amount coverage selection is at least $100K and chosen deductible is $500 or lower. Patriot Exchange J1 insurance plan is suitable for J1 visa interns, medical residents, exchange visitors, au-pairs, and anyone holding a J1 or J2 visa dependents also.

The PEP plan is popular as an international student health insurance, and is designed also to meet the needs of international students, academic researchers and scholars. With the Patriot Exchange visitor visa insurance policy, students can find the plan that best fits their needs and budget, and coverage also meets or exceeds most government and visa requirements, plan is available for US F-1/F-2 or J-1/J-2 visa holders. The PEP plan includes coverage for student health center, eligible medical expenses, hospitalization, doctor visits, medical evacuation in emergency, repatriation of remains, and whole lot more, also meets the requirements of many universities and colleges.

Browser Controls For Do Not Track And Tracking Protection

Some browsers have incorporated Do Not Track features. Most of these features, when turned on, send a signal or preference to the web sites you visit indicating that you do not wish to be tracked. Those sites may continue to engage in activities you might view as tracking even though you have expressed this preference, depending on the sites privacy practices.

Most web browsers have a feature related to tracking protection that helps prevent the web sites you go to from automatically sending details about your visit to third-party content providers. When you add a tracking protection list, the browser may block third-party content, including cookies, from any site that is listed as a site to be blocked. By limiting calls to these sites, the browser will limit the information these third-party sites can collect about you. And when you have a tracking protection list enabled, certain browsers may send a do not track signal or preference to the web sites you visit. For more information about Tracking Protection Lists and how to find them, please see your browsers privacy statement or help.

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General Data Protection Regulation

IMG collects and uses your information as follows and for the following reasons. Unless stated otherwise, where and when GDPR applies to the following information, IMG is the data controller. If you are a citizen or resident of the European Union and you are visiting a website affiliated with an IMG entity, or you are an insured person through IMG, or an IMG entity administers a health plan that covers you, IMG may send your personal data to the United States for use and processing as necessary to serve you or to provide you with the best products, services and experiences possible. If this occurs, your personal information will be transferred subject to the EU-U.S. & Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework.

Img Online Privacy Statement

Karatbars Pricing Facts – Wealth Builders Worldwide

Effective Date: April 15, 2020

This statement applies to IMG websites, services, products and applications that collect data and display these terms, owned and operated by International Medical Group®, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates, including, but not limited to, a la carte Healthcare, Ltd., Global Response Ltd., IMG Europe, Ltd., iTravel Insured, Inc. and AkesoCare Management, Inc. . It does not apply to other IMG products and services that are not affected by the IMG Privacy Statement.

At IMG, we are committed to earning your trust by respecting and protecting the privacy of the information you provide to us online. The following describes how IMG collects, uses, shares and secures the personal information you provide, as well as the human resources data of our employees. It also describes your choices regarding use, access and correction of your personal information.

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Employer Sponsored Group Insurance

GEO Group is one of the most comprehensive group hospital, surgical, medical and life insurance programs in the world. This program is designed for employers with employees who are either U.S. or Canadian citizens who reside abroad, or foreign nationals around the world. GEO Group assists employers to carve out their international employees to provide U.S.-style benefits and worldwide coverage. This program includes medical, dental, life and indemnity benefits for employees and their families.

International Medical Disability And Travel Accident Insurance With War Zone & Terrorism Coverage

In todays political and economic climate, acts of war and terrorism remain a constant threat. People are finding that their jobs require them to travel abroad to places of political unrest. Many employees and professionals find it difficult to obtain adequate insurance coverage to take care of their families should an accident or other life threatening occurrence occur in one of these high-risk areas. Warzone & terrorism quotes depend upon your age, citizenship, occupation and destination.

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How We Use Your Personal Information

IMG uses the information we collect to operate, improve and personalize the products and services we offer. Information collected through one IMG service may be combined with information collected through other IMG services to give you a more consistent and personalized experience in your interactions with us. We may also supplement this with information from other companies. For example, we may use services from other companies to help us derive a general geographic area based on your IP address in order to customize certain services to your geographic area.

For IMG services, we use this information to provide you with relevant search results. We also use the information we collect to maintain and improve the quality, security and integrity of our products and services. For example, we may use this information for research purposes and to improve the relevancy of search results. This information is also necessary in order to detect and protect against security threats such as botnet attacks, click fraud, worms, and other threats. We also may use the information to communicate with you, for example, informing you when an insurance contract is ending, letting you know when updates are available or letting you know when you need to take action to keep your account active.

Changes To Our Privacy Statements

Editor@pambazuka.org on Tapatalk

We will occasionally update our privacy statements to reflect customer feedback and changes in our services. When we post changes to a statement, we will revise the “last updated” date at the top of the statement. If there are material changes to the statement or in how IMG will use your personal information, we will notify you either by prominently posting a notice of such changes before they take effect or by directly sending you a notification . We encourage you to periodically review the privacy statements for the products and services you use to learn the latest information on our privacy practices.

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Worldwide Coverage For Professional Marine Captains And Crew Members

Global Crew Medical Insurance is a comprehensive and portable international medical insurance plan designed specifically for professional marine crew. GCMI can help eliminate the obstacles of time, currency, and language when you are seeking medical treatment and need assistance and administration of your global health care benefits. The plan provides $5,000,000 of lifetime coverage with a full range of benefits and offers two options: worldwide coverage and worldwide coverage excluding the U.S. and Canada. Both options provide coverage 24 hours a day, and you have the freedom to choose any doctor or hospital for treatment.

How Does The Affordable Care Act Affect My Coverage

Non-U.S. citizens: As non-resident aliens, international students, scholars, and people involved in cultural exchange programs on F, J, M and Q visas are not subject to the individual mandate for their first five years in the U.S. All other J categories are not subject to the individual mandate for two years . Since international students are not subject to the mandate, they are not required to purchase a plan that meets PPACA requirements and can purchase Student Health Advantage.

U.S. citizens: Under ACA, all U.S. citizens, nationals and resident aliens are required to purchase minimum essential coverage , unless they are exempt. Exempt U.S. citizens include U.S. citizens who reside outside of the U.S. for 330 of any 365-day period, or have a tax home in a foreign country, and is a bona fide resident of a foreign country.

  • “Although one hopes never to use travel insurance, IMG was a godsend throughout our ordeal. We couldnât have done it without your continued assistance.”Joan D.United States
  • “I took comfort in the fact that IMG had my back.”

    Mark K. – United States

    While skiing in Chile, Mark, an IMG member, found himself on the brink of paralysis.

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