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2008 Jeep Patriot Front Wheel Bearing And Hub Assembly

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Jeep Patriot Wheel Hub Assembly

2008 Jeep Patriot Wheel Bearing/Hub Replacement

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We stock these Wheel Hub brands for the Jeep Patriot:ReplacementTRQTimkenDuraGoMoogSKFDIY SolutionsAction CrashDormanAPIBrockDetroit Axle

Wheel Hubs available for the following Jeep Patriot years: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 09, 08, 07. This part is also sometimes called Jeep Patriot Wheel Bearing Hubs. We stock wheel hub parts for most Jeep models including Grand Cherokee, Liberty, Cherokee, Wrangler, Commander, Compass, TJ, CJ7, Renegade, CJ5, Comanche, Wrangler JK, Grand Wagoneer, Wagoneer, J10, Gladiator, J20 and Scrambler.

Dodge Caliber Jeep Compass Patriot Rear Driver & Passenger Side 2 Piece Wheel Bearing & Hub Assembly Set Trq Bha53609

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  • Upgraded Elastomer: Premium seals to extended service life
  • Durable Roller Bearing: Reduced friction and enhanced ride comfort
  • Application Specific Design: No modifications necessary
  • Restored Performance: Refreshed steering system for improved road-feel
  • TRQ wheel hubs and bearings are manufactured using premium raw materials and upgraded elastomers for extended service life. TRQ roller bearings reduce friction, decrease road noise, and enhance ride comfort. TRQ recommends replacing your wheel bearings or hubs in pairs to ensure even wear of components and improve overall ride comfort. All products are fit and road-tested in our Massachusetts R& D facility to ensure we deliver on our promise of Trusted Reliable Quality.

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    Select Your Patriot Year

    There is a common problem with Jeep Compass/patriot vehicles where the rear wheel bearings begin to hum and grind at low mileage. I believe this is a known issue as Mopar appears to have superseded the part number a few times. My wifeÂs patriot developed said bearing issue on driver side at only 60k miles. Upon researching, IÂve seen tons of reviews saying the Timkens hold up better so went ahead and bought two of these to do both sides. They went on painlessly and resolved the loud bearing noise we were hearing. Parts geek price was among the best and shipping was very quick thanks guys! – Quality replacement hubs

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    How Long Will The Wheel Bearings Last On My Jeep

    Pair 2 Rear Wheel Hub &  Bearing Assembly for 2007

    In theory, wheel bearings could last as long as your Jeep. Unlike oil changes or tire rotations, theres no standard maintenance schedule for replacing them. However, wheel bearings can be damaged if you hit a pothole, smack into a curb or bounce over a speed bump too fast.

    If water, grit, salt or sand get to the bearings, the grease in the hub assembly gets contaminated. This will wear down the bearings, and they will eventually give out.

    The best course of action? Find a reputable service technician for advice.

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    I Hear A Grinding Noise Coming From My Jeep

    If you hear noises at the wheels, one explanation might be a need for a wheel bearing replacement at one or more wheels. The noises might be described as rattling, clicking, humming, growling, or squealing. It can be a real symphony of sound if youre not careful.

    More than just noisy or bothersome, bad wheel bearings could also lead to real performance issues like inconsistent braking, spongy steering and handling, uneven tire wear and, in extreme cases, the wheels could fall off. No matter how much you know about cars, you dont want the wheels falling off, right?

    Dont ignore the issue. Best to get it checked out by a trained service center.

    Wheel Hub Assembly For Jeep Patriot

    Jeep Patriot Wheel Hub Assembly by Year

    The Jeep Patriot Wheel Hub Assembly, a part of the vehicle’s suspension system, consists of the wheel bearings, the wheel hub and the ABS sensors. This assembly is located between the brake drums/discs and the wheel axle. The wheel hub assembly plays a crucial role in ensuring the proper handling of your vehicle. The wheel bearings, which consists of a series of metal balls that are housed in a cylindrical casing, keeps the wheel spinning freely with less friction. The bearings and the brake rotors that are bolted to the wheel hub ensure that the wheels stay attached to your vehicle without spinning off the axle. The anti-locking brake system sensor monitors the speed of the wheels. A variation in the speed of the wheels causes the ABS computer to activate the anti-locking brake mechanism which prevents the wheels from skidding when the brakes are applied. A whirring or squealing sound when you round a turn is a possible indicator of a defective wheel hub assembly. A fault in the ABS sensor will cause the ABS light in your dashboard to flash. Symptoms of a bad wheel hub assembly should not be ignored, and should be fixed at the earliest.

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    Jeep Patriot Bad Wheel Bearing Diagnosis

    Test Drive The best way to diagnose bearing noise in your Patriot is to take it for a drive. Youll be looking to hear the hum increase as the speed picks up.

    Jack and Wiggle With your Patriot on jack stands, youll want to look and see if the wheel is wiggling at the bearing. If it is, thats proof positive that you need a new wheel bearing. If it does not wiggle, that does not automatically mean the wheel bearing is good.

    You would also want to turn the tire and see if there is an audible noise coming from the bearing. Ive put a fantastic YouTube video on this from ChrisFix below. He does all of this. Check it out.

    Jeep Patriot Wheel Bearing Noises

    2012 Jeep Patriot rear wheel bearing assembly. How to change rear hub assembly.

    Any noise from a vehicle is bad news. The question is whether or not that noise is wheel bearings or something else.

    When your brakes have worn really far they can start to make a squeaking sound. Its basically them begging to be replaced. If your brakes have worn to the point that they are grinding, youll feel a miserable grind when you hit them.

    Most of the time, therell still be a light grind even when you arent braking. See Jeep Patriot brakes grinding for more info if you think this may be the problem.

    Tires that are misaligned and have been allowed to wear unevenly can also cause a noise that is very similar to wheel bearing noise as well. So be cautious of that.

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    Can I Drive With A Bad Wheel Bearing

    Yes, but not for long. As the wear increases, so do the chances of damage occurring to other parts of the suspension.

    If you suspect that a wheel bearing is beginning to wear, have a technician evaluate the problem as soon as possible. A vehicle with a significantly worn wheel bearing shouldn’t be driven. If the wheel bearing fails completely, it’s possible for the wheel to come off the vehicle and cause a wreck.

    Patriot Bad Wheel Bearing Symptoms

    Noises The most consistent sound that a bad wheel bearing is going to make is a low pitched grinding sound. This noise should be coming from the wheel or tire area.

    Extra Play Does your Patriots steering feel as it should? If you have a bad wheel bearing, it could feel different. As the bearing wears down, it will allow the tire to move in directions it never was meant to. This effectively changes the wheel alignment repeatedly as you turn, accelerate, and brake.

    Worse When Turning Wheel bearing noise will often get worse when you turn. This is particularly true when its the front bearings that have gone bad.

    Louder With Speed Typically, bad wheel bearing noise will increase as you increase your Patriots speed.

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    How Does A Wheel Bearing Work

    A wheel bearing is part of the front and rear wheel hubs. In the front, the hub connects the wheel to the suspension’s steering knuckle. The wheel connects to the hub, and the hub spins smoothly inside the wheel bearing. This allows the weight of the vehicle to rest on the hub as it spins while maintaining as little surface contact as possible.

    The wheel bearing is lubricated with grease in order to further reduce friction. Most vehicles feature sealed wheel bearings that encapsulate the ball bearings and the lubricant.

    S Engineered To The Highest Of Standards

    For 2007

    Moog wheel hub assemblies have been engineered to the highest of manufacturing standards, allowing them to set the industry standard for steering and suspension parts. Moog hub assemblies are performance-proven, quality-tested, and are available for many vehicles, both foreign and domestic. If that wasn’t enough, Moog’s wheel bearing and hub assemblies also come with a 3-year warranty that, if you should ever need it. If you need a little help finding a Moog wheel hub assembly for your vehicle then don’t hesitate to call , they’ll be happy to help you with anything you may need.

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    Tires Are Wearing Unevenly

    If one of your front wheel bearings starts to fade and die, then youll end up with one wheel that isnt being used quite properly. That will lead to uneven wear on your front tires, with one looking more worn out than the other. Or at least worn in a different pattern.Its always a smart idea to pay attention to your tires. Give them a visual inspection every now and again, so that you can spot excess wearing, bubbles, low tire pressure, or uneven wear and tear. It can help you spot a big issue, like a front wheel bearing failure.

    Car Isnt Handling Quite Right

    Look, I dont want to have to tell you this, because you should already know it. Pay attention to how your car feels on a daily basis, so that you know the moment it starts to feel abnormal.If one of the front wheel bearings begins to fail, the handling in your car will likely change. The handling will feel loose, as though the wheel isnt fully attached, because thats essentially whats happening as the bearing wears out and can no longer support the wheel. This can also result in the car pulling to the left or to the right when youre on a straight stretch.

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    Vibrating Car Or Shaking Steering Wheel

    Heres something your steering wheel shouldnt do: Shake. If it does shake, youve got issues. That issue could be a busted front wheel bearing. If the bearings arent supporting the wheels, the steering system might vibrate, leading to a steering wheel thats as jittery as you after a third cup of coffee.

    A Front Wheel Bearing Replacement Is A Rare But Extremely Important Service The Cost Will Vary Depending On The Year Make And Model Of Your Car

    How to Replace Front Wheel Hub and Bearing 08-12 Jeep Liberty

    Tell us your car to get a guaranteed price from RepairSmith.

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    Jeep Patriot: Bad Wheel Bearing Noise Diagnosis

    If your Jeep Patriot is making a high pitched noise or hum, it could be a sign of a bad wheel bearing. There are several different vehicular components that can make a squeal or hum. Thats why it is important to know the other warning signs of a bad bearing before just going in and replacing it.

    If you do have a bad bearing, replacing it is important. A bad wheel bearing can put stress on other components and they can begin to fail. Itll also cause the tires to wear unevenly .

    How Often Do Wheel Bearings Need Servicing Or Replacement

    Most vehicles have sealed bearings that do not require maintenance. Sealed bearings can last 100,000 miles or more, and will need to be replaced once they go bad.

    Vehicles with traditional, tapered wheel bearings should have them serviced every 25,000 to 30,000 miles replacement may not be necessary as long as they’re maintained.

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    Is It Safe To Drive With A Bad Wheel Bearing

    The short answer is: Not for too long. Having bad wheel bearings can range from inconvenient and unpleasant to downright dangerous.

    If you have bad wheel bearings, you might experience the vehicle pulling to one side, sloppy or loose steering, grinding and rattling noises, and uneven tire wear.

    In the worst case scenario, the wheel could come off while you drive.

    We recommend you consult the professionals and make a service appointment here on KBB.com.

    Say Goodbye To Your Wheel

    For Jeep Patriot 07

    If you ignore everything in this article, then heres what youll end up with: Three wheels. Losing a wheel is well past the point of being a warning sign. But if you dont pay attention to the warning signs, its exactly what will happen.As the front wheel bearings wear and tear, theyll eventually disintegrate, leaving you with something that cant support the wheel anymore. And then the wheel will head off on a new journey.

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