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Are Any Other Republicans Running For President

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Sen Rick Scott Of Florida

Flawless run: All 22 Trump endorsed candidates win Republican primary

Scott, 68, is a first-term senator whose biggest asset could be his fundraising. During his 2018 campaign, he raised more than $20 million, in addition to $63 million of his own money he chipped in, according to Politico, and hes also chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Scott and his wife, Ann Holland, have two children, and he was previously the governor of Florida.

Key Findings From The Times/siena College Poll

The first poll of the midterm cycle.The New York Times has released its first national survey of the 2022 midterm cycle. Heres what to know:

Bidens struggles to win approval.President Biden is facing an alarming level of doubt from inside his own party, with 64 percent of Democratic voters saying they would prefer a new standard-bearer in 2024. Voters nationwide, meanwhile, gave Mr. Biden a meager 33 percent job-approval rating, and only 13 percent said the nation was on the right track.

Some in G.O.P. are ready to leave Trump behind.As the former president weighs another White House bid, nearly half of Republican primary voters would prefer someone other than Mr. Trump for president in 2024, with a significant number vowing to abandon him if he wins the nomination.

A tight race for Congress.Despite Mr. Bidens low approval ratings, Democrats are roughly tied with Republicans ahead of the midterm elections. Among registered voters, 41 percent said they preferred Democrats to control Congress compared with 40 percent who preferred Republicans.

The class divide widens.Voters who said abortion, guns or threats to democracy were the biggest problem facing the country backed Democrats by a wide margin, as Republicans make new inroads among nonwhite and working-class voters who remain more concerned about the economy.

Still, many Republicans who favor someone else in a primary would nonetheless rally behind Mr. Trump if he won the nomination.

Which Republicans Will Run For President In 2024

There are many well-known possible contenders.

Republicans are waiting to see who wins the upcoming presidential elections and how the crisis evolves before candidates toss their hats in the ring for the 2024 presidential nomination.

Will presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden wrestle the White House? Will the country see a coronavirus vaccine by January? Will schools reopen in the fall? Above all, does President Trump crash and burn or stage a Truman-style comeback?

If Donald Trump wins, well continue to see a lot more of, maybe even more so of, what the Republican party feels they are now. If it happens to be former Vice President Biden winning the White House, then I think were going to see the Republican party, sort of, retract and look to see what they need to be moving forward, Jason Mollica, professor at American University and part of the Fox News Radio launching team, said. It will have to be a new Republican party that combines the old form of reaching across the aisle and looking at the new realities of what is ahead.

If Trump doesnt win a new term, Mollica and other experts agreed that the party will have to come up with someone who not only embraces Trumps modern political ideals like abortion revisions and reforming the North Atlantic Treaty Organization , but also represents the traditional Republican policies including free trade and gun rights.

GOP politicians considering running in 2024 must also examine the scope of the results.

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Pence Edges Up The List As He Places A Big Bet Against Trump In Georgia

Its Trump vs. Pence in the Georgia gubernatorial primary on Tuesday sort of after Pence made the intriguing decision to come in late for a candidate Trump hates: Gov. Brian Kemp .

Its possible to oversell the significance of this Mike Pence has backed establishment-oriented GOP candidates like Kemp before. But Pence had to know this would be provocative to Trump, and decided to do it anyway, even opting to make a public appearance for Kemp on the eve of the primary.

It now looks like itll pan out quite nicely. Kemp led former senator David Perdue 60 percent to 32 percent in a recent Fox News poll, further cementing him as the odds-on favorite. His win wouldnt necessarily affirm Pences political stock Kemp was already showing double-digit leads but it would be a nice boost for Pence and his presidential aspirations.

And its merely the latest example of Pence carving out some calculated distance from former president Donald Trump. And hes navigated the potential pitfalls relatively well: Though Trump has criticized the former vice president for not helping him overturn the 2020 election, it hasnt amounted to the kind of sustained campaign he often launches against his apostates.

What happens if a narrative takes hold after May 24 that Pence beat Trump in a proxy battle ? Trumps reaction would say plenty about his 2024 intentions and Pences gamble.

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Which GOP Governors Running for the White House Actually Cut Spending ...
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  • 130 AD State Board of Elections
  • 131 AD State Board of Elections
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  • 134 AD through 139 AD Monroe County Board of Elections
  • 148 AD Steuben County Board of Elections

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Psst: The Presidential Campaign Begins In Four Months

Two years removed from the 2024 presidential election, two things appear to be true. First, of all the possible scenarios, the most likely is that there will be a rematch between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Donald Trump.

Second, as the two men each of them the odds-on favorite for his partys nomination circle each other warily, Americans would very much prefer they both stand down. Its a finding that has been confirmed by multiple polls.

Trump is reportedly eyeing a presidential campaign announcement in September Many in Bidens world believe that Trump running would trigger Biden to officially jump in the race himself.

A recent New York Times/Siena College poll found 64 percent of Democrats hope Biden doesnt run. The same poll found Trump receiving only 49 percent of the vote in a hypothetical Republican primary.

That isnt exactly either base urging either man to run. It also isnt clear that either man could prevent a primary challenge, meaning they would have to subject themselves to a potentially uncomfortable preliminary round before the general election contest.

So just who are the people laying the groundwork for a presidential campaign who arent named Biden or Trump? Here is a list, in no particular order, of five people from each party who could throw their hats in the ring.

Cpac And The Broader Republican Party Agree: Its Trumps Party For Now

alex: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. We know hes a rising star in GOP circles and I think the CPAC straw poll pointed out his popularity among the Trump wing of the Republican Party. Another poll, too, after Trump.

Plus, being from Florida gives him an edge in a competitive state. To me, it appears that at this point, people like DeSantis because his policy priorities are similar to Trumps, but he lacks the former presidents ego and baggage.

sarah: Stole my first round pick!!

geoffrey.skelley: DeSantis isnt terribly well known, but I suspect well see him try to correct for that in the coming months. He may be coy for a while about his plans, though, because he needs to win reelection in 2022, and we know that would-be candidates want to take care of the home front first.

nrakich: Yeah, I think DeSantis is a smart pick. Hes doing all the right things picking fights with Democrats, going on Fox News a lot

sarah: Could not agree more. There is no autopsy report yet of the 2020 election from the GOP side , but one thing that stands out to me is something Echelon Insights pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson wrote for the Washington Examiner in February, Trumps legacy in the party isnt policy, and it isnt a person. Its a posture a fighting posture in a moment where Republicans think the fight is what matters most.

I bring that up because something Anderson and her organization have found is that many GOP voters want someone who will fight for them.

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Trump Remains The Center Of Attention

So much of the Republican Partys future revolves around Trump and whether he will run again in 2024 and whether his campaigning for conservative allies in 2022 congressional and state elections will split the party.

The former president is even hosting one of the events at this weekends retreat, a Saturday night dinner at his Mar-a-Lago estate. Other retreat activities will take place at the Four Seasons resort hotel, about four miles south of Mar-a-Lago.

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Trump, who remains popular with Republican voters despite his election loss to President Joe Biden and the chaos that surrounded it, has repeatedly said it is too early to decide whether he will run again in 2024.

But Trump plans to get involved in the the 2022 races, targeting Republicans who supported impeaching him over the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol or otherwise opposed his efforts to overturn the election.

Trumps endorsements of favored candidates in Republican primaries threaten to split the Republican Party. His 2022 activity also means it could be years before he announces what he will do in 2024, effectively freezing the Republican presidential race.

Still, some Republicans are doing the kinds of things future presidential candidates do, regardless of whether Trump has announced.

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Pence was asked if he’d run against Trump in 2024. Hear his response
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Member Of State Committee

  • DEMOCRATIC and REPUBLICAN Party State Committee petitions are filed with the county boards of elections.
  • CONSERVATIVE and WORKING FAMILIES Party State Committee petitions are filed in the same manner as those for the office of Representative in Congress .

Republican State Committee elections are held at the primary in odd numbered years. All other parties elect state committee at the primary in even numbered years.

To run for any party position such as member of state committee, national or judicial delegate or alternate, you must be a duly enrolled member of the party from which you are seeking the designation. You also must be a resident of the jurisdiction from which you are running.

The office of judicial delegate and alternate judicial delegate are elected at the primary. .

Sen Tim Scott Of South Carolina

One thing Scott has going for him that other potential 2024 contenders do not is a bunch of their endorsements. Scotts up for reelection next year, and in an ad kicking off his campaign released last week, Republicans including Cruz, Pompeo, Haley and Pence all backed his candidacy. Scott is positioning himself as a Trump-friendly conservative. In his ad, he included a clip of Trump calling him a friend of mine, and at a rally for his reelection, Scott said he wanted to make sure this wasnt a centrist crowd after asking them to boo Biden louder, according to The State.

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., arrives as senators go to the chamber for votes at the Capitol in Washington on May 27, 2021.

J. Scott Applewhite, Associated Press

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Us Sen Tom Cotton Of Arkansas

Cotton has been raising Iowa eyebrows since 2016 when he stopped to meet with the Iowa delegation at that year’s Republican National Convention. The senator has been a regular visitor since, making appearances on behalf of elected officials like U.S. Sens. Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst.

Brianne Pfannenstiel is the chief politics reporter for the Register. Reach her at [email protected] or 515-284-8244. Follow her on Twitter at @brianneDMR.

Sen Tom Cotton Of Arkansas

What Other Republicans Are Running For President

Cotton needs to work on his pushups. The 44-year-old senator did 22 pushups onstage at a Republican fundraiser in Iowa alongside Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and he barely had any depth. Grassleys werent any better, but he gets a pass for being 87 years old, and he runs four days a week. The contest was for a good cause: to raise awareness of the average 22 veterans a day who take their life.

Cottons remarks at the fundraiser were an early preview of what could become a campaign stump speech. He attacked Biden, critical race theory and China, according to KCCI in Des Moines. He also offered his full throated endorsement of the Iowa caucus, which is something candidates who want to win the Iowa caucus do.

U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., speaks at a North Little Rock, Ark., news conference on Thursday, Aug. 21, 2014.

Danny Johnston, Associated Press

Why should there be any change to the Republicans first in the nation status just because the Democrats cant run a caucus? Cotton said, referencing Democrats delayed caucus results in 2020. Iowa has had this status now going back decades and that develops more than just a custom or habit, it develops a tradition of civic engagement unlike you see almost anywhere else in the country.

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Florida Gov Ron Desantis

DeSantis, 42, has quickly emerged as a Republican rising star. He finished second in the Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll in February behind Trump, and some see him as the best positioned heir to the Trump mantle.

If Trump doesnt run again, I think hes the odds-on favorite to be the next president, Florida Republican Party chair and state Sen. Joe Gruters told NBC News of DeSantis.

DeSantis appeal is due in part to his combative relationship with the news media he regularly spars with journalists, interrupting or pushing back against their questions in a way Trump fans would appreciate and also because of his handling of the pandemic.

In a recent Wall Street Journal , DeSantis wrote that Floridas less-restrictive response to COVID-19 bucked faulty intel from the elites and the state still ended up with comparatively low unemployment, and per capita COVID mortality below the national average. Floridas COVID-19 death rate per 100,000 people is similar to California and Ohio, and so far, about 33,500 Floridians have died from the virus. New research in the American Journal of Public Health suggests the state is undercounting COVID-19 deaths.

United States Presidential Election

2024 United States presidential election
Incumbent President

The 2024 United States presidential election will be the 60th quadrennial presidential election, scheduled for Tuesday, November 5, 2024. It will be the first presidential election after electoral votes are redistributed according to the post-2020 censusreapportionment. Incumbent president Joe Biden stated in January 2022 that he intends to run for reelection to a second term, with Vice President Kamala Harris as his running mate. Former President Donald Trump suggested in March 2022 that he intends to run for president for a nonconsecutive second term, after his loss in 2020.

In the United States, general elections follow caucuses and primary elections held by the major parties to determine their nominees. The winner of the 2024 presidential election is scheduled to be inaugurated on January 20, 2025.

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What Makes The 2024 Presidential Election Unique

The lead up to the 2024 presidential election is different from past years because of former President Donald Trump. Hes eligible to run for a second term, and has publicly toyed with the idea while also weighing in on other Republicans he thinks could be the future of the party. If Trump does run in 2024, hed start out with unparalleled name ID and massive support, but if he doesnt, the field could be wide open for other Republicans hoping to win over his supporters. President Joe Biden said recently he expects to run for reelection in 2024.

This early on, wannabe candidates must raise their profiles, show their commitment to the party, and raise money, one Republican strategist said, to get on peoples radars even when your candidacy is in a holding pattern.

Some of the most visible 2024 presidential candidates will surely flame out long before the Iowa caucus, and theres always the chance that the next Republican nominee isnt yet considered a serious player . Theres a million and one things that will happen between now and then that will shape the race in ways we cant now predict, but the invisible primary that comes before any votes are cast has started.

Heres your very early guide to some of 2024s Republican presidential candidates, based on early polling, interviews with Republican donors and strategists and results from online political betting markets.

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