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What Is The Latest News On Trump

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Nbc Source: Jan 6 Witness Trump Called Was Wh Support Staffer

Donald Trump turned on Lindsey Graham. Of course.

But really, can you blame him? Its not as if anyone has ever held Trump accountable for the breaches of public trust in which hes engaged. Doing stupid, illegal things is, for most Americans, a one-way ticket to prosecution and maybe incarceration. For Trump, its merely another day that ends in y.

Lest we forget, as president, Trump tried to extort Ukraine into digging up dirt on then-candidate Joe Biden, and though he was impeached, Republicans had his back and acquitted him in the Senate. When he was impeached again after Jan. 6, 2021, prominent Republicans like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell cast withering blame on Trump but again, refused to convict him.

The Mueller report uncovered overwhelming evidence that Trump had routinely obstructed justice and cooperated with Russian efforts to undermine the 2016 election and nothing happened because of it. Indeed, Republicans have spent three years dismissing the Russia investigation as a partisan witch hunt even though Muellers investigation pointed to numerous incidents of Trump breaking the law.

Federal prosecutors named him as an unindicted co-conspirator in the misuse of campaign contributions in paying off adult film star Stormy Daniels. His former lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen , pled guilty to eight felonies and went to jail. Trump, as usual, skated.

Indeed, Trumps legacy as a businessman and politician is of routine, casual and often comically ostentatious law-breaking.

Trump Media & Technology Group The Creator Of Social Media Platform Truth Social Agreed To Merge With Digital World

Word of Trump’s social media deal said to have leaked months in advance: Report

Employees at a Miami investment firm had learned of a pending merger deal between former President Donald Trump’s social media company and a blank-check entity, long before it was announced, the New York Times reported on Monday, citing three people familiar with the discussions.

Officials of the firm, Rocket One Capital, at the time talked about ways to profit off the soon-to-be-announced transaction with Trump Media & Technology Group by investing in the SPAC, Digital World Acquisition Corp, the NYT reported, citing two of the people.

Federal prosecutors and regulators are now investigating the merger, including the frenzied trading in the SPAC’s warrants, the report said, citing people familiar with the investigation and public disclosures.

Trump Media & Technology Group, the creator of social media platform Truth Social, agreed to merge with Digital World on October 20 and the deal was expected to close by the second half of this year.

Digital World shares soared as much as 350 per cent, a day after the deal was made public.

Trump Was Alerted That Cabinet Considered Using 25th Amendment Aide Testifies

Former President Donald Trumps staff warned him that his actions on Jan. 6, 2021, could amount to criminal behavior. They unsuccessfully pleaded with him to call off rioters ransacking the Capitol who were threatening former Vice President Mike Pence. And after the riot had been put down and one of the most chaotic days in U.S. history was over, a former aide testified Tuesday, they told him his Cabinet members were discussing invoking the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.

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Trump Beckoned Mob To Dc After Combative White House Meeting House Jan 6 Panel Says

Before sending the tweet that would galvanize his followers to storm the Capitol on Jan. 6, President Trump hosted an explosive meeting at the White House where competing factions butted heads on whether Trump should accept election defeat or keep pushing unfounded conspiracy theories, House investigators said Tuesday.

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  • The former president called the witness after the House Jan. 6 committee’s last hearing, which took place on June 28, but the witness did not take the call, said Liz Cheney, the committees vice chair.

  • Former Us President Donald Trump Marked His 75th Birthday With A Dinner At The Trump National Golf Club In Bedminster New Jersey

    Talk in G.O.P. Turns to a Stop Donald Trump Campaign

    Reported By:| |Source: DNA webdesk |Updated: Jun 22, 2021, 01:12 PM IST

    Former US president Donald Trump celebrated his 75th birthday on Monday and the event was a low-key affair. Trump marked his 75th birthday with a dinner at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

    Donald Trump Jr, the son of former US president, took to his Instagram account to share some photos of the birthday party. The guests included Donald Jr.s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, former NFL star Herschel Walker, Indiana congressman Jim Banks and Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert.

    The most notable absentee was Donald Trump’s wife and former First Lady, Melania Trump.

    Ex-wife Ivana Trump once said in an interview that “Donald hates his birthdays”, and a source also told People magazine that Melania “keeps her own schedule and leads her own life” away from her husband.

    The absence of Melania has once again sparked the divorce rumors between the couple but writer Kristyn Burtt said that it is wrong to say that Melania has decided to part ways with Donald Trump.

    She said: “She did that at the start of his administration when she and son Barron remained in New York City so he could finish out the school year before they moved to Washington, D.C. The couple has very different hobbies and seems to prefer their independent activities, but no one should read too much into her absence. This shouldnt be seen as a sign that there is trouble in their marriage.”

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    Analysis: Examining Latest On Jan 6 Hearings

    Democrats were likely giddy over Cox’s win in the Republican primary. The Democratic Governors Association plowed more than $1 million behind an ad intended to boost Cox, seeing him as an easier opponent in November.

    It could potentially take days, or even longer, to determine the winners in the most closely contested races, including the Democratic primary for governor. Maryland law prohibits counties from opening mail ballots until the Thursday after election day.

    In another top race Tuesday, Democratic Sen. Chris Van Hollen beat back a primary challenge just months after suffering a minor stroke. He is favored in November to win a second term.

    Voters were also picking nominees for an open seat in the state’s eight-member congressional delegation. And the daughter of the state’s former attorney general was vying for her father’s old job.

    Ten candidates in all were seeking the Democratic nomination for governor. Tom Perez, a former U.S. labor secretary and former Democratic Party chair, had support from labor unions, while Moore, the former CEO of the Robin Hood Foundation, an anti-poverty organization, was endorsed by the states teachers union and the two top Maryland legislative leaders, House Speaker Adrienne Jones and Senate President Bill Ferguson.

    Another top candidate, state Comptroller Peter Franchot, who comfortably won four races to be the states tax collector, brought significant name recognition to the primary.

    Hes not a newcomer, said Fatig.

    Explosive Testimony Piles Pressure On Trump How Likely Are Criminal Charges

    The January 6 committee cannot charge Trump, but it can make criminal referrals. Here are the key legal issues at stake

    In six televised hearings, the House January 6 committee has presented extraordinary testimony about Donald Trumps attempt to overturn the 2020 election and its culmination, the deadly attack on the US Capitol by a far-right mob.

    The committee is made up of seven Democrats and two rebel Republicans, Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, who refused to follow their party in bending the knee to Trump.

    Set free of bipartisan considerations when the House Republican leader, Kevin McCarthy, withdrew cooperation, the panel has been able to act in a purely prosecutorial manner. It has also worked on how to present its findings, using TV industry expertise to present hearings honed, contained and aimed at convincing the American people Trump should never be president again.

    The committee cannot charge Trump with a crime. But the US Department of Justice can, a possibility that has stoked intense speculation in Washington and the world.

    Here are the key legal issues at stake:

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    ‘i Explained Its Not Allowed Under The Constitution’ Vos Said In An Interview For ‘upfront’

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    ‘I explained its not allowed under the constitution,’ Vos said in an interview for ‘UPFRONT’

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    ‘I explained its not allowed under the constitution,’ Vos said in an interview for ‘UPFRONT’

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    Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says former President Donald Trump called him last week in another attempt to convince Wisconsin Republicans to decertify the state’s 2020 presidential results.

    The conversation came after the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled absentee ballot drop boxes in the state illegal.

    “Its very consistent,” Vos said of the call in an interview for UPFRONT. “He makes his case, which I respect. He would like us to do something different in Wisconsin. I explained it’s not allowed under the constitution. He has a different opinion, and then he put out the tweet. So thats it.”

    Trump wrote on his social media site Truth Social, “Looks like Speaker Robin Vos, a long time professional RINO always looking to guard his flank, will be doing nothing about the amazing Wisconsin Supreme Court decision.”

    RINO, meant to be a criticism, stands for “Republican in name only.”

    “The court case as you read it does not go back and say what happened in 2020 was illegal,” Vos said. “It just says going forward it cant happen.”

    Trump continued saying, “The Democrats would like to sincerely thank Robin, and all of his fellow RINOs, for letting them get away with ‘murder.'”

    Ivana Trump Funeral Plans Are Set

    Secret Plot: New Clarence Thomas Scandal Over Wife’s Texts With Trump White House

    Friends and family of Ivana Trump will gather Wednesday at New York Citys St. Vincent Ferrer Church to celebrate her legacy.

    At the age of 73, the former model was found dead near stairs in her apartment last week. A medical examiner ruled Trumps death an accident. She died of blunt impact injuries to her torso, according to an official release from the medical examiners office.

    Ivana was the first wife of former President Trump. The couple was married from 1977 to 1992 and had three children together, as well as nine grandchildren.

    Donald and Melania Trump landed in New York City on Monday night and will be in attendance at the funeral, senior story producer Paula Froelich with NewsNations Banfield confirmed.

    There are rumors that Melania wont attend the funeral.

    If Melania shows, and thats a big if, shell be there just to support Donald, Froelich said.

    People magazine also confirmed that Ivanas three children, Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka, all plan to attend the funeral.

    Froelich believes that the funeral will be fabulous and compared it to Joan Rivers funeral, which attracted stars including Hugh Jackman, Whoopi Goldberg, Kelly Osbourne and Sarah Jessica Parker.

    Everyone in New York was there. Her coffin was led out by the New York police marching band, and they closed down 5th Avenue for it.

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    Filmmaker Who Gave Footage To Jan 6 Committee: Trump Is ‘dangerous’ Living In ‘cloud Cuckoo Land’

    A British documentary filmmaker who recently testified behind closed doors to the House Jan. 6 select committee said that former president Donald Trump is living in cloud cuckoo land, and is incapable of ever acknowledging that his claims about voter fraud are delusional.

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    Throughout the testimony presented in the Jan. 6 select committee hearings, former President Donald Trump, who may yet face criminal charges stemming from the emerging evidence, has sought to shape public perceptions about the Republican witnesses who have appeared.

  • So Will Trump Be Indicted

    As French wrote, Criminal charges require both evidence and political will.

    The evidence against Trump continues to mount, both in Washington DC and in Georgia, where there is substantial evidence supporting both federal and state charges for his effort to threaten and intimidate Georgia secretary of state Brad Raffensperger to find 12,000 votes.

    Raffensperger has appeared with other Republican state officials before the January 6 committee, providing damning testimony of his own.

    Most observers agree that for the DoJ to indict a former president, and at that a potential presidential candidate in 2024, would set a dangerous precedent, particularly given Trumps strong and demonstrably violent following on the far right.

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    Is The Doj Investigating Trump

    Yes. This week, the New York Times profiled Thomas Windom, an aggressive if little-known federal prosecutor who is pulling together disparate strands of DoJ Trump investigations.

    According to the Times, Windom, 44, is working under the close supervision of Attorney General Merrick B Garlands top aides executing the departments time-tested, if slow-moving, strategy of working from the periphery of the events inward.

    As examples of such work, the paper mentioned a raid on a former DoJ employees house and the seizure of a phone belonging to John Eastman, the law professor who cooked up Trumps scheme to reject electoral college results.

    Hutchinsons testimony also increased the heat on Trumps closest aides. Punchbowl News noted that though the DoJ declined to charge Meadows for defying the January 6 committee, following more damning testimony on Meadows role in everything leading to the insurrection, the DoJ could rethink that position.

    The DoJ does appear to be closing the net on Trump. Whether it chooses to haul in such a big fish is a very big question indeed.

    Is Trump Losing Gop Support 43% Of Republicans Want New Leaders: Poll

    Covid: Trump describes his illness

    Former President Donald Trump appears to still be the dominant driving force within the Republican Party, according to most political analysts as well as GOP lawmakersincluding his critics. But a new poll Sunday shows that a substantial minority of Republican voters would prefer new leaders instead of Trump.

    Trump has largely been viewed as a polarizing political figure, even within his own party. So called “Never Trumpers” continue to push back against his influence and control of the GOP, even as their years-long efforts have often appeared futile to curb his support among the Republican base. As this year’s GOP primaries continue, Trump’s preferred candidates have dominatedwinning in nearly all their contests thus far.

    Meanwhile, a poll released by NBC News/Hart Research Associates/Public Opinion Strategies showed that a significant chunk of Republican primary voters actually prefer that someone else would take the reins of leading their party. The survey found that a third of Republican primary voters believe Trump was a good president, but that it’s time for new leaders. An additional 10 percent said Trump was a bad president and it is now time for their party to move on.

    The survey was carried out from May 5 to 7 and 9 to 10. It included interviews with 1,000 adults.

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    Ivana Trump Funeral Services Announced

    The funeral arrangements for Ivana Trump have been announced.

    NEW YORK – The funeral arrangements for Ivana Trump have been announced.

    Trump, the first wife of former President Donald Trump, died inside of her Manhattan home on Thursday. She was 73. She accidentally fell down the stairs in her townhouse, authorities said.

    A service will be held Wednesday, July 20, at St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church on the Upper East Side, the neighborhood where she lived. The Celebration of Life begins at 1:30 p.m.

    Ivana Trump in April 1987.

    Her three children Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric are expected to be at the service but whether the former president will attend isn’t clear.

    Trump was born Ivana Zelnickova in Czechoslovakia in 1949 and went on to become a ski racer and businesswoman.

    She was married to Donald Trump from 1977 to 1992.

    Church of St. Vincent Ferrer | 869 Lexington Ave., New York, N.Y. 10065 | 212-744-2080

    Key Findings From The Times/siena College Poll

    The first poll of the midterm cycle.The New York Times has released its first national survey of the 2022 midterm cycle. Heres what to know:

    Bidens struggles to win approval.President Biden is facing an alarming level of doubt from inside his own party, with 64 percent of Democratic voters saying they would prefer a new standard-bearer in 2024. Voters nationwide, meanwhile, gave Mr. Biden a meager 33 percent job-approval rating, and only 13 percent said the nation was on the right track.

    Some in G.O.P. are ready to leave Trump behind.As the former president weighs another White House bid, nearly half of Republican primary voters would prefer someone other than Mr. Trump for president in 2024, with a significant number vowing to abandon him if he wins the nomination.

    A tight race for Congress.Despite Mr. Bidens low approval ratings, Democrats are roughly tied with Republicans ahead of the midterm elections. Among registered voters, 41 percent said they preferred Democrats to control Congress compared with 40 percent who preferred Republicans.

    The class divide widens.Voters who said abortion, guns or threats to democracy were the biggest problem facing the country backed Democrats by a wide margin, as Republicans make new inroads among nonwhite and working-class voters who remain more concerned about the economy.

    Still, many Republicans who favor someone else in a primary would nonetheless rally behind Mr. Trump if he won the nomination.

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    Trump Takes Aim At Big 12 Republican Incumbents Ahead Of 2024 Election

    Trump’s decision, and its timing, promise to define the playing field for Republicans’ efforts to oust President Joe Biden in 2024, and there is reason for him to feel greater urgency in recent weeks.

    While he casts a longer shadow over his party than that of any former president in modern times, the footsteps of 2024 Republican hopefuls are growing louder. Several of them have visited early primary states, endorsed candidates in the midterms or delivered high-profile speeches designed to elevate their standing in the party.

    That pack includes Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, former Vice President Mike Pence, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, and Sens. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., Josh Hawley, R-Mo., and Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

    There is also an emerging dynamic in which his favorites in multi-candidate races often fail win or lose to finish with as much as one-third of the vote. Some Republican operatives see that as a sign that his influence on the GOP electorate has diminished, to say nothing of his standing with a broader public that voted him out of office less than two years ago.

    Perhaps more important, Trump is frustrated by the ennui of engaging mostly through midterm endorsements for candidates he hardly knows, especially when as has happened in several recent high-profile primaries they lose.

    In four of the six contests, the challenger won.

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