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Is Trump Against Gay Marriage

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Donald Trumps Newfound Love For Lgbt Voters

Here’s Exactly Why A Vote For Trump Is A Vote Against LGBTQ Rights

These cases have gone to the Supreme Court. Theyve been settled. And Im Im fine with that, he added.

When asked if he will appoint a Supreme Court justice who wants to overturn Roe v. Wade, Trump said his judges will be pro-life and suggested that the decision could be overturned.

If it ever were overturned, it would go back to the states, Trump said.

He added that women seeking abortions would have to go go to another state for the procedure.

The Republican Partys platform, ratified by the party in July, opposes same-sex marriage, condemns the Supreme Courts rulings in Obergefell v. Hodges and United States v. Windsor and supports proposed religious freedom legislation that critics say would allow businesses to deny services to LGBT people.

His comments about same-sex marriage break with the longtime position of Vice Presidentelect Mike Pence, who signed a religious freedom bill into law in 2015 but walked back some of its language after facing backlash from across the country.

Trump, who has spent his life in liberal New York City, referred to LGBT Republicans at the Republican National Convention and said during his campaign that transgender people should use whatever bathroom they feel comfortable using.

During the Republican presidential primaries, he said the gay marriage issue should have been left to the states and that he would consider appointing judges to overrule the Supreme Courts marriage decisions.

Judge Disqualifies Fulton County Da From Investigating Fake Trump Elector

A Fulton County judge on Monday ruled to disqualify Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and her office from questioning Georgia state Sen. Burt Jones , one of Trumps sham electors and who is also the GOP nominee for lieutenant governor, in her investigation into Trumps election interference.

  • What this means: A whole new team of prosecutors chosen by the Prosecuting Attorneys Council of Georgia will decide whether to subpoena or bring charges against Jones.
  • The judge agreed with Jones argument that Willis was politically biased because she had hosted a fundraiser for Jones Democratic rival last month.
  • 11 other fake Trump electors similarly tried to get Willis disqualified in their cases,but the judge rejected their bids. Like Jones, those electors are now being criminally investigated for their roles in the sham elector scheme.

Lgbtq Equality Vs Religious Freedom

But if anti-gay laws are unlikely to make a comeback, where should gay rights activists focus their attention? The answer to that lies, at least in part, in the still fluid, and at times blurry, line between religious freedom and LGBTQ civil rights, according to Gould and Smith. They said they believe the main threat to LGBTQ rights under a more conservative court lies in religious exemptions, which Gould said could blow a hole in constitutional jurisprudence.

That’s where her nomination is going to be a tipping point potentially, because there’s nothing about her that suggests that she will do anything other than advance that argument, Gould said of Barrett.

As Lambda Legal noted in its September statement, Barrett has been a paid speaker at legal conferences hosted by the Alliance Defending Freedom. The conservative legal group, which has a long track record of opposing gay and transgender rights, has been deemed an anti-LGBTQ hate group by the Southern Policy Law Center, though the organization contests that characterization. Among its past cases is 2018s Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, where the Supreme Court narrowly ruled in favor of Jack Phillips, an ADF client and a Christian baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

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Cole Says He Voted Against Gay Marriage Bill Because It Was ‘rushed’

Cole, R-Moore, voted Wednesday against the Respect For Marriage Act, which would provide federal protection for same-sex and interracial couples and ensure marriage equality throughout the country regardless of state law. The bill now heads to the Senate for a vote.

Cole was one of 157 Republican U.S. representatives including three others from Oklahoma who voted against the legislation. Rep. Frank Lucas, R-Cheyenne, was absent during the vote.

In a statement from Cole’s office to The Transcript Wednesday, the congressman said he regrets “the manner by which this legislation was unnecessarily rushed to the floor without any thoughtful consideration and deliberation in the committee of jurisdiction.” The bill was introduced in the House two days before it was voted on the floor, records show.

“I could not support it,” Cole’s statement reads.

Cole’s statement following the vote does not explicitly oppose gay marriage. But Allyson Shortle, a University of Oklahoma professor with a focus in political behavior, says it’s not uncommon for politicians to give this reasoning against laws and policies they disagree with.

“It’s just sort of the frustration of not getting your way, if that makes sense. A law that’s established that you disagree with, I think you’re always going to say, ‘Yeah, that wasn’t thought through very well,’ and whether or not that’s true, that’s usually with some bias,” Shortle said.

Nbc Outnearly 1 Million Us Households Composed Of Same

Republicans compare Trump to slave

Jon Gould, a professor at Arizona State Universitys School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, agrees. He noted that polling data shows public support for same-sex marriage has continued to rise, and that the Supreme Courts decisions on social issues tend to hew closely to public opinion.

As much as we say, They don’t consider politics, of course the justices consider where the public is on particular issues, Gould said. The polling has just moved so fast and this issue, there is no way they’re going back from that.

According to Gallup’s annual Values and Beliefs poll, conducted in May, 67 percent of Americans said same-sex marriage should be recognized by law as valid, matching an all-time high. When Gallup first polled Americans on the topic of gay marriage, in 1996, only 27 percent said they were in favor of it.

Gould also noted there was an increase in support for workplace protections for LGBTQ people, which the court recently ruled in favor of in Junes Bostock decision, determining that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects against workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Many were surprised when Gorsuch, a Trump appointee, voted in favor of those protections, and in fact wrote the decision.

Barrett, Gould said, is a social conservative as well as a legal conservative, adding that he thinks Republicans will get exactly what they bargained on with this nominee.

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Working For Lgbt Americans

In 2019, Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar announced that pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences Inc., would donate pre-exposure prophylaxis medication for uninsured, high-risk HIV individuals.

As part of the president’s Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America initiative, this medication, which could run up to as much as $20,000 per patient, per year, would be distributed to up to 200,000 individuals each year through at least Dec. 31, 2025.

The Trump plan is focused on communities most in need and has received support from those who have been involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

In similar fashion, Trump announced during Pride Month in 2019 that his administration was launching a global campaign to end the criminalization of homosexuality. His leadership on this issue couldnt be more necessary even in 2020, 72 countries still identify same-sexual orientation as criminal, including eight where it is punishable by death.

This campaign was spearheaded by former U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, an openly gay member of the administration who subsequently served as acting director of U.S. national intelligence, becoming the first openly gay Cabinet member in our history. In coordination with the United Nations, the European Union and other human rights organizations, the campaigns goal is to pressure nations into ending homophobic laws, securing the safety and freedom of all LGBT individuals throughout the world.

Immigration Rights Are A Life

LGBTQ issues like health care and the military ban frequently take center stage when discussing the administrations record, but perhaps nothing is as life and death for queer and trans people as immigration and asylum policies.

In late 2018, 31-year-old trans woman Camila Díaz Córdova fled her native El Salvador, fearing for her life. She reportedly made her way to the US with a migrant caravan and attempted to apply for asylum, only to be denied and deported back to her home country. In late January 2019, she was murdered by three police officers.

Its a problem that will likely only worsen in a Trump second term. The rules of asylum are completely changing, Bamby Salcedo, founder of the Trans Latina Coalition, told Vox. Through that process, a lot of people are being excluded. This is something that will definitely impact trans women.

Over the last three and a half years, the Trump administration has made it increasingly difficult for those fleeing gender-based violence to obtain asylum in the United States. In November 2018, Trump tightened immigration rules which restricted asylum to anyone who first passed through Mexico to arrive at the US southern border. And this June, the Department of Homeland Security proposed a new rule that would allow immigration officials to dismiss asylum seekers applications as frivolous without a hearing.

New goal: 25,000

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The Courts Are Key To Queer And Trans Rights

If elected president, former Vice President Joe Biden has promised to immediately reverse the military ban and reissue an Obama-era guideline allowing trans students to use the correct bathroom. This would effectively end litigation in the military ban cases and change the complexion of the bathroom cases.

However, a second Trump term would mean more anti-LGBTQ federal judges appointed, a Supreme Court justice , and an escalation in the legal arguments against trans rights, legal advocates say.

The bulk of Trumps anti-LGBTQ actions have come through administrative rules, most of which have been challenged in federal court. Because of this, Trumps control over federal policy has been solidified by appointing conservative judges. As of July, 194 of the 792 active federal judges were appointed by Trump thats a quarter of the federal judiciary according to Pew Research data. Many of them were either previously anti-LGBTQ activists or who openly express anti-LGBTQ sentiments.

Several have already had an impact on pending legal battles. Earlier this year, Fifth Circuit Judge Kyle Duncan infamously ruled that it is necessary for a court to misgender a trans plaintiff whose case he was overseeing, a decision not in line with precedents in other federal courts.

After Three Years Of Attacking Lgbtq Rights Trump Suddenly Tries Outreach

Can Trump outlaw gay marriage? BBC News

L.G.B.T.Q. advocates say the president has tried to divide their coalition by targeting transgender people in policy rollbacks.

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The month of June was filled with big moments for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

In that monthlong stretch, the Supreme Court rendered a sweeping decision providing workplace protections for gay and transgender people. It came shortly before the fifth anniversary of the high courts landmark ruling on marriage equality. L.G.B.T.Q. people and others commemorated the murder of 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Florida in June 2016. Thousands marched in Brooklyn, N.Y., in support of Black transgender lives.

President Trump was almost entirely silent through it all.

There was no tweet in honor of Pride Month, despite suggestions from several aides to Mr. Trump that he write one. No rollout of a coalition aimed at L.G.B.T.Q. voters by his campaign, despite preparations that had been made for one. Embassies overseas were told they couldnt fly the Pride flag.

There was, however, a rollback by the Trump administration of a regulation put in place by the Obama administration in 2016 to mandate health care as a civil right for transgender patients under the Affordable Care Act.

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Women In The Military

In 2013, Trump questioned the wisdom of allowing women to serve, linking gender-integrated forces with higher rates of sexual assault “26,000 unreported sexual assaults in the military-only 238 convictions. What did these geniuses expect when they put men & women together?” In 2014, Trump said it was “bedlam” to bring women into the army. In August 2015, Trump said he would support women in combat roles “because they’re really into it and some of them are really, really good”.

Donald Trump And Mike Pence

See also: Federal policy on LGBTQ rights, 2017-2020

Donald Trump, who won the general election on November 8, 2016, has a complicated track record on LGTBQ issues. He was initially critical of North Carolina’s law on transgender bathroom access, saying in April 2016, “North Carolina did something that was very strong and theyre paying a big price. Theres a lot of problems. You leave it the way it is. There have been very few complaints the way it is. People go, they use the bathroom they feel is appropriate, there has been so little trouble.” The next month, however, after the Obama administration issued guidance directing public schools to allow transgender students to use restrooms matching their gender identity, Trump said, “I believe it should be states rights and the state should make the decision. Theyre more capable of making the decision.” On the topic of same-sex marriage, Trump stated in June 2015 that he was “for traditional marriage” but in 2013 stated, “I think Im evolving, and I think Im a very fair person, but I have been for traditional marriage.”

Pence was critical of the Obama administration’s directive on transgender bathroom access and supported Dont Ask, Dont Tell, the policy that prohibited soldiers from openly identifying as gay until it was ended in 2011. Pence told CNN in 2010 that without the policy, the military could become a backdrop for social experimentation.

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Less Access To Housing

The Trump administration has made it more difficult for LGBTQ+ to find and remain in stable housing. Under Trump and Ben Carson, the Department of Housing and Urban Development proposed new rules that would allow homeless shelters to turn away transgender people. Civil liberty groups pointed out that the rule change, which is currently being contested, would result in transgender women potentially being forced into shelters alongside cis men, placing them at further risk of violence and assault.

In addition, the Department of Housing and Urban development cancelled a survey that was planned under the Obama administration to evaluate the efficacy of programs to reduce LGBTQ+ homelessness.

Queer people, particularly youth, are at particular risk when it comes to homelessness, with one in five homeless youth identifying as LGBT, according to the Williams Institute.

How Safe Is Gay Marriage Advocates Fear Increasingly Conservative Court

Donald Trump Fine With Same

President Donald Trumps nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court to succeed Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg last month ignited fears of an increasingly conservative court rolling back recently gained LGBTQ rights.

Fuel was then added to the fire on Monday when two of the courts conservative justices, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, mounted a fresh attack on the landmark 2015 decision Obergefell v. Hodges, which made same-sex marriage legal across the United States.

By choosing to privilege a novel constitutional right over the religious liberty interests explicitly protected in the First Amendment, and by doing so undemocratically, the Court has created a problem that only it can fix, Thomas, joined by Alito, wrote. Until then, Obergefell will continue to have ruinous consequences for religious liberty.

“The Court could significantly water down what marriage means for LGBTQ couples across the nation to what the late, great Justice Ginsburg, called ‘skim milk marriage.'”

Human Rights Campaign President Alphonso David

While the Court ruled unanimously against hearing her appeal on technical grounds, Thomas and Alito used the opportunity to issue a blistering critique of Obergefell, stating that Davis may have been one of the first victims of this Courts cavalier treatment of religion in its Obergefell decision, but she will not be the last.

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On Being Transgender In America

Tori Cooper, the groups director of community engagement for the transgender justice initiative, said that the administration in is especially focused on people who have the least protection in society, transgender people of color.

It shows the cowardice thats the word I like to use of the current president, Ms. Cooper said.

The targeting of transgender people has extended across the federal government: a ban on transgender service in the military, an effort at the Education Department to block transgender students from choosing which bathroom to use, the rollback of health care protections by the Department of Health and Human Services, the Justice Departments move to end protections for transgender people in federal prisons.

Last month, the Department of Housing and Urban Development proposed allowing homeless shelters to deny transgender people access to single-sex shelters, and this month, the Education Departments office of civil rights publicly moved to block transgender girls from joining female track teams in Connecticut high schools.

And the night before Mr. Grenells scheduled speech, a convention speaker praised Mr. Trump for his administrations revocation of some protections for transgender students.

Don’t Feed Their ‘anti

If putting the GOP in line with its own voters is not convincing, then consider that blocking legal protections for same-sex marriages, given its increasingly mainstream acceptance, gives Democrats more fuel for their narrative that Republicans are “anti-gay,” out-of-touch extremists.

Conservatives are winning the culture wars on issues like Title IX and gender ideology in classrooms issues on which LGBT conservatives and the Republican Party are fully united. We cannot afford the distraction of relitigating the marriage equality debate. Many Republicans openly admit the debate over marriage equality is settled. A vote for the Respect for Marriage Act puts the issue firmly to bed once and for all and moves the Republican Party forward to the critical fights we are facing today.

Our organization, Log Cabin Republicans, has worked tirelessly to build a more inclusive GOP that signals to LGBT conservatives they are welcome within the partys big tent. Trump won more than a quarter of LGBT voters in 2020 we believe we can preserve and build on that progress.

Votes on bills like the Respect for Marriage Act matter not only to LGBT voters but also to their friends and families and to young voters who are looking for a credible alternative to the Democrats.

‘Abnormal’?: Gays have a place in Trump’s Republican Party regardless of what Texas GOP platform says

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