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Why Does Fox News Support Republicans

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Compulsory Reductions In Meat Consumption

This act tells manufacturers to ‘go back to China’: GOP lawmaker

In April 2021, at least five Fox News and Fox Business personalities amplified a story published by the Daily Mail, a British tabloid, that incorrectly linked a university study to President Joe Biden’s climate change agenda, to falsely assert that Americans would be compelled to dramatically reduce their meat consumption to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions caused by flatulence. Fox News aired a graphic detailing the supposed compulsory reductions, falsely indicating the information came from the Agriculture Department, which numerous Republican politicians and commentators tweeted. Fox News anchor John Roberts reported to “say goodbye to your burgers if you want to sign up to the Biden climate agenda.” Days later, Roberts acknowledged on air that the story was false.

Other Current Fox Employees With Gop Ties: 18

Fox employs an array of hosts, anchors, contributors, and analysts who previously worked for GOP campaigns and presidential administrations or ran for or served in office as Republicans.

Bill Bennett, Fox News contributor. Bennett served in the administrations of Republican Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush before joining Fox in 2017.

Dan Bongino, Fox News host. Bongino lost several congressional campaigns in multiple states as a Republican before joining Fox as a contributor, and now hosts a Fox weekend show and a Fox Nation program.

Lisa Boothe, Fox News contributor. Boothe, who served in communications roles for numerous Republican politicians, joined Fox in 2016.

Gianno Caldwell, Fox News contributor. Caldwell, who worked for a local GOP party and on Mitt Romneys presidential campaign, joined Fox in 2017.

Jason Chaffetz, Fox News contributor. Chaffetz, a former Utah congressman, joined Fox in 2017 and is a contributor and regular guest host.

Ben Domenech, Fox News contributor. Domenech worked as a speechwriter in President George W. Bushs administration and for a Republican senator, and joined Fox in 2021.

Sean Duffy, Fox News contributor. Duffy served as a Republican congressman and joined Fox in 2020.

Newt Gingrich, Fox News contributor. Gingrich, a Republican former U.S. congressman from Georgia who served as speaker of the House in the 1990s and ran for president in 2012, is a longtime Fox contributor.

Jeanine Pirro Fox News Host

  • The New York Times reported in November 2017 that Pirro had once interviewed to be Trumps deputy attorney general.
  • The Times further reported that she had met with Trump in the Oval Office to excoriate Attorney General Jeff Sessions and urge an investigation of Hillary Clinton.
  • She reportedly told Trumps advisers she was interested in replacing Sessions.
  • Trump reportedly regularly consults Pirro privately for advice on political and policy matters.
  • She said in 2018 that she speaks to Trump quite often.
  • She reportedly discussed with Trump the possibility of writing a rebuttal book to Michael Wolffs Fire and Fury.
  • She appeared on stage and spoke at a Trump political rally on the eve of the 2018 midterm elections.
  • White House officials reportedly rotate going on Pirros show because they know Trump will be watching and will be more responsive to their advice if he sees it on TV.
  • Pirro sought and receiveda presidential pardon for her ex-husband, Albert Pirro Jr.

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Trump Hired His Personal Legal Team From Foxs Green Room: 7

Jay Sekulow. A longtime fixture of right-wing media, particularly Hannitys Fox and radio programs, Sekulow joined Trumps personal legal team in June 2017. He was reportedly hired because Trump thinks Sekulow does a good job defending him on TV.

Joseph diGenova and Victoria Toensing. The married Republican lawyers were regulars on Fox for years. In March 2018, Trumps legal team announced that the pair were joining, but they ultimately did not amid reports of conflicts of interest with other clients.

Pam Bondi, Alan Dershowitz, Robert Ray, and Ken Starr. The quartet of lawyers made at least 365 weekday appearances on Fox combined usually to defend Trump from various allegations from January 2019 to January 17, 2020, when they joined Trumps legal team for his first impeachment.

Rupert Murdoch Fox News Founder And Fox Corp Chairman

Mitch McConnell caught off guard as Fox host grills him on GOP support ...
  • Murdoch and Trump spoke by phone at least once a week after he became president, The New York Times reported in December 2017.
  • Murdochs counsel included urging the president to stop tweeting and advising him to improve his relationship with Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson.
  • Murdoch also spoke weekly with Jared Kushner, Trumps senior adviser and son-in-law.
  • Trump called Murdoch to confirm that Fox News ownership would not be affected by Murdochs sale of parts of his company to the Walt Disney Company.
  • Trump and his White House both publicly expressed support for the megadeal.
  • The deal sailed through Justice Department scrutiny, making Murdochs family roughly $16 billion.
  • The similar AT& T-Time Warner deal, involving Fox competitor CNN, was held up for years when the Justice Department sued to prevent it, the first time in 40 years that had happened.
  • While the DOJ scrutinized that merger, AT& Ts CEO reportedly received an unsolicited pitch from Murdoch to buy CNN to get the deal done, perhaps to neuter to curry favor with the president.
  • The Federal Communications Commission blocked a deal for the right-wing Sinclair Broadcast Group to buy Tribune Media, which would have created an instant competitor to Fox News, shortly after Kushner met with the FCCs chairman.
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    Fox News Is The Republican Party

    Trumpism will endure because Murdochs Fox News made that choice on behalf of the Republican Party it commands.

    To see what is in front of ones nose, George Orwell wrote, is a constant struggle.

    Orwells wise, timeless counsel is often lost on writers who prefer to bury the plain truth beneath a blizzard of distractions and obfuscations.

    The tendency of Americas punditocracy to miss the glaring point has, once again, been on grating display in the still smouldering residue of the mad January 6 insurrection on Capitol Hill conceived, planned and executed by thousands of Donald Trumps rabid disciples who were, on cue, unleashed en foaming masse by the former president.

    Beyond considering Trumps political future, the punditocracy was seized with debating the existential implications of the deadly mayhem for the Republican Party.

    The quick consensus was that a reckoning was certainly in the offing. The Republican Party confronted an inflection point the media-manufactured cliché du jour that required either finally abandoning Trumpism in the wake of the bloody insurrection or continuing to embrace it.

    The assumption was that the Republican Party, including its congressional leadership, would make that seminal choice. But who constitutes the Republican Party and its leadership and how would they go about deciding which path to take?

    These questions were largely left adrift.

    What a chilling prospect.

    What I Learned About Media Rage After Getting Fired From Fox

    I was fired from my job on Decision Desk after calling the election for Biden in 2020. The funny thing is I should have seen it coming.

    The Fox News Decision Desk was the first to project that Joe Biden would win the former GOP stronghold of Arizona in 2020. | Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

    08/28/2022 02:49 PM EDT

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    Chris Stirewalt is a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. Previously, he was political editor of Fox News Channel.

    My first meeting in Roger Ailes boardroom of doom was on Election Day 2010.

    At the time, I was the networks new political editor. Republicans were poised to deliver a serious walloping to President Barack Obama and roll back the Democrats doughty majorities in both houses of Congress. The GOP was in a position to score major wins in governors mansions and statehouses from coast to coast.

    After four straight days and nights of data obsession and rehearsals, I had to now appear to be a normal human in front of a room full of New Yorkers to whom I assume I appeared to be a sweaty bumpkin.

    In this Sept. 29, 2006 photo, former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes poses at Fox News in New York.|Jim Cooper/AP Photo

    The number, of course, was how many seats I forecast Republicans to win that night. Our best guess is 64 seats, sir. Ailes, mouth set like a bulldog and eyes staring through the back of my head, said, Dick Morris says it could be one hundred. Why is yours so low?

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    Coverage Of The Covid

    Fox News’ coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic has been criticized due to pundits and guests having initially dismissed the severity of the disease’stransmission in the United States , accused critics of exaggerating its impact to attack President Trump, and perpetuating COVID-19 misinformation about how to mitigate or treat the virus.

    Tucker Carlson promoted the COVID-19 lab leak theory and in a February 24 commentary argued that “wokeness” and diversity had eased its spread. At the same time, Carlson did become more critical of the Trump administration’s response on occasion, opining on March 9 that “people you trustâpeople you probably voted forâhave spent weeks minimizing what is clearly a very serious problem.” Media Matters for America criticized Carlson in particular, as well as other Fox News personalities, for using Sinophobic language such as “”, “Wuhan virus”, “kung flu”, or variations thereof to refer to COVID-19 on-air.

    Herschel Walker Us Senate Candidate In Georgia

    How will the Republican Party respond to FBI Mar-a-Lago raid?
    • Walker made at least 38 Fox appearances between June 2020 and his August 2021 announcement that he was running for U.S. Senate in Georgia.
    • Hannity relentlessly promoted Walkers potential candidacy, repeatedly urging him to run for office in their regular interviews and talking him up to other GOP guests.
    • Trump endorsed Walkers run the day after one such promotional Hannity segment.
    • Hannity endorsed Walker during an interview the night Walker declared his candidacy.

    Rep. Jim Jordan . Jordan used the support he garnered from Trump through his numerous sycophantic Fox appearances to climb the ranks from back-bench congressman from Ohio to House Oversight and Reform Committee ranking member, potential candidate for statewide office, and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

    Rep. Kevin McCarthy . McCarthy auditioned to succeed Rep. Paul Ryan as head of the House GOP caucus by praising Trump on the presidents favorite show, Fox & Friends, and has continued to make frequent appearances on the network. By contrast, Ryans relationship with Trump reportedly suffered because Ryan was unaware of what was happening on Fox.

    Former Rep. Mark Meadows . Meadows was another frequent defender of Trump who used appearances on his favorite shows to gain influence, and news outletsnoted when Trump selected the North Carolina congressman as his chief of staff that his TV appearances were crucial to building his relationship with the president.

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    How The Downfall Of Ailes Is Linked To The Rise Of Trump On Fox

    Murdochs news channel began broadcasting in 1996 and Roger Ailes ran it for the next 20 years as the networks creator.

    Promoted as a conservative alternative to CNN, its motto was, fair and balanced. Ailes built Fox into the most successful cable news network in the US.

    Gretchen Carlson was one of Fox Newss biggest stars for 11 years.

    It used to be you had the right opinion and the left opinion. And that was actually entertaining because you could watch it and you could say, oh yeah, I kinda see it that way. And I kinda see it this way. That just doesnt exist anymore.

    But behind the scenes, Ailes was a serial sexual harasser.

    Carlson made secret recordings of her meetings with Ailes which corroborated her sexual harassment allegations.

    During an internal investigation, Ailes called on his old Democrat friend and lawyer Susan Estrich to run his defence.

    I said to him there were two ways to defend a sexual harassment case like this. One is by going out-and-out attack the complainants, the victims. Nuts and sluts, I coined the phrase, you know.

    I said if you want somebody to do that, I am the last person in the world to do it, Estrich told Four Corners.

    If, on the other hand, our goal here is to do this in a dignified way then Ill be good at that.

    Former Fox News Washington-based political editor Chris Stirewalt observed a long, titanic struggle between Ailes and Rupert Murdoch.

    Several Moments When Chyron Topics Differed

    Though it is far from the only possible way to evaluate news coverage, the chyron has become something of a touchstone for media analysts, being both the most obvious visual example of spin or distraction and the most shareable. Any negative coverage of the president usually prompts a flurry of tweets cataloguing the differences among networks in their chyron text. While CNN, MSNBC and the BBC are typically in alignment, Monday morning was a particularly stark example of how Fox News pushes its own version of reality.

    To right-leaning media observers, the coverage by the other networks might seem equally troubling: does the Manafort indictment deserve an hour or more of uninterrupted airtime? On many stories, there could be legitimate differences in news judgment by editors and producers at competing news outlets, in turn leading to varying focuses in coverage.

    But, whatever the reason, such a stark difference in one networks coverage of this case, as well as the well-documented political preferences of its viewers, underscore how far political polarization has seeped into the news business.

    Note: Analysis examined first second of each minute of television coverage using lower-third chyron text. Source: The Internet Archive

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    Other Trump Administration Officials Hired For Their Fox Commentary: 3

    Trump reportedlyhired Meadows, a Republican congressman from North Carolina, as his fourth chief of staff after developing an appreciation of Meadowss appearances on cable television, interviews which cemented his relationship with Mr. Trump.” Those appearances overwhelmingly came on Fox, and particularly on Hannity.

    Anthony Tata, undersecretary of defense for policy. Reporting on retired Gen. Tatas appointment, Politico described him as a Fox News regular who had been featured in Trump tweets for lauding the president on Fox News.

    Douglas Macgregor, senior adviser to the acting defense secretary. On the strength of his frequent appearances on Tucker Carlson Tonight and other Fox shows, Trump considered Macgregor for several senior roles and nominated him as U.S. ambassador to Germany before he was eventually hired for a senior Defense Department position in November 2020.

    Kathy Barnette Candidate For Us Senate In Pennsylvania

    Fox News Host Confronts GOP Senator: Why Are You Against Raising Debt ...
    • As a right-wing political commentator, Barnette built a national profile with numerous appearances on Fox & Friends, which she highlights on her campaign website.
    • Hannity suggested he would support her Senate campaign and later praised her as a star with a bright future before turning on her in support of his favored candidate, Oz.

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    Low Gravity And The Troughs

    : University of Georgia / NASA / JPL

    It has been assumed, says Cheng, that the troughs are fault-bounded valleys with a distinct scarp on each side that together mark the down-drop of a block of rock.

    However, there is a problem with this theory. It is based on the way rocks and debris behave under the force of gravity on Earth Vestas gravitational pull is far less. Indeed, Dawn found Vestas gravity consistent with an iron core having a 140-mile diameter the Earths, by comparison, is about 2,165 miles in diameter.

    Cheng notes that rock can also crack apart and form such troughs, an origin that has not been considered before. Our calculations also show that Vestas gravity is not enough to induce surrounding stresses favorable for sliding to occur at shallow depths. Instead, the physics shows that rocks there are favored to crack apart.

    Cheng summarizes, Taken all together, the overall project provides alternatives to the previously proposed trough origin and geological history of Vesta, results that are also important for understanding similar landforms on other small planetary bodies elsewhere in the solar system.

    So while still consistent with the prevailing theory that the impacts resulted in the troughs, the researchers suggest that they did not cause landslides on Vesta. The impacts cracked it.

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    Trump Used Our Family Like ‘disposable Pawns’ Daughter Of Convicted Jan 6 Rioter Says

    Trumps focus on Fox is in part a reflection of his lifelong fixation on his own press coverage. He is, after all, a man who once used fake names to talk to reporters about himself. But Fox News coverage moves voters in todays GOP. Sen. Ted Cruz cited losing the fight for Fox News affections as a factor in his loss to Trump in the 2016 primary.

    Former Fox News personality Eric Bolling tells Rolling Stone about how closely Trump monitored the network in those days. the run-up to 2016, when I was on The Five, Trump had just announced, Bolling, now an anchor at Newsmax, says. I was a pro-Trump voice on The Five. Dana Perino disliked him a ton and therefore tended to get really heated up at me, even when we were live on-air.

    In one episode in June 2015, the former Fox host recalled, things got especially hot. Trump was watching and called me after the show, Bolling says. He said I should sue Perino for libel, based on her accusations that I had motives other than opining.

    The current power of conservative media isnt lost on Trump either, and the president remains sore over the Drudge Report souring on him during his presidency. He didnt like losing Drudge, says a source whos spoken to Trump recently about the Fox News primary. He wants to keep as many in line as possible, but hes also convinced that the ones that drift away from him can always come back.

    Trump responded to the criticisms on his social media platform, Truth Social.

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