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Patriot Missiles In Dc For Inauguration

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Washington On High Alert Ahead Of Inauguration

Speculations about Trump’s political endeavours continue | Patriot Party | US News | World News

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said on Monday that she has asked for increased security around the upcoming inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, requesting that the president declare a pre-emergency disaster, following last weeks deadly assault on the U.S. Capitol.

Bowser also said she sent a letter on Sunday to Chad Wolf, the acting secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, in which she called last weeks assault an unprecedented terrorist attack,” and said Bidens inauguration on January 20th will require a different approach.

Citing continuing threats to disrupt Biden’s inauguration from groups involved in last week’s pro-Trump riot, the U.S. National Park Service said Monday it has closed the Washington Monument through January 24th.

Likewise, Bowser has asked Wolf to extend the national special security event period in the District of Columbia to run from Monday until January 24th.

Bowser also urged the Department of Homeland security to coordinate with the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, the Supreme Court and Congress to establish a federal force deployment plan for all federal property.

Bowser’s requests come as the outgoing chief of the U.S. Capitol Police said that his efforts to call in the National Guard were thwarted.

Sund, who will step down from his post on January 16th after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for his resignation, said his request for help was rejected or delayed six times.

Saudi Arabia And Yemen

Biden ordered a halt in the arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates which the Trump administration had previously agreed to. Two years after Jamal Khashoggi’s assassination, Avril Haines, the Director of National Intelligence under Biden’s administration, announced that the intelligence report into the case against Saudi Arabia‘s government would be declassified. It was reported that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman would be blamed for the murder, as was concluded by the CIA.

On February 4, 2021, the Biden administration announced that the U.S. was ending its support for the Saudi-led bombing campaign in Yemen. President Biden in his first visit to the State Department as president said “this war has to end” and that the conflict has created “a humanitarian and strategic catastrophe.” However, the details of the end of American involvement in the war have yet to be released as of April 2021.

In September 2021, Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan met in Saudi Arabia with Crown Prince Bin Salman to discuss the high oil prices. The record-high energy prices were driven by a global surge in demand as the world quit the economic recession caused by COVID-19.

General John Pershings World War One Military Parade

The stage was set for the beginning of World War One in 1914 when Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated with his wife during a visit to inspect troops in Bosnia. Four years later, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, World War One ends.

Nearly one year later in 1919, General John J. Pershing marched approximately 25,000 soldiers from the American Expeditionary Forces 1st Division on the Western Front down Fifth Avenue in New York City and later did the same thing in Washington down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington.

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Meanwhile In Maga Landtrump Arrives At Mar

  • President Trump left the White House with the First Lady at 8.12am, boarding Marine One for the last time
  • He stopped briefly to speak to reporters, saying it had been the ‘honor of a lifetime’ to serve as President
  • At Joint Base Andrews, he told a crowd of reporters that he would be back ‘in some form’
  • Before flying off on Air Force One, he told everyone present: ‘Have a good life’
  • Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ – which played at his inaugural ball in 2017 – played as Air Force One lifted off
  • Trump is the first president since 1869 to snub his successor’s inauguration
  • In his final act, he granted clemency to 72 people including Steve Bannon and rapper Lil Wayne
  • Trump’s unorthodox departure has caused a security nightmare – he is taking with him what is known as the nuclear ‘football’ which contains the nuclear codes
  • It had to be rushed back to Washington from Florida by the military before Biden was sworn in
  • While Trump refused to mention Biden, officials say he did leave a letter for him in the Oval Office

Service With The United Arab Emirates

US approves sale of $2 billion in missiles to UAE: Pentagon

According to Brigadier General Murad Turaiq, the commander of some of the Yemeni forces allied to the Saudi-led coalition currently fighting in Yemen, Patriot air defence systems deployed to Yemen by the United Arab Emirates have successfully intercepted two ballistic missiles fired by Houthi forces. General Turaiq told the Abu Dhabi-based The National newspaper on November 14 that the first missile was shot down late the previous day in the Al-Gofainah area and a second was intercepted before it hit the building hosting the control centre for forces operating in Marib and Al-Baydah provinces. Airbus Defence and Space satellite imagery obtained by IHS Jane’s showed two Patriot fire units, each with just two launchers, deployed at the Safir airstrip in province on October 1.

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The Evidence Is In: The Missile Defense System That The United States And Its Allies Rely On Is A Lemon

On March 25, Houthi forces in Yemen fired seven missiles at Riyadh. Saudi Arabia confirmed the launches and asserted that it successfully intercepted all seven.

This wasnt true. Its not just that falling debris in Riyadh killed at least one person and sent two more to the hospital. Theres no evidence that Saudi Arabia intercepted any missiles at all. And that raises uncomfortable questions not just about the Saudis, but about the United States, which seems to have sold them and its own public a lemon of a missile defense system.

Social media images do appear to show that Saudi Patriot batteries firing interceptors. But what these videos show are not successes. One interceptor explodes catastrophically just after launch, while another makes a U-turn in midair and then comes screaming back at Riyadh, where it explodes on the ground.

On March 25, Houthi forces in Yemen fired seven missiles at Riyadh. Saudi Arabia confirmed the launches and asserted that it successfully intercepted all seven.

This wasnt true. Its not just that falling debris in Riyadh killed at least one person and sent two more to the hospital. Theres no evidence that Saudi Arabia intercepted any missiles at all. And that raises uncomfortable questions not just about the Saudis, but about the United States, which seems to have sold them and its own public a lemon of a missile defense system.

Electoral And Ethical Reform

In response to what Biden describes as the growing influence of special interests and gerrymandering in elections, he has pledged to seek electoral reforms. The Biden administration pledged to pass government ethics reform. Biden has suggested that the upcoming 2022 United States elections could be illegitimate if his proposed laws are not passed.

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Public Opinion On Major Military Parades

Pentagon officials balked over the price tag of military parades, some veterans groups publicly announced opposition to the concept of a military parade without a decisive victory to celebrate. The American Legion went on record in the similar fashion National Commander Denise Rohan issued a statement on its official site in 2018:

The American Legion appreciates that our President wants to show in a dramatic fashion our nations support for our troopsHowever, until such time as we can celebrate victory in the War on Terrorism and bring our military home, we think the parade money would be better spent fully funding the Department of Veteran Affairs and giving our troops and their families the best care possible.

American military parades have been questioned, and the issue of parade fund spending launched a significant amount of debate and discussion. As shown in history, the goal of any major military parade is to raise awareness of the military, their sacrifices, and the quality of life for American troops and their families, but the most recent military parade succeeded in starting some important conversations.

Joe Wallace is a 13-year veteran of the United States Air Force and a former reporter for Air Force Television News

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The First Armed Forces Day Parades

Washington DC ‘looks more like Baghdad’ ahead of inauguration

When Armed Forces Day was created by then-Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson, the very first observance on Saturday, May 20, 1950, was given a theme: Teamed For Defense.Armed Forces Day was intended partly to raise civilian awareness of the military so the parade featured the latest military hardware and marchers from every branch of military service.

There were parades all over the country and even some overseas. One notable example on that day was the Washington D.C. event with 10,000 troops including cadets, veterans, and currently serving active duty members.

In New York City, there were more than 30,000 participants and more than 250 aircraft involved. There was even a thousand-troops strong march in Berlin at Templehof Airfield.

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History Of Military Parades

These symbolic demonstrations of military might have been happening as long as there have been formal militaries, and while some of the trappings have changed over time, the basic concept of the military parade remains the same.

That concept includes multiple goals-raising public awareness of men and women in uniform, supporting the troops with a public show of positivity and respect, and using the parade as an example of American military strength.

The military parade has a long and varied history. Among the oldest and most obvious examples can be found in ancient Roman history and later commemorated in western art. In the 1800s the artist Bartolomeo Pinelli immortalized a parade scene featuring the Roman commander Marcus Claudius Marcellus returning to Rome after defeating Gauls. Marcellus died in 208 B.C.

Closer to home, the history of military parades in America somewhat follows the timeline of the nations major conflicts. Some of the earliest parades, circa 1798 and into the 1800 and attended by then-Presidents John Adams and later Thomas Jefferson, were held to commemorate the 4th of July and the American Revolution. Compared to later efforts, these were smaller affairs.

Military Parades: Eisenhower And Jfk

Presidential inaugurations in the 1950s and 1960s were marked by military parades and military-style parades. The 1953 inauguration of President Dwight Eisenhower included participation by more than 20,000 troops and even featured a nuclear-capable cannon.

In 1961, President John F. Kennedys inaugural parade included a display of American military hardware including the Nike Zeus missile and the Nike Hercules missile.

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A Judge Just Handed Trump A Major Loss In The Dc Attorney General’s Lawsuit Over Inauguration Funds As The Case Heads To Trial

  • A judge reinstated the Trump Organization as a defendant in a lawsuit over the potential misuse of inauguration funds.

  • The DC Attorney General alleges the organization wrongly took nonprofit funds from Trump’s 2017 inauguration.

  • A judge ruled the AG brought enough evidence to keep the company as a defendant.

A Washington, DC judge reinstated the Trump Organization as a defendant in a lawsuit brought by the district’s attorney general over whether former President Donald Trump misused funds for his 2017 inauguration reversing an earlier decision and handing a major loss to Trump as the case heads to trial.

DC Attorney General Karl A. Racine filed the civil lawsuit in January 2020. He accused the Trump Organization, the Trump International Hotel in DC, and Trump’s 2017 presidential inaugural committee, which is a tax-exempt nonprofit, of using tax-free funds to improperly pay the Trump Organization and members of the Trump family.

In November, DC Superior Court Judge José M. López cleaved the Trump Organization off the case, ruling that Racine’s office didn’t bring enough evidence to establish the company may have broken the law.

Racine filed a motion for reconsideration later that month. On December 31, the case was transferred to a different judge, Yvonne Williams, who ruled Wednesday night that the Trump Organization should remain in the case after all.

Racine celebrated the new ruling Wednesday night.

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Downtown Dc Becomes The Green Zone

Washington deploys Patriot missiles in Iraq

In addition to a record number of houseguests and an explosion of kitsch, Washington, D.C., is witnessing an unprecedented surge in security for tomorrow’s presidential inauguration.

A force of 20,000 police officers, National Guard troops, and plainclothes agents will be on the streets tomorrow to watch over the inaugural festivities. F-16 fighters and Patriot missile batteries will be on alert to defend the capital’s airspace. Notes the New York Times:

The security measures, enhanced by a White House announcement of emergency financing for public safety, are by far the most extensive and stringent for the swearing-in of a president a task vastly complicated by a crowd that is expected to reach two million to four million people who will face successive rings of security, each more restrictive than the last before they get near inaugural events.

Our apartment DANGER ROOM’s D.C. bureau is a few blocks north of the restricted zone that will envelop the National Mall and most of downtown. An outer ring will be off-limits to vehicles pedestrians will have to pass through entry control points to get to the parade route. Planning on driving in from Virginia? Good luck. All the bridges from Virginia to the district will be closed to private vehicles, with few exceptions.

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Pentagon To Vet Guardsmen Deployed To Dc But Sees No Sign Of Insider Threat Secretary Miller Says

Earlier in the day, news outlets reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was vetting all 25,000 US National Guard troops who will be involved in ensuring security at the upcoming inauguration to exclude insider attacks.

“As is normal for military support to large security events, the Department will vet National Guardsmen who are in Washington, DC While we have no intelligence indicating an insider threat, we are leaving no stone unturned in securing the capital,” a statement by Miller, , said.

The acting defense secretary stressed that National Guard servicemen were instructed to report any suspicious activities they notice to their chain of command.

“The DC National Guard is also providing additional training to service members as they arrive in DC that if they see or hear something that is not appropriate, they should report it to their chain of command,” Miller said.

Moreover, the Pentagon has authorized 750 active-duty troops to support security efforts ahead of Bidens inauguration, Politico reported, citing defense officials

According to one of the officials, altogether, the Pentagon has authorized roughly 2,750 active-duty personnel to support the inauguration, however about 2,000 of the troops are for “ceremonial support.”

Some users shared another video online of what appears to be Bell V-22 Osprey aircraft seen in the sky above Washington, DC, allegedly during the time of the incident.

Osprey over DC


Before Airbnb Canceled Inauguration Reservations Hosts Took Matters Into Their Own Hands One Listing Added A Photo Of Michelle Obama

This story has been updated with Airbnbs Wednesday statement that it is canceling all reservations in the Washington area for inauguration week.

Cynthia Harris knew something was up on Jan. 2, when she got two booking requests to rent the English-basement apartment below her home for the coming week. One potential guest sent a note urging her to approve the booking that day, and wanted to know how many miles away her location in Petworth was from the Mall.

As longtime D.C. residents and Airbnb superhosts since 2017, Harris, 67, and her husband, Noble Davis, 66, have spent many an evening out on their deck, getting to know their guests over a glass of wine . Weve had people from Russia, from Saudi Arabia, she said. We have definitely made some friends that we stay in touch with.

Harris and Davis have learned to recognize the patterns of incoming and outgoing travel to Washington. When we get multiple requests, we know that theres a protest or some kind of march going on, Harris said. So when two came in for the first week of January at the last minute, they glanced at the calendar and realized the potential renters were likely planning to protest the electoral college vote.

Other hosts incorporated subtle signals into their profiles to telegraph that would-be disrupters of the inauguration will not be welcomed.

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President Ford Vietnam And The Delayed Parade

In the 1970s, President Gerald Ford declined to participate in military parades designed to commemorate the bicentennial, stating that the spectre of the Vietnam War overshadowed such events. Those returning home from Vietnam would not get a parade honoring them until decades later in an emotional event in the nations capital.

A New York Times article from 1982 declares:

Thousands of Vietnam veterans marched away from a decade of indifference today and paraded proudly past the White House to a memorial whose history recalls the divisiveness of their war.

This was written about a five-day long event in 1982 called the National Salute To Vietnam Veterans which featured a 15,000-strong march to the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C.

The NY Times reported then:

The camaraderie was almost palpable as veterans embraced in the streets or locked hands in ritual handshakes. After years of self-doubt and resentment at public indifference, they were staging their own celebration, a coming-out party given by veterans for veterans. But it was not the heroes welcome, the ticker-tape parade with roaring crowds and an outpouring of gratitude, that many veterans openly long for

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