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American Patriot Class B Rv

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The Best Small Rvs With Shower And Toilet

American Coach Patriot Class B Motorhome | 144 FD2 | EASY TO DRIVE RV

Here are the best small RVs that come with a toilet and shower inside or as add-ons for buyers:

  • The Happier Camper HC1
  • Scamp Trailer 13 Standard Trailers
  • Cricket Camper
  • Jay Sport Pop Up Camper
  • Flagstaff Hard Side High Wall Series T21DMHW
  • Winnebago 4×4 Revel
  • American Coach 2021 American Patriot Class B Motorhome
  • Thor Coach Gemini 23TE Class B+ Motorhome
  • Sportsmobile Mercedes Sprinter S40-DYO
    • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 3,500 lbs

    What youll like about it:

    Coming in at just 13, this is the smallest RV in the market today that offers you the comfort of having your very own shower and toilet when youre out camping. These amenities come as an add on though.

    Because of HC1 custom water tanks solution, users can opt to have a 4-gallon roadshower thats easy to refill so that these campers have no problem staying clean during their outdoor adventures. Happier Camper also offers a dry flush toilet option. Whats nice about this is that theres no need for any plumbing. You can dispose the waste bags when youre done with your business.

    An outdoor shower and dry flush toilet together with HC1s standard features of an Adaptiv modular interior to fit your other camping needs, off-the-grid and solar ready, and can accommodate a family of 5, you can go and fit anywhere with this camper in tow!

    What Is A Small Rv

    But first, lets clarify what we mean by small RVs.

    Travel trailers and Class B motorhomes typically fall within this category. Class B motorhomes have an average length of 20 ft, width of 8 to 9 ft, and height of 7 to 9 ft. Travel trailers have an average length of 20 ft and width of 8 ft. Lightweight ones even come with a width of only 6 to 7 ft.

    Lets compare them with the size of Class A or Class C motorhomes. The length of Class A motorhomes ranges from 29 to 45 feet. Class C motorhomes have an average length of 30 to 33 ft. Clearly, theres a big difference when it comes to size.

    So, for the purpose of our discussion here, when we say smaller RVs, we refer to travel trailers and Class B motorhomes that come with a length of not more than 25 ft.

    Are Shower And Toilet Essential For Your Rv

    The answer to this question is relative. It depends on the user. There are people who are fine with just having a roof over their head during their camping adventure while there are some who prefer to travel with full amenities including a shower and toilet so that they wont have any problem when nature calls.

    This is also why not all RVs, even the big ones, come with a shower and toilet. They want to give users the option to choose which comforts and amenities they want to have while theyre out camping and enjoying the outdoors.

    But if youre one of those people who prefer to have their own toilet and shower in their RVs, then the good news is that there are small RVs out there that have them on board and well be sharing with you the best small RVs with shower and toilet in the market today.

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    American Coach American Patriot Motor Home Class B

    The American Patriot Class B diesel motorhomes offer luxury appointments and amenities, elegant style and the craftsmanship you are accustom to having in an American Coach!

    Each is built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis to allow you to travel all over the countryside in style. You will also enjoy having elegant interior details, such as solid surface countertops, custom Maybach style seating, a comfortable lounge bed, and a large shower in the wet bath. Each includes a rear backup camera system, a power awning with LED light, an exterior shower, plus many more conveniences to make every trip enjoyable.

    Tour the countryside in unmatched elegance and style in a luxury American Patriot Class B diesel by American Coach!

    Flagstaff Hard Side High Wall Series T21dmhw

    2021 American Coach Patriot MD4 RV for Sale in Alvarado ...

    Key Specifications:

    • Weight: 2,700 lbs

    What youll like about it:

    Go camping in style. Theres no need for a fancy hotel when youve got the Forest River RVs Flagstaff Hard Side High Wall Series T21DMHW.

    It has a completely enclosed living area to make you comfortable in any kind of weather. The fiberglass roof has a Sky Light and windows with shades for you to still feel connected with the outdoors.

    This camper comes with a sink, 3 burner glass top stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, quilted top memory foam mattresses, outdoor gas grill, solar panel prep, and ports for your entertainment system.

    The T21DMHW is the only Flagstaff model that comes with a hard wall shower with residential flush toilet for your bathroom needs. It also has an electric water pump and a hot water package.

    The Flagstaff T21DMHW has comfort and style written all over it.

    • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 9,050 lbs

    What youll like about it:

    The first Class B motorhome on our list but definitely not the least. This motorhome is for the solo camper or couples who love the outdoors.

    The 4×4 Revel allows you to stay off the grid much longer without sacrificing comfort. This is because it has 2 125-amp hour LiFePO batteries.

    The inside is made more comfortable with the ergonomic design of their dinette with a removable pedestal table to give you more room inside the motorhome when youre not using it.

    This motorhome also comes with an all-in-one gear closet and wet bath for your bathroom needs.

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    Thor Coach Gemini 23te Class B+ Motorhome

    Key Specifications:

    • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 11,000 lbs

    What youll like about it:

    This is another motorhome good for 2. But when you see its interior, youll understand why its called a home. It exudes comfort and class and lets you enjoy the perks of home while youre on the road.

    You can sleep comfortably in the Thor Coach Gemini. It features a queen size mattress with bedspread and pillow shams. Everything you need just within reach. Theres a TV for some entertainment and USB ports in the nightstand to recharge your devices, ready for another day of adventure. When you flip out your bed, theres cushioned seating for you to lounge around during daytime.

    You can also enjoy a refreshing shower after a day of adventure. The Thor Coach Gemini lets you have your own full bath in your motorhome. Theres a shower with glass door, stainless sink, tankless hot water. Theres also a foot flush toilet. The Skylight in the shower area maximizes the light from the outside and makes you feel like youre bathing under the stars.

    • Road Height: 83

    What youll like about it:

    Talk about maximizing space in a mini camper van to incorporate everything you need and it comes in a stylish design to boot.

    The Sprinters interior comes in an almost all-white design with accents of wood walls. Aside from the bath compartment that features a shower and cassette toilet , theres just so much more to love in this camper van because of its intelligent design.

    What youll like about it:

    Announcing The American Patriot Van

    American Coach have announced their their purchase of Midwest Automotive designs, a premier converter of luxury Mercedes Benz Sprinter Class B motorhomes. This will be American Coachâs first foray into offering a Class B diesel coach. They will offer two models initially, the American Patriot and American Cruiser. The Patriot will have four different floor plans providing a variety of seating options, while the Cruiser will have one which is designed as more of a day trip coach. Both units are available in a choice of 3 exterior color schemes and 3 interior color choices. Clients will also have options in terms of television placement and cabinet choices.

    The American Patriot is filled with all of the conveniences you would expect in a full size coach including a refrigerator, microwave oven, galley, toilet, generator and more. The Mercedes Benz chassis provides the kind of seating comfort and ride you would expect from a high end luxury sedan, so buyers will travel in comfort with all of the ammentities required to enjoy their freedom on the open road.

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    American Coach 2021 American Patriot Class B Motorhome

    Key Specifications:

    • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 11,030 lbs

    What youll like about it:

    Elegance is what the American Coach 2021 American Patriot is all about. Theyve really pulled out all the stops to ensure that you travel in style without missing any of the amenities you need on the road.

    It comes with a water heater, A/C, generator, multiple 110V outlets, HDMI input to main TV, and solar panel. The American Patriot also features a power folding sofa bed, dinette, sink, pantry, microwave, refrigerator, and roof fan.

    Yes, it also has a porcelain toilet and a shower with dual entry solid doors with window. It uses a Sani flush black and grey tank flush and has 28 gallons fresh water holding tank, 18 gallons grey water holding tank, and 15 gallons black water holding tank.

    There are even options for upgrades for a more comfortable travel to suit your fancy. Theyve got all you need and more!

    The Smallest Rvs With Shower And Toilet

    New 2022 American Coach Patriot MD4 170EXT Class B RV with Eco-Freedom Lithium Package

    When traveling in an RV, size and space matter. The trend now is to travel in smaller RVs for easier driving, more options when it comes to parking, storage, and campgrounds, flexible travel pace, better fuel mileage, and offer a cozy camping experience.

    Another major reason for downsizing is budget considerations. The comforts that can be enjoyed in Class A motorhomes come with a hefty price tag . Whereas smaller RVs can offer a comfortable travel experience at a much affordable price. Now, you dont have to sacrifice comfort for size.

    But of course, with a smaller size, you have to give up some amenities for you to still have enough room to move around inside your motorized home.

    It all boils down to having the essentials when choosing the RV thats best for you. For most people, its having a bed, cooking area, and well, a bathroom.

    One would think that having a shower and toilet is just a privilege offered to those with larger RVs but with innovations in design and engineering, manufacturers are now able to offer these amenities even among smaller RVs.

    Thank heavens for their geniuses because its so uncomfortable to have to poop in the bushes or to take a shower outside!

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    What Is The Smallest Rv With A Bathroom

    Lets begin with the smallest RV that offers these amenities. Or we could also be asking what is the smallest self-contained RV ?

    Based on our research, the 14 iCamp Elite is the smallest RV with shower and toilet. It comes with a length of just 14, width of 68, and has a dry weight of 2,890 lbs. It has a marine toilet and modular fiberglass bathroom inside.

    This micro camper also has a bed, dinette, refrigerator, stove, oven, sink, wardrobe, and cabinets for storage making it the smallest self-contained RV in the market.

    The iCamp Elite offers homelike comfort in a small package. You also have the option to add a DVD Video/Audio System, flat screen TV, Apple iPod connection, furnace, and a Cool Cat 2-in-1 A/C and Heat Pump unit. Proof that small doesnt mean less and you dont have to sacrifice comfort to have a small RV.

    With that said, lets round up the best small RVs with shower and toilet in the market.

    Scamp Trailer 13 Standard Trailers

    Key Specifications:

    • Weight: 1,500 lbs

    What youll like about it:

    Also coming in at only 13, Scamp Trailers Standard Trailers are popular because of their size, weight, convenience, functionality, and affordability. Its perfect for small families who love to go out and enjoy the weekend outdoors.

    These standard trailers are able to maximize space by having convertible sofa and table into beds so that 4 people can comfortably sleep inside the trailer.

    And whats great about these is that they offer buyers so many options to choose from when it comes to added amenities. They have 2 layouts for their floorplans. Layout 2comes with a shower package and an option to add a toilet. You can also avail of a Sani Potti for easy bathroom access wherever you are.

    • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 2,500 lbs

    What youll like about it:

    These are lightweight trailers that you can easily tow around wherever you want to go. The Crickets design is inspired by NASAs integrated electrical and plumbing systems which make these units ready for the appliances and amenities you want to add.

    The Cricket is 15 long and comes with a 2-burner stove, sink, furnace and water heater, fan, LED lighting, exterior hot and cold shower, and a full-sized bed with storage underneath.

    Buyers can opt to add a shower tent for more privacy when taking a bath and a portable toilet.

    • Road Height: 811 to 91
    • Weight: 2,320 lbs and up
    • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 3,500 lbs

    What youll like about it:

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