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Is Trump Against Gay Marriage

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Nbc Outtrump Supporters In Battleground States Largely Favor Lgbtq Rights Poll Finds

Here’s Exactly Why A Vote For Trump Is A Vote Against LGBTQ Rights

Asked about Trump’s attitude toward the LGBTQ community, Kabel offered a series of well-rehearsed talking points: Trump is “the most gay-friendly president,” same-sex marriage is settled law, Trump-nominated Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote the pro-LGBTQ decision in Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia, and the administration is doing great work on HIV/AIDS.

As an example of how “the press doesn’t give him a break,” Kabel cited the administration’s partnership with Gilead Sciences Inc. and pharmacies, including CVS and Walgreens, to provide and distribute HIV-prevention medication to targeted communities.

“He never got credit for it,” Kabel said. “The LGBT organizations thank Walgreens and CVS and, of course, intentionally forgot to mention Trump actually made this happen.”

In June, Trump declared that the same scientific know-how that produced an AIDS vaccine would deliver one soon for Covid-19, even though there is no AIDS vaccine.

Kabel said he wishes the Republican National Committee would have met this year to update the party’s official platform, which still states at least five times that marriage should exclusively be a union of “one man and one woman.” But he said he’s not worried about a backslide on LGBTQ rights.

“The social conservatives understand that we’ve won on marriage,” he said. “They’ve lost, we’ve won, and I think they really play it down now.”

Trump Quotes About Lgbt Families That Explain How Confused He Is About Gay People

Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision affirming the rights of LGBT Americans to have a legally-recognized marriage. In the heat of the raging political battle for the White House, GOP presumptive candidate Donald Trump has had plenty to say about the ruling and how the country would approach the issue of gay marriage if he is elected in the fall. Here are 10 Trump quotes about LGBT families that explain his position against legal marriage, but for gay people, their rights, and civil unions. And no, I don’t think he cares that so many of his comments are conflicting.

When it comes to the issue of rights for LGBT people, Trump has been historically pretty open. He employs gay people, attends gay weddings, and said Kentucky clerk Kim Davis was wrong for refusing to certify marriages following the SCOTUS decision a year ago. But Trump has also come out recently in strong defense of what he calls “traditional marriage” and said the Supreme Court overstepped its power and instead should have allowed each individual state to determine the legality of same-sex marriage.

Here are a few of Trump’s most notable statements on the topic. Read them and decide for yourself.

Trump Waved An Lgbtq Pride Flag At A Campaign Rally

During an October rally in Greeley, Colorado, Trump took to the stage waving a rainbow flag with the words LGBTs for Trump scrawled on the fabric.

A supporter presented the 71-year-old with the flag before he interacted with the crowd at the Bank of Colorado Arena on the University of Northern Colorado campus.

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Opposing Job Protections For Queer People

The Trump administration has poured considerable resources into blocking basic job protections for queer people, insisting that employers should be free to fire workers for even suspecting that they might be LGBTQ+. Under Trump, the administration filed briefs in the landmark Bostock case before the Supreme Court, arguing that existing civil rights laws should not be interpreted to cover sexual orientation and gender identity. This put them in opposition to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, creating an unusual situation in which the federal government had to argue against itself in court.

The Trump administration also pushed a policy change that would allow federal contractors to discriminate against LGBTQ+ employees. The Department of Labor proposal would have ended a nondiscrimination policy dating back to 1965, and would have granted contractors wide latitude to claim religious freedom as justification for mistreating employees, essentially ending nondiscrimination protections for queer workers since theyre not explicitly protected by nondiscrimination laws.

Following that ruling, Trump tweeted that the Supreme Court doesnt like me.

Trump Administration Launches Global Effort To End Criminalization Of Homosexuality

Republicans may ditch official anti

BERLIN The Trump administration is launching a global campaign to end the criminalization of homosexuality in dozens of nations where it’s still illegal to be gay, U.S. officials tell NBC News, a bid aimed in part at denouncing Iran over its human rights record.

U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, the highest-profile openly gay person in the Trump administration, is leading the effort, which kicks off Tuesday evening in Berlin. The U.S. embassy is flying in LGBT activists from across Europe for a strategy dinner to plan to push for decriminalization in places that still outlaw homosexuality mostly concentrated in the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean.

It is concerning that, in the 21st century, some 70 countries continue to have laws that criminalize LGBTI status or conduct, said a U.S. official involved in organizing the event.

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Before And During Presidential Candidacy

Before launching a campaign, and while considering a run for the Presidency in the GOP primary, Donald Trump was invited in 2011 by GOProud, a PAC for LGBT conservatives, to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference and he accepted the invitation, making this his first time speaking at CPAC. During his presidential campaign, Trump largely avoided and did not emphasize issues related to the LGBT community and their rights, and, when asked, he often gave ambiguous answers. As a result of this communications strategy, he was often viewed as having a relatively tolerant view of LGBT people compared to other Republican candidates.Rea Carey, the executive director of the National LGBTQ Task Force, described his public statements on LGBT issues during the campaign as “confusing and conflicting”.

Orlando nightclub shooting

On June 13, 2016, Trump gave a speech framed around the threat of “radical Islamic terrorists,” referring to a recent mass shooting at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando. He asked rhetorically who LGBT people could count on as a “friend”: “Donald Trump with actions or Hillary Clinton with her words?” Terrorists, he said, “murder gays. I donât want them in our country.” He said that Democratic policies like those of his rival, Clinton, would “bring people in in vast numbers who reject our values.” His speech did not propose any domestic policy that would directly help LGBT people.

Pride flag photo op

Public comments on LGBT discrimination

Trump’s Record Of Hate

Since Trump was sworn into office, our nations federal courts have halted his draconian and illegal executive actions from being implemented, while millions of people across the country have become more politically engaged, standing up against hate and bigotry.

But Trump is a bully and so is his administration. He will do everything in his power to tear back the progress made under former President Obama, including rolling back and undermining laws that help the LGBTQ+ community and other minority groups.

HRC will continue to stand up against Trump. We will join other civil rights organizations and remain vigilant in holding Trump and his administration accountable at every turn.


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Trump’s Latest Gay Marriage Comments Mean Little If He’s Serious About His Scotus Picks

Politics Social Media Editor, HuffPost

LGBTQ Americans need not worry about losing the right to same-sex marriage, President-elect Donald Trump said during an interview with CBS 60 Minutes that aired Sunday.

CBS Lesley Stahl told Trump that people in the LGBTQ community are among those expressing fear in the wake of his election. Trump responded that hed mentioned the LGBTQ community during his Republican National Convention remarks, and that everybody said that was so great.

In Trumps RNC speech, delivered after the mass shooting at a nightclub in Orlando, he said he would do everything in my power to protect our LGBT citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology.

And on Sunday, Trump said the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality will remain the law of the land, despite concerns expressed by the LGBTQ community that that decision may be reversed during his presidency.

Its irrelevant because it was already settled, he said. These cases have gone to the Supreme Court, its settled and Im fine with it.

The comments contradict the message Trump and the Republican Party championed during his presidential candidacy. Trump has said he opposes same-sex marriage and would strongly consider appointing Supreme Court justices who would overturn the landmark decision legalizing it. Indeed, many of the people on Trumps list of potential Supreme Court picks are hostile to gay rights.

Well, well see what happens, he said.

After Three Years Of Attacking Lgbtq Rights Trump Suddenly Tries Outreach

Can Trump outlaw gay marriage? BBC News

L.G.B.T.Q. advocates say the president has tried to divide their coalition by targeting transgender people in policy rollbacks.

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In that monthlong stretch, the Supreme Court rendered a sweeping decision providing workplace protections for gay and transgender people. It came shortly before the fifth anniversary of the high courts landmark ruling on marriage equality. L.G.B.T.Q. people and others commemorated the murder of 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Florida in June 2016. Thousands marched in Brooklyn, N.Y., in support of Black transgender lives.

President Trump was almost entirely silent through it all.

There was no tweet in honor of Pride Month, despite suggestions from several aides to Mr. Trump that he write one. No rollout of a coalition aimed at L.G.B.T.Q. voters by his campaign, despite preparations that had been made for one. Embassies overseas were told they couldnt fly the Pride flag.

There was, however, a rollback by the Trump administration of a regulation put in place by the Obama administration in 2016 to mandate health care as a civil right for transgender patients under the Affordable Care Act.

Last weekend, the campaign announced the L.G.B.T.Q. coalition that had been expected in June, blaming the delay on the coronavirus.

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First Amendment And Defamation Law

Trump has called for police to arrest those who protest at his rallies, saying that fear of an “arrest mark” that would “ruin the rest of their lives” would be a deterrent and that then “we’re not going to have any more protesters, folks.”Geoffrey R. Stone, a professor at the University of Chicago Law School, notes that opponents and disruptive individuals may be removed from Trump rallies consistent with the First Amendment, but opponents have a First Amendment right to protest Trump outside the venue. Stone writes that it is unclear whether it would be consistent with the First Amendment for Trump to “order the removal of those who oppose his candidacy from his political rallies if he does not announce in advance that they are open only to his supporters”, noting that the answer to this question depends not on the First Amendment, but on the nature of open invitations in the law of trespass.

Trump has said that if elected, he would loosen defamation laws so that when journalists write “purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money.” The Associated Press reported that this proposal to weaken the First Amendment protections for the press is at odds with “widely held conceptions of constitutional law”. The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press and other First Amendment advocates condemned Trump’s proposal, which would make it easier to win lawsuits accusing newspapers of libel.

Undermining Lgbtq+ Military Service

One of Trumps most high-profile announcements in the first year of his administration was his plan to block transgender people from serving openly in the military. Announced in 2017, the policy went into effect in 2019, but it has faced legal and legislative challenges. Democrats proposed a 2021 defense appropriations bill that would end Trumps ban, and various legal challenges remain before the courts.

  • James Factora

In the years since Trumps 2017 attack on trans military service, conservative politicians have ramped up transphobic rhetoric, creating gender change controversies to use as a wedge issue in this years election. Republican strategists have described how they exploit the trans community to drive conservative voters to the polls, following the template made popular by Trump.

The Trump administration also implemented a deploy or get out policy that sought to discharge service members who are ineligible to deploy. That would include people living with HIV, who are considered non-deployable and would lose their jobs under the policy. Normally, its illegal to fire people due to their medical status. but the military is exempt from that policy because its not a private employer. The policy is currently being challenged by a lawsuit.

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What To Watch For

How Jenners views crystalize now that shes running for governor. No policy platform is listed on Jenners campaign website, though her statement released Friday criticizes Californias high taxes and over-restrictive lockdown. Jenner recently declared support for the movement to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom, writing on Twitter she was “very proud of the work that Rescue California has done! Californians are fed up with the lack of leadership in Sacramento and its time to #RecallGavin.” Former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale is reportedly involved in the effort to assemble Jenners team, but will not be an official member of the campaign. “For the past decade, we have seen the glimmer of the Golden State reduced by one-party rule that places politics over progress and special interests over people,” Jenners statement said.

Does Trump Support Gay Marriage

Republicans compare Trump to slave

Before he was elected president, Trump told CNN’s Jake Tapper in 2015 that he is “just for traditional marriage.”

But after being elected president in November 2016, he said in an interview that he considers the nationwide legality of same-sex marriage “settled.”

Trump also said he was “fine” with the Supreme Court’s decision to legally recognize gay marriage.

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Presidential Candidates On Lgbtq Issues

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For information about LGBTQ policy under the Trump administration, .

The overview of the issue below was current as of the 2016 election.A great deal can change in four years. In February 2012, nine months before the 2012 presidential general election, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that California’s Proposition 8, the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, was unconstitutional. In February and March 2012, Washington and Maryland became the seventh and eighth states to legalize same-sex marriage. And in May 2012, while running for a second term, President Obama endorsed same-sex marriage.

The LGBTQ rights landscape was quite different in 2016. Same-sex marriage became legal throughout the country on June 26, 2015. On that day the Supreme Court issued its 5-4 decision in Obergefell v. Hodges. The court held that same-sex marriage is protected under the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment.

In 2016, voters and candidates were also debating some states’ religious freedom laws and the need to clarify language that purports to permit businesses to deny services to LGBTQ individuals.

Trump Supported Marriage Equality From The White House Long Before Biden Did

This article was published more than 1 year ago, information might not be up to date.

Trump holds the official title of being the first president to enter the White House in full support of marriage equality. Yet you wouldn’t know that from breathless media accounts.

It is quite the interesting position LGBT Americans find themselves in where both political parties seem determined to fight to be our champion in the White House. On the day the media announced Biden is projected to be the next President, LGBTQ Nation boldly declared, Joe Biden will be the first president to enter the White House supporting marriage equality.

As supporters of President Trump might notice, this headline looks to, as the gays say, snatch the wig from Trump’s unique historical position. Richard Grenell, the first gay person appointed to the Cabinet in US history, clearly articulated during this the campaign.

Whereas President Obama ran for both terms on adamantly supporting traditional marriage, only “evolving” on the issue once safely in his second term once polling showed public opposition was waning, President Trump entered office directly supportive of the Obergefell decision, stating he was fine with gay marriage and that Obergefell was settled law, in November of 2016.

Trump LGBT Tweets:

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The Trump Administration And The Lgbtq+ Community

TEXAS – Since his inauguration, President Donald Trump and his administration have attempted to take away rights from those in the LGBTQ+ community.

The most recent attempt happened in early June of 2020.

On June 12, 30 amicus briefs were submitted by the Trump administration and various religious organizations in favor of Fulton in the case Fulton v. City of Philadelphia. Fulton v. City of Philadelphia involved Catholic Social Services refusal to place adoptive or foster children in the care of same-sex couples.

The Trump administration has been trying to give taxpayer funded organizations the ability to refuse same-sex couples since November of 2019.

However, in spite of there being multiple proposal put forth by the Trump administration that would strip rights from those of the LGBTQ+ community, including give healthcare providers the right to refuse services to transgender patients, some still consider Trump “pro-gay”.

Richard Grenell, a Log Cabin Republican member, posted a video to social media claiming, “Donald Trump is the first president in American history to be pro-gay marriage form his first day in office.” And there are some who agree with him.

In a Google Forms survey I conducted, an anonymous submission read “He has been the most openly supportive president even before he was elected. And he sent a representative to third world countries to fight the bigotry making homosexuality illegal and even punishable by death.”

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