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Patriot Docks Aluminum Dock Stairs

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Top Features Of Patriot Docks

Patriot Docks Bench Kit Installation
  • Ultra strong 12 dock frames that can be bolted together.
  • Modular design configure and reconfigure as needed or desired.
  • Strong and stable galvanized supports. No rust. No moving parts.
  • Tall rolling wheels for any terrain
  • Full height adjustment along the length of the entire pipe.
  • Safe dual set bolts on every connection and bracket
  • Most importantly, Rolling Pipe Docks are strong and mobile. They offer a lot to customers seeking to dump their burdensome heavy dock but dont want to sacrifice strength. In addition, when shorelines move throughout the season and water levels fluctuation dramatically, this Rolling Pipe Dock moves easily and raises with flexibility. Lastly, drop-in decking panels make these piers even more portable because docks can be moved without the decking, then later the decking panels nest into the frame effortlessly. Shop prices for Patriot Docks by selecting your ideal length, shape, and decking material to fit your customized needs.

    Patriot Docks Straight Roll

    Patriot Docks roll-in docks have become an industry leader and a standard choice for those looking to upgrade or replace their current docks. They are easily moved to accommodate the changing water levels. Patriot Docks professional engineers each design for durability and ease of use.

    The Patriot Docks Straight Roll-In Dock is constructed with quality marine grade aluminum that is lightweight yet strong and durable to stand up to the constant wear and tear on docks. It is made with 12 deep aluminum frames with welded and bolted connections to ensure the highest quality. The diameter cord rodes far exceed industry standards with a 7/16 diameter compared to the standard. Each pipe is made with electro-galvanized steel and the brackets come with 2 stainless steel bolts. Each roll-in dock comes with heavy-duty wheels and a lifetime limited warranty.

    Standard post lengths at given dock lengths: < 16′ = 4′ supports, 16′-32′ = 6′ supports, > 32′ = 8′ supports.

    16′ Straight Roll-In Dock Kits Includes:

    • 4 x 8 Frames
    • 4 x 4 Deck Panels
    • End Rail
    • Foot Plates for Posts
    • Vinyl Caps for posts
    • Nuts and Bolts

    24′ Straight Roll-In Dock Kits Includes:

    • 4 x 8 Frames
    • 4 x 4 Deck Panels
    • End Rail
    • Foot Plates for Posts
    • Vinyl Caps for posts
    • Nuts and Bolts

    32′ Straight Roll-In Dock Kits Includes:

    • 4 x 8 Frames
    • 4 x 4 Deck Panels
    • End Rail
    • Foot Plates for Posts
    • Vinyl Caps for posts
    • Nuts and Bolts

    40′ Straight Roll-In Dock Kits Includes:

    Rds Dock Hardware & Frames Offer The Best Price/performance Solution

    Dock HardwareWeve grouped our most popular parts into Dock Hardware Kits. The navigation links under Dock Hardware help to narrow your search for groups of products.

    If youre unsure where to start or what to do, visit our FAQ page. If you still have questions, please submit your questions using the Contact Form or Dock Quote Form.

    Dock FramesWe offer premier aluminum dock framesyou wont find a better frame on the market! Our rugged, lightweight aluminum frames are designed to accept different decking materials.

    Configure your dock size and design using our Dock Quote Form. We have standard sizes of dock frames in stock. We also custom-build aluminum frames to your desired length, width, and configuration.

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    Patriot Docks By Jack Docks

    Rolling Pipe Docks are ideal for most lakes and shorelines. These Patriot Docks feature a lightweight frame with galvanized pipes on wheels for the perfect mix of strength and mobility. Steel supports with full axles provide superior cross bracing and stability. As a result, conditions for Rolling Pipe Docks can be rougher and deeper waters. The wheels on our docks fill with water and operate well in all terrains, from sandy to rocky lake bottoms. If you are used to old docks with cumbersome and heavy installs, these rolling docks are super convenient.

    Need a dock with adjustable jacks? Check out our Jack Docks.

    Patriot Docks Aluminum Boat Dock Stairs

    Patriot Docks 6

    The Patriot Docks aluminum dock stairs make accessing your dock easier and safe for everyone, including your pets. These universal shoreline and dock stairs feature extra wide and extra deep non-slip treads measuring 24″-wide by 5.5″-deep. The 7 rise is a comfortable step height for adults, children, and seniors. Includes 12 adjustable drop legs to ensure a safe and stable step for any application. Dock stairs are mounted at a 45 degree angle, making them very easy to install on any dock. In some cases, drilling may be required

    Key Features:

    • Can be installed on any dock with aluminum, wood, or composite decking.


      • 18″L x 38″W x 24″H
    • 3-Step
      • 28″L x 38″W x 30″H
    • 4-Step
      • 38″L x 38″W x 36″H
    • 5-Step
      • 48″L x 38″W x 40″H
    • 6-Step
      • 58″L x 38″W x 46″H

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