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Difference Between Libertarian And Republican

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Liberal Vs Libertarian Chart

Democrats Vs Republicans | What is the difference between Democrats and Republicans?

The Nolan Chart pictured above is a diagram originally developed by American Libertarian David Nolan in 1969. There are two axes representing the contrast between economic freedom and personal freedom. This philosophy differs from that of famous Libertarians such as Ayn Rand and Friedrich A. Hayek.

Ultimately, the further you rise up the vertical y-axis, the more personal freedom you gain, but the less economic freedom you have.

The further you move right across the horizontal x-axis, the more economic freedom you have but, the less personal freedom.

In the middle, you have Centrists who favor a mixture of both economic and personal freedom.

The chart shows that Liberals favor personal freedom over economic freedom, while Conservatives favor economic freedom over personal freedom.

The extremists in the equation would be Libertarians and Authoritarians. Libertarians favor both personal and economic freedom while Authoritarians, Statists, or Communists, as some might like to call them, prefer limited freedom and total government control.

The Donald Trump Shakeup

The rise of Donald Trump caught many political commentators off guard. His signature policies on free trade and immigration went against the neoliberal consensus that favored free trade and open immigration.

The fact that a New York billionaire could take the Republican national convention by storm had many political pundits reeling. This went to show how dynamic the New York City magnates message was in building a new coalition of voters that propelled him to victory.

Candidates like Hillary Clinton of the Democrat Party and Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party on the other hand curiously agreed on both of the issues from a status quo perspective.

Political Scientist Finds Disconnect In Libertarian Party Platform Voters

University of Dayton political scientist Christopher Devine has written the definitive academic study of the Libertarian Party Americas third largest political party. He documents a growing disconnect between the partys radical platform and the more mainstream, fiscally conservative and socially liberal policy preferences of its rank-and-file supporters.

His research is timely. This week, Michigan Congressman Justin Amash announced that he would run for the Libertarian Partys presidential nomination at next months national convention.

Devine examines the Libertarian Partys history, electoral performance and prospects for growth in the future. In addition, he conducts the first-ever survey-based analysis of party voters and members policy views for Beyond Donkeys and Elephants: Minor Political Parties in Contemporary American Politics. The book, released this spring, is the most comprehensive account ever written of contemporary minor political parties in the United States, according to publisher University Press of Kansas.

The Libertarian Party portrays itself as the third choice for Americans who find themselves dissatisfied with the two-party system not a fringe group of small-government radicals but a mainstream alternative to the Democratic and Republican parties with broad electoral appeal and the potential to emerge as a major party in its own right, Devine writes.

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Difference Between A Liberal And A Libertarian

Liberalism is an important political movement that helped shape many world governments well into modern times. However, liberalism broke off into two camps, bringing forth libertarians and other liberal-themed groups from among their ranks.

Generally believes in liberty and equality. Generally upholds liberty.

The Tea Party Insurgency


Certain ideological uprisings such as the Tea Party made things interesting within the GOP.

Formed in response to the spending policies of Barack Obama, the Tea Party served as a dissident movement that tried to shake up the political establishment. Several senators such as Rand Paul got their careers launched at this time.

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Libertarian Party Vs Constitution Party: An Analysis

The following was posted to the LP website back in 2008. I found it to be an interesting comparison of both parties.

We often get emails at Libertarian Party headquarters asking what exactly are the differences between the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party. The confusion is understandable, especially for party outsiders who are just beginning to look at either as a new political home.

On the surface, the LP and the CP appear to be quite similar. The very name of the Constitution Party appeals to the libertarian-leaning voter looking for a political party dedicated towards returning to a government strictly bound by the Constitutionas the Libertarian Party wishes for also. Additionally, the LP and the CP are very close on issues like foreign policy, Second Amendment rights, economic policy and health care.

However, beyond their initial similarities on the surface, a more in-depth look at the two parties shows profound differences in both platform and ideology.

The most acute difference between the two parties, and one that will explain much of the content in this article, can be found in the preambles of the two parties.

Libertarian Party:

From the get-go, the differences of the two parties are quite obvious. At its very roots, the Constitution Party is unabashedly a party of Christian philosophy and spirituality, where as the Libertarian Party remains much more secular in its composition and values.

Liberalism Vs Libertarianism On Immigration

Libertarian: This party believes that free movement and trade should have no border, and anyone should be allowed to morally move products and services across country lines. If youre trying to do so ethically, there shouldnt be any bureaucratic interference, such as tariffs, regulations, or duties.

Economists studying this philosophy believe that the world GDP would double, resulting in more international trade, a larger pool of qualified candidates for trade, and a wealthier world as a result.

The less interference the government has in trade, the better opportunities there are for the individual to create wealth.

That said, Libertarians understand the potential economic impact of immigration and how it can suck the well dry, so to speak, but the Conservative mentality of immigrants coming to the country to live off the welfare state and take our jobs doesnt hold any weight in a Libertarian society.

Liberal: This is another situation where Liberals prefer to step back and let nature work itself out. Liberals believe in open-borders and that we have no right to control who comes or goes from our country. As you can likely tell, this is considered highly reckless to both Conservatives and Libertarians. Conservatives believe that its our responsibility to think of our own citizens first, and we need to protect our borders to keep ourselves safe.

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While I Agree With A Lot Of Your Ideas I’m Not A Fan Of Political Parties Why Should I Join The Libertarian Party

Because, like it or not, our political system is currently based on political parties. Many Libertarians would like to do away with the party system and open up elections so that voters have more options and more freedom.

But, as it stands now, working through the Libertarian Party is the best step for meaningful change.

Independents are now the largest voting block in America. By pulling the lever for the older parties, you only embolden the status-quo. You strengthen the political extremes. When you support Libertarians, you chip away at the two-party duopoly and help create a new system, where Americans have more options at the ballot box.

The Key Difference Between Conservatives And Libertarians

Republican vs. Democrat vs. Anarchist vs. Libertarian

Conservatives and libertarians have enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial alliance, leading many to believe they are one and the same.

The differences between them especially blur on college campuses, where hegemonic liberalism requires conservative and libertarian student groups to coalesce in a critical alliance.

While this continued alliance is worth celebrating, it also requires clarification. The difference between the two philosophies can be boiled down as such: Conservatism is a political theory designed to secure the blessings of liberty, while libertarianism is simply and only a market theory. Understanding this distinction is vital if we are to preserve the unique system our Founders intended.

At a recent conference hosted by Young Americans for Liberty, David Azerrad of The Heritage Foundation debated the Cato Institutes David Boaz over this very distinction.

In his opening remarks, he reminded the audience, Its called the United States of America, not the United Markets of America.

That phrase the United Markets of America rightly captures the heart of libertarianism. While conservatives and libertarians generally agree on economic issues, libertarians tend to commit the error of thinking the market can be applied in all spheres of life with equal success.

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Which Political Party

Even though these political parties do share similar interests and positions there are very noticeable differences between them. In my opinion Libertarians, overall, will support views more commonly held by the Republican Party. Obviously Libertarians will side with Democrats on some of the social issues that Republicans will not back but, as a whole, Libertarians appear to be more to the right side of the political spectrum.

Are you wondering which party you closely relate to on a specific issue? Thankfully each of these party’s have online resources that people can review. I’d advise everyone to look at them all. Chances are that you will have some overlap that just might surprise you!

Who Is A Republican

Republican is primarily a person who supports and believes in a representative republican government which gives the individual freedom, simultaneously considers on maintaining the moral/social norms of the country under the rule of the government. Thus, a Republican believes in a government where it is elected by the people so that those who are elected are none other than the representatives of the people.

As defined in the Cambridge dictionary, a Republican is a supporter of government by elected representatives of the people rather than government by a king or queen. Similarly, Merriam Webster explains a Republican as one that favors or supports a republican form of government. Thus, unlike libertarian, A Republican advocates and believes in the form of a government though they both rely on the opinion that the government has no right to control the free will of an individual.

Fig 02: The emblem of the GOP , The main Republican party in United States of America

Similarly, a Republican believes in a Republican form of a government which centers its role in enabling people to secure the benefits of the society for themselves and for others. Moreover, such a form of government should limit its intervention to individuals work and should only intervene when the society cannot function at the level of the individual so that, the particular society can reach prosperity on its own.

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Are You A Libertarian

So, lets look again at the political spectrum. Traditionally, it has been left vs. right. However, what exactly does left or right mean? Does left simply mean more government? If so, that would mean that the farther left you go, the more of a totalitarian dictatorship you would get.

That probably wouldnt sit right with a lot of Democrats.

Does going further right mean you want no government at all? That probably wouldnt sit right with a lot of Republicans.

The Nolan Chart is a more accurate way of looking at the political spectrum. A square or rather, a diamond, as it stands on a point has left and right across the horizontal plane, and Libertarian and Statist on the vertical plane. Therefore, you can be a Statist Democrat or a Statist Republican, or a Libertarian Democrat or a Libertarian Republican.

You can find your spot on the Nolan Chart by taking a simple quiz.

How Libertarians Have Attempted To Fuse With The Gop

Democrats Vs Republicans: Useful Differences Between ...

Since Ron Paul became prominent through his presidential runs in 2008 and 2012, a republican vs. libertarian debate began to emerge inside of the Republican Party itself.

Americas electoral system is constructed in a way that is unfriendly towards third parties. Just ask the Green Party and Libertarian Party how difficult it is to have electoral success as a third party in the United States.

This has compelled liberty-minded individuals to infiltrate the Republican Party. As a result, pro-liberty activists who are successful running as Republicans have formed a faction within the party in order to move the party platform in a more pro-liberty direction.

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Difference Between Liberal And Libertarian

Lets apply modern Liberals vs. Libertarians to the issues we face today. Weve seen many questions arise in recent years about what makes a utopian society and what we need to practice to get as close to that as possible.

Even when a Libertarian agrees with one party on an issue, they have very different reasons as to why they agree. For example, some might think that Libertarians lean towards Conservatives on immigration. While that is true, there are many different reasons for that.

What Kind Of People Join The Libertarian Party

People like you. People who used to be Republicans, Democrats, and independents from all walks of life. They joined us because they realize that were the only political party working for their best interests. No matter who you are, where you come from, what you enjoy, what you do for a living, there are Libertarians just like you. We are probably the most diverse organization in America. What brings us together is our common concern for our basic rights and freedoms.

Those who join us realize that, unlike the two major parties, we place your liberties above all else. While the Republican and Democratic parties exist to maintain their own power, we exist to defend your rightsyour libertiesto stand up for principle. We will not back down from a bully and we will not make exceptions when it comes to your rights.

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Explaining The Difference Between Libertarians And Republicans

In a political climate dominated by a two-party system, Libertarians are constantly confused as off-brand Republicans.

Although the two groups sometimes align on issues, there are stark ideological differences between them, particularly in Trumps era. So lets briefly clear up any confusion over the difference between Libertarians and Republicans.

Democrats: Pro Big Government

Libertarianism VS. Conservatism

Democrats are typically in favor of bigger government, especially when it comes to social programs like welfare, public education, and the arts.

They are generally against bigger government for the military that is, at least, the rank and file Democrats.

Democrats are OK with higher taxes to pay for more government.

Democrats want less governmental laws when it comes to social issues, such as abortion and sexuality issues.

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Key Difference Libertarian Vs Republican

Libertarianism and Republicanism are two main philosophies that govern within the context of the modern international political system. Libertarianism principles are grounded in the rights of an individual which emphasize on the right to life, right to pursue happiness, libertyetc. Thus, it strongly opposes the governments interference in the individuals personal life matters, interests and decision-making process. Republicanism is the philosophy that emphasizes on the freedom of the individuals while emphasizing more on the moral conduct of people.

Though there are ideological similarities between Libertarian and a Republican the key difference between these two political advocates is that a Libertarian primarily dont believe in a government whereas a Republican believes in a government, or rather a Republican form of a government and such a government should not interfere with individual freedom excessively.

Where The Libertarian Vs Republican Comparison Falls On The Nolan Chart

The Nolan Chart, which charts political views on the axes of economic and personal freedom, remains useful for political comparisons.

Those of the libertarian persuasion would fall in the top quadrant, while conservatives would fall on the right quadrant.

If we were to use a libertarian vs. republican chart, we would not see much of a difference on political views as in the case of the libertarian vs. conservative chart comparison. After all, the party of Lincoln is the de facto home of conservatives. However, the leadership of the party is perhaps more centrist than the conservative wing of that party.

There are some conservatives who straddle the liberty quadrant of the Nolan chart. A similar dynamic can be seen with libertarianism, where certain followers lean more towards the right part of the quadrant.

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Comparison Table Between Democrat And Libertarian

Basic Terms
Have both social liberal and fiscal conservative
Economic Ideas Believe in the minimum wage and progressive taxation Believe wages should be set by free-market and taxation should not be increased
Military Budget
Oppose government involvement in personal affairs
Abortion Stand
Highly supported by the majority of democrats Mixed reactions
Agree to work with the United Nations when dealing with an international crisis Disagree working with the United Nations since it restricts protection

Are You A Libertarian Or Are You A Republican

Democrats vs. Republicans: Useful Differences between ...

A month ago, a former Maryland Libertarian Party candidate called to let me know that he is going to run for the same race in 2020 as a Republican.

I thanked him for having the courtesy to let me know and asked him why he was planning on running as a Republican. He replied that he wanted to win.

I asked him why not run as a Democrat for that seat.

He sputtered incredulously, Why would I do that?

I said, Because a Democrat has won that seat the last three elections, the last two by double digits.

After a pause, he replied, Well, I have a better chance of getting elected to the seat as a Republican than as a Libertarian.

True, but you still have much better shot getting elected as a Democrat. Nonetheless, he still couldnt fathom running as a Democrat.

The supposed affinity with the Republican Party is a problem the Libertarian Party has had for most of its history.

When Rands father, Ron Paul, decided to run for Congress again in 1996 after being away for eight years, the GOP did everything they could to prevent him from getting reelected. They backed former Democrat-turned-Republican Greg Laughlin against Dr. Paul since the district was strongly Republican and the winner of the Republican primary would most likely win the general election. Then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush, along with his father, former President George H. W. Bush, both campaigned against Dr. Paul, as did then-Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Fortunately, Dr. Paul still won.

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