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My Patriot Supply Vs Legacy

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All That Food Is Surprisingly Similar Heres Why

The Ready Store Prices vs My Patriot Supply & Legacy Food Storage, Which has a better price?

One factor many dont realize is that all this food, whether it be wheat, strawberries, corn, and everything else comes from only so many farms! Just as food processing plants package food and then place different labels on them for different brands, these farms and packing plants do the same thing. So wheat purchased from Emergency Essentials just might come from the exact same farm as Augason Farms wheat or vice versa.

There are very few plants that freeze-dry massive amounts of produce, so its just logical that the food itself is the same from one company to the next, and only the label and, possibly, the packaging process is different. Exactly where the food comes from is highly confidential, and you will probably only find out the country from which it originated.

In 2008 My Patriot Supply Where Are They Located

This is probably due in part to Mountain Home not determining as a “survival” business, but more of a generalized outside business. We think the emergency readiness market is a little bit of an afterthought or benefit for them. Although, many of the other camper/backpacker companies that contend with MH do not even offer survival packages.

Although the cardboard box options a minimum of make a claim about the variety of days covered, the plastic buckets do not describe days and/or calories at all– just “portions”, which indicates absolutely nothing in this context. We by hand included the calories based upon the dietary labels on each pouch. Mountain House appears to consider a day’s worth of food to be about 2,150-2,200 calories in packages identified by number of days, which is proper.

“The kind of food that makes you hope the power heads out!” The Italian Pepper Steak has good, chewy bits of beef, and extremely flavored tomato sauce that’s heavy on the red bell pepper. The majority of the testers enjoyed it, and all of them liked it. The only ones who didn’t like it do not like bell pepper.

The Best Survival Food Kits To Help You Stay Alive

  • The Best Survival Food Kits to Help You Stay Alive

Wise choice of survival food kits is an integral factor of successful survival. Think about nutritious characteristics of the meals you want to put in your backpack: meat, pasta, beef, chicken. and rice will sustain you better than some packs of crackers. To learn more about food survival kit, survival cooking and dining, read the article.

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Your All American Long Term Food Storage Solution

My Patriot Supply focuses on helping Americans be prepared for emergencies. It seems like they have thought of just about everything including the coffee! Ammo cans are sold for short-term emergencies. They stand apart from most long term food storage companies because they promise 2,000 + calories in each meal. Their black and white packaging is very classy looking with their Ready Hour logo.

When you shop on their website you will see the option to buy not only long term food storage but other emergency preparedness items such as water filtration systems, First Aid Kits, and Heirloom Seeds.

What Foods Have The Longest Shelf Life

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Most survival food kits are made with dehydrated foods and/or freeze-dried foods, which have the longest shelf life. These types of foods can last 20 to 30 years if sealed and stored properly. According to the USDA, not all canned foods are considered shelf-stable. The ones that are typically have a shelf life of one to two years, so while the canned foods you have in your pantry can certainly help in an emergency situation, you shouldnt store them in a food survival kit.

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Who Is Readywise For

Of course, it goes without saying that ReadyWise was created for those well-versed with disaster situations. If you reside in a place thats prone to hurricanes, tornados, severe thunderstorms, or blizzards, this survival-kit store may seem like a smart purchase to have. In addition, campers and adventurers can also use ReadyWise products as a way to help sustain themselves.

Food Storage Review Food4patriots Consumer Warning

Hey guys. Doing our research on food storage vs. marketing companies we came across this gem of a company: If you have been on Facebook for any length of time you have probably seen their marketing infomercial pitch page.

It usually flies under a heading like What FEMA doesnt Want you to KnowThe Government is Stockpiling Millions of Pounds of Food Storage. Basically, their ads are all about selling the sizzle of food storage, not the food storage itself.

The first thing to know is that Food4Patriots is a MARKETING company owned by Allen Baler, not a food company. They, as does my company, own multiple websites in multiple niches. They dropship their food from a company in Indiana called MyPatriotSupply, a dehydrated food packing and marketing company.

I spoke with a representative at MyPatriotSupply today asking about Food 4 Patriots and she was very clear that she had nothing good or bad to say about that company other than the owner of that company was a great marketerand he was one of their biggest clients.

So Far So Good: Wheres the Rub?

If you havent seen the pitch-page, take a minute to review it. In fact, if you want to buy food storage from f4p, its nearly impossible to buy their food unless you go through their sales funnel. The pitch page starts off about like any other pitch page does, playing on your fears.

Sigh, Lets Break This Down I will stop listing the inaccuracies when I get tired.

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About My Patriot Supply

Always be prepared. Thats the common phrase, right? Well, My Patriot Supplytakes it to a whole new level with all of the survival products one could ever need.

My Patriot Supply seeds, food, water, and miscellaneous items all provide the security needed to make it through any unprecedented events.

Over 21k followers on Instagram believe that staying prepared is the key to a long life. These loyal customers closely follow this leading supply company, keeping up to date through constant blog posts on survival, skills, and self-reliance.

This My Patriot Supply review will check out more than the products offered, but the companys mission, prices, history, customer testimonials, and more to help determine whether or not theyre a worthy investment.

Readywise Reviews: What Do Customers Think

72 Hour Emergency Food Kits ~ 4Patriots vs. My Patriot Supply

ReadyWise offers a straightforward solution to survival, which is probably why it ranks so high as a brand online. Weve found an overwhelmingly positive response for this company, as they proved to be reliable for campers and disaster situations.

While there are no reviews posted on its official page, we did uncover some encouraging testimonials on other sites such as Trustpilot and Amazon. Heres a summary of what weve gathered so far:

  • Amazon for the Emergency Food Supply Freeze Dried Vegetables 120 Servings: 362 reviews with 4.6/5 stars
  • Amazon for the Emergency Food Supply Variety Pack 25-Year Shelf Life 104 Servings: 1,214 reviews with 4.5/5 stars
  • Trustpilot: 5,840 reviews with 4.3/5 stars

Campers and survivors alike agree that ReadyWise meal kits were easy to prepare and convenient to have on hand. Others stated that their packages shipped quality and that the brands level of customer service exceeded their expectations.

I boiled water and had dinner in three minutes. Very critical to have a lot of these in the event of a natural disaster, one customer wrote for the 104 Serving Variety Pack.

Weve purchased several times from ReadyWise and have always been impressed with the quality, packaging, shipping & customer service, one reviewer left on Trustpilot.

Praise for ReadyWise continues on several independent blogs, including Survival Cache. According to the author, this online brand offered customers an affordable and convenient way to prepare for emergencies:

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Mega #10 Can Food Pack

The Mega #10 Can Food Pack is best for preparing your whole family for emergencies, traveling outdoors, or bartering food items in times of crisis. The Can Food Pack includes the following:

  • Blueberry Muffin Mix-40 servings

Here are the other Bulk #10 Can sell Food products that you can try now:

  • Summers Best Corn Chowder
  • Independence Hall Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Black Bean Burger
  • Strawberry Fields Cream of Wheat
  • Honey Powder
  • Sweetly Coated Banana Chips
  • Honey Wheat Bread Mix

Nowadays, it is becoming more essential to become prepared. With climate change, artificial, and natural disasters, having an emergency kit with food and other materials will help you survive.

There are many forms of disasters like earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, blizzards, and hurricanes. Any of these accidents may leave you without any food source for a short or long period.

One of the best ways to prevent this catastrophe is through the storage of food at home. Here are some tips on how to maximize your food storage techniques:

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Buy Survival Food By Mountain House Freeze Dried Food

Emergency situations can happen at any time and it’s smart to be prepared. Long term food storage is not just for the military and doomsday preppers. Everybody should be prepared to look after yourself and your household in times of natural catastrophes or national crisis. Due to this, I have actually been doing a great deal of research and comparing companies that offer freeze-dried and dehydrated foods as we prepare to start our off-grid homestead.

They don’t use much in terms of getting your feet wet. For that reason, you will need to invest at least $25 on their 72-hour sample pack consisting of 16 servings in order to attempt My Patriot Supply. You can’t simply purchase one pouch in order to experiment with a flavor.

You add the meal to the boiling water and after that simmer or boil your meal. Except for the Sample Load are no images on their site of the actual contents of the pouches or prepared meals hence you can’t see if they look enticing or not. Grow Life is various than other long term food storage business in that they focus more on the active ingredients rather than the meal .

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Is Readywise Worth It

From 60 serving kits to fully-stocked backpacks, ReadyWise teaches us that theres no such thing as being over-prepared in disaster situations. And they dont just sell packs of dehydrated eggs or standard porridge, youll find delectable meals like wild rice risotto or stroganoff.

Ultimately, its comforting to know that you dont have to resort to bland cupboard foods when it comes to basic survival. While most of its meal kits are relatively expensive, you cant deny that you get a bang for your buck from the generous amount of portions offered.

If youre looking for a brand thats ready for the future and wise in offering storage solutions, this ReadyWise emergency food supply review recommends that you check the company out.

How Much Emergency Food Supplies To Purchase


There are three things you need to know in order to decide how much emergency food you need to purchase.

  • How many people you will be feeding.
  • How long you will be feeding them.
  • How many calories they will require each day.
  • From there you simply choose a package or several packages that will accommodate your needs.

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    How Much Food Do You Need

    The American Red Cross recommends that you have a three-day supply for potential evacuation situations and a two-week supply for home use. In other words, for situations where you might be stuck at home with no power or other similar emergency situations, you should have enough food to feed everyone in your household three meals per day for two weeks. If you have to evacuate due to a natural disaster or something similar, you should have enough food to take with you on the road to feed each person three meals a day for three days.

    The Best Food Storage Company

    So what about other companies such as Emergency Essentials, Walton Feed, Augason Farms, and Honeyville?The 3 food storage companies used most often by #Survival Mom. #PrepperTalk

    None of these companies are inferior, they just dont rise to the top in the various categories that I personally find to be most important most helpful website and resources, an auto-ship option, consistently high quality, and the largest variety of products. As well, during the shortages of freeze-dried foods in 2021, Thrive Life was the one company that was able to continue fulfilling their orders while other companies had to temporarily halt new orders.

    For a year or so I taught classes at the Honeyville Farms retail store in Phoenix and bought quite a few food items each time. One thing I noticed was that the food purchased in the store was very nicely priced but the price increased dramatically online. They advertise a low shipping cost, but obviously, the price of shipping has to be made up elsewhere, thus the increase in their online prices. This made it difficult for me to determine which of their products were priced well and which might be more expensive than other brands, whose shipping charges were higher.

    Two other well-known brands Ive tried are Mountain House Foods Legacy Foods. I tried several of their freeze-dried entrees very good!

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    How To Use My Patriot Supply

    Using My Patriot Supply is as easy as it gets as it is basically an e-commerce website where you can directly order what you want.

    Lets take a look at how it works for first-time users.

    • Navigate to which is their website.
    • On the website, you will see a lot of options to choose from.
    • When you make your decision on what to buy and order, choose them and add it to your cart.
    • After adding them to your cart, proceed to the checkout.
    • At the checkout, you have to write down some personal information and your address for shipment.
    • When you finish this process, it is now time to make the payment for your order. While you are making the payment, you will also see the anticipated date for your delivery .
    • Making the payment concludes your order and you will get your order as soon as possible.

    Convenience In An Emergency

    My experience with, ” My Patriot Supply ”

    Some products are no different than a normal box of mac and cheese: you boil water in a pot, mix the packaged product into the pot, turn the heat to a simmer, cook, and serve. Others are as simple as pouring boiling water in the pouch and waiting a few minutes. In some cases, the water doesnt even need to be hot .

    Mountain House is the clear winner in convenience: boil water, pour into the pouch, seal, wait, shake, eat, trash. All you need is the water.

    Most of the other products were added to a bigger pot of boiling water. In some cases, like Emergency Essentials, you need to keep the heat going so the food simmers for 20 minutes.

    In other cases, like Ready Stores Easy Prep, once you add the food base to boiling water, you remove from the heat to let it cook. Which saves on fuel. We also liked Easy Preps quality zip-top pouches, which cost more to manufacture.

    If you consider it an inconvenience, many testers felt Legacy required the most active cooking partly due to the need to add seasonings and other ingredients.

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    Why Choose My Patriot Supply

    My Patriot Supplys founders are long-time survivalists who founded the business to share their expertise with those who want to be prepared.

    My Patriot Supply began in 2008 with a simple survival food kit but has since grown to include survival tools, medical supplies, and other items.

    On their website, you may buy almost anything you could need to survive a natural disaster or an act of violence.

    My Patriot Supply isnt only about food and gear their average consumer values self-sufficiency.

    According to the Company, being able to rely only on yourself is the highest kind of freedom, and the Company is dedicated to assisting its clients in achieving that level of independence.

    The Company also routinely publishes guidelines and advice for crisis preparedness, encouraging users to plan ahead of time.

    Examine their checklists to choose the best emergency plan for you and your family.

    Top Emergency Food Kits

    This section will get you familiar with the emergency food supply products and the brands offering them. Below you will find out about the various emergency meal solutions in price, size, and packaging.

    We chose Mountain Houses products for starters because they are trendy among those concerned with self-reliance. And heres why:

    • Mountain House offers freeze-dried food that boasts an even longer shelf life than any other emergency food company can offer. Mountain House products are said to remain eatable and retain their taste for up to thirty years. In contrast, regular emergency food has only a twenty-five-year guarantee.

    Mountain House products packaging includes pouches and buckets. Unfornutaley, the company does not have a larger buckets packaging option to make it easier for customers to stock on the emergency food supplies. So if you want to use Mountain House foods as the basis of your emergency food stockpile, you will just have to buy more small-sized buckets.

    We will not say that Mountain House foods are too affordable. They are quite expensive, but in terms of quality, the food is definitely worth it.

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