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Did The Democrats Or Republicans Win

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United States House Of Representatives Elections

Graham: There’s nothing Democrats won’t do to win
2010 United States House of Representatives elections

The 2010 United States House of Representatives elections were held on November 2, 2010 as part of the 2010 midterm elections during President Barack Obama‘s first term in office. Voters of the 50 U.S. states chose 435 U.S. Representatives. Also, voters of the U.S. territories, commonwealths, and the District of Columbia chose their non-voting delegates.U.S. Senate elections and various state and local elections were held on the same date.

Republicans regained control of the chamber they had lost in the 2006 midterm elections, picking up a net total of 63 seats and erasing the gains Democrats made in 2006 and 2008. Although the sitting U.S. President’s party usually loses seats in a midterm election, the 2010 election resulted in the highest losses by a party in a House midterm election since 1938, and the largest House swing since 1948.

Republicans made their largest gain in House seats since 1938. Three Democratic committee chairman were defeated, Transportation chairman Jim Oberstar of Minnesota, Armed Forces chairman Ike Skelton of Missouri, and most notably Budget chairman John Spratt of South Carolina. Democrats made three pick-ups, winning an open seat in Delaware and defeating Republican incumbents in Hawaii and Louisiana.

What Did The Democrats Win

Joe Biden; illustration by Hope Gangloff

Joe Biden; illustration by Hope Gangloff

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For now, democracy is hanging on. Ive been writing presidential election postmortems every four years since 1992, and I never imagined Id open one with that sentence. But despite Joe Bidens impressive and necessary win, this is the lesson of the 2020 election: our democracy remains intact, at least for today. We learned emphatically this year that the political chasm that opened in this country in the 1990s is wide and deep andfor the foreseeable future, and in spite of the president-elects rhetoriclikely to grow wider and deeper, threatening the idea that we can long continue as one nation. This was not a given going into the election. In the weeks before November 3, when we believed those sunny polls, Democrats anxiously whispered the word landslide. I was hearing projections from peopleknowledgeable people with experience on presidential campaignsthat Biden might top 350 even 400 electoral votes, which surely would have meant, in turn, as many as fifty-three or fifty-four Democrats in the next Senate, and ten or fifteen new Democrats in the next House.

This creation of an alternate reality has been most chillingly evident in the Republican discussion of the Covid-19 pandemic. During the party convention in August, White House economic adviser Lawrence Kudlow spoke of the virus in the past tense. It was awful, he said:

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  • Era Of Good Feelings 18171825

    Monroe believed that the existence of political parties was harmful to the United States, and he sought to usher in the end of the Federalist Party by avoiding divisive policies and welcoming ex-Federalists into the fold. Monroe favored infrastructure projects to promote economic development and, despite some constitutional concerns, signed bills providing federal funding for the National Road and other projects. Partly due to the mismanagement of national bank president William Jones, the country experienced a prolonged economic recession known as the Panic of 1819. The panic engendered a widespread resentment of the national bank and a distrust of paper money that would influence national politics long after the recession ended. Despite the ongoing economic troubles, the Federalists failed to field a serious challenger to Monroe in the 1820 presidential election, and Monroe won re-election essentially unopposed.

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    Adams And The Revolution Of 1800

    Shortly after Adams took office, he dispatched a group of envoys to seek peaceful relations with France, which had begun attacking American shipping after the ratification of the Jay Treaty. The failure of talks, and the French demand for bribes in what became known as the XYZ Affair, outraged the American public and led to the Quasi-War, an undeclared naval war between France and the United States. The Federalist-controlled Congress passed measures to expand the army and navy and also pushed through the Alien and Sedition Acts. The Alien and Sedition Acts restricted speech that was critical of the government, while also implementing stricter naturalization requirements. Numerous journalists and other individuals aligned with the Democratic-Republicans were prosecuted under the Sedition Act, sparking a backlash against the Federalists. Meanwhile, Jefferson and Madison drafted the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions, which held that state legislatures could determine the constitutionality of federal laws.

    Mike Pence Will Make First Post

    Do the Democrats Know How to Win Anymore?

    WASHINGTON; Former Vice President Mike Pence will make his first post-vice presidential speech on April 29 in Columbia, S.C.;

    The Palmetto Family Council confirmed Pence’s speech, and announced Pence will speak to roughly 500 guests. The;Palmetto Family Council is a faith-based group that describes itself as having been on the front lines of the fight to keep biblical values a consideration in the culture at large and in public policy decision.

    The Associated Press first reported the speech.;

    Pence is widely believed to be planning his own presidential run in 2024, which casts a light on Pence’s decision to make his first post-White House appearance in an early primary state like South Carolina.;

    Since leaving the White House, Pence joined the Heritage Foundation and the Young America’s Foundation, with plans to deliver lectures and launch a podcast.;

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    A Response To The Claim Welfare Is Equatable To Slavery

    In the 1850s, inequality in the Northern big government cities, northern immigration in the big cities , and African slavery in the small government south all existed side-by-side. and in ways, so it is today . Northern cities still favor bigger government, and they still have problems of racism and inequality, Rural South still favors small government . This does not make the North of today equatable to the slave economy of the South of yesterday however.

    There is this idea that welfare is equatable to slavery in this respect, as in both cases a societal structure is providing basic essentials for a class of people . This argument, often presented in tandem with the claim the parties didnt switch/change is essentially a red herring that misses the nuances we describe on this page .

    The southern conservatives who held slaves and fought for the Confederacy essentially switched out of the Democratic party starting in the 1960s, and even continuing to the modern day , in response to LBJs welfare programs . In other words, if the southern conservative had wanted to oppress a class of people with welfare, one would logically assume they wouldnt have switched out of the Democratic party over time in response to welfare programs.

    Today it is a Southern Republican who flies to Confederate flag, today it is a Republican who champions small government in America. Yesterday, it was a Southern Democrat.

    Mcconnell Not Troubled At All By Trumps Suggestion Of Supreme Court Challenge

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell defended Mr. Trump for falsely claiming that he won reelection, although he acknowledged that the presidential race had not yet been decided.

    Its not unusual for people to claim they have won the election. I can think of that happening on numerous occasions, McConnell told reporters in Kentucky. But, claiming to win the election is different from finishing the counting.

    Claiming to win the election is different from finishing the counting, Mitch McConnell says, adding that Americans should not be shocked that Democrats and Republicans are both lawyering up for the close races

    CBS News

    He also said he was not troubled at all by the president suggesting that the outcome of the election might be determined by the Supreme Court. The president cannot unilaterally bring a case to the Supreme Court, what its unclear what case the Trump campaign would have if it challenged the counting of legally cast absentee ballots.

    McConnell, who won his own closely watched reelection race on Tuesday evening, expressed measured confidence about Republicans maintaining their majority in the Senate. He said he believed there is a chance we will know by the end of the day if Republicans won races in states like Georgia and North Carolina.

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    Gold If Republicans Win The Election

    Oliver said if President Donald Trump pulls out a surprise victory in the election, the gold price could plunge, just as it did after the 2016 election. That happened against expectations.

    While he denounced “left-wing populism,” he also said that Trump “has his own populist streak” because he likes high tariffs, cutting taxes, increasing spending and “a central bank that prints to fund internal improvements and a rising stock market.”

    “The precious metals offer safe haven from the approaching political and economic turbulence,” Oliver wrote. “After a relatively brief correction, gold and silver have resumed their climb.”

    He added that if the market demands that the dollar be backed on-third by gold like it was between the 1690s and the `908s, gold would need to trade at $8,927 an ounce. On the other hand, if the Federal Reserve is forced to back its liabilities by two-thirds, which he said would be more appropriate for a crisis, the gold price would have to rise to $17,854 an ounce. Further, as the Fed’s balance sheet grows, these numbers for the gold price will increase.

    “Given the economic and political risks, $1,900/oz is a bargain,” he declared.”

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    How Can We Tell What Switched If Anything

    Inside Texas Politics: What did Texas Republicans, Democrats do right this election cycle?

    If we want to more accurately see what is happening with the parties we have to look at each political, party, faction, and platform in regards to each issue. We can take any;issue, from any;major American political party platform over time, and see how it compares to other issues of other parties. This can help us see how parties like;Federalists, Whigs, Republican-Democrats,;Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Progressives;did or didnt change over time, and what that means in perspective.

    Below is a chart we created showing one way to view the complex political left-right spectrum;.

    A left-right paradigm using a four point graph to show how common government types relate to left and right in terms of who has authority and who says so.

    If one had to place historical figures on the left and right, in terms of the chart presented above , then VERY loosely we might say:

    • Right Wingers: Hamilton , Cleveland ,;Hoover, , Reagan
    • Left Wingers: Jefferson , Lincoln , Teddy;Roosevelt , FDR , Johnson

    If one had to place historical figures on our more complex 4-point spectrum, then VERY loosely, but more accurately than above, we might say:

    Again, we find that party names are spread out over political leanings;. From here forward we will focus on telling the history of each Party System;in detail, discussing platforms and political views to better illustrate the changes.

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    Former Fda Officials Urge Biden To Nominate A Permanent Commissioner

    WASHINGTON;;Five former U.S. Federal Drug Administration officials sent a letter to President Biden on Tuesday pressing him to name a new permanent commissioner for the agency.;

    The call comes as some;medical experts and members of Congress are raising;questions about whether a leadership void compromises approval of additional tools, beyond vaccines, needed to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, like rapid antigen testing.

    The letter, obtained by NBC News, urged Biden to prioritize securing the FDA’s leadership team including “seeking a formal nomination and confirmation of an FDA Commissioner.”;

    “The coming days and weeks will require further timely and effective actions, for example to support the development of antiviral treatments and advance the availability of reliable, easy-to-use tests, wrote former commissioners Robert Califf, Scott Gottlieb, Mark McClellan, Margaret Hamburg and Andrew von Eschenbach.

    FDA veteran;Janet Woodcock has been serving as acting commissioner since Biden took office.;

    Rapid antigen testing is being used in other countries, but the FDA has been slow to approve the tests because of accuracy concerns.;

    During a Senate hearing on Tuesday, Dr. Ashish Jha, the dean of Brown University’s school of public health, said the tests could still be useful.

    Many Republicans Dont Believe The Election Results A New Survey Says

    More than half of Republican voters either believe President Donald Trump actually won the 2020 race or arent entirely sure who did win, according to a new survey by researchers from Northeastern, Harvard, Northwestern, and Rutgers.

    The findings underscore the success Trump has had in convincing supporters of his voter fraud and election-rigging claims. While no proof of tampering has emerged so far, the president has repeatedly claimed that his election was rigged or stolen, fired members of his administration who didnt go along with the allegations, and pressured state officials tooverturn results.

    David Lazer, distinguished professor of political science and computer and information science. Photo by Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University

    Many GOP lawmakers and state attorneys general are backing Trump, adding credence to the fraud claims, says David Lazer, university distinguished professor of political science and computer and information sciences at Northeastern, and one of the researchers who conducted the online study.

    Trump is like a giant domino that causes a bunch of other dominoes to fall, he says.

    Its still pretty shocking that less than half of Republicans say Joe Biden won the election, Lazer says.

    He plans to conduct more research, but says the issue of who won could be entangled in semantics.

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    Democrats Win Back The House Of Representatives

    WASHINGTON After eight unforgiving years in the minority, Democrats will once again control the House of Representatives, with a deeply divided nation handing their party a narrow advantage of around 10 seats in the House.

    It wasnt quite the wave that Democrats were hoping for. Even with a 9-point advantage in the popular vote, Republicans fended off the worst-case scenarios in the House and actually improved their majority in the Senate, as Indiana, Missouri and Florida states that voted for President Donald Trump in 2016 sent their Democratic senators packing.

    But both parties will still be able to claim victories Tuesday. Democrats picking up the House effectively slows Trumps presidency to a legislative crawl, while Republicans will point to their gains in the Senate to say voters still prefer their stark vision of governance.

    In fact, one of the major lessons for Republicans may be that they need to embrace Trumps style even more. A blue wave for Democrats never really materialized because Republicans were able to energize their own voters through a campaign full of racial anxiety and culture war items.

    Democrats also had a few upsets on the night, flipping the Trump-friendly area of Staten Island and even a district in long-red Oklahoma. But their gains were mostly in the suburban, affluent, educated areas that Democrats have already increasingly turned blue.

    The Fourth Party Progressive Era

    If Democrats Win the Senate, They Could Hold It For a While

    The aptly named;Progressive Era or;Fourth Party System;can then be understood best by examining the events leading up to the;1912 elections. Here we can compare;the;northeastern social liberal Republican Teddy Roosevelts New Nationalism plan; to;Woodrow;Wilsons progressive southern Democrat mixed-market;New Freedom plan;.

    Ending the;progressive era in the 1920s, with Teddys progressives now largely absent from the Republican party, we we can see a changing Republican party under Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover . The changes can be seen both in their favoring of classical liberal Cleveland-like Gilded Age economics to big government social justice, and in;their related reaction to;the Red Scare;which had resulted in anti-Communism becoming;a major voting issue for a growing base of Republican conservatives;in post-WWI and;Prohibition era;America.

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    Election : Republicans Net 60 House Seats 6 Senate Seats And 7 Governorships

    The dust has mostly settled on the 2010 midterm election with Republicans claiming across-the-board victories in House, Senate and gubernatorial contests. Heres a look at where things stand.

    1. In the House, Republicans have gained 60 seats so far with 11 Democratic districts Kentuckys 6th, Georgias 2nd, Illinoiss 8th, Michigans 9th, Texass 27th, Arizonas 7th and 8th, New Yorks 25th, Californias 11th and 20th and Washingtons 2nd too close too call. Most projections put the total GOP gain in the mid-60s although several of the uncalled contests are almost certainly headed for recounts.

    The Republican House victory was vast and complete as GOP candidates bested not only Democratic incumbents who won their seats in 2006 or 2008 two great elections for Democrats but also long-serving incumbents such as Reps. John Spratt , Ike Skelton , Rick Boucher and Jim Oberstar .

    Geographically, Republicans crushed Democrats in the Rust Belt picking up five seats in Ohio, five seats in Pennsylvania, three seats in Illinois and two seats in Michigan.

    The group most ravaged by losses last night were the 48 Democrats who represented districts Arizona Sen. John McCain won in 2008. Of those 48 members, a whopping 36 75 percent! were defeated while 10 held on to win. Two Democrats in McCain districts Kentucky Rep. Ben Chandler and Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords are in tight races that have yet to be called by the Associated Press.

    Opinionthe Fantasy Of A New Republican Party

    Republicans now control the redistricting process in 20 states, or 187 congressional districts, compared to only 11 states or 84 congressional districts for Democrats. Whats worse, Republicans only need to nudge the congressional boundaries in a handful of those states to wipe out Democrats hopes of retaining the House of Representatives in 2022.

    In a worst-case scenario that sees the GOP split up congressional districts in major cities, Democrats could stand to lose over a dozen House seats previously considered safe. And even under a more conservative approach advocated by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and others, the GOP is still considering gutting almost half a dozen now-safe Democratic districts in states such as Indiana, Kansas, Missouri and Tennessee.

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