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Jeep Patriot 2 Inch Lift Kit

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Also Engineered To Fit Jeep Compass And Dodge Caliberthe Only 2 Or Higher Lift Kit Not Made In China

Installing 2010-2017 Jeep Patriot 2-inch Suspension Lift Kit By Rough Country
Zack Crum’s Lifted Patriot haulin’ some ‘A’ thru the Anza-Borrego desert.Click for larger image. Pictures of the MOPAR Jeep Patriot built by Jeep’s offroad engineering team in action at the 2010 Moab Easter Jeep Safari. This Jeep uses the Rocky Road 2 1/8″ lift kit. They were so impressed with RRO parts, they ordered additional lifts and Rockrails for other Patriots.Click the pics for larger views.

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It is important to note that the Rocky Road Lift kit is THE ONLY one Mopar/Jeep ever approved for use. Every single other Patriot lift on the market at this time, is just a sub-par copy of our original kit design, which are now made in China. No matter how “American” the company selling them sounds, those other kits are all made cheap in China, completely inferior in their construction, and also never used nor approved by Jeep/Mopar.

Rough Country2in Spacer Lift Kit For 10

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Rough Country 2in Spacer Lift Kit

Vehicle Specific Design: The Rough Country 2in Spacer Lift Kit is engineered to fit both the Patriot and Compass. However, this is for 4WD models only, and will not fit on a 2WD Jeep.

Bolt-On Installation: For ease of install, the Rough Country 2in Spacer Lift Kit mounts to your Jeep without cutting, drilling, or other modification. The included strut spacers retain your factory ride quality and comfort.

Run Larger Wheels and Tires: With this kit, you will be able to fit 245/65R17 tires on your Jeep Patriot or Compass.

  • Front Upper Strut Spacer Pair
  • Rear Upper Strut Spacer Pair
  • Front Sway Bar Relocation Bracket
  • Rear Inner Control Arm Pair
  • Rear Upper Control Arm Pair
  • Installation Hardware
  • Shocks Included:Without Shocks or With Shocks
  • Max Tire Size:30
  • Lift Height Range:0 – 2.5 inch
  • Included Parts:Coil Springs, Hardware, Rear Lower Control Arms, Rear Upper Shock Mounts, Sway Bar Drop Brackets

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This Part Fits The Following:

  • Jeep Compass w/ 2WD or AWD.
  • Jeep Patriot w/ 2WD or AWD.
  • 2 Lift & Level Kit Includes Front and Rear Strut Spacers, Front Sway Bar Link Brackets, Front Strut To Knuckle Cam Bolts w/ Nuts, Adjustable Rear Upper Lateral Links w/ Polyurethane Bushings and Mounting Hardware.
  • Strut Spacers and Sway Bar Link Brackets Manufactured of 1/4 Steel and Finished In a Black Powder Coat.

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Jeep Patriot Lift Kit Description

With many thousands of lift kits sold, installed, and successfully running worldwide, Rocky Road Outfitters is the industry leader in parts and accessories for the Patriot. Our photos can’t really do justice to how great this vehicle looks with some lift and beefier tires, but you can begin to get the idea. Converts your Jeep to something truly worthy of the Jeep badge and nameplate!

Installs quickly . Anyone handy with a set of wrenches can install this system. No special tools needed.SPECIAL INSTALLATION NOTE: When installed properly, you will have no problems with this kit. If you read reports online of problems, this is because the installer did NOT follow the detailed instructions and notes on managing the axles. Please feel free to email us direct if you have any questions on this. Unfortunately, some installers are not very good at following instructions, but you can avoid this going in armed with information at the start of the install. Thousands of people worldwide are running this lift kit and love the hell out of it. Please email us if you have any questions or cencerns on this.

Clearance is the main reason we started work on this system. The Patriot has pretty much the worst undercarriage clearance of any vehicle in its class… much less anything with 4WD. Even a silly stock Subaru can get you further down a dirt road than a stock Jeep Patriot, that’s just not right. Rocky Road has your cure for the stock Patriot blues though…

Patriot Lift Kit Yes Or No

2in Suspension Lift Kit for 2010

Gavin said:Thanks Rosso Racer. I had a look at the Rocky Road kit and and they seem pretty confident but I’ve read so many bad reviews online on different sites about their lift kit that I got spooked. Average rating of 3/10 everywhere… so yeah… I dunno

“It’s a nasty feeling when it happens: you feel trapped, and the RPM’s are just 2500, moaning like a stuck cow.” ~ psaulesl

Gavin said:Hey everyone. I know this topic has been brought up so many times but honestly I don’t have the patience to read through thousands of posts. Can anyone give me a definitive Yes or No regarding lift kits for the Patriot? Here in South Africa every 4×4 specialist company tells me my steering will “fall out” or “dont do it” or “Buy a wrangler” or “Patriots cant be modified”. Can a patriot be lifted without any steering/installation/handling/alignment problems or will I stuff up my vehicle having it installed? And if it can, what brand is the best? I’m a printer and not a mechanic/enthusiast so I really don’t have much knowledge about what makes a car go forward once you turn the ignition on Thanks in advance and sorry for bringing up this topic again!Cheers Gavin

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Make Sure It Fits Your Vehicle


  • Allows for larger wheels and tires
  • Multiple Lift Kits for Jeeps available
  • Improve the look and off-road performance of your vehicle with RT Off-Road?s Lift Kit
  • Improves ground clearance allowing the use of oversized tires
  • Black polyurethane construction


  • Gain increased ground clearance and incredible good looks with a kit from Rough Country
  • Most kits come with everything you need to overhaul your Truck or Jeeps appearance while maintaining a factory-like ride quality
  • Most kits include Rough Countrys N3 Shocks
  • These 10-stage variable valving, high-pressure Nitrogen charged shocks offer a fantastic blend of off-road action and smooth highway ride quality
  • Durable 18mm spring-loaded piston rod and faster-cooling 54mm shock body
  • Includes Rough Countrys Lifetime Replacement Guarantee!


Honest Reviews Of The Rro Lift Kit


Eat,sleep,JeepNothing like the sweet smell of Diesel


Eat,sleep,JeepNothing like the sweet smell of Diesel

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