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Who Is Running Against Trump In 2020 Election

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Sen Mitt Romney Of Utah

Election Deniers Who Say Trump Won In 2020 On The Ballot In Key State

A Gallup poll last March found Romney, 74, has a higher approval rating among Democrats than Republicans, so you might figure he doesnt have a prayer in taking his partys nomination again. A February Morning Consult poll, though, had Romney polling ahead of Republicans like Pompeo, Cotton and Hawley. So, youre telling me theres a chance? Yes, a one-in-a-million chance.

The 2012 GOP presidential nominee and his wife, Ann, have five sons. He graduated from Brigham Young University and Harvard Law. Romney is a former Massachusetts governor, and the first person to be a governor and senator from two different states since Sam Houston, who was governor of Tennessee and a senator from Texas. Romney is this years JFK Profile in Courage Award recipient.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., asks a question to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during a Senate Foreign Relations committee hearing on the State Departments 2021 budget on Capitol Hill on July 30, 2020, in Washington.

Greg Nash, Associated Press

Potential Democratic Presidential Candidates

The Democratic presidential primary field was expected to be large in 2020.The New York Times reported in September 2017 that, “In interviews, more than three dozen leading Democratic donors, fund-raisers and operatives agreed that it was the earliest start they had ever seen to the jockeying that typically precedes the official kickoff to the campaign for the partys presidential nomination. It is a reflection of the deep antipathy toward President Trump among Democrats, and the widespread belief that the right candidate could defeat him, but also of the likelihood that the contest for the nomination could be the longest, most crowded and most expensive in history.”

The following 18 politicians and public figures were discussed as potential candidates for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.


  • Brian Schatz, U.S. senator from Hawaii
  • Sally Yates, former acting attorney general

Business executives and public figures

  • Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase
  • Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Bob Iger, CEO of Disney
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, actor and professional wrestler
  • Michelle Obama, former first lady of the United States
  • Oprah Winfrey, mass media owner and philanthropist
  • Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder

Wisconsin: Jay Schroeder And Amy Loudenbeck

Unlike in Michigan, Arizona, Georgia and Nevada, in Wisconsin the secretary of state does not oversee elections. That responsibility belongs to the Wisconsin Elections Commission, the bipartisan state agency created by Republicans.

Schroeder and Loudenbeck, however, have both called for the dismantling of the commission.

Both candidates have instead called for the secretary of states office to oversee and administer elections. In Wisconsin, that office has not had responsibility for elections since 1974. Changing that would require approval by the Republican-controlled Legislature and the governor. Democratic Gov. Tony Evers has said he would not approve such changes, but he is up for re-election this fall, and all of his Republican opponents have vowed to abolish the Wisconsin Elections Commission. Other state Republicans have also aggressively criticized the agency following Bidens 2020 win in the state.

While Trump has not made an endorsement in the states Republican primary, hes been heavily involved in persuading other Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin to continue investigating the results of the 2020 election.

In an interview with NBC News, Schroeder, who was the Republican nominee for secretary of state in 2018, wouldnt acknowledge whether Biden won the state in 2020. Biden beat Trump in Wisconsin by 20,600 votes.

I wouldnt have signed off on the results, he said.

There would have to be proof, he said.

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Public Critical Of Trumps Impact On Tone Of Us Political Debate

On balance, the public believes that Trump has had a negative impact on the tone and nature of political debate in the U.S. A narrow 55% majority says hes changed the tone of debate for the worse, compared with just 25% who say hes changed it for the better 19% say he hasnt changed the tone of political debate much either way. Views on this question are nearly identical to those in the spring of 2019.

A large majority of Democrats and Democratic leaners say Trump has changed the tone and nature of political debated for the worse.

Among Republicans and Republican leaners, views are more mixed. Half say he has changed the nature of political debate in the country for the better, while 28% say he hasnt changed it much and 21% say hes changed it for the worse. There is a significant divide in views on this question among Republicans by ideology. Far more conservative Republicans say Trump has changed U.S. political debate for the better than for the worse . By contrast, moderate and liberal Republicans are about as likely to say hes changed debate for the worse as for the better .

The Head Of Judicial Watch Told Trump To Declare Victory Based On Ballots Submitted On Election Day

These Republicans are Planning to Run Against Trump in 2020

Former President Donald J. Trump was advised by Tom Fitton, the leader of the conservative group Judicial Watch, to declare victory in the presidential election strictly on the basis of votes cast on Election Day, as opposed to those submitted earlier, the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol revealed on Thursday.

The information emerged during the latest public hearing held by the committee, as part of an effort to show that Mr. Trump had what Representative Zoe Lofgren called a premeditated plan, formed before Election Day, to declare lawfully cast absentee and mail-in votes as illegitimate.

Committee members revealed that Mr. Fitton had sent an email to Mr. Trumps assistant, Molly Michael, and his longtime adviser, Dan Scavino, counseling the president on how to handle an expected wave of votes cast before Election Day that would likely benefit Joseph R. Biden Jr.

The email, sent on Oct. 31, 2020, showed him suggesting that Mr. Trump should say, The ballots counted by the Election Day deadline show the American people have bestowed on me the great honor of re-election to President of the United States the deadline by which voters in states across the country must choose a president.

It went on: We had an election today and I won.

The email was obtained by the committee from the National Archives.

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Pm: Masters Continues To Pound Kelly Over Border Drugs Crime

U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters continued his aggressive attacks on Sen. Mark Kelly, D-Ariz., saying he should have to attend the funerals of overdose victims killed by drugs that entered America from its porous borders.

Masters rattled off a familiar list of complaints about current conditions: There are 300,000 people crossing the nations border each month, violent crime has soared in Phoenix since 2019 and fentanyl continues to kill Americans everywhere.

Mark Kelly has been radio silent about fentanyl for 22 months, Masters said. That ended last week, Masters said, because he had a debate with Masters.

One month before Election Day, he says, Uh oh. I better pretend to start doing something about fentanyl, Masters said, adding that 2,000 Arizonans have died from the drug in the past year.

I think Mark Kelly should have to attend the funerals. Let him look a grieving mother in the eye and he can explain to her why he failed to even lift a finger to secure our border, Masters said.

His words extend attacks on Kelly that shot to prominence last week during the debate between the Senate candidates.

Masters took the stage to Danger Zone, the song made famous in both installments of the movie Top Gun that is about Navy pilots. It would seem a curious choice. Kelly was a Navy fighter pilot before becoming an astronaut, while Masters never served in the military.

Ronald J. Hansen

Am: 17 Visits And Counting

Arizona’s political preeminence seems like a given these days, but the red state-turned-purple battleground coincides almost perfectly with the political rise of Donald Trump.

The former president found early enthusiasm for his America-first message in Arizona in 2015, and he never really stopped coming back.

His scheduled rally in Mesa will add to an Arizona total no president or presidential contender can rival, with big asterisks for Barry Goldwater and John McCain, who lived in the state while pursuing the White House.

According to Republic research, Trump has made at least 17 visits since entering politics.

That is a list that began on July 11, 2015, with a stop in Phoenix that focused on immigration and helped set the tone for his upstart campaign.

Trump visited the state seven times in 2020. That included a just weeks before the pandemic halted campaign visits for months.

In May 2020, Trump started to move about again, with a stop at a Phoenix Honeywell facility making respirator masks to cope with the health crisis and to discuss aid to Native Americans.

He wound up losing Arizona in 2020 by fewer than 11,000 votes, the smallest margin in the country.

Trump made his first post-presidential visit to Arizona on July 24, 2021, at a Turning Point Action rally in Phoenix in which he saw firsthand the raucous reception to Kari Lake by Republicans.

He wrongly predicted the ongoing review of Maricopa County ballots would vindicate his baseless claims of a stolen election.

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Pm: Trump Claims Predecessors Took Classified Records

Former President Donald Trump unloaded on the FBI and accused his presidential predecessors over the criminal investigation of the documents seized from his residence at Mar-a-Lago.

He alluded to a third presidential run that wont get derailed by what he views as politically motivated attacks on him.

What theyre trying to do is take us out so we cant represent you if we decide to do that, but well be making a decision very soon, he said to rising cheers.

Trump claimed that former President Bill Clinton took millions of classified records with him when he left office, and presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama also improperly took records as well.

Clinton lost the nuclear codes and former President Jimmy Carter sent the nuclear codes to a dry cleaner, Trump said, adding that nothing happened in those matters.

Lock her up! Lock her up! the crowd chanted after Trump mentioned former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton kept private from officials government emails.

They should give me back everything that was taken, Trump said of the records taken by the FBI.

They plant documents, he said of the FBI. Trump wondered aloud when the Clintons would face investigation and prosecution.

I dont think they will do it, and I dont think they should do it, Trump said.

Despite his complaints, Trump said the actions against him drove his poll numbers higher.

Ronald J. Hansen

Suburban Shifts In The Sun Belt

Who Are Trumps Republican Challengers?

Suburban voting patterns also made a difference in the Sun Belt, especially in large southern states where suburbanization has been rampant. The focus here is on two such states: Georgia, where Biden is ahead and a recount has been announced and Texas, which Trump won, but where urban and suburban voting patterns closed the longtime Republican-Democratic gap. See Figure 3 and Downloadable Tables A and B.

A Democratic presidential candidate has not won Georgia since Bill Clinton took the state in 1992. Yet its demographic shiftsincluding brisk growth in the states Democratic-leaning Black population, gains in Latino or Hispanic and Asian Americans voters, and an increase in white college graduates, especially in the Atlanta metropolitan areaserved to make the state competitive for Democrats this year.

Georgias urban core counties helped the 2020 result swing toward Democrats. The counties of Fulton, DeKalb, and Clayton have consistently voted Democratic in recent elections. The populous counties of Gwinnett, Cobb, and Henry flipped to voting Democratic in 2016, and increased their Democratic margins even more so this year. Other suburban counties that showed increased Democratic support since 2016 were Douglas, Newton, and Rockdale.

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Biden And Trump Backers Priorities Expectations About Voter Access

Trump supporters overwhelmingly say it is very important that ineligible voters are prevented from casting ballots in the presidential election, yet far fewer are confident that this will happen: 93% say it is at least somewhat important , but only about a third say they are confident that ineligible voters will be prevented from voting this year.

Among Biden supporters, in contrast, more than eight-in-ten say they are at least somewhat confident that ineligible voters will be prevented from voting modestly larger than the 78% who say this is at least somewhat important.

Conversely, although about three-quarters of Biden voters say they are at least somewhat confident that all voters who are legally qualified and want to vote will be able to cast a ballot, nearly all say it is important that they be able to do so. Among Trump supporters, more than nine-in-ten say both that they are confident that all eligible voters will be able to cast ballots and that this is important .

Among Biden supporters, White voters are somewhat more likely than Black and Hispanic voters to say it is very important that all eligible voters be allowed to vote and are somewhat less likely to say they are very confident that this will be the case .

More: Joe Biden: Everything You Need To Know About The 2020 Presidential Candidate

Biden entered the race with the kind of name recognition that made him a de facto front-runner. But he’s also faced questions about accusations from women about unwanted touching, money, messaging, age, identity and ideology in a political environment vastly different from the one he began his career in decades ago.

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South Dakota Gov Kristi Noem

Noem, 49, has seen her profile rise during the pandemic, and she also had a high-profile moment last summer when she hosted Trump at Mount Rushmore for the Fourth of July. Noem gifted Trump with a Mount Rushmore replica that included his face, and her growing connection with Trump fueled speculation that he was considering swapping her for Pence as his running mate. She reportedly visited Washington, D.C., weeks later to smooth things over with Pence, according to The New York Times.

Noem isnt one to back down from culture wars fights. She recently came under fire from social conservatives for not signing a bill she originally said she supported barring transgender athletes from competing in sports. Noem cited her concern that the state would be punished by the NCAA, but followed up last week with executive orders restricting transgender athletes in K-12 schools and colleges.

Noem also recently got in a Twitter fight with Lil Nas X over his limited-edition Satan Shoes. The rapper responded to her tweet by saying, ur a whole governor and u on here tweeting about the shoes. Noem fired back with a Bible verse from Matthew 16:26.

Like DeSantis, Noem has played up her states more hands-off approach to handling COVID-19, but the virus has devastated South Dakota. More than 1,900 people have died in the rural state, and it has the eighth-highest death rate per 100,000 people in the U.S., according to data compiled by Statista.

Michael Conroy, Associated Press

Q: What Will Be Your Top Priorities If Elected

Democrats Shouldnt Be Afraid to Run an Anti

Hobbs said she will focus on four major issues: public education water management and climate affordability of living and reproductive rights.

On her campaign website, she promises to call a special session of the Legislature to repeal Arizonas draconian 1901 law that bans most abortions. If legislators fail to act, she said she will help lead a drive to place the issue on the ballot for voters to decide.

To assist working families, she proposes establishing a state-level child tax credit and granting sales tax exemptions on such items as diapers, baby formula, over-the-counter medicines and feminine hygiene products.

She also endorses free early childhood education for students, affordable child care for parents and more certified school counselors and social workers in schools.

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The 43 People Who Might Run Against Trump In 2020

The 2020 presidential election could feature the most crowded Democratic primary in decades, with scores of Democrats rumored as potential contenders.

The potential field could see some familiar faces as well as a mix of ambitious senators, governors and House members. But President Trumps success as an outsider could also embolden more nontraditional candidates from the business and entertainment industries.

With no clear leader, the 2020 field should be a change from 2016, when Democrats had a small field of candidates, including front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Here are 43 possible candidates who could take on Trump in 2020:

Former Vice President Joe Biden: Biden, 74, said he regretted not running in 2016. He stoked major speculation about 2020 with a busy travel schedule but later said, Guys, Im not running!

Sen. Bernie Sanders : Sanders, 75, emerged as a leader on the left after his 2016 presidential run, and hes working with the Democratic National Committee to help unite the party. He wouldnt rule out a 2020 run but said in January its much too early to discuss another bid.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren : Warren, 67, has become one of the biggest thorns in Trumps side. In an April interview, Warren said she has no plans to run in 2020 and is focused on her 2018 reelection.

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg: Zuckerberg, 32, who also co-founded an immigration advocacy organization, created some buzz when he said hell visit all 50 states this year.

Former President Donald Trump

Trump has publicly flirted with another run for president in 2024. He’s remained active in Iowa, further stoking speculation that he could enter the race. His leadership PAC announced in August 2021 it had hired two Iowa operatives, and he made his first visit back to Iowa for one of his signature rallies in October.

Trump easily won Iowa in the 2016 and 2020 general elections, and he remains popular among many Republicans here. According to a July 2022 Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll, 57% of Iowa Republicans hope Trump decides to run for president in 2024. Another 33% hope he does not, and 10% are not sure.

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