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Why Do Republicans Want To Get Rid Of The Epa

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It Is Time To Take Back Our Legislative Power From The Epa And Abolish It Permanently This Legislation Abolishes The Epa Effective December 31 2018 Gaetz Wrote In An E

Gaetz’s legislation has the potential to cause serious harm to the Pensacola area that he represents. The area’s economy relies on tourism. Such tourism would erode as quickly as the Pensacola beaches, if he triumphantly destroys the EPA.

A brief history of the EPA, shows how it rescued that very area. Before the EPA was created, a private wood treatment factory released cancer-causing dioxins into Pensacola Bay without consequence. The EPA cleaned the area up, and saved the tourism industry in the Panhandle. IrregularTimes

As a result of the potential economic harm Gaetz’ legislation will cause to his district, Democratic Women’s Club is protesting his events. For protection against the female protesters, Gaetz has organized militia-men and biker groups. This is the same group of bikers that provided Trump muscle against the Women’s March on Washington.

Come on, Mark! Do you really need biker protection against the Democratic Women’s Club?

If you don’t care about making the world more filthy for tomorrow’s generation, here are some consequences that abolishing the EPA would cause, that you might care about.

Even a Trumpkin could figure out that if we abolish one department, the responsibilities of that department would have to be conducted by someone else.

Getting rid of the EPA would be handing a lot more work to firemen and police officers. Which, in turn, would force them to focus less on their main jobs of preventing fires and crime.

Prior To Going To War In Iraq Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Optimistically Predicted The Iraq War Might Last Six Days Six Weeks I Doubt Six Months

What’s more, Vice-President Dick Cheney said we would be greeted as liberators by the Iraqi people after we overthrow Saddam.

They were both horribly wrong. Instead of six weeks or six months, the Iraq war lasted eight long and bloody years costing thousands of American lives. It led to an Iraqi civil war between the Sunnis and the Shiites that took hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives. Many Iraqi militia groups were formed to fight against the U.S. forces that occupied Iraq. What’s more, Al Qaeda, which did not exist in Iraq before the war, used the turmoil in Iraq to establish a new foothold in that country.

The Iraq war was arguably the most tragic foreign policy blunder in US history.

In 2012 Republicans Predicted That Failure To Approve The Keystone Pipeline Would Send The Price Of Gasoline Sky High And Kill Large Numbers Of Jobs

Despite the fact that the Keystone Pipeline was not approved, the price of gasoline continued to drop below $1.80 per gallon, millions of new jobs were created and unemployment dropped from 8% to 4.9% by early 2016. The most optimistic predictions say that the Keystone Pipeline would only create a few dozen long-term jobs and would do nothing to lower the price of gasoline.

In 1993 When Bill Clinton Raised Taxes On The Wealthiest 15% Republicans Predicted A Recession Increased Unemployment And A Growing Budget Deficit

They weren’t just wrong: The exact opposite of everything they predicted happened. The country experienced the seven best years of economic growth in history.

  • Twenty-two million new jobs were added.
  • Unemployment dropped below 4%.
  • The poverty rate dropped for seven straight years.
  • The budget deficit was eliminated.
  • There was a growing budget surplus that economists projected could pay off our national debt in 20 years.

Republicans Predicted That We Would Find Iraqs Weapons Of Mass Destruction Even Though Un Weapons Inspectors Said That Those Weapons Didn’t Exist

American Manifesto

The Bush administration continued to insist that WMDs would be found, even when the CIA said some of the evidence was questionable. As we all know, the WMDs predicted by the Bush administration did not exist, and Saddam Hussein had not resumed his nuclear weapons program as they claimed. Ultimately, both President Bush and Vice President Cheney had to admit that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Republicans Predicted That President Obamas Tax Increase For The Top 1% In 2013 Would Kill Jobs Increase The Deficit And Cause Another Recession

You guessed it; just the opposite happened. In the four years following January 1, 2013, when that tax increase went into effect, through January 2017, unemployment dropped from 7.9% to 4.8%, an average of more than 200,000 new jobs were created per month, Wall Street set new record highs, and the budget deficit was cut in half.

Over 5.7 million new jobs were created in the first two years after that tax increase. That’s more jobs created in two years than were created during the combined 12 years of both Bush presidencies.

In 2001 When George W Bush Cut Taxes For The Wealthy Republicans Predicted Record Job Growth Increased Budget Surplus And Nationwide Prosperity

Once again, the exact opposite occurred. After the Bush tax cuts were enacted:

  • The budget surplus immediately disappeared.
  • The budget deficit eventually grew to $1.4 trillion by the time Bush left office.
  • Less than 3 million net jobs were added during Bush’s eight years.
  • The poverty rate began climbing again.
  • We experienced two recessions along with the greatest collapse of our financial system since the Great Depression.

In 1993, President Clinton signed the Brady Law mandating nationwide background checks and a waiting period to buy a gun.

Mitch Mcconnell Have Ing A Meeting Days After President Obama Become President To Talk About How They Will Make Him A One Term President

For some reason it was ok to oppose everything Obama did, Even though more people voted for him than any other president in history. Our mandate meant nothing to them. The republicans denounced trump before he was president but support him more and more even though his actions have only gotten worse. The day you make a republican sprint past a microphone and not take the moment to lie about whatever they are doing, Is a cold day. Also tells you how they feel.

Republicans Said Waterboarding And Other Forms Of Enhanced Interrogation Are Not Torture And Are Necessary In Fighting Islamic Extremism

In reality, waterboarding and other forms of enhanced interrogation that inflict pain, suffering, or fear of death are outlawed by US law, the US Constitution, and international treaties. Japanese soldiers after World War II were prosecuted by the United States for war crimes because of their use of waterboarding on American POWs.

Professional interrogators have known for decades that torture is the most ineffective and unreliable method of getting accurate information. People being tortured say anything to get the torture to end but will not likely tell the truth.

An FBI interrogator named Ali Soufan was able to get al Qaeda terrorist Abu Zubaydah to reveal crucial information without the use of torture. When CIA interrogators started using waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation methods, Zubaydah stopped cooperating and gave his interrogators false information.

Far from being necessary in the fight against terrorism, torture is completely unreliable and counter-productive in obtaining useful information.

In 2008 Republicans Said That If We Elect A Democratic President We Would Be Hit By Al Qaeda Again Perhaps Worse Than The Attack On 9/11

Former Vice-President Dick Cheney stated that electing a Democrat as president would all but guarantee that there would be another major attack on America by Al Qaeda. Cheney and other Republicans were, thankfully, completely wrong. During Obama’s presidency, we had zero deaths on U.S. soil from Al Qaeda attacks and we succeeded in killing Bin Laden along with dozens of other high ranking Al Qaeda leaders.

Republicans Said We Must Deregulate Businesses So They Can Be More Profitable And We Will All Enjoy The Wealth Created By Deregulation

This theory failed back in the 1980s when the Reagan administration deregulated the Savings and Loan industry. All the S&Ls collapsed, and it cost taxpayers billions of dollars to bail them out.

They were proven wrong again in 2008 when years of deregulation of the financial industry resulted in the worst financial collapse and recession since the Great Depression. Taxpayers had to spend nearly a trillion dollars to bail out these large corporations. Instead of spreading the wealth around, deregulation cost millions of jobs and created economic turmoil that took the country years to recover from.

Senator Mitch McConnell claimed Obamacare would cost the economy two million jobs.

Republicans Routinely Accuse Democrats Of Wanting To Cut Defense Spending To The Bone And Leave Us Defenseless Against Our Enemies

History has repeatedly proven them wrong. Under Democratic presidents and Congresses, the United States still spends more on defense than the next ten countries combined. Republicans frequently insist on spending hundreds of billions of dollars on weapons systems that the Pentagon doesn’t even want in order to benefit the multi-billion dollar defense contractors. Democrats who criticize this unnecessary spending are accused of trying to cut defense spending to the bone.

In 2009 Republicans Predicted That The Economic Stimulus Package Would Only Make The Recession Worse And Cause More Unemployment


The results show they couldn’t have been more wrong. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 ended the recession after only a few months. Although 750,000 people were losing their jobs each month when Obama took office, after the Recovery Act was passed the rate of job loss immediately decreased each month and within a year the economy showed positive job growth.

Considering the severity of the 2008 economic collapse and the total opposition by Republicans to do anything at all to stimulate the economy, it is remarkable that the US economy recovered as quickly as it did.

Looking at the rate of job loss and job creation, its easy to see that the stimulus of 2009 was highly successful in stopping the job losses and turning the economy around.

In 1993 When The Brady Law And The Assault Weapons Ban Were Passed Republicans Predicted Increasing Rates Of Crime And Murder

Thankfully, just the opposite happened. While the rate of violent crime had increased steadily from the 1970s into the 1990s, it suddenly began to drop after 1993 and continued to decline for more than ten years. What could have happened in 1993 to precipitate such a sudden and prolonged drop in crime? That’s the year Congress passed the Assault Weapons Ban and the Brady Law, which mandated background checks and a waiting period to buy a gun.

Despite Republican predictions to the contrary, the Brady Law and the Assault Weapons Ban were followed by the most dramatic reduction in violent crime since the FBI started keeping statistics. The graphs below, based on the actual numbers from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports website, show how the rates of murder and violent crime in the US dropped suddenly after the 1993 Brady Law and Assault Weapons Ban were passed.

These charts show the rate of murder and violent crime over 35 years based on numbers from the FBI Uniform Crime reports.

Most Republicans Said That President Obama Should Be Impeached Because Of The 2012 Attack On The Us Consulate In Benghazi

Their own investigations, however, proved them wrong. Every Congressional inquiry, including those by the Republican-led House Intelligence Committee, concluded that the Obama administration did nothing wrong regarding Benghazi, that there was no “stand down” order given, and that neither the President nor anyone in his administration lied about it. Each and every Republican investigation has reached this same conclusion, but Republicans continue to exploit this tragedy for political gain.

Republicans Said That If President Obama Was Reelected The Price Of Gasoline Would Rise To $545 A Gallon By January 2015

In fact, Senator Mike Lee of Utah said if Obama was reelected, the price of gas would reach $6.60 a gallon. Newt Gingrich, who was running for president in 2012, said Obama’s energy policies, EPA regulations, and failure to approve the XL pipeline would result in $10.00 a gallon gasoline.

Of course, these predictions were laughably wrong. Instead of $5.45 per gallon or $10.00 per gallon, the price of gas in January 2015, was $1.89, less than half of the all-time high of $4.15 a gallon under President Bush.

Republicans Insist That Their Policies Create More Jobs Than Democrats And Claim Democratic Policies Are Job Killers

History, however, has proven them wrong. According to numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, under the last three Republican presidents, there were a total of 21 million new jobs created during their combined 20 years in office .

However, under the last three Democratic presidents, there were a total of 40 million new jobs created during their combined 19 years in office .

So the last three Democratic presidents have seen the creation of nearly twice as many jobs in 19 years as the last three Republican presidents did in 20.

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Republican Senator Matt Gaetz From Conservative Florida Panhandle Has A Lot Of Secrets In His Closet Part 1

Feb 17, 2017

My two articles today will both be about the Republican freshman senator Rep. Matt Gaetz, from Florida.

My editor told me to write an article about how republicans want to destroy the EPA. As terrifying as that statement is, my research led me to the door step of Matt Gaetz, a republican senator that few Americans know. The only thing awesome about this guy is how he typifies every single Republican. His district is one of the most conservative in the county. Still, if I had a nickle for every sin he is rumored to have committed, I’d have enough for a phone call.

According to a Fox News report, he is introducing a bill to finally abolish the EPA. I use the word ‘finally’ because the EPA has been bugging republicans for a long time. According to republicans, all that the EPA does is implement regulations that cost the elite lots of cash.

The bill is not even a page long. It looks like it took someone two minutes to write up. However preposterous the bill is, the creep who wrote it, is even more of a joke. With seven arrests, murder suspicions, and even an alleged gay lifestyle, Matt Gaetz is the epitome of the republican politician. From the corner, he preaches, ‘Do as I say, not as I do.’

Today The American People Are Drowning In Rules And Regulations Promulgated By Unelected Bureaucrats

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A bill to “completely abolish” the Environmental Protection Agency has been drafted that would close the main arm of the US Government responsible for fighting climate change by the end of next year.

Matt Gaetz, a Republican member of the House of Representatives, has written to other politicians who might support his bill, according to an email obtained by The Huffington Post.

He claimed the “American people are drowning in rules and regulations” imposed by “unelected bureaucrats”.

And the EPA, he added, was “an extraordinary offender”.

The Environmental Protection Agency In The Early Trump Administration: Prelude To Regulatory Capture

Ashley Nicole Black C Look All We Want to Do Is Kick a ...

Article notesCopyright and License informationDisclaimerhttp://www.ajph.orgCONTRIBUTORS

L. Dillon conducted and coordinated the research and writing of this article. L. Dillon, C. Sellers, M. Sullivan, J. Harrison, and S. Johns conducted interviews. C. Sellers coordinates EDGI’s larger interview project, conducted research and writing, and is the lead author of “EPA Under Siege.” V. Underhill, N. Shapiro, J. Liss Ohayon, P. Brown, M. Sullivan, and S. Wylie contributed to research and writing. J. Harrison contributed to research design. All authors, including authors in the writing group, contributed to the research and writing of “EPA Under Siege.”

Copyrightcited by

Exclusive: Indiana Republican Sen Mike Braun Will Support Biden’s Epa Pick But Not His Agenda

Indiana Republican Sen. Mike Braun told IndyStar he plans to vote to confirm President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — a departure from many of his GOP colleagues.

For Braun, he said it’s an easy choice.

“The EPA often is at the center of partisan fights,” said the U.S. senator from Jasper. But Biden’s pick, Michael Regan, “seems like somebody who will listen, and he seems like somebody that’s going to talk to the people impacted, like the farmers.”

Regan has been North Carolina’s top environmental regulator since 2017. He was questioned in his confirmation hearing Wednesday before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, of which Braun is a member.

Regan said if confirmed, he would “follow the science and the law,” and focus on issues of climate change, environmental justice and drinking water.

The lines of questioning exposed political divisions among members about how to tackle the climate crisis and environmental regulations, particularly as it relates to jobs and the economy.

Some Republican members expressed concerns that “green jobs” will not be sufficient to replace those being lost from the fossil fuel industry. Many also were concerned about Biden’s plans to revisit controversial rules that were undone by President Donald Trump both at the EPA and in courts, including President Barack Obama’s power plan and clean water rule.

Braun told IndyStar he shares some of those concerns.

Progress ‘out the window’


In The 1960s Republicans Claimed That The Passage Of Medicare Would Be The End Of Capitalism

California Governor Ronald Reagan even proclaimed Medicare would lead to the death of freedom in America. Of course, they were laughably wrong. Since the passage of Medicare, capitalism has thrived and millions of elderly Americans have had longer, healthier lives and greater personal freedom. Medicare remains the most popular form of health insurance in the United States.

When Bill Clinton raised taxes on the wealthiest 1.5%, Republicans predicted a recession, increased unemployment, and a growing budget deficit. They were wrong.

There Is More Pollution When Congress And State Governorships Are Under Republican Control

Republican politicians have been portrayed traditionally as having less concern for the environment, but what does the evidence say about the GOP and pollution? In new research, Luke Fowler and Jaclyn Kettler examined 20 years’ of data on state-level toxic waste releases. They found that there was likely to be more pollution when the US Congress and state Governorships were held by Republicans, and that pollution was lower when these institutions were held by Democrats.

In contemporary American politics, Republicans have largely been cast as the villains when it comes to environmental issues, especially as President Trump dismantles the Environmental Protection Agency , Republican members of Congress vote against environmental legislation, and climate change denial still factors into party rhetoric. However, the complicated nature of the federal system and environmental policy may limit the influence of Republican partisan control on environmental outcomes. While others have thoroughly examined Republican rhetoric and record on the environment, we ask: does Republican leadership translate into more pollution?

The Trump Administration Rolled Back More Than 100 Environmental Rules Heres The Full List

Over four years, the Trump administration dismantled major climate policies and rolled back many more rules governing clean air, water, wildlife and toxic chemicals.

In all, a New York Times analysis, based on research from Harvard Law School, Columbia Law School and other sources, counts nearly 100 environmental rules officially reversed, revoked or otherwise rolled back under Mr. Trump. More than a dozen other potential rollbacks remained in progress by the end but were not finalized by the end of the administration’s term.

“This is a very aggressive attempt to rewrite our laws and reinterpret the meaning of environmental protections,” said Hana V. Vizcarra, a staff attorney at Harvard’s Environmental and Energy Law Program who has tracked the policy changes since 2018. “This administration is leaving a truly unprecedented legacy.”

Rule reversals

The bulk of the rollbacks identified by the Times were carried out by the Environmental Protection Agency, which weakened Obama-era limits on planet-warming carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and from cars and trucks; removed protections from more than half the nation’s wetlands; and withdrew the legal justification for restricting mercury emissions from power plants.

In justifying many of the rollbacks, the agencies said that previous administrations had overstepped their legal authority, imposing unnecessary and burdensome regulations that hurt business.

climateteam@nytimes.com or tweet @nytclimate.

Republicans Claim That Raising The Minimum Wage Would Kill Jobs And Hurt The Economy

There is far more evidence to the contrary. Cities and states that have higher minimum wages tend to have better rates of job creation and economic growth.

Detailed analyses show that job losses due to increases in the minimum wage are almost negligible compared to the economic benefits of higher wages. Previous increases in the minimum wage have never resulted in the dire consequences that Republicans have predicted.

Republicans have accused President Obama of “cutting defense spending to the bone”. This chart of 2014 discretionary spending firmly disproves that argument.

The Reagan Administration Takes A Swing At Environmental Agencies And Regulation

Riding these political tides to the White House, the early Reagan administration undertook a frontal assault on environmental agencies and regulation much like what we are now seeing. Gorsuch stepped into the EPA’s helm, hatching plans to cut its budget and personnel by half. Her Colorado colleague over at the Interior Department, James Watt, sought a similar devolution of control over federal lands; OSHA and FDA were also targeted.

But for these Republican anti-environmentalists, the power of the Presidency was not enough. A Democratic Congress, still bolstered by the party’s Southern bloc, stood in the way. Democratic committee chairs geared up for Congressional hearings that spotlighted the ensuing consequences and corruption at agencies under fire. The hue and cry then raised, and courtroom battles the Administration then lost, turned out to be much more than it had bargained for. Within two years, Gorsuch and Watt had resigned and restoration of federal environmental agencies was underway. A seminal Supreme Court decision in 1984, Chevron, Inc. vs NRDC, required judicial deference to environmental and other agencies’ interpretation of statutes, confirming their authority to regulate.

Republicans Have So Corrupted Epa Americans Can Only Save It In The Voting Booth

The Republican Party values polluter wealth over public health

Last modified on Mon 30 Apr 2018 11.01 BST

Like Donald Trump and the rest of his administration, Scott Pruitt has been caught up in so many scandals that it becomes impossible to focus on any single act of corruption. It’s difficult to focus on the damage Pruitt is doing to the environment and public health when seemingly every day there’s a new scandal related to his illegal $43,000 phone booth, or use of Safe Water Drinking Act funds to give two staffers a total of $85,000 in raises , or his sweetheart deal on a condo rental from a lobbyist’s wife , or wasting taxpayer funds on first class air travel and military jets, and a nearly $3m per year security detail, and bulletproof car seat covers, and a bulletproof desk, and so on.

Number of federal investigations into Scott Pruitt has now risen to 11. Reps. Beyer & Lieu say EPA inspector general will take up an inquiry into the $50-a-night condo rental from the wife of an energy lobbyist.

— Lisa Friedman April 27, 2018

But while Pruitt’s unprecedented corruption is staggering and would have resulted in his firing long ago in any other presidential administration, the damage Pruitt is doing to public and environmental health is a far greater scandal yet. As George W. Bush’s former EPA administrator Christine Todd Whitman wrote in for why TIME included Pruitt as one of its 100 most influential people this year,

Epa Scientists’ Work May Face ‘case By Case’ Review By Trump Team Official Says

Sen. Chuck Grassley: Trump can get rid of wind energy ...

“Pollution today is far more subtle,” Ruckelshaus says. It’s invisible greenhouse gases that cause global warming, or non-point pollution sources like the agricultural runoff from a farmer’s land that makes its way to a river. Those are no less threatening than issues like a burning river, Ruckelshaus says. And in some cases — specifically, in terms of climate change — they can be even worse.

“As people are subjected to sea level rise and ever-increasing severity of storms, of floods, of droughts, they know something’s going on,” Whitman says. “They’re often ahead of Washington in that.”

And she believes that as those effects of climate change become more widely felt, the environment will become a top issue for voters again.

That is, she says, unless changes at the EPA and in the country’s environmental regulations by the Trump administration don’t do it first.

How A More Diverse And More Urban Environmental Movement Helped Republicans

Racial and geographic realignments over the 1980s and ‘90s favored the anti-environmental Republicanism Gingrich now sought. Better-off black Americans moved to suburbs of their own, as civil rights groups spearheaded a new movement for “environmental justice.” White environmental groups gained bases in well-off older suburbs as well far-flung newer ones, but energy concerns inclined them to identify with a gentrifying downtown and the “walkability” espoused by a New Urbanism. At the same time, black majority districts were also being created to bring racial equity to Georgia’s Congressional delegations, starting with the 5th district, which was won in 1986 by John Lewis. Black representatives became the state’s foremost supporters of environmental causes in Congress.

This shift in Georgia environmentalism, fortified by redistricting, served Gingrich and the Georgia Republican Party extraordinarily well. With environmental causes coded in these ways, down-playing or opposing them shored up electoral support among rural as well as many suburban whites, especially the working class. Through gerrymandering Republicans worked to pack more blacks into fewer of Georgia’s Congressional districts, making most other districts whiter.

California Eyes Climate Leadership Role But Trump’s Epa Holds A Key On Cars

There is a disconnect though. Why, if the majority of Americans feel that the environment should be given priority, even at the risk of curbing economic growth, do environmental issues rarely come up in political debates. As ClimateWire pointed out, in the 2016 presidential campaign, there were “3 debates over 4 ½ hours, and zero climate questions.”

People don’t vote the issue. National security, health care, guns and trade policy, among others, were all viewed as more important to voters in the 2016 election.

Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment looked at that disconnect in 2005, while Reilly was an adviser.

“And the answer that came back was that the public essentially has concluded that there is no crisis,” Reilly says. “That the kind of issues that were emergency issues that prompted the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency have been very well addressed by the Environmental Protection Agency.”

Other former EPA administrators and officials agree.

“People can’t touch, smell and feel pollution the way they did back in the 1960s, the 1970s,” Ruckelshaus says. “I think the EPA and state agencies have become a victim of their own success.”

Changing tides

As administrator of the EPA, Pruitt has said that he would rely more on the states for environmental protections and look to reign in the federal government’s role.

Former Epa Heads Democrats And Republicans Rebuke Trump Environment Record

3 Min Read

– Four former heads of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Democrats and Republicans, on Monday issued a sharp rebuke of the Trump administration’s record on the environment after the current administrator said the agency is focused on “work that has been neglected for years.”

Former EPA administrators for Democratic presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton and Republicans George H.W. Bush and his son George W. Bush criticized the administration of President Donald Trump for rolling back regulations on methane, vehicle emissions and power plants.

“If you need any more proof of how strongly this is felt by people you have it today in four former administrators… we’ve all come to the same conclusion,” Carol Browner, who ran the EPA under Clinton, told reporters in a call organized by Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

Two Republican former administrators, William Reilly and Christine Todd Whitman, endorsed Biden on the call, saying the Trump administration’s actions on the environment had been an “aberration.”

“There has been nothing like an administration, on the environment, in the last 50 years to compare with the dereliction that characterizes this administration,” Reilly, who served under George H.W. Bush, said on the call.

In the coming weeks Wheeler said EPA will propose rules to limit lead in drinking water.

Whitman, who served under George W. Bush, was asked to react to Wheeler’s claim that the environment had improved under Trump.

Republicans Predicted That Obamacare Would Hurt The Economy And Kill Jobs

As you may have guessed, they were wrong. 2014 was the first full year that Obamacare was in effect. During that year the United States saw the fastest rate of job creation in 14 years and the best rate of economic growth in over ten years. More jobs were created in 2014 than in any year of the Bush presidency. Not only did Obamacare not harm the economy, it coincided with the best economic expansion in a dozen years.

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