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72 Hour Kit Patriot Supply

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How Long To Receive My Patriot Supply Order

72 Hour Emergency Food Kits ~ 4Patriots vs. My Patriot Supply

If a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or other unforeseen armageddon strikes the US, end ofthe world preppers will be ready. They’ve currently been stockpiling food, buying water filters, and hatching escape plans– in some cases for several years. Recently, preppers seem to have discovered another reason for issue: Donald Trump’s election. A minimum of a handful of American prepping supply companies have seen spikes in sales given that Election Day.

“Economic collapse is a real and looming situation that we’ve seen a growing number of American’s get ready for,” he states. Bansemer predicts that prepping is only going to become more mainstream over the next 4 years. Everybody from from middle-aged moms to Silicon Valley’s super-rich shop at My Patriot Supply. promo code + my patriot supply. The other day, a wealthy tech executive purchased 4 1 year food packages, which each includes 1,800 portions.

Do you want to shop from a number of shops to get what you like, or do you choose one purchase to stock up?Quantities Do you wish to purchase complete cases of each product to save cash, or would you choose to decide on a few of each type so you have more variety in case of an emergency? Having a range likewise means that different household members can select different meals for themselves.

Review: Patriot Pantry 72

Backdoor SurvivalFood SupplyReview: Patriot Pantry 72-Hour KitJodie Weston

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In this review, we discuss Patriot Pantry as a provider of emergency staples. Specifically, we discuss the quality of their food, the ease of preparing, and its nutritional value.

Special thanks to them for supplying a 72-hour kit which included:

  • Maple Grove Oatmeal
  • Grannys Home Style Potato Soup
  • Blue Ribbon Creamy Chicken Rice
  • If you visit their site, they are under My Patriot Supply. They began in 2008 with the goal of being a provider for Patriots who want to be independent by being prepared and self-reliant. Their message is right on, and they bring an important point up about not relying on mainstream food suppliers and grocery stores.

    That point is backed up by the fact that in a food crisis, grocery stores will only have what their suppliers send. Food at the grocery store is not a guarantee. Nor is quality food a guarantee unless you take a stand and focus on being independent of modern food sources.

    You Get Free Bonus Gifts With Your Order

    With your order youll get a FREE bonus gift sent to your inbox immediately after purchase:

    The Ultimate Survival Digital Handbook

    Your Survival Handbook is bursting at the seams with over five years of our best survival know-how. You’ll get instant access to all 250 pages and 20+ must-read survival topics on everything from food, power, medical care, privacy, self-defense and more!

    This Survival Food Kit and FREE bonus gift could truly make a difference for you in a crisis. Claim your Kits now by clicking the Add To Cart button below.

    Order Online Any Time

    24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week / 365 Days a Year

    + You may want or need more calories or nutrients per day. For more information, see footnote 4.

    * 25-year shelf life under proper storage conditions. Excess heat and/or damage to packaging may decrease shelf life. For more information, see footnote 5.

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    My Patriot Supply 72 Hour $10

    Are you looking for My Patriot Supply 72 Hour $10? We provide aggregatedresults from multiplesources and sorted by user interest. You can easily access information aboutMy Patriot Supply 72 Hour $10 by clicking on the most relevant link below.

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    Amazons Choice for patriot supply 4Patriots Emergency Food Supply 72-Hour Survival Kit Freeze Dried Food 25-Year Shelf Life 16 Servings 4.5 out of 5 stars 788

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    Hearty Soups #10 Can Food Pack . Save with My Patriot Supply 72 Hour $10 Coupons & Promo codes coupons and promo codes for February, 2021. Use My Patriot Supply online coupons to save on Patriot Pantry survival food, survival heirloom seeds, home canning supplies and more. 4,704 talking about this.

    4Patriots Emergency Food Supply 72-Hour Survival Kit Freeze Dried Food 25-Year Shelf Life 16 Servings. 4.5 out of 5 stars 510. $27.00 $ 27. 00. FREE Shipping. Emergency Food Supply 124 Servings. 4.6 out of 5 stars 295. $87.99 $ 87. 99 my patriot supply patriot pantry emergency food supply

    Needed a couple more things to round out my supply and picked up a couple more 72 hour kits last night . Shipping was $7.95 for me as well. I still consider this a good value.

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    How Long Does My Patriot Supply Last

    My Patriot Supply Review ~ The 72 Hour Survival Kit (25 Year Shelf Life ...

    Flavor Range. john mason my patriot supply. Their pouches consist of an excellent range of meals as an outcome you will have a great deal of choices. Defender Packs. These packs not only consist of include easy-to-fix meals but they also add Organic Grains and “Super Foods”. Assurance. They provide a 60 day no threat refund guarantee therefore you have the flexibility to provide them a try.

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    My Patriot Supply Water Purification Review

    Weve all heard it before drink more water. More importantly, drink clean water. My Patriot Supply provides easy access to ensure clean and healthy drinks every day. In a category of several options, we picked our favorite to show off.

    Water is one of the essentials in life to keep your body functioning. The problem? Not all water we consume is as clean as it should be. The Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System solves that issue with ease.

    Removing harmful chemicals such as metals, lead, chlorine, bacteria, and more, this item filters out any threats and leaves only the pure, refreshing drink we all need throughout the day.

    Perfect not only for survivalists, but anyone regularly dependent on tap water for their supply, this piece sits at almost 22 high, holding up to 8.5 liters. Rest it on the counter and keep the fresh water coming as one filter can handle up to 5,000 gallons.

    This item is currently $250 .

    Light up the room with the Ready Hour 9-in-1 Multi-Function LED Solar Rechargeable Flashlight. Its a long name, but it definitely supports such a long title through all it can do.

    Leave the regular flashlights at home and set out with a solar-powered one. This light also functions to charge power banks, strobe red SOS lights, break glass, cut seatbelts, function as a compass, and more.

    Overview Of My Patriot Supply

    Opened in 2008 to guide the nation through preparedness, My Patriot Supply started by packaging foods and survival supplies that could handle any disaster.

    Offering the longest shelf life on food and premium seeds for planting, this companys kits are easily the best for this market .

    The company was built by Matt Redhawk around the notion that Its not food. Its freedom. Preaching self-reliance and preparedness, this brand knows how to create and follow a plan, offering up ways to strengthen chances of survival rather than promoting fear.

    During the 2020 pandemic, this business flourished, helping millions of families across the US prepare for current and future struggles.

    With that as their benchmark, My Patriot Supply continues to launch new packages and kits to better help families and individuals plan for the worst. Lets face it, we all want to be a survivor in the end.

    Despite a large number of sales, this business isnt exactly well-known across the population. Were moving this My Patriot Supply review into some big pros and cons to consider before buying:

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    What Is My Patriot Supplys Return Policy

    Didnt realize how much you ordered? For 30 days after purchase, returns are offered for a full refund. Returning is a straightforward process :

  • Repackage the unused item and include the receipt or proof of purchase
  • Ship it off to 1175 South Meridian Park Road, Suite A, Salt Lake City, UT 84104
  • Thats it! If your order was one of the more expensive packages, its recommended to use a tracking service. Theyre a higher cost , but well worth it to ensure the item arrives.

    Any damaged or defective items can be exchanged or returned with ease. Just contact customer service and theyll help you out.

    Ready Hour Emergency Food

    My patriot supply vs 4 patriot supply 72 hour kit. Which is better?

    Ready Hour is My Patriot Supplys newly rebranded line of emergency food storage. Theyve moved from the old Patriot Pantry name where every package looked like it was pancake mix, to a new modern design which I kind of like.

    The food still has the same 25+ year shelf life, it just has a different package and theyve changed up some things to make it taste a little better.

    With the switch in names, they also added something that I dont remember seeing in other food storage companies, guaranteed 2 day delivery in the lower 48. If youre outside of the lower 48 youre still looking at traditional delivery times, but for the rest of us, thats really fast!

    At least now theres a place to order food storage if youve been procrastinating and potentially have a storm bearing down on you.

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    Black Beans And Rice Soup

    The black beans and rice was my least favorite of the meals in the 72-hr kit. It could have used more seasoning to get it to where I would like it.

    I added salt, but I still found that I was wishing it had something else. It wasnt bad, but I dont think I would be as satisfied eating this during a disaster as I would with the other meals.

    Overall, most of the meals needed some salt and it seems like theyre aiming for light seasoning rather than going the overseasoned route that some companies shoot for. It really makes sense when you think about it.

    If they go for lighter seasoning they can appeal to a larger audienceyou can always add your own seasoning if you want. It also makes the food less likely to upset your stomach in a survival or emergency situation. I like the route they chose.

    Your Convenient Long Term Food Solution

    Born in Oregon in 1969 Mountain House is seen sold in many stores including your local Walmart. They began by making freeze dried foods for the military but are now enjoyed by all types of consumers such as hikers, campers, preppers, and backpackers.

    Known by most consumers are Mountain Houses convenient Pouches. In addition to Pouches, they sell Pro-Paks, #10 Cans, Emergency Preparedness Buckets and Kits. The difference between a Pouch and a Pro-Pak is that the Pro-Paks are vacuum sealed to ensure they stay compact at high altitude.

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    What Is My Patriot Supply

    Terrific storage pail. Healthy, non-GMO, no high-fructose syrup. A little expensive per calorie. two people 2 weeks Our choice for vegetarians is the $299 Legacy 120 Portion Breakfast Lunch and Dinner pail. The Legacy food bucket is an excellent item, with the most attention paid to health and nutrition, although it’s not a competitor for our finest total choices.

    This food is totally vegetarian-friendly, non-GMO, has no high-fructose corn syrup, and has a decent quantity of fiber for a meatless product at 16 grams per day. It comes extremely gently skilled, which you may do not like or enjoy because it enables you to customize to individual taste. The bucket itself is the most convenient to open and reuse with its large hinged lid.

    We believed the parts were generous. Legacy also has a gluten-free bucket , which we didn’t test, however wanted to let you understand about. It’s more expensive at $340 for a single person for 15-18 days at 2,500-2,200 calories each day, respectively. Tradition’s Corn Chowder, Southwest Soup, and Cheesy Potato Soup. We can hear the whining already .

    You should have the ability to keep consuming the way you usually do throughout a short-term emergency situation. Not just for choice reasons, but to decrease the impact of dramatically altering your diet at a time when your body currently has enough to deal with. In a long-term SHTF scenario, individuals will eat whatever food they can discover, and be grateful for it.

    Additional Advice About Canned Foods

    Ready Hour 72

    One of the best choices for emergency food supplies is commercially canned foods. Canned foods are also cooked and can be eaten right of the can, or just warmed if they taste better that way. Foods that are canned are considered shelf stable and do not require refrigeration until opened. Shelf life, or how long they will last, is determined by methods that evaluate the quality of the food. Canned foods can last two years or longer For best quality, store canned foods in cool, dry locations and use within one year.

    If you include canned foods in your emergency food supply, inspect your supply periodically to make sure there are no rusty, leaking, bulging or badly dented containers and no broken seals. Dents that involve seams or can ends can break seals. Large or severe dents in the sides of a can may also break a seal around the can end or seam, even though it might not be obvious. Replace items found in any of these conditions. Do not eat out of cans found in any of these conditions during the emergency. If the disaster has produced conditions where canned foods are in flood waters, inspect them carefully for signs of damage. Throw out any home canned foods or foods in glass jars, whether opened or not, that have been soiled by flood waters. If food has been commercially canned and the metal can is still intact and not rusty or bulging, it can be used but will need to be cleaned and sanitized before opening.

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    Who Owns My Patriot Supply

    My Patriot Supply provides a guaranteed 2-Day shipment on all survival products. Sizes. They provide a range of food storage sizes including Pouches, Cases, Kits, Containers, Ammunition Cans, and # 10 Cans thus increasing your buying choices – my patriot supply 4 pack solar charges $99. Coffee. They didn’t forget the survival coffee as the majority of business have! Cases. You can purchase cases of meat, veggies, creamer, sugar, and so on

    . No Refrigeration. # 10 can bulk size needs no refrigeration after opening. Unopened they have a life span of 25 years. Up to 1-year shelf-life after opening. Service life. Scrambled Eggs Case Load. Up to 10-year shelf-life unopened. Up to 1-year shelf-life after opening. Shelf Life. Real Meat and Protein Pack Kit. my patriot supply sample sale.

    Service life. Vegetable Case Load Package. Up to 25-year shelf-life unopened. As much as 1-year shelf-life after opening. Amazon. Offered on Amazon for that reason improves accessibility for the consumer. Big Commitment. They don’t offer much in regards to getting your feet wet. For that reason you will need to spend at least $25 on their 72-hour sample pack containing 16 portions in order to attempt My Patriot Supply.

    No bug-out bag. They don’t sell an emergency kit that you can toss on your back if you have to leave in a rush. Therefore, in case of an emergency you would need to throw one of their Pails or Ammo Cans into your vehicle or shopping cart. Preparation.

    How Much Food Should You Buy

    The amount of food you need for your emergency food storage will depend on how much food you normally consume, the number of people in your household, and how long you’re planning to store it.

    You should consider storing your emergency food in a dry, cool space that is safe from pests and has low humidity. Itâs also important to remember that some foods need to be rotated to avoid spoilage or loss of nutritional value.

    When you buy food storage kits, the amount of food included is predetermined so it is much easier to make a defined purchase and know exactly how long your kit should last.

    The amount of food that people should store for emergency preparedness varies according to one’s needs and situation. The right answer for most people would be between only a few months for emergencies or for many years if you plan to keep a long-term storage kit.

    Some of the best storage kits offer short-term packages for only 72 hours all the way up to thousands of meal servings intended to last on your shelf for up to thirty years. Determining how much food you need to buy is the first step to take before making your purchase.

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    My Patriot Supply Air Purification Review

    The top requirement to keep living strong? Clean air. My Patriot Supply knows the problem and they deliver the solution through their air purification line. Currently, only one product exists in this category, but thats all we need to show off to get the idea across.

    Get ready to breathe easy by knowing the air supply is clean and fresh. The Alexapure Breeze True HEPA Air Purifier gets the job done every time.

    Dependable in its design and duty, this air purifier uses HEPA filters to remove pollens, smokes, dust, and more from the air supply in the room. Working silently, this device was designed for minimalism making it energy efficient at all times.

    Using a 4-stage process to filter all air, any harmful particles are removed with ease so whether the concern is the flu or Covid-19, you can take a deep breath of relief in knowing it will be filtered out.

    This filter regularly costs $280 but is currently on sale for $196.

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