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What Is Wrong With The Republicans

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Some Of The Problems With The Republican Party

What’s Wrong with the Republican Party?

Ive been a Republican since I turned 18, but Im considering adopting and redefining the term RINO. After all, I am a Republican In Name Only not because Ive abandoned my conservative principles, but because the GOP has. Im a constitutional conservative in spite of the party. Ill mention Trump, but this isnt about him. Trumps a symptom of whats wrong in the party, not the cause.

I first glimpsed the problem two years prior to 2016. I got involved in the US Senate primary race, supporting a candidate who was a true believer in the Constitution; everything I believed the GOP to be, but there was a second candidate. He and many of his supporters convinced themselves that he was entitled to the nomination and attempted to do as much personal damage to the other candidate as possible. Some holding positions in the party violated the rules about staying neutral during primaries to join in the attacks. I ended up very disillusioned about my party, but itd soon get worse.

Basic decency went out the window. Ben Carson was asked in an interview if he believed the women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct were lying. His answer: It doesn’t matter if they’re lying or not. Evangelical Republicans condemn immorality from Democrats, but now defend, deny and ignore the immorality of the president. Theyre destroying their credibility and witness to others and dont even seem to notice.;

More from Randy Lynch:

Big Problems With Small Money Republicans Catch Up To Democrats In Online Giving

WASHINGTON Republicans are beginning to catch up with Democrats in online fundraising, creating for the first time in modern history a political landscape where both parties are largely funded by small donations for better or, some say, for worse.

Democrats, who have dominated online fundraising since the early days of the internet, have claimed that the billions they raise in small donations are evidence that they are the party of the people, less reliant on wealthy donors and business interests than the GOP.

Republicans have spent years playing catch-up, mostly unsuccessfully. But now, just in time for the 2022 midterm elections, they are starting to pull even, thanks in large part to former President Donald Trump and his army of online devotees.

This is the harvest of the seeds of digital infrastructure Republicans have been planting for years, said Matt Gorman, a GOP strategist who worked for the partys congressional campaign arm during the last midterm election. That’s why youre seeing things like freshman members of the House raising over $1 million . In 2018, we were begging folks to raise a fifth of that.

Even out of office, Trump continues to raise massive sums of money, largely online. He announced Saturday that his political groups had collected nearly $82 million in the first half of the year , giving him a war chest of more than $102 million.

The Good Republicans Are Bad And The Bad Ones Are Batshit

Since no one in Trumpworld has been punished for anything, Republicans have learned that you can do anything at all and no one will ever hold you accountable.

Chip Roy from Texas 21st Congressional District didnt vote to overturn the election of the 2020 election, which made him slightly better than 147 of his colleagues who voted to change the election results because they didnt like them.

Roy released a statement with a small group of Republican reps who wanted to follow the law despite the fact that their guy lost, warning that trying to overturn the election would strengthen the efforts of those on the left who are determined to eliminate it or render it irrelevant. He even went as far as to challenge the seating of representatives from states where members of his party were challenging the results of the electiona pretty bold move considering one of the people who was challenging the results was his old boss Ted Cruz.

But what a difference six months makes. Roy is no longer Team Electoral College and the Constitution. Hes joined the rest of his partywith the exception of soon-to-be-purged Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheneyon Team Own the Libs Even If It Means Killing Your Supporters.

These people will continue to break rules and wreck our democracy until someoneare you listening, Merrick Garland?holds them accountable.

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Blatant Voter Suppression May Galvanize The Courts And Congress

The Republican action in the states has summoned a reaction at the federal level. The House has already passed the most ambitious voting-rights legislation since 1965. The law faces obstacles in the Senate, including the risk of being filibustered. Thus far, the Democrats have not gathered the votes necessary to end the filibuster. Blatant voter suppression by Republican state legislatures is the one force that might change the minds of pro-filibuster Democrat senators.

Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia has endorsed some elements of the voting-rights legislation, even as he has stood by the filibuster. Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona is a co-sponsor of the Senate version of the bill, although her stance on the filibuster remains somewhat enigmatic. But if Arizona Republicans attempt to shrink the states electorate in order to defeat Sinema, they may force her to choose between saving the filibuster and saving her own Senate seat.

The courts, too, might react to the recent efforts at suppression. Over the past two decades, a more conservative judiciary has retreated from its former protection of voting rights.

But the judiciary is about to become rather less conservative. There are 68 vacancies on the federal bench, and another two dozen or so are likely to open soon. The Biden administration is moving fast to fill them. And as the world witnessed in 2020, some antidemocratic acts by Republican legislatures can exceed the tolerance even of Republican-appointed judges.

The Republican Party Is Failing In Too Many Ways

What Is Wrong with the Republican Party?

Mr. Suderman, an editor at Reason Magazine, has written extensively about politics and the Republican Party.

Have you heard about the Republican arguments against President Bidens economic plans? Me neither.

Its not that Republican opposition doesnt exist. Every Republican in Congress voted against Mr. Bidens economic recovery package, the American Rescue Plan.

But roughly 100 days into Mr. Bidens presidency, as he has proceeded with spending plans that the administration and friendly observers have increasingly described in historic terms as an update to and expansion of the New Deal and a wholesale reorientation of the relationship between the federal government and the economy the Republican opposition has largely been a matter of dull reflex.

What Republicans havent done is make a concerted public argument against Democratic economic policies. One complication is that to do so would be to engage in hypocrisy so blatant and obvious that it would negate any impact. But this stems partly from a deeper problem, which is that the party no longer has a cognizable theory of government.

Yet Donald Trump campaigned on not touching Medicare and Social Security, and during his presidency, the Republican Party ran up federal debt and deficits and increased federal spending even before the pandemic. Tea Party-style lawmakers in the House Freedom Caucus, instead of resisting this move, became some of the most vocal defenders of the Trump agenda.

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In 2008 Republicans Said That If We Elect A Democratic President We Would Be Hit By Al Qaeda Again Perhaps Worse Than The Attack On 9/11

Former Vice-President Dick Cheney stated that electing a Democrat as president would all but guarantee that there would be another major attack on America by Al Qaeda. Cheney and other Republicans were, thankfully, completely wrong. During Obama’s presidency, we had zero deaths on U.S. soil from Al Qaeda attacks and we succeeded in killing Bin Laden along with dozens of other high ranking Al Qaeda leaders.

Here Are A Few More Things Republicans Have Been Wrong About:

  • Republicans said that Obamacare would have death panels to decide who would live and who would die. Wrong. No such death panels were ever proposed and nothing of the kind ever happened.
  • They said the 2009 laws to improve automobile fuel efficiency standards would kill the US auto industry. Wrong. The new standards were followed by a resurgence of the US auto industry enabling them to hire back tens of thousands of workers.
  • They said environmental protection laws requiring companies to clean up their pollution would create an undue burden and kill businesses. Nope, it never happened.
  • They said Ebola would spread across the country because President Obama allowed American Ebola patients to be treated in the US. The outbreak never happened. Only three people contracted Ebola in the US and all three survived.
  • They said President Obama would open our borders to illegal immigrants. Wow, were they wrong about that. Under Obama, we set new records for most illegal immigrants stopped at the border and sent home.
  • They said Obama would drive up the Federal budget deficit. That didn’t happen. Obama cut the $1.4 trillion deficit he inherited by two-thirds.

While someone could no doubt find instances where Democrats engage in over-the-top rhetoric, nothing compares to the consistently false and erroneous claims made by the GOP in recent years. When a political party has been so dismally wrong about nearly everything over the past 30 years, that party should lose all credibility.

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Former Republican Voter After Capitol Riot: I Want No Association With This Party Anymore

Like so many Republicans, Im sick and tired of talking about saving a party that shows few signs of wanting redemption, which makes it increasingly hard to hold on to the tattered remnants of a once-proud party. Indeed, since the insurrection more than 30,000 Republican voters have dropped their affiliation with the GOP, with many echoing the words of former Secretary of State Colin Powell, I can no longer call myself a fellow Republican.

Despite my own pessimisms about the Grand Old Party, I believe its salvation can still be found in our guiding principles, which do not include putting kids in cages, spewing lies and conspiracies and fermenting deadly insurrections. For those Republicans who remain behind, its time to refocus on what it means to be a Republican. While former President Donald Trump spent four years trying to reshape as much of the Republican Party into his image as possible and, failing that, setting the rest on fire, I agree with Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., who said, There is a real split for the future of the party, and that epic battle has commenced. Bring it on!

My fellow Republicans must stop playing stupid.

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Republicans Said President Obama Would Raise Taxes Sky High

Caller: What is Wrong With the Republicans?

It never happened. Income taxes for over 95% of Americans remained the same or lower than they were before Obama was elected. The only people whose income taxes increased were those who make more than $400,000 per year, and their taxes rose only 3%. For most Americans, taxes are still lower now than they were under Reagan.

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How Bipartisan Is Democrats Infrastructure Plan

But Trumps continued popularity among key GOP constituencies prevents Republican insiders from undertaking a formal, public discussion about his political shortcomings and how the party should move on from him. Everyone in the GOP knows that irritating Trump could result in the former president attacking them, which would make them vulnerable to a primary challenge, with conservative activists likely backing their opponent. So there will be no autopsy of the post-Trump Republican Party, akin to the Republican National Committees report in 2013 following Romneys defeat, at least not in public.;

Its True They Dont Really Believe It

Trump supporters need to fuel the nonsense and outrage because it gives them a sense of power. But even the most hopeless Republican voter knows the rigged election claims are false. They just dont care. Bruno, Danvers

Its ridiculous that time is being wasted on this foolish lie. Trump lost, so get over it! Dennis, Billerica

Many Trumpians know better and they think it is funny. However, the real implications of perpetuating the Big Lie are seen when delusional people in our society march right into the Capitol and attempt a coup of our democracy. Those keeping this going should be booted from Congress. Jan 6th was the opportunity the GOP needed to cut ties with him forever but they choked. HE LOST!; Get over it! Condolences. Your revolution is over. Chris, Milford

There is mass hysteria in the USA among the voting population. I think that the Republican politicians are responsible to their constituents to end this delusion and get to the business of uniting the country. Steve, Boylston;

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Leveling The Playing Field

The fundraising totals are thanks in part to WinRed, which was created by Republicans in 2019 and is their version of Democrats ActBlue.

Like an Amazon for causes and candidates, the platforms streamline the giving process by saving donors credit card information to allow for one-click contributions, providing a central hub for the parties and their allied groups.

ActBlue has processed nearly $8.9 billion in donations since its founding in 2004. Republicans had fought for years among themselves over how to create an alternative and who would run it. It finally happened two years ago, when Trump and his allies pressed party bossesto coalesce behind one platform ahead of his re-election campaign.

Building on the foundation of Trumps unusual-for-Republicans success in online fundraising, WinRed has helped raise $2.3 billion for GOP candidates since it launched, with an average contribution of about $50.

Republicans would always lose small-dollar donations. Now we win, or do very well, because we are the Party of Working Americans, and we beat the Democrats at their own game, Trump said in April. We learned from liberal ActBlue and now were better than they are!

Or as Gerrit Lansing, president of WinRed, told Fox News, “The good guys have leveled the playing field of online fundraising.

The money could be critical in next years midterms and beyond.

A Problem With No Clear Solution

What Went Wrong with the Republican Party?  Cognizeit

The most widely discussed idea for changing this is to grant statehood to the District of Columbia, thus creating a new state with a large nonwhite population and an overwhelming partisan tilt toward Democrats.

The idea has some considerable merits, though as McAuliffes Data for Progress memo points out, it hardly works to unskew the Senates racial bias. Indeed, it actually serves to further dilute the Hispanic populations voting power while increasing the modest overrepresentation of white college graduates.

Going further and making Puerto Rico a state also helps to address that concern, though only partially so. It also raises perennial questions as to whether Puerto Ricans want statehood, a desire thats much clearer in DCs case.

In addition to adding states, Data for Progress calls for nonelectoral forms of activism to combat unjust policies enacted by a government that was designed to favor one segment of the electorate at the expense of all others. The think tank simply asks thoughtful people to participate in efforts to delegitimize the existing setup, arguing that anyone who attempts to defend the Senate as an institution must explain why its supposed merits justify why the vote of a white person should have more weight to it than the vote of a person of color.

In practical terms, however, creating new states would require Democrats to win a Senate majority first. And that means thinking seriously about the geographic skew of public opinion.

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In 1993 When The Brady Law And The Assault Weapons Ban Were Passed Republicans Predicted Increasing Rates Of Crime And Murder

Thankfully, just the opposite happened. While the rate of violent crime had increased steadily from the 1970s into the 1990s, it suddenly began to drop after 1993 and continued to decline for more than ten years. What could have happened in 1993 to precipitate such a sudden and prolonged drop in crime? Thats the year Congress passed the Assault Weapons Ban and the Brady Law, which mandated background checks and a waiting period to buy a gun.

Despite Republican predictions to the contrary, the Brady Law and the Assault Weapons Ban were followed by the most dramatic reduction in violent crime since the FBI started keeping statistics. The graphs below, based on the actual numbers from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports website, show how the rates of murder and violent crime in the US dropped suddenly after the 1993 Brady Law and Assault Weapons Ban were passed.

These charts show the rate of murder and violent crime over 35 years based on numbers from the FBI Uniform Crime reports.

Opinion: What Is Wrong With Republicans

President Trumps racist outbursts and disdain for our Constitution are, alas, nothing new. On Sunday, he tweeted, We cannot allow all of these people to invade our Country. When somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no Judges or Court Cases, bring them back from where they came. Our system is a mockery to good immigration policy and Law and Order. Most children come without parents. This is the language of totalitarianism, rule without civil rights. Its the language of racist regimes that seek to demonize foreigners, creating hysteria in the home population. It is distinctly un-American.

Republicans in Congress have been meek, if not mute, in responding to such venom. Appearing on Meet the Press , Sen. James Lankford , one of the more responsible voices on the GOP side, did acknowledge that Trumps rhetoric demonizes immigrants and makes his job harder, but he only gingerly responded to Trumps racist rhetoric. I would just say I would prefer the president would step out and say, A lot of these are folks that are coming for economic reasons. They want to be able to flee into an area where they have greater economic opportunities. Every family wants to be able to see that for their family. But there are also some individuals that are there.’ No condemnation, no outrage.

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