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Patriot Federal Credit Union Personal Loans

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To All Debit Card Holders

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Please call us with any debit card questions at: 287-4909 1-833-337-6075

A Trusted Local Lending Solution

Loans built for you, not for us. We make sure that our personal loans have transparent terms and great rates. Need a different type of loan? SCROLL DOWN FOR FREEDOM LOAN APPLICATION.

Were committed to low interest, transparent costs, easy-to-understand terms, and a simple online application.

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Protect Your Loan Help Preserve Your Standard Of Living

Whether you’re taking out a loan to make home improvements or buy a vehicle, it can be a financial gamble because things happen. You’re betting you can pay back your loan and you won’t lose your job , or become disabled , or pass away, leaving your family responsible for your loan balance. You don’t want delinquent payments and defaulted loans to cause you to lose your assets, negatively impact your credit rating, or cause financial distress for your family.

Protection that matters.

If a protected life event happens to you, Debt Protection will cancel or reduce repayment of your loan debt-helping to lessen your worries about paying loans during a time when your income may be reduced or lost and paying other bills becomes challenging. Protected events include:

  • Loss of life, including those caused by acts of war
  • Disability, including those caused by acts of war
  • Involuntary unemployment

Help play it safe.

Debt Protection* is a voluntary loan-payment protection product that helps ease the financial burden of delinquency, default, or foreclosure if a protected life event happens to you. And, simple eligibility requirements ease the enrollment process.

For more information call us at 846-1710.

*Debt Protection is a product offered by Gain Federal Credit Union. Enrollment in this debt protection product is voluntary and not required to obtain a loan. Please contact a loan officer for additional information on benefit maximums, eligibility, limitations, and a copy of your contract.

Its Confusing Personal/signature/unsecured Loan What Does It Mean

Patriot Federal Credit Union

The words Personal/Signature/Unsecured used when describing a particular loan type are all synonymous. A signature loan is also commonly referred to as a good faith loan, offered by a credit union. This loan uses the borrower’s signature and promise to pay as collateral. The member is not required to use any of their personal assets as collateral. Personal loans are a type of unsecured loan that is paid off in full by a particular term and usually paid in fixed monthly payments at either fixed or variable interest rates.

Personal loans can be used for a variety of financial needs including:

  • Education expenses
  • Weddings
  • And much more

Our in-house experts would be happy to talk with you about your unique financial situation and how a personal loan can help with your financial goals.

Personal Loan Features:

  • Flexible payment options
  • No collateral required with this unsecured loan

Your University Credit Union has Personal/Signature/Unsecured Loans for you at competitive, fixed interest rates and easy terms to fit your budget. Youll find rates as low as 6.74% APR*.

Just ask us, were here to help you!

Signature Loan Example: $10,000 loan at 8.74% APR with 60 monthly payments of approximately $209.32

Rates, Terms and Offers are subject to change without notice. Not all applicants will qualify for the lowest rate. Rates quoted assume excellent borrower credit history. Other eligibility requirements may apply.

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We Want To Help You Build Your Credit

If you have experienced financial challenges that have affected your credit score and need to rebuild it, or if you are trying to start building your credit history from scratch, our is a great fit for you.

How it works:

  • Choose the amount you want to borrow from $1,000 to $3,000.
  • The loan proceeds are placed in a secured certificate that the credit union holds in your name as collateral for the loan.
  • You can pay back your loan over terms that vary from 12 months to 36 months.
  • After your loan is paid in full, the remaining funds held for collateral are yours to keep.

Plus, our has the same great rates as our Personal Loans!

*The Credit Builder Loan is a fully secured loan. Loan proceeds are placed in a Gain FCU certificate account and fully secure the new loan. Member receives no proceeds at funding. As the loan is repaid, the funds in the certificate become available to the member. Gain FCU does not represent, guarantee, or promise this loan will improve a member’s credit score. Members need to make all payments on time. This is a fixed rate loan. Complete credit application required. Must be a member in good standing.

Resources For Personal Loans

How to Read Your Credit Report

Your credit report is a snapshot of your financial health. It gives lenders a general idea of how you handle debt and cash flow. Just about everything related to your financial life is a part of your credit report. Lenders use this information to determine whether they will extend credit to you and how much that credit will cost.

Getting Your Finances In Shape

Financial health is important. Unfortunately, it is something that people tend to put off. Financial decisions directly impact your future and have a profound effect on your lifestyle. This is why it is critical to plan for expenses and save for the future.

What Should You Do When You Experience A Financial Hardship?

The most important thing to do is communicate. Have you ever ignored a call about a past due bill? Dont wait for creditors to call. Be proactive and take the time to contact your creditors and explain your situation. If your creditor is knowledgeable of what is going on they are prepared better to help you. Take the time to contact all of your payees in the beginning so there are more options available to assist you.

What Goes Into A Credit Score

Your credit score is an important number. Do you know yours? It is a number that ranges from 350 to 850. The higher your number, the better rates youll receive on loans, and vice versa. Why is this number so important? Lets do the math. Click the link below to watch the video.

There Ought to be a Law: Payday Loans

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Personal Loans For All Of Life’s Moments

Whether you want to make a lifestyle purchase or consolidate debt, our unsecured personal loans are a great way for you to access extra cash without having to dig into your savings. With fixed rates and terms, personal loans are a great alternative to credit cards for making big purchases or consolidating debt.

Personal loans from your credit union are perfect for:

Personal loans are a great option for consolidating debt to help improve your credit score.

  • Car repairs
  • Loan amount: $1,000 to $50,000
  • Terms: Up to 84 months
  • Prepayment Penalties: None
  • Interest Rates: Please refer to our Rate Sheet for current rates.

Pay From Your Patriot Account

Personal Loan

Use eBranch Online Banking or Patriot Mobile to make a loan payment by transferring money from a Patriot account to your loan account.

To pay your Patriot loan through Patriot Mobile, log into your Patriot Mobile smart phone app and select Transfer Money in the menu.

Pay by Phone

You can also call us at 888-777-9982 to authorize a transfer by phone.

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Personal Loan Amounts And Terms

Personal loan amounts are available from $500 to $20,000. Available terms include 1 year loans to 5 year loans and we dont charge a fee if you pay off your loan early. So there are no prepayment penalties if you decide to pay off your loan faster than your payment schedule which saves you interest in the long run.

How A Personal Loan Works

When you apply for a personal loan, you may be asked to specify the purpose of the loan to make sure that it conforms to our lending requirements. For example, other loans such as student loans or mortgages are for specific purposes. You must abide by the terms of use for those loans. With a credit union personal loan, no collateral is required and you have more freedom to use the loan for a variety of purposes. Sometimes a personal loan is referred to as an unsecured signature loan which means no collateral is needed.

Personal loans can be used for many things including:

  • Debt consolidation of other loans or credit cards
  • Emergency expenses

To learn more, read our blog on Personal Loans 101

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How A Personal Loan Can Help You

A Personal Loan or Line of Credit can help you make those big purchases youâve been waiting on, or take control of your finances by paying off high interest rate debt.

Personal Loan

A Personal Loan from Justice offers flexible payment options, competitive rates and terms that can be tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

  • chevron_right Consolidate Debt

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rate effective as of June 1, 2022. $500 minimum loan amount. Example of repayment terms: 72 monthly payments of $17.29 per $1,000 borrowed.

Justice Line of Credit

Itâs simple… Borrow what you need, when you need it.A Justice Line of Credit can be used to fund home improvements, consolidate bills, or protect against Justice Federal checking overdrafts.

  • chevron_right Borrow up to $40,000, no collateral required
  • chevron_right Low minimum payments
  • chevron_right Draw fund advances anytime! Existing account holders – no need to reapply.
  • chevron_right Advances may be requested by Check, Digital Banking or our Phone Banking system

If you are looking for a low interest loan with substantial savings, consider securing your loan with your Justice Federal savings account or certificate. Your interest rate will be 3% above the highest dividend rate on that share account or share certificate.

If you are looking to establish credit history, improve your credit score or rebuild your credit, the Credit Builder Loan can help you.

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Serving Our Community Since 1965

Patriot Federal Credit Union

Patriot Federal Credit Union has been helping members achieve financial success in our community since 1965, when the Credit Union was first formed. Patriot is governed by member-volunteers elected to the Board of Directors and managed by experienced financial professionals.

At Patriot Federal Credit Union, youre more than an account numberyoure an owner! Patriot Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative owned and operated by members like you. We have no stockholders to pay, resulting in higher dividend rates on deposit accounts, minimal fees and lower interest rates on loans.

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Pay From An Account At Another Financial Institution

You can also make your Patriot loan payment with funds from another financial institution.

ACH Transfer

You can set up automatic ACH transfer/payments from another financial institution through Patriots member service by calling 888-777-9982 or visiting a branch, or through the other institutions customer service.

Pay by Phone

Pay over the phone, by calling 888-777-9982.

You can also pay your Patriot loan using this secure Payment Center.

800 Wayne Ave

How Does A Rising Interest Rate Environment Affect The Economy

Ive heard that the Fed plans to raise the interest rate this year. How will this impact the economy and the current inflation rates?

The rising inflation rate, once determined to be a transitory and natural consequence of pandemic lockdowns, now appears to be here to stay, given that headlines announced a 7% increase in the

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How To Apply For A Personal Loan

Applying for a personal loan requires running a credit report and getting your credit score. If you want to find out more about credit scores, visit our blog .

Loans are subject to credit approval and your ability to repay. Your interest rate for the loan will be determined upon term, loan-to-value ratio, and credit score.

Cobalt Credit Union also offers a debt protection plan with your personal loan in the event of death, disability or involuntary unemployment. Contact a Cobalt representative for more details.

Why Choose Patriot

Easy 50,000 Personal Loan from Navy Federal Credit Union! No Doc/Stated Income! #NFCU #personalloan

Patriot has been helping members since its founding in 1965. We have evolved into a community-based credit union, with nine branches throughout Chambersburg , Waynesboro , and Hagerstown . We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected by the membership. Patriot has over 72,000 members and assets in excess of $757 million. We are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration and are one of the largest credit unions in Pennsylvania.

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How It Works

Getting a personal loan at GCEFCU is easy! Follow these three easy steps and youll be on your way to having some extra cash in no time.

Step 1: Apply For Your LoanYou can apply for your personal loan online by clicking the Apply Now button above, or by visiting any of our locations and speaking with a loan officer. You must be a member of Gulf Coast Educators FCU in good standing in order to apply for any personal loans. If you are not currently a member, to learn more information.

Step 2: Get Your Required Documents TogetherWith any loan, we require proof of income for the last 30 days. You can either provide us with 30 days worth of pay stubs, or have your paycheck direct deposited with us. If you are using your new personal loan to consolidate debt, we may require your latest statements from your credit cards that will be paid off.

Step 3: Sign Your Lending DocumentsThis last step is the easiest of all! You can either sign your lending documents in person at any of our branches, or we can send them to you electronically to sign from your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Once this is complete your loan will be funded!

Who We Are

Patriot Bank is a full-service bank with a focus on community service. The bank serves the growing markets of Shelby County, Tipton County and west Fayette County with a wide range of consumer and commercial accounts and a mortgage division. Patriot Bank opened in Millington in October 2001 and has grown to eight full service banks in Millington, Arlington, Collierville, Rosemark, and Raleigh Springs in Shelby County, and Covington, Covington South and South Tipton in Tipton County. Patriot Bank Mortgage serves Shelby, Fayette and Tipton counties, with offices located in Millington, Arlington, Collierville, South Covington, Raleigh Springs and South Tipton.

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