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Why Do Republicans Wear Blue Ties

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Thing Democrats And Republicans Agree On: Pale Blue Ties

Why Did Men Stop Wearing Ties (Long Neckties)?

Washingtons at war with itself. Health-care-law repealing, debt-ceiling raising, spending, slashing. Pow, bam, boom!

And yet, right there under its chin, theres something to agree about Republican or Democrat. These days, the new power tie, the ne plus ultra of Washington accessorizing is the same for everyone: pale blue.

The just-ascended House speaker, Ohio Republican John A. Boehner, sealed it this week, slapping that oversize gavel into the palm of his left hand on Congresss inauguration day while wearing pale blue neckwear. Looked familiar? Well, thats the same color President Obama leader of the other team wears. A lot.

Theirs is a soothing choice for these unsettling times. A daiquiri ice color palette to replace another eras put-up-your-dukes reds. The warring parties may not be able to get along in conference committee , but they seem to be learning how to give the appearance that they can be simpatico in the dressing room.

Obama gets props for leading the way, his pale bluesy groove giving him just that extra, subtle boost of cool in this gray-and-grayer town. Everyone seemed to follow from press secretary Robert Gibbs to the kids on the Hill. But it turns out that theres more to this story. Someone else may truly be behind the Birth of the Blue in the Obama era.

Gibbs explained it late Thursday afternoon, and it dates to Obamas star-burst on the national scene.

Robert Gibbs: fashion maven.

Its trickier for Boehner.

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Its A Tie: Presidential Debates As Accessory To Democracy

BETHESDA, MD OCTOBER 04: In this handout provided by The White House, President Donald Trump participates in a phone call with Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley in his conference room at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on October 4, 2020 in Bethesda, Maryland. Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is also present in the room on the call.

He did not wear a tie. Thus, the media rang the alarm. Reuters, BBC, Newsweek and other outlets singled out President Trumps tie-lessness as part of the news coverage following his COVID-19 diagnosis and hospitalization. In pop culture, the sight of a national leader without a tie is troubling. Think Hugh Grant dancing around Downing Street as Prime Minister in Love Actually or Morgan Freeman announcing the literal end of the world as President Beck in Deep Impact. We are much more aware of subtle political dress codes than we realize. As tensions mount over the upcoming US election, lets take a look at one of its unwavering protagonists through the years. A classic necktie.

TOPSHOT This combination of pictures created on September 29, 2020 shows US President Donald Trump during the first presidential debate with Democratic Presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden at Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, on September 29, 2020.

What The Gop Does To Its Own Dissenters

After January 6, Peter Meijer thought he could help lead the Republican Party away from an abyss. Now he laughs at his own naïveté.

Late at night on the second Tuesday of January, Peter Meijer, a 33-year-old freshman congressman from West Michigan, paced the half-unpacked rooms of his new rental apartment in Washington, D.C., dreading the decision he would soon have to make.

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The Best Presidential Suits Ever Worn

The diplomatic protocol and the demands of the presidential dress-code leave a narrow margin of freedom to express themselves freely. Who has the best taste when choosing what to wear to take charge of governing his nation? That question causes you great curiosity, because although you know that the presidents of the list below have a group of image advisors behind them, some do not look as good as they should, considering the media exposure to which their posts compels them.

Even the presidents and high official of a country cannot escape from the sharp eyes of fashion police. The following list spotlights the powerful men and women in the world who accessorize political acumen with perfect tailoring and their idiosyncratic touches.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama has declared that he is not a fan of fashion. However, Obama knows how to wear a suit and he wears it well. During his presidential campaigns he was seen with a more casual look of jeans and shirts, but in office, he has opted for an obligatorily more elegant image, based on classic two buttons. His favorite colors are the dark ones and he mostly wears white shirts combined with ties in red or blue tones. Among his favorite designers are Ermenegildo Zegna and Hart Schaffner Marx.

The former President explained the logic behind this routine:

John F. Kennedy

Why The Red Tie

Why does the president always wear a blue or red tie?

So why do so many politicians wear red power ties?

Unless we ask them its impossible to know for sure. Some journalists have speculated that red is a popular color because it features in the American flag and so advertises its wearers patriotism. If this is true, though, we should see as many blue ties as red.

Perhaps the clue is in the name: power. Could it be that politicians suspect that a red tie makes them appear more powerful, dominant, and authoritative?

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Blue Suits Shirts And Ties:

Blue is probably the most popular color on the campaign trail. Dark blue makes us feel like the person wearing it is smart, together, and trustworthy. Its also the number one color to wear to a job interview and the applicants for president know that. Alternatively, look for candidates who want to appear like regular average Americans when they wear light blue shirts with the sleeves rolled up. Candidates who are accused of lying or being phony often sport a lot of dark blue to psychologically counter that image.

Trump Ties May Come Back To Haunt In Swing State Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. Donald Trump reasserted his grip on Republicans in Wisconsins primary, but Democratic Gov. Tony Evers tried to play that against his newly minted Republican opponent Wednesday while observers said running too closely to Trump in the swing state could be dangerous.

Trumps pick for governor, construction company co-owner Tim Michels, beat out the choice of establishment Republicans. Democratic Gov. Tony Evers said that means Michels now owns Trump and he wont be able to moderate in the general election.

His relationship with Trump is going to drive this campaign, Evers told reporters after eating breakfast with his running mate, state Rep. Sarah Rodriguez. Trump owns him, he owns Trump. Thats his problem, thats not mine.

Michels sought to tie Evers to President Joe Biden, releasing a new TV ad the day after his win that calls them both career politicians in way over their head. The ad does not mention Trumps endorsement of Michels.

  • Arizona Supreme Court: Senate can keep audit records secret

  • Evers said Vos must fire Gableman or Im fearful were going to be talking about this election for the next 20 years.

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    First Use Of Red For Republican

    The first use of the terms red state to connote a Republican state came about a week before the 2000 presidential election between Republican George W. Bush and Democrat Al Gore, according to The Washington Post‘s Paul Farhi.

    The Post scoured newspaper and magazine archives and television news broadcast transcripts dating back to 1980 for the phrase and found that the first instances could be traced NBC’s “Today” show and subsequent discussions between Matt Lauer and Tim Russert during the election season on MSNBC.

    Wrote Farhi:

    “As the 2000 election became a 36-day recount debacle, the commentariat magically reached consensus on the proper colors. Newspapers began discussing the race in the larger, abstract context of red vs. blue. The deal may have been sealed when Letterman suggested a week after the vote that a compromise would ‘make George W. Bush president of the red states and Al Gore head of the blue ones.'”

    Hillary Wore Red Donald Wore Blue: The Psychology Behind The Debate Color Swap

    Why a key Pennsylvania primary race could set the tone for candidates nationwide

    On Monday night, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump debated for the first time. They stuck with their signature styles Clinton wore a bright pantsuit Trump donned a colorful tie, crisp white shirt, and, of course, a spray tan but one detail stood out: The candidates wore colors generally associated with the others political party.

    Clinton selected a warm, crimson ensemble in traditional Republican red, whereas Trump opted for a tie in royal blue a rallying hue for the Democratic Party.

    This surprising switcheroo was immediately noted on social media:

    Political cross-dressing? Blue tie for Trump, red suit for Clinton.

    So is there a deeper meaning behind this unexpected shade swap? According to the field of color psychology, the answer is yes, sort of and its researchers have turned up a handful of interesting insights.

    Red can help you win

    They also noted that wearing red presumably tips the balance between losing and winning only when other factors are fairly equal. Like, say, in a neck-and-neck presidential race.

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    Resturant And Hospitality Uniforms

    A red tie on a server or staff member is a great way to set employees apart from other customers or guests. If a customer or guest has a question or need, a red tie will make your staff easily identifiable. The color looks professional year round, but doesnt blend in as much as a black tie. Solid red is the most common choice for red uniform ties. Look for red neckties in 3- to 3.25-inch widths to suit men and women. If you prefer bow ties, select an easy-to-use pre-tied red bow tie.

    Red Band Collar Bow Tie

    When Defeated Politicians Feel Blue They Wear It

    He was feeling blue.

    There he stood, front and center in his home state, cloaked in failure. Sad Senator Marco Rubio addressed the crowd Tuesday:

    âWhile it is not Godâs plan that I be president in 2016 or maybe ever, and while today my campaign is suspendedâ¦we must do all we can to ensure that this nation remains a special place.â

    He certainly wore his heart on his sleeve well, in this case, his tie. It was dark blue.

    Following in the footsteps of Jeb Bush, who sported a silk navy tie, and Ben Carson, who wore a powder blue striped shirt at their respective concessions, Rubio, too, wore the color.

    And it wasnât by coincidence. Premeditated or subconscious, blue is the color when youâre feeling the shade.

    âWearing a blue tie is the right choice for conceding in an election,â said Lauren Rothman, a Washington, D.C.-based political stylist, consultant and author of the Style Bible.

    âThe color communicates two emotions at the same time: optimism and sadness.â

    Rothman, whoâs dressed many a politician for their concession speeches, said that blue sends the message for supporters to continue following them on to their next chapters and that they have officially had a standstill.

    âThereâs a sense of calmness to it and comfort as if showing that itâs okay, itâs going to be all right,â she said.

    Lee Eiseman, a color specialist and expert, agreed.

    But Eiseman did clarify that there are different signifiers of blue depending on the hue.

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    Trump World Takes Stock Of Which Republicans Back Him Against The Fbi

    Two people close to the former president said they believe he will expedite his decision to run for the White House again.

    A supporter of former President Donald Trump drives past the Mar-a-Lago estate, Monday, Aug. 8, 2022, in Palm Beach, Fla. | Wilfredo Lee/AP Photo

    08/09/2022 09:09 AM EDT

    • Link Copied

    Donald Trumps team and allies are moving swiftly to draw political benefit from an unannounced search by FBI agents at the former presidents Mar-a-Lago home on Monday. And theyre keeping tabs of Republicans who arent, in their view, sufficiently rushing to his defense.

    For hours, word of the search was kept to a close group of aides, lawyers, and Trump family members as it was taking place in real time. Then, Trump confirmed the news in a lengthy statement, only after it leaked out late in the afternoon that agents had left Mar-a-Lago. The bombshell set off frantic, hasty-arranged calls among Trump allies to discuss how to calibrate a response. And, soon enough, a clear narrative emerged from them: The search represented a deliberate political targeting, one that underscored the Democrats perception of Trump as a political threat.

    Theyre going to drastically use this to rally their allies, GOP leaders on Capitol Hill and juice for his political agenda and run for 2024, said a person close to the Trump operation. If there was a 99 percent chance its 100 percent now. He makes it part of his platform going after the FBI.

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    When To Wear A Red Tie

    Why does trump sometimes wear a blue tie? : conspiracy

    Tiepedia, the TieMart Blog

    Have you ever heard the term power tie? In the business world, this refers to a solid red necktie. The color red is known as a power color, associated with authority, strength and passion. Red is often worn to grab attention, make a statement or mean business. Now that you know the meaning, here’s how to confidently wear that red tie.

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    Why Is Red For Republicans And Blue For Democrats

    In any 2020 electoral map, the color scheme is clear: Red is for Republicans, blue is for Democrats. But where did this universal agreement on color-coding come from?

    Its relatively new. Though red and blue have often been used to stand in for opposing sides in U.S. political history, its only since the 2000 election that red and blue have been assigned to the political parties consistently.

    That year, The New York Times and USA Today published full-color electoral maps for the first time, and according to The Verge, they assigned the colors fairly arbitrarily.

    ed begins with r, Republican begins with r, senior graphics editor Archie Tse told The Verge. It was a more natural association.

    Related: Why did the Democratic and Republican parties switch platforms?

    The political parties have now embraced their assigned colors, with Democrats urging citizens to Vote Blue! and supporters of Donald Trump donning red Make America Great Again hats. But it could have easily gone the other way. According to The History Channel, the first colorful electoral maps on television were broadcast in 1976, but there was no consistency between networks as to what colors were used for which party. Red often stood in for Democrats, and blue for Republicans.

    Originally published on Live Science.

    Desks Are Closets Too

    Heather: I have an emergency blazer in my desk that I can whip out if I feel I need to, and then an extra pair of flats in my desk. You do so much walking in DC that flats wear out really quickly. Ill keep Band-Aids and Neosporin in my desk, too, for when Im breaking in a pair of shoes. Ill get new flats every four months Ill just go to Marshalls and get whats on sale.

    Jen: Im a big fan of having a lot of jackets that I keep in the office. You never know what day youll need to go staff your boss on the senate floor. Jackets that you can put on regardless of whether youre wearing slacks or a dress or a skirt and a top I think thats one of the easiest things to keep on hand. Then I have a black sweater, because these buildings can be terribly temperature controlled.

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    Color And Clothing Choices

    When we see certain colors, they produce chemical reactions in our brains that can make us feel certain emotions. For example you are more likely to order more food in a restaurant that is decorated with a lot of red because that color makes us hungry. Sports teams often paint the opposing teams locker room pink because that color makes people tired. Guests on late night TV hang out in the Green Room before coming on stage because that color is the most calming and relaxing. So what could certain candidates be trying to sell you via their color and clothing choices?

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    From Pleather To Puffy Coats Swapcom Uncovers The Hottest Fashions Trending Across The Country For Red And Blue Voters

    The Fall Of The Business Suit – Cheddar Explains

    October 26, 2016 05:00 ET |

    CHICAGO, IL With less than two weeks to Election Day, the candidates personal style and wardrobe has been an ongoing talking point for politicos and news anchors. From patriotically-themed pantsuits and ties to poor tailoring to disheveled hair, it is clear fashion plays a powerful role in politics. For a less serious spin on politics and fashion, the largest online consignment store-dove deep into millions of previous purchases to uncover how style preferences of Democrats and Republicans sized up. Based on a breakdown of how red and blue counties voted in the 2012 election, has revealed the most popular picks among liberals and conservatives.

    Thats A Lot of Look

    When it comes to clothes, both Republicans and Democrats are buttoning and bundling up in interesting ways. Republicans prefer dresses to skirts and, when it is warm, buy more Capri pants and Bermuda and cargo shorts. Meanwhile, Democrats are pairing jeggings with a blazer and their favorite sports jersey topped off by a puffy coat.

    Democrats are

    • 69% more likely to wear jeggings
    • 39% more likely to wear jerseys
    • 31% more likely to wear sweaters
    • 30% more likely to wear blazers
    • 22% more likely to wear puffy coats
    • 21% more likely to wear button-up shirts
    • 14% more likely to wear skirts

    Republicans are


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