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Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus Mosquito Trap Reviews

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Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus Features & Review

Mosquito Magnet MM4200B Patriot Plus Mosquito Trap Review, Super quiet and easy to use
  • Silent trap emits carbon dioxide, heat and moisture to attract and capture mosquitoes and other biting insects like midges, black flies and no-see-ums
  • Coverage area up to 1-acre – Outdoor use only
  • Plug-in trap starts working immediately and you see results in 7 to 10 days
  • Operate the odorless trap continuously to break mosquitoes breeding cycle
  • Note: Propane tank is not included

This device comes equipped with an extra long power cord to offer you continuous performance regardless of where you place it on your property. The cord is 50 foot long and it has lawn clips to help secure the cord in place and avoid any hazardous situations from happening.

This device gives you plenty of options of where you can use it from. You can choose to use it in your back yard outside your vacation home, at work among other places. You will be able to reclaim your outdoor spaces with this device.

This device mimics a human by utilizing propane and converting it into a combination of CO2, heat, as well as moisture. It also uses attractants like Octenol and Lurex to lure mosquito to it.

The mosquitoes will fly away from you in search of these attractants in hope of finding a blood meal. As they get closer to the trap, they will be sucked into it where they become dehydrated and die eventually. With time, you will be able to break the breeding cycle since its the female mosquitoes that need blood to so that they can develop eggs.

How Does It Work

A Mosquito Magnet operates by replicating the things that attract them to you, namely, heat and carbon dioxide. You can increase their effectiveness by using a secondary attractant too. However, they are odorless. It prevents the females from laying eggs and, thus, controls the insect population.

Pests that venture near the device are sucked in where they cant escape and die within 24 hours. Youll see models that run on batteries, AC, or custom sources, depending on the product. Cordless products increase the versatility of the device with the portability it offers. These devices include wheels for easy transport.

What Are Other Ways That I Can Control A Mosquito Problem

The best way to manage an insect issue is to avoid creating a hospitable habitat in your yard. Eliminating pools of stagnant water is crucial because these insects depend on these sources for survival. They need it to mature and lay eggs as an adult. Like other pests, they are thriving from an evolutionary point-of-view.

There are valid reasons why they exist across the globe. A single female can lay 300 eggs at a time, turning a minor issue into a major one quickly. Of course, you cant control the rain, but you can take charge of the situation by making sure there arent places for the water to collect. That includes things such as flower pots, planters, and other containers.

Even bird baths are potential spots for mosquitos in search of moisture. However, they dont need a lot of water. Any pool can host these pests.

You can also put plants in your yard to repel existing populations. Options include aromatic varieties such as catnip and lavender. The addition of a Mosquito Magnet provides a formidable defense.

And while they are a nuisance, mosquitoes provide an essential food source for numerous species of birds, amphibians, and reptiles. They are, unfortunately, a necessary evil.

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Mosquito Trap Reviews Summary

So you’ve read all the mosquito trap reviews and have done your homework. Our preferred method for total mosquito control is to set up a mosquito trap such as the Skeeter Vac at the perimeter of your outdoor living area, then also use the AllClear Mosquito Mister closer to your living area. This combination of mosquito control attracts and traps mosquitoes with the mosquito trap and the AllClear Mister repels and kills mosquitoes nearer to you.

Homeowners just like you have been fighting to gain mosquito control and luckily with the variety of mosquito traps available on the market today, it’s no longer a losing battle. Mosquito Magnet, SkeeterVac and other mosquito traps have proven that mosquito traps effectively reduce the mosquito population. Skeeter Vac and Mosquito Magnet mosquito trap models are ideal for backyards, lawns and larger areas being treated for mosquito control.

Aside from mosquito traps, there are many other products that have been proven effective to prevent mosquito bites like the AllClear mosquito mister which uses a variety of concentrated mists to repel mosquitoes. for a limited budget try bug zappers, mosquito foggers, and other Mosquito Repellents as well as mosquito

How Mosquito Traps Work

Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus Review

When hunting for blood meals, female mosquitoes fly about 25 feet or less off the ground, using several types of sensing organs to find human prey. Among their equipment:

  • Antennae that detect the carbon dioxide released from a persons lungs and are capable of picking up more than 340 chemical odors produced by human skin, including octenol, a substance also found in perspiration.
  • Compound eyes made up of hundreds of tiny lenses designed for spotting movement and distinguishing prey, particularly useful for day-biters that rely more on visual cues. Accompanied by two light-sensitive simple eyes.
  • Maxillary palpus located on the head and believed to be sensitive to heat, helping mosquitoes to locate warm-blooded prey and pinpoint capillaries that are closest to the skin and more easily reached.

Mosquito traps take advantage of mosquitoes sensory abilities by tricking them with features that mimic the smells and visual stimuli associated with people. Various brands produce CO2, octenol, heat, or light or a combination of those to lure mosquitoes in, then trap them in containers where they die.

To be most effective, the traps need to be placed correctly, which means in shaded areas located between the source of the mosquitoes and where people gather in the yard. The best idea is to try it in different places until you find the right one. Youll also need to experiment with a variety of attractants to see which ones appeal most to your local mosquitoes.

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Patriot Plus Vs Executive Models

The Mosquito Magnet currently comes in two different models The Patriot Plus and the Executive. Both models cover up to 1-acre of property and have all the same attractants and capture devices. The Executive model costs roughly twice as much as the Patriot Plus and includes several features that might be desirable.

The Patriot Plus comes with a standard A/C plug, which can be plugged into an outside outlet. By contrast, the Executive comes with a rechargeable battery so it can be deployed anywhere on your property without running power.

The Executive also has a much larger collection net, so you wont have to empty the trap as regularly. Plus, it comes with a wheeled base to help you easily move it around, an LCD panel to quickly view and change your options, and fuel-saving technology to help you propane and attractant last even longer.

  • Attracts and captures mosquitoes and other biting insects like midges, black flies and no see ums
  • Features the Mosquito Magnet patented Catalytic Converter converts propane into carbon dioxide (propane tank not…
  • “Smart Technology” offers 5 different user friendly digital setting options including 4 fuel savings modes that extend…

Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus Co2 Mosquito Trap

Put an End to the Biting Insects in Your Yard

With the Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus Mosquito Trap, you can tackle the mosquitoes and other biting insects that are plaguing your property. The Patriot Plus trap features a 50-foot power cord and sturdy base, allowing you to place the trap in the best location in your yard. To draw mosquitoes away from you and to it, the trap combines heat, moisture, CO2 and secondary attractants to lure mosquitoes. As they fly close to investigate opportunities for a blood meal, theyâre sucked inside the trap where they dehydrate and die. Over time, the reduction of the local mosquito and biting insect populations allows you to enjoy your outdoor spaces again.

  • Reclaim your favorite outdoor spaces
  • Breaks insect breeding cycle

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Mosquito Magnet Patriot Mm4100 Uses An Extension Cord

The Patriot model is the least expensive of the Mosquito Magnets, but the main disadvantage is you need to plug it in, allowing less freedom of placement for a trap where location is important. It comes with a 50-foot extension cord and lawn clips to secure it, but youll need to be careful when mowing.

Otherwise, its advertised to cover an acre of clear space, like the other models, and works on the same principal. Youll need to supply a propane tank, which should last about 21 days with continuous operation, as well as other supplies mentioned above.


This catches mosquitoes, not every single one, but the drop has been noticeable and dramatic. Dealing with the cord was worth the cheaper price. Its easy to set up and runs quietly, but every time we empty the net there are mosquitoes in it.

Wish Id got the cordless model. It works best when its upwind of where people are, and most of the time I know just the spot for it, but sometimes the weather changes and if I could move it easier, I could get it around to the other side of the yard.

What Is The Mosquito Magnet

Mosquito magnet patriot … 1 week operation catch review ð?ð?

Mosquitos have evolved for millions of years to hone in on their prey, suck their blood, and reproduce. In order to find a human, mosquitos search the environment for signs that humans are close. They smell the air for signs of carbon dioxide which humans are actively breathing out in large quantities. Once they get closer, they start to hunt for the smell of human skin.

Luckily for humans, we have evolved the ability to mimic the signals that mosquitos are looking for the Mosquito Magnet creates CO2 using propane, and mimics human scents with . Heres a breakdown of exactly how the Mosquito Magnet works:

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What Is The Best Mosquito Trap You Can Buy

When you buy a mosquito trap, youre making an investment in the comfort and safety of your home. And, like any investment, you should give it careful consideration before making a decision on how to spend your money.

You will learn that not all mosquito traps are created equal. Most will attract and kill some mosquitoes. But only a few can do it consistently, for the right price, and on a scale that will help clear the biting insects from your yard. Fortunately scientists have performed tests on these machines to show which ones perform the best and under what circumstances. Noted entomologist, Dr Daniel Klines study: Large Cage and Field Comparison Tests of Mega-Catch and Mosquito Magnet Traps revealed how these machines were capable of capturing and killing thousands of insects in a single night. And at those rates, it would only take about two months to collapse a local mosquito population.

But no matter how impressive the test results, theres one thing you need to know about mosquito traps. Whatever the brand or how effective, a mosquito trap cannot solve all your mosquito problems. The best mosquito control program follows an integrated approach which means reducing mosquito breeding sites as well as using an effective trapping device.

How To Choose Best Mosquito Trap For Indoor & Outdoor Use For 2022

Mosquitos are not only annoying, but they can also be dangerous. As carriers of some of the most deadly diseases in the world such as West Nile Virus and malaria, it is essential to find a solution to keep you and your family safe from them. Both outdoor and indoor use.

It may seem like there is an overwhelming amount of different mosquito traps, but dont worry. We will help you break down how mosquito traps work so you will become an expert in no time! While a mosquito repellent can help for a little while, a trap works much better in the long run. Most insect traps are intended to capture mosquitoes, but there are some that are capable of killing the blood-sucking insects too. Some people think that mosquito traps are inefficient and do little to reduce the mosquito population near your home, but that may only be true for certain traps. Some traps are suited for indoors, others outdoors, but here were going dive deep into all the different types of mosquito traps and how they function. Solve your mosquito problem for good.

One thing to keep in mind is that mosquito traps are not cheap. They are used as a semi-permanent solution to keep an area a pest free and can cost up to hundreds of dollars.

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Is It As Effective As More Expensive Mosquito Trap Models

If you are looking for effectiveness, the MM4100 Review will show that the Patriot Plus is very effective and it is able to last for many seasons as long as you put a little effort into caring for it. The same can be said for the older style, Patriot.

In comparison to other Mosquito Magnets, this is the basic model trap. Others may have features that this one does not. However, they are all going to work the same, just varying size of coverage. They each use an attractant to draw in more mosquitoes and they all have to be refilled at approximately the same time. The biggest reason people choose other options is because they are wireless. Many of them are battery operated so that you do not have to have a power cord running out to the mosquito trap from your home. They all have the same warranty except for the Commander, which provides you with a two-year warranty.

How Does It Compare to the Blue Rhino SkeeterVac?

A lot of people want to know about how Mosquito Magnets compare to Blue Rhinos SkeeterVac. One huge difference is that the SkeeterVac is able to treat land that is 1 acre or more. All that you will find on a Mosquito Magnet Patriot Review is that they are able to protect land up to an acre. This means that you may have to have more than one Patriot if you have an area that is larger than an acre.

Recent Trap Reviews

Mosquito Magnet Review: Choosing The Best Mosquito Removal Methods

Mosquito Magnet MM4200 Patriot Plus Mosquito Trap # ...

The most widespread question about mosquito traps is: does mosquito magnet works? The greatest advantage of mosquito magnets is the complete removal of all gnats in a short period of time that also works for the elimination of future generations of these flying pests.

To evaluate all pros and cons of this type of mosquito trap, I have collected my favorite magnet items to share with you.

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Mosquito Magnet Patriot Mosquito Trap

Easy to Set Up and Use

Experience a mosquito-free yard with help from the Mosquito Magnet Patriot mosquito trap. Designed for the homeowner who needs to protect up to a 1-acre area, the Patriot mosquito trap offers easy set up, user-friendly operation, and reliable performance. From barbecues to bocce ball, get ready to enjoy your yardâminus the mosquitoes.

For best results, run your trap 24 hours a day in order to break the mosquitoes’ breeding cycle. Your trap will begin working immediately with noticeable results in 7-10 days. Allow 4 weeks to see significant results.

How It Works

The trap works by mimicking the way humans attract mosquitoes. As with the other Mosquito Magnet traps, the Patriot uses patented CounterFlow technology. This exclusive technology allows the trap to emit a precise plume of CO2, heat, and moisture that attracts biting insects to the trap, while simultaneously vacuuming them into a net where they dehydrate and die within 24 hours.

Choosing the Right Attractant

Using the proper secondary attractant will increase your mosquito catch rate by up to 10 times. Attractants lure mosquitoes to the trap by mimicking human skin scents and other natural odors. Mosquito Magnet attractants are the only brand to be EPA-registered and proven effective.

At a Glance:

3X Larger Self-Contained Rigid Net and Durable, Convenient Design
Proven Results
Reliable, 360-Degree Customer Service

Guidelines for proper placement:

When Is The Right Time To Start My Mosquito Magnet Trap

Well first you should know that mosquitoes and other no-see-ums tend to get active as temperatures reach at least 500for several days. The adults along with their eggs will start their activities as the weather becomes warmer. As the temperature continues to rise, the mosquitoes will also be active. So to answer the question, you will have to start your trap before the temperature warms up. This way you will be able to break their cycle by capturing the new mosquitoes before they begin laying eggs.

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Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus Review

I field-tested the newest and most affordable trap from Mosquito Magnet and I’m going to tell you why it’s one of the most effective tools for mosquito control.

Effective Mosquito Control for your Home

Traps with propane are a well-known tool to get rid of annoying mosquitoes. I field-tested the newest and most affordable device from Mosquito Magnet, one of the more popular traps out there.

  • Im going to tell you how effective it is against flying critters and how to make best use of it.
  • Furthermore this review will guide you through the most important improvements in comparison to older versions.

Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus

Uses propane to cover an area of 1 acre. Its silent and odorless. Consider ongoing costs for propane, attractant, net and cleaner and use outdoors only.

The Patriot Plus MM4200B lures mosquitoes and other nasty bugs into a vacuum trap where they meet their doom. Once placed at the right location it kills tons of little bloodsuckers 24h a day.

Read my guide Mosquito Traps That Work to get a full overview of the best available traps.

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