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Why Did Bloomberg Switch From Republican To Democrat

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Johns Hopkins University Philanthropy

Democratic candidates hammer Mike Bloomberg at Nevada debate

As of 2019, Bloomberg has given more than $3.3 billion to Johns Hopkins University, his alma mater, making him “the most generous living donor to any education institution in the United States.” His first contribution, in 1965, had been $5. He made his first $1 million commitment to JHU in 1984, and subsequently became the first individual to exceed $1 billion in lifetime donations to a single U.S. institution of higher education.

Meet Michael Bloomberg Democratic Presidential Candidate

Update: Michael Bloomberg announced on March 4, 2020, that he was ending his campaign.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg seems to be taking the advice of John Maynard Keynes. The legendary economist is said to have remarked, When the facts change, I change my mind. Back in March, Bloomberg announced he wouldnt run for president in 2020. But he also warned: We cannot allow the primary process to drag the party to an extreme that would diminish our chances in the general election and translate into Four More Years. Flash forward eight months. With presumed favorite Joe Biden foundering in the polls and Elizabeth Warren rising in them, Bloomberg has now jumped into the race. He shares some similarities with his new rivals. Like Warren, he is divorced and used to be a Republican. Like Corey Booker, Pete Buttigieg, , and Bernie Sanders, he has been a mayor. And like Tom Steyer, he founded his own, very successful, business. If Bloomberg wins the White House, he will become the oldest person and the first Jewish American ever elected president.

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Divorced. Lives with domestic partner, Diana Taylor

Children: Georgina and Emma

Alma Mater: Johns Hopkins University Harvard University

Career: Partner at Salomon Brothers, founder of Bloomberg, three-term mayor of New York City .

Twitter Handle: @MikeBloomberg

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Take Care Of Your Kids

On the 10th anniversary of the attacks, as bagpipers played and New York paused to reflect, Bloomberg presided over the opening of the 9/11 Memorial, a milestone that drew President Barack Obama and more than 10,000 relatives of the dead.

Soaring over the ceremony was the rising symbol of New Yorks recovery 82 of the 104 stories that would become the new World Trade Center.

We can never un-see what happened here, Bloomberg told the crowd assembled alongside two memorial pools tracing the footprints of the fallen towers. Etched in bronze parapets were the nearly 3,000 names of the dead, including that of Peter Alderman.

Over the years, Bloomberg had prodded the city to move past its collective grief. Giuliani had envisioned Ground Zero as a 16-acre memorial. Bloomberg wanted a smaller memorial and pushed for new offices and schools. He warned of turning downtown into a cemetery.

When he spoke to relatives of the dead still in the throes of grief, Bloomberg felt the urge to say, Suck it up, as his parents had taught him.

I thought to myself, Its tragic, but youve got to take care of your kids, he said. You dont want to be crying. You want to be talking about the future What can I do to help your kids?’ ‘What can I do to help you? rather than look back. Looking back isnt going to help.

On another wall, behind glass, was a campaign flier with the date in white letters Tuesday, Sept. 11 reminding voters to support a Republican on that days ballot.

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/11 Attacks Catapulted Bloomberg Into City Hall Changed Nyc Staten Island Political History

Never the same again.

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. In early 2001, few New Yorkers had heard of billionaire media magnate Michael Bloomberg.

That November, Bloomberg was elected mayor of the City of New York.

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How Eric Adams’ Policing Platform Propelled Him To Primary Victory

Why did the Democratic and Republican parties switch ...

The Democratic primary election featured eight major candidates and focused heavily on crime and gun violence, as well as the city’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adams’ campaign rejected the “defund the police” movement, and he advocated for increasing police presence in high-crime neighborhoods. Many political commentators viewed some of his stances as more moderate than his progressive rivals.

He also called for “civilianizing” parts of the department staffed by officers and advocated for more Black and brown officers to be hired. Adams said he plans to appoint the citys first female police commissioner.

“He really has credibility on both sides of the issue,” Berg said.

Adams narrowly defeated former Department of Sanitation commissioner Kathryn Garcia in the final elimination round of the ranked choice voting system.

Garcia, who ran as a pragmatist and leaned into many years serving as a crisis manager in the city, reached the final round of ranked choice voting after former member of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration, Maya Wiley, was eliminated. Wiley had been seen as the progressive favorite after two other progressive candidates faced campaign setbacks.

135,000 ‘test’ ballots mistakenly added: How NYC’s election board got partial results so wrong

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Yang Nonprofit Announces Coronavirus Relief Effort For The Bronx

As Congress and the White House work to pass an emergency economic stimulus bill in response to the coronavirus pandemic, former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is taking matters into his own hands.

Yangs new nonprofit organization, Humanity Forward, announced Friday it will be distributing at least $1 million in $1,000 cash payments to 1,000 working poor households in the Bronx as part of a coronavirus relief fund in partnership with other organizations.

Given the nature of this crisis, we thought it was imperative to act now and get money into people’s hands, and also demonstrate that this is exactly what our government should be doing, Yang told NBC News.

The one-time payments will be provided within the next two weeks to clients of Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners, a financial empowerment nonprofit. Additionally, Humanity Forward is also partnering with One Fair Wage, a nonprofit advocacy group, to support service workers across New York City who have been impacted by COVID-19-related closures through cash relief payments of $213 to symbolize the $2.13 an hour tipped minimum wage.

Sources familiar with Yangs thinking say the entrepreneur is seriously considering a run for New York City mayor, where he could implement UBI at a local level he even spoke with Michael Bloomberg recently about a potential bid.

Yang is confident that exploring universal basic income will be part of the conversation in the general election.

Bloomberg Has The Right Stuff

Mr. Bloombergs mistakes have to be weighed against the rest of his record, the Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman writes. While Mr. Trump was pretending to be a C.E.O. on The Apprentice, Mr. Friedman says, Mr. Bloomberg was building one of the most admired global companies. He has spent at least $10 billion on charitable and political pursuits, including virtually every progressive cause gun control, abortion rights, climate change, Planned Parenthood, education reform for predominantly minority schools, affordable housing, income inequality and tax reform. Whats more, Mr. Friedman says, he has vowed as president to focus on building black wealth, not just ending poverty.

Mr. Bloomberg was also a remarkably successful mayor, according to the Times columnist David Leonhardt. Although elected as a Republican, he governed as a data-driven technocrat: He started a $20 billion climate change adaptation plan in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, made aggressive strides in public health by restricting smoking and banning trans fats and stewarded the trend of falling crime he inherited upon taking office. While Bloomberg didnt solve the great stagnation of living standards that afflicts the American middle class and poor, Mr. Leonhardt wrote in 2017, its hard to think of a contemporary mayor or governor who made more progress.

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Illinois Governor Backs Biden For President

WASHINGTON Illinois Democratic Gov. JB Pritzker is backing former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential bid, he announced Monday.

The endorsement came one day before the state’s Democratic presidential primary and one day after Biden faced off against Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders in a one-on-one debate Sunday night. The endorsement also comes as governors across the country are scrambling to respond to the coronavirus outbreak and spread.

“As our nation faces some of the biggest challenges of our time, I know Vice President Joe Biden is the right candidate to beat Donald Trump and lead us into a new era. It’s time to unite as Democrats to restore respect to our nation’s highest office,” Pritzker said in a statement.

Bloomberg Helped To Flip The Us Senate

Democrats Debate Tax Outline to Fund Bidenâs Economic Agenda

Over the last decade, Bloomberg helped Republicans take and maintain control of the U.S. Senate, which, in the Trump era and under Mitch McConnells leadership, has confirmed scores of right-wing judges, blocked liberal legislation passed by the House, and shielded the president from any repercussions after seeking foreign election assistance, tampering with witnesses, and defying congressional subpoenas.

Bloombergs Independence USA super PAC, which he funds exclusively, spent nearly $10.1 million supporting Republican federal candidates from 2012-16. The majority of that, $5.9 million, helped Sen. Pat Toomey win re-election in 2016 against Democrat Katie McGinty, an environmental policy expert and another Emilys List endorsee. In 2014, the super PAC boosted Republican House candidates Bob Dold and Michael Fitzpatrick . Two years earlier, Independence USA had spent $1.7 million backing Connecticut House candidate Andrew Rorabach, as well as $963,000 supporting Dold.

Americans for Responsible Solutions, a gun control-focused super PAC heavily funded by Bloomberg, also spends the majority of its money in favor of Democrats, but in 2014, when Bloomberg gave it $250,000, it backed Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins and Fitzpatrick . Collins recently voted to acquit Trump of both impeachment charges and said she thought Trump had a pretty big lesson from impeachment. In 2007, Bloomberg personally donated $4,600 to Collinss campaign, and in 2014, he gave $5,200.

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Bloomberg Party Switch Fuels Talk Of 2008

By Steve Holland

4 Min Read

WASHINGTON – New York Mayor Michael Bloombergs switch from Republican to independent fueled talk on Wednesday of a possible U.S. presidential bid that experts said could hurt Democrats, Republicans — or both.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg listens to a question during a news conference at the city’s 311 Call Center in New York, June 20, 2007. REUTERS/Jeff Zelevansky

Nobody in Washington who makes a living in politics thought the 65-year-old Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-independent could win. But third-party candidates can play a spoiler role.

Speaking to reporters in New York a day after his latest switch, Bloomberg sought on Wednesday to dampen speculation about a campaign while leaving the door firmly ajar to a race.

I have said that my intention is to be mayor for the next 925 days, he said. He said the shift was in keeping with how he wanted to lead the city.

But political analysts said the billionaire businessman seemed to be setting up at least the potential for jumping into the race at a late date, possibly with $500 million of his own personal fortune.

You cant underestimate a guy willing to spend $500 million in such a short period of time, said Republican strategist Scott Reed.

With President George W. Bush on the ropes over Iraq and 10 Republicans and eight Democrats running to succeed him in the November 2008 election, Bloomberg created a tantalizing blaze of publicity for himself by becoming an independent.

Why Did Bloomberg Change From A Democrat To A Republican

Original message
Why did Bloomberg change from a Democrat to a Republican
when he ran for NYC mayor? I thought that New York City is a liberal one?
1. Supposedly because Mark Green was leading among the Dems
and he liked his odds better as a Reptilian.
Response to Original message
2. Political opportunism, just like the
reason for this latest “shift” He’s a whore. He and Sen.Coleman MN should get along well.
Response to Original message
3. Except for seeing and hearing about the guy in the news
Maybe he’s one of those politicians who even though they have a party affiliation, they do take an oath to do the will of all the people they’re sworn to serve. People and politicians alike forget that even though you don’t agree with the other side, the other side still has rights and it’s your duty as an elected official to make sure all sides are heard and if possible, accommodated.Again, I don’t live there so I’m not sure how good a job he does.
Response to Original message
6. Mark Green was the City Council President and a favorite to win

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Michael Bloomberg Helped Republican Pat Toomey Win Big In 2016 Now He Wants The Democratic Nomination For President

As Michael Bloomberg edges closer to entering the Democratic race for president, he faces deep skepticism on the left over his Wall Street background and his record as New York City mayor. Those problems might be exacerbated in Pennsylvania.

In the last two federal election cycles, Bloomberg helped two high-profile Republicans win critical races in the Keystone State.

Gun control groups backed by Bloomberg endorsed U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey in 2016 and U.S. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick in 2018, lending weight to their pitch to voters that they were independent voices who could collaborate across the aisle. In both races, the lawmakers were trying to win over moderate swing voters, and each narrowly squeaked to reelection.

They are two of a handful of Republicans who have supported expanding background checks for gun purchases, a top Democratic priority and one Bloomberg has made a central part of his work since leaving the mayor’s office.

Still, Bloomberg’s aid for Republicans has left some Pennsylvania Democrats with a bitter taste.

“I don’t think there’s any flavor for him here,” said Philadelphia party chair Bob Brady, an ally of former Vice President Joe Biden. “He’s for Republicans. We’re not for Toomey, naturally.”

Bloomberg, who has long cast himself as a centrist who can appeal to a wide swath of moderates in both parties, was in Arkansas on Tuesday to file paperwork to ensure he gets on the primary ballot there.

Biden Under Secret Service Protection Again

Is The Republican Party Damaged Beyond Repair?

WILMINGTON, Del. After a nearly three year hiatus, Joe Biden is once again a protectee of the United States Secret Service.

A protective detail began its assignment with the former vice president and Democratic front-runner this week, multiple law enforcement officials told NBC News, even as Biden is expected to remain off the campaign trail amid the coronavirus crisis.

The Biden campaign’s formal request for Secret Service protection was submitted last week to senior congressional officials, who by law consult with the secretary of Homeland Security to consider if candidates should receive security from the elite law enforcement agency.

Since kicking off his campaign last April, Biden has had minimal security on the campaign trail one private security guard often supplemented by local law enforcement from jurisdictions where he campaigned. The lighter security footprint allowed Biden to engage in the type of one-on-one, retail-oriented campaigning he preferred, especially in the early-voting states where voters place a premium on it.

Campaign officials have long been concerned about his safety given his high profile as a former vice president and the highly partisan environment. A high-profile incident in California this month, when a pair of dairy protestors stormed the stage as Biden celebrated a string of victories on Super Tuesday, pushed congressional Democrats publicly and Bidens campaign privately to seek more rigorous protection.

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    Michael Bloomberg Then And Now: Where The Former Republican Mayor Stands On Key Issues In 2020 Democratic Race

    Michael Bloomberg is quickly becoming one of the top competitors in the Democratic primary for president despite being elected mayor of New York City three times as anything but a Democrat.

    The 78-year-old billionaire was a lifelong liberal until he switched to the Republican Party in 2001 in order to get elected. Six years later, he abandoned the GOP and registered as an independentalthough the switch didn’t seem to bother Republicans, as they supported his bid for a third mayoral term in 2009. Bloomberg remained an independent until 2018 when he became a Democrat in order to run for president.

    “What I feel is consistent about Mike Bloomberg is that he doesn’t care what people think in the sense of party politics,” New York-based Republican strategist Susan Del Percio told Newsweek.

    “He ran the city through a dollars-and-cents management style but when it came to public policy on other issues, he definitely was more to the left. He just wants to get the job done.”

    Much like with his party registration, Bloomberg has played both sides of the aisle when making campaign contributions. He spent $11 million helping GOP Senator Pat Toomey get re-elected in 2016, a major victory for Senator Mitch McConnell to keep control of the chamber. In the following election cycle, he poured tens of millions of dollars to help Democrats regain control of the House of Representatives.

    Biden Touts Support Of Warren’s Bankruptcy Reform Plan As A Bridge To Progressives

    WASHINGTON Joe Biden surprised audiences when he announced his support for Sen. Elizabeth Warrens bankruptcy reform plan during a virtual town hall, an issue both famously sparred over in public 15 years ago.

    In his first virtual appearance before voters since cancelling public events to mitigate coronavirus concerns, the former vice president told a questioner from Illinois that one of the ways he would win over Bernie Sanders supporters is by coming to agreement on a whole range of things theyre both passionate about reforming, including bankruptcy.

    For example, one of the things that I think Bernie and I will agree on I’ve endorsed Elizabeth Warren’s bankruptcy proposal, he said during the Friday evening livestream. Allows for student debt to be relieved in bankruptcy. Provides for a whole range of other issues that allows us in fact impact on how people are dealing with their circumstances.

    Bidens full throttled backing of the proposal is a notable shift from the position he held while serving on the Senate Judiciary Committee, where he faced Warren, then a Harvard professor, in a hearing to debate the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 . Warren laid out her case against why the bill that Biden supported was unfair because it made it harder for people to file for bankruptcy. The bill was ultimately signed into law by President George W. Bush.

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