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Used Patriot Campers For Sale In Usa

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What Options Are Available For It

Touring the USA with a Patriot Campers X3 – Expedition Overland Review

The fridge and Weber are optional extras.

The X1 Grand Tourer is quite a comprehensive package out of the box, although you can spend more on it if you like. A diesel cabin and hot-water system is a popular upgrade. You can replace the gel batteries with lithium or upgrade the inverter.

The Weber is also an optional extra, although the swing arm it sits on is standard. The kids room is a standard feature on the GT, but optional on the lower-spec version.

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Forest River Rv Patriot Edition Travel Trailer Rvs For Sale

You’ll only find the Forest River Patriot Edition travel trailers, toy haulers, ice houses, and destination trailers at AC Nelsen! This exclusive brand is one to be proud to own as it encompasses the heart of the RV nation. It provides you with comfort, style, and value so that you can enjoy your travels to the fullest.

There is a wide array of floorplans which will suit many needs and tastes. If you’re an avid trail rider, you’ll want to check out the toy haulers that have a ramp door patio system, and if you like to come home with the biggest catch of the day, you’ll definitely need to see the ice houses that come with a heavy-duty rubber floor, thermopane residential windows, a cassette toilet, and a 40,000 BTU furnace. The destination trailers are designed for those with a sophisticated palette and a desire for luxury, and the travel trailers have an extensive list of accommodating features, like an 11-cubic foot residential refrigerator, back-up camera system, outside shower with hot/cold water, a power awning, and Power Gear frame technology.

The Forest River Patriot Edition travel trailers, toy haulers, ice houses, and destination trailers are exclusively sold at AC Nelsen, but they provide comfort, value, and style for everyone!

Forest River Patriot Edition travel trailer 14CC highlights: Rear Entry Door … more about Patriot Edition 14CC

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How Practical Is The Space Inside

The TentStep is a patented design thats so much better than a ladder.

Once the tents set up, the living space is quite clever. So that the bed and tent base doesnt hang over the sides of the trailer when packed up, and so it can fit a king-sized bed anyway, the bed folds in the middle. Patriot has also developed a staircase up to the bed, rather than a ladder, which makes the climb up and down far less daunting.

A zippered cut-out in the tent wall provides access to the two-large storage area in the drivers side of the camper, which is where youd keep clothes, charge phones and maybe store a second fridge or Porta-Potti.

If youre travelling with kids, the zip-on kids room is easy to set up, can be left attached to the tent while packed up and has enough room for two to three stretchers across the floor . Another bed can be laid out under the master beds overhang.

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Find New And Used American Coach Patriot Rvs For Sale By Rv Dealers And Private Sellers Near You

Metallic Silver

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Custom Satin Black

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Patriot Campers X1 Grand Tourer Overview:


As aforementioned, the Patriot Campers X1 Grand Tourer has a general price of $45,990 in Australia. It is one of the best camping trailers and has an integrated tent, kitchen, changing room and kids room. It is a spacious, lightweight, easy to set up camper that really has all the features the manufacturers promise. Obviously, with all the great features, it is going to be really expensive. Lets find out whether or not it is worth the price.

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When it comes to blankets, size matters. Measuring 10 feet by 10 feet and weighting 11 pounds, the Big Blanket Original Stretch Blanket delivers 100 square feet of cozy comfort. It’s made from a unique blend of polyester and spandex that’s softer and stretchier than typical king-size blankets. The fabric is also temperature regulating, so your bed is not too hot or too cold it’s just right/ Plus, it’s the perfect weight to cuddle you to sleep. Ideal for movie marathons and camping trips, the throw is sure to be a family favorite, but if it’s not, it’s backed by a 100 Night Guarantee that makes returning simple and free.

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How Easy Is It To Set Up

Soft-floor campers, if well designed, are actually amongst the easiest of campers to set up, and the Patriot is exactly that. To get everything done and dusted, including the awning, kids room and kitchen took a smidge over 10 minutes. Compare that to some of the Jayco campers weve reviewed and its only a couple of minutes slower.

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Camper Trailer Of The Year : Patriot X3

The brand-new Patriot X3 emerged victorious in REDARC Camper Trailer of the Years Over $50,000 category.

Patriot break down the door with their new X3, a side-folding camper with internal living, made for family touring. Built on the well-known chassis and suspension of the X1, this camper blends that toughness with an abundance of luxury think diesel heater, coffee machine, and internal fridge access.

Paired with superb electrical connectivity and the introduction of internal living space, this head-turner rightfully took the cake in our Over $50k category.

On top of this, it was recognised with two subsidiary awards: Best Build Quality and the X-Factor award.


Score: 72.5

The Patriot teams renowned thirst for ingenuity created a buzz around the X3 camper at this years Camper Trailer of the Year event. There are probably few, if any, campers on the Australian market that receive as much attention to detail during manufacture as the Patriot. The X3 is no exception, with several innovations revealed that promise to get Patriots loyal customer base as excited as a dog with two tails. Pitched as Patriots version of camper with internal living, suitable for small families or families with teenagers who have outgrown the family tent, the X3 could also be described as a highly capable offroad camper of compact size, quality engineering and rugged credentials that will take you wherever you want to go, for as long as you want.


Patriot Campers Usa Dealer

Patriot Campers X1 & X2 – Comparison Weekend at Fraser Island

Patriot Campers MY20 X1-N Green Stock #: X1-57331 Arriving November 2020 $32,504.00 Patriot Campers MY20 X1 Blue Stock #: X1-57342 Arriving January 2021

Patriot Trailer Sales & Service is a Trailer dealership located in Buellton, CA. We sell new and pre-owned horse & stock, utility, cargo, and truck beds from Logan, Elite Trailers, Norstar, Iron Bull Trailers, SmithCo Side Dump Trailers, Bloomer, Pace, Big Bend Trailers, and DV Trailers with excellent financing and pricing options. Patriot Trailer Sales & Service offers service and parts, and

260 People Used

·Patriot Campers is a company that provides tourists and campers and all other sorts of outdoor adventure loving people with their favorite thing a camper. Patriot Campers Introduction: Patriot Campers is an Australian based company that was founded in 2013 with a

75 People Used

View our complete range of Patriot Campers caravans, campers, motorhomes and RVs for sale throughout Australia

362 People Used

September 26, 2017 | By Adam Ruggiero


Tighten the lug nuts and fill the jerry cans, cause the Aussies favorite camping trailer is now available in Murica.

If your idea of a camping vacationinvolves an engine snorkel, or if you think near-vertical rock faces look like parking spaces, this, my unhinged friend, is the trailer for you.

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    Whats The Kitchen Like

    The X1 GTs kitchen is comprehensive, even including a swing-out barbecue at the front.

    The Patriots kitchen is quite sophisticated and spreads itself across a whole side of the camper. The main hatch folds down creating a stainless-steel countertop over which the two-burner stove slides out. Its a Bromic gas version which youll need to attach to the gas bottle each time. Around it are a few cabinets for pantry storage. Forward of this, the fridge slide is in its own taller compartment. It can only fit a 60-litre fridge, though, so travelling families may need to carry a second in the car, or another in the opposite storage compartment.

    Under the fridge-slide, though, is a telescoping slide-out, stainless-steel kitchen unit. It has a sink and more storage, as well as extra space for food preparation. In the front boot, theres also a swing-out arm which carries an optional Weber BabyQ barbeque. Its all very comprehensive.

    Patriot Campers : Prices Key Specs And Features

    Used RV Parts 1999 Beaver Patriot Motorhome For Sale 33

    Some people just crave for adventure and want to go to places where the usual RVs just dont have the capability to go. But the good news is that, there are some campers that can go the distance and take you to some of the most amazing places in this planet.

    Patriot Campers are as tough as they look. They have been specifically designed for your overlanding and off-road camping. With these campers in tow, youll be able to access the backcountry and stay in a peaceful and virginal destination. This isnt the ordinary camping grounds most people are used to. Neither are these your ordinary campers.

    Be prepared for the adventure of your life with these Patriot Campers! Come and see what they have to offer and how much they cost so you can get started on your overlanding escapades.

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    Introducing The My21 X

    The same UNSTOPPABLE platform with a refined set of features and options, the X-Range from Patriot Campers is back in 2021 bigger and better than ever before. Built right here in Australia, these award-winning camper trailers have been refined year on year, to deliver unparalleled off-road adventure. Experience true quality and 4×4 capability in your new Patriot Camper today.



    The X1 is designed to be packed, prepped and ready to go. Once you arrive at your camping destination, the X1 takes less than 10 minutes to set up, and that includes the kids room.

    Two Tent Setup Options:

    • Change Room only Main tent and the change room are connected
    • or, Zip on the Optional Kids Room

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    Patriot Campers America: Exploration Outfitters

    Oklahomas Exploration Outfitters became the official North American distributor of Patriot Campers. Previously, Patriot pull-behinds were only sold in Australia.

    Patriot Camper: The Worst-Case-Scenario Mobile

    Being stranded in the jungle would be a bummer, but if you were driving around in this, it would definitely be less of a bummer, and you probably wouldnt get stranded at all. Read more

    With the launch, U.S. customers can order two of the brands trailers, the X1 and smaller X2. Sadly, Patriots overland trucks are still an ocean away.

    What Are The Beds Like

    Patriot Campers X1H vs X1 vs X2 Model Comparison

    Because the bed folds in the middle its king size when set up.

    Patriot use a pocket-spring mattress for the main bed, which when packed up, folds in half. Unfolded its just larger than a king-sized bed. The TentStep system is simple genius, too. It means you can easily walk up into the bed, rather than climb, and can hop out facing forwards, rather than climbing backwards. Theres even a little balustrade for balance.

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    Is It Worth It

    Tell you what, mate, try it out for yourself and you will not be disappointed. Thats how good it is. And as for our personal opinion on whether or not is it worth it, we think that it is totally worth it. The high price really compensates for such a small, compact, lightweight trailer that can be used for any and all purposes and can really bring a new life to your camping experience. Patriot Campers really did a great job on this one.

    If you are thinking about purchasing a vehicle to accompany this trailer with, be sure to perform the necessary background checks on it including VIN number check, car history check, etc. There is no one better at doing this than QuickREVs as they can help you do it all with a simple click of a button.

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    Australian Off Road Campers

    XGRiD Campers, located in Las Vegas, NV is a boutique off-grid camping dealership that opened its doors in 2020. Loren Walker, owner, and CEO, wanted to create a place where the off-grid camping industry could come whether you were new to the lifestyle looking for your first trailer, or a seasoned Boondocker looking to upgrade XGRiD campers has something for everyone. Carrying the top brands of trailers matched with the know-how, training, and industry knowledge customers can expect the highest quality service from Loren Walker and the team.

    Australian Off Road has been building strong, reliable camper trailers and caravans since 2000. With every concept designed, they have pushed the boundaries of innovation to provide customers with the best off-grid camping experience. AOR is 100% locally owned and operated on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

    In January 2022, XGRiD imported the first two AOR Sierra and Sierra ZR models into the United States. Designed with an ultra-lightweight narrow body, the trailers are built to follow your rig down tight off-grid tracks. The Sierra is adventure-ready, with a steel chassis, proprietary independent trailing arm suspension, and lithium batteries standard, also equipped with two water tanks that hold up to 52 gallons of water. Paired with extreme exit and entry angles, you can get to your favorite off-the-grid locations with ease.

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