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Patriot Ps5 Solar Fence Charger Reviews

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Parmak Magnum Solar Pak

Electric Fence Charger Kit (Patriot PS5, Tread-In posts and Grounding Kit)

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The Parmak Magnum Solar Pak is our choice for the best all-purpose solar-powered electric fence charger, and selling as an excellent value, it is a great choice for any buyer looking to protect a significantly large piece of land.

The Parmak Magnum covers up to 30 miles and includes a 12-volt battery to ensure maximum shock power all through the night and even on cloudy days, making it a great choice for buyers with limited seasonal light availability. It can also keep a single charge for up to two weeks.

This solar fence charger also includes low impedance technology which means that it can provide an ample amount of shock even in the presence of foreign objects such as vegetation or round wood posts. The Parmak Magnum Solar Pak can deliver shock through any of these foreign objects.

This Solar Pak also contains up to 3.1 joules of shock power which means it is ideal for large animals such as horses or cattle.

The manufacturer proves the overall quality of their solar fence charger by offering customers a 3-year warranty as well as a 2-year warranty for lightning. So, you can be fully assured of the quality of this product.

The only downside to this unit is that several customers left negative reviews about this solar fence chargers ability to withstand extreme cold weather conditions. So this charger may not be the best choice for those who are exposed to extreme cold or winter conditions.

Mack And Mercie Patriot Pe2 Electric Fence Energizer

This model is a great and still cheap electric fence charger that features a 110-volt AC plug and that you will be able to rely on even in tough conditions. The first thing you should be aware of is that this is a 0.10-Joule unit specially designed to power fences even if they are heavily loaded with undergrowth or foliage, for example.

Furthermore, the unit is easy to install and includes an LED indicator that allows the user to know when the energizer is working. Given that this is a 17 gauge aluminum wire, you shouldnt have too much trouble using it for your fence, and it does a very good job either containing pets within or keeping animals away from your property.

The set includes an electric fence charger, as well as an 1,250 ft. spool of 17 gauge aluminum wire, and a guide, so these are not things you will need to look for someplace else.


You can be sure that this energizer is an effective one, given that it can ensure an output voltage that goes up to 5 kV and 2.8 kV at 500-ohm.

The Fi-Shock aluminum wire it comes with wont rust, so this is not something you will need to be concerned about.

Another great use for this unit is keeping dogs from digging out of their pen, so it can definitely help in this matter.

Thanks to its power output, the energizer does a very good job of keeping animals away but it doesnt hurt them.


The unit doesnt come with a ground rod, so this will need to be purchased separately and you can probably find one at a local store.

Best Solar Fence Chargers Of 2021 Reviews

Electric fences are generally superior to their non-electric counterparts in the sense of offering added security to the interior contents of the households. They nonetheless come with one serious shortcoming. For them to operate, they have to be constantly supplied with power.

You have some solutions for the solar fence chargers. These are chargers that derive their power from solar energy. They are hence well able to stem off the inconveniences of relying excessively on the national grid to keep the fences active. We review ten of the leading chargers of these kinds now.

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What Is The Best Solar Fence Charger

There are many brands that sell awesome solar-based fence chargers.

To name a few, Zareba, Parmak, Fi-Shock, and Gallagher are some of the leading brands. We have listed a number of the best solar electric fence chargers on our list. You can certainly find a matching model that meets your needs and budget from our compilation.

Brand New: Lowest Price The Lowest

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  • 5 out of 5 starsby randysitzMay 21, 2019

    So far so good!

    Deer were coming through our garden every night. I had tried everything I knew and it was all temporary. They learned radios and fishing line wouldn’t hurt them. Since I put up the electric fence, I haven’t seen any new tracks in the garden. They have been doing damage, especially to the late garden for the last few years. Thanks.

    Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New

  • 5 out of 5 starsby hdo6990_vxxiud6Nov 13, 2019

    good product

    has alot of pop too it

    Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New

  • 5 out of 5 starsby gustavo1604Apr 07, 2020

    Easy to install.

    Exellent,super easy to install. Ready for work right out of the box.

    Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New

  • 5 out of 5 starsby traderxenFeb 03, 2019

    On the mark and on time.

    This will keep the deer from my bird feeders. Works great.On the mark and on time.

    Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New

  • 5 out of 5 starsby petfind1Apr 11, 2016

    very good solor Fence

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Clean The Solar Panel

Of course, you need to occasionally clean the solar panel to remove the build-up of any wastage. It is to make sure there is no debris on the panel to block its exposure to the sun.

Apart from cleaning, a solar energizer needs virtually no maintenance at all. You need to only clear the external factors like weed growth over the fence to avoid voltage loss.

Gallagher S40 Solar Electric Fence Charger

  • Powers up to 25 miles / 80 acres of a fence
  • Low impedance
  • Built-in solar panel and 6V battery
  • 360-degree mounting capability

Just if you are planning to camp out or go to a faraway place to retreat there, we ask you to contemplate picking and making good use of this particular item. Not only is it portable, but also does it easily folds to allow you to transport it smoothly and conveniently.

Further to that, its sheer large size covers an area that is roughly 30-80 acres of land for you. This blends with the tough and robust construction to make for smooth and unimpeded operations at all times of use for you. Need we add that it is faster and easier to set up for eventual use?

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Budget: Patriot Ps5 2

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The Patriot PS5 is an excellent electric fence charger that can protect up to 2 miles of land. With low impedance technology, you will be assured that this unit will provide a consistent level of shock across several commonly-found barriers such as foliage.

The PS5 features a 4-volt battery and a 2-watt solar panel that is suitable for all-year use in various levels of weather conditions from cold to warm climates. It also comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

This solar fence charger provides a shock of up to 0.05 joules which is important to consider when looking to purchase this product. While it has been proven to protect larger animals such as horses and cattle, it is not strong enough to keep your most strong and independent animal safe. Larger animals may not be as affected by this shock as some of our other stronger units.

Patriot Ps5 Solar Electric Fence Energizer Charger

How to install the SolarGuard155 Electric Fence Energizer | Patriot

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Patriot PS5 charger/energizer. that the solar panel is able to charge the battery. For information about building an electric fence, refer to the Patriot website

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Is It Possible To Make An Electric Fence Charger At Home

Manufacturing an electric fence charger is not a childs play as a higher amount of voltage and electricity is involved. You cannot manufacture a fence charger inside your home because it requires high-end types of machinery and rigorous testing which is only possible in the industries and factories.

We advise you to drop the thoughts of manufacturing one at your home and buy a top-notch fence charger from the market.

Best Solar Electric Fence Chargers

The technology behind a solar fence energizer is very simple. Well, it typically features a solar panel and a battery. The solar panel powers up the included battery to electrify the fence when some animals come across, thus forcing them to go away.

In other words, the stored power gets transferred to the connected fence as there is some contact due to the hitting of an animal. Each solar fencer comes with a certain distance range, output power, and other specifications. Here, we would like to bring to some of the coolest options and so you will get a chance to find the best easily.

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Heres How Weve Determined The Best Solar Fence Chargers

To determine the best solar fence chargers, we measured the specs of the top products on the market against our listed criteria to see how they held up and if theyre worth buying. We then checked reviews from verified customers to gain feedback on the dependability and overall quality of each product.

And without further ado, here is our list tailored to your specific needs of the best solar fence chargers.

Premier Solar Intellishock 60 Fence Energizer

Patriot PS5 Solar Energizer
  • Easily accessible fence and ground terminals
  • Fence and ground wiring harness included

Some fencing charging tasks require you to move around and change your locations every now and then. For them, we ask that you tap into a similarly portable unit of this kind. Its portability stems from the fact that it possesses the bare minimum sets of features you may need for the job.

Also, it comes ready for use and engagement as it does not demand any prior assembly right before use. Crowning it all up is the fact that the item is capable of powering the netting or the electric fences simultaneously. That, of course, gives you some added peace of mind as you move along!

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Where To Place Your Solar Energizer

We recommend placing your solar energizer in the middle of your fence or area with unrestricted access to sunlight. When selecting a suitable location for your solar energizer it is very important to consider the frequency of inspection, ease of access for maintenance, environment and animal damages, security from human intervention, and the proximity of the solar energizer to an appropriate ground system.

NOTE: Face your Solar Panel towards the noontime sun – due south in the northern hemisphere.

Gallagher Solar Fence Charger S17

As its name suggests, it is another variant of the above Gallagher solar fence charger. The 17-joule device is a nice choice for an area of 2 acres and it offers a single wire distance of 2.5 miles.

Like all similar products, it has got an integrated solar panel and battery. It can also store power to run the device for multiple days even if there would be no sunlight. Use the link below to buy a unit of the fencer.

You can install the fencer anywhere quickly. It comes with a built-in mounting bracket, which supports all types of posts. You can also fix it on a wall or even a flat surface. The handy and portable fencer charger is surely yet another fine solar-powered energizer of its kind out there.

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Gallagher 110 Volt Electric Fence Charger

Keeping the tiny squirrels away and scaring off the raccoons is fine, but if you are looking to keep those bulls and other animals away from trespassing on your land, then you need something which can zap them with a 110 Volt shock.

The excellent product for this task is none other than Gallagher G380504 M300 Fencer. The design of this charger may look basic, but it is exceptionally resistant to all kinds of weather conditions except water. Also, it can withstand all types of dings and dongs if the product falls on the ground.

Gallagher G380504 powers a fence up to 300 miles and produces 3.0 joules to help you in keeping the interrupters and other damage-causing animals away.

The LED lights mounted on the charges are visible and give a perfect idea of the current state of Gallagher G380504. There is a huge green light indicator placed on the left top corner which assures that the charger is working fine.

You need to plug in an AC supply of 110 Volts to power the charger. Gallagher offers a warranty timeframe of 2-year with this particular product.

  • Gallagher G380504 is not resistant to strong water splashes

Bottom Line

Gallagher G380504 works fine with bigger animals due to the 110 V zap it produces. Also, it is good to use in areas where the temperature reaches the freezing point.

Unboxing And Initial Charging

Patriot solar guard SG50 electric fence charger

Before installation, you need to boost its battery by recharging from the sun. That is to ensure optimal battery life for the device. For that, you can place the device somewhere in a way the solar panel would face the sun throughout the day.

Wait for around three days to fully recharge the battery. Typically, a fully charged solar fence charger can operate the device for around two weeks without the sun.

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What About The Cheapies Our Best Budget Products

There are several affordable solar fence charger options on the market today. While these options will not come with as much of the high-end technology that our other options do, they will certainly get the job done.

Here we have included three budget-friendly, solar charger options for you to review, one for each range capacities varying from small to medium to large.

Patriot Ps5 Solar Fence Charger Reviews Patriot Solar Charger Review Patriot Solar Phone Charger Reviews Patriot Solar Charger Reviews

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Gallagher S10 Solar Electric Fence Charger

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Rechargeable 6V battery
  • Built-in lightning protection
  • Carry handle for convenient portability

Of all the leading chargers we have in mind here, this happens to power the longest length of space or fence. It does have the ability to power a whopping 3 miles of fence conveniently. You may want to look at it if you have a similarly large space to impact at the same time.

On top of merely impacting a larger fence, the item also comes about in a mini-compact stature. This makes for easier handling and seamless transportation to the desired location of use. With its unique battery-saving technology, it wonât really waste your batteries or inflict higher levels of utility.

Cyclops Boss 32 Joule Ac Fence Charger

Patriot PS5 Solar Fence Energizer

Cyclops Boss comes in multiple power variants that are meant to satisfy the requirements of different people with different landmasses. The manufacturer claims that all the Cyclops Boss fence chargers are much more resistant to lightning damages as compared to any other fence charges.

Cyclops Boss 32 Joule is one of the robust fence chargers of this list and can power up a fence up to 1,000 acres. The product works on low impedance with 110 V of AC supply and 32 joules.

The low impedance of this charger helps to regulate the voltage even in the areas with lush and dense vegetation.

The design of this fence charges is quite basic, but it is incredibly sturdy. No part is prone to damage. In fact, you are buying something that has extreme surge suppression and is capable of resisting even the strongest of lightening impacts.

  • The price is on the higher side

Bottom Line

If your area is prone to lightning impacts, then this fence charger is something you need. It comes with the reliability of American built and is perfect to cope with longhaired animals.

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