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What Is The Pin The Republicans Are Wearing

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The Pin A Gift From Ms Cheneys Mother Was Modeled After George Washingtons Battle Flag During The American Revolution

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The night before her fellow Republicans voted to oust her from party leadership, Rep Liz Cheney wore a large pin on her lapel while she made a speech railing against the cult of Donald Trump. Whether her colleagues knew it or not, the lapel pin was loaded with meaning.

Ms Cheney’s mother, Lynne Cheney, gave her daughter the accessory. Shaped like a flag with yellow stars on a blue background, the pin was modeled after George Washington’s battle flag during the American Revolution, the elder Ms Cheney told CNN. The jeweler Ann Hand designed it for her in 2004, after she published her children’s book, When Washington Crossed the Delaware.

A few weeks ago, as storm clouds began to gather in the House, Lynne gave it to her daughter.

That connection to history, as well as to Liz Cheney’s parents – who include former vice president Dick Cheney – speaks volumes about how the congresswoman sees her struggle. In a defiant speech she gave on Tuesday, Ms Cheney presented herself as an embattled patriot, defending a form of conservatism with deep roots in American history and a strong faith in democracy.

“Our duty is clear,” Ms Cheney told her party. “Every one of us who has sworn the oath must act to prevent the unraveling of our democracy. This is not about policy. This is not about partisanship. This is about our duty as Americans. Remaining silent, and ignoring the lie, emboldens the liar.”

In These Times The Only Thing Democrats And Republicans Can Agree On Wearing A Lapel Pin


    The go-to accessory for politicians are the lapel pins they wear, and Guilford County Commissioner Ray Trapp shares his collection, on Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017, in Greensboro, N.C.

    • Joseph Rodriguez/News & Record

    The go-to accessory for politicians are the lapel pins they wear, and Guilford County Commissioner Ray Trapp shares his collection, on Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017, in Greensboro, N.C.

    • Joseph Rodriguez/News & Record

    The go-to accessory for politicians are the lapel pins they wear, and Guilford County Commissioner Ray Trapp shares his collection, on Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017, in Greensboro, N.C.

    • Joseph Rodriguez/News & Record

    The go-to accessory for politicians are the lapel pins they wear, and Guilford County Commissioner Ray Trapp shares his collection, on Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017, in Greensboro, N.C.

    • Joseph Rodriguez/News & Record

    The go-to accessory for politicians are the lapel pins they wear, and Guilford County Commissioner Ray Trapp shares his collection, on Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017, in Greensboro, N.C.

    • Joseph Rodriguez/News & Record

    The go-to accessory for politicians are the lapel pins they wear, and Guilford County Commissioner Ray Trapp shares his collection, on Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017, in Greensboro, N.C.

    • Joseph Rodriguez/News & Record

    The go-to accessory for politicians are the lapel pins they wear, and Guilford County Commissioner Ray Trapp shares his collection, on Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017, in Greensboro, N.C.

    • Joseph Rodriguez/News & Record

    Capitol Rioter Appears In Court At The Same Time House Managers Present A Video Of Him

    From CNN’s Katelyn Polantz and Marshall Cohen

    At the same time as House managers were presenting video of Dominic Pezzola, an alleged member of the Proud Boys, storming the Capitol, Pezzola was before a magistrate judge in DC District Court who was considering a Justice Department request to keep him detained as he awaits trial. 

    The Democratic lawmakers highlighted his role as one of the first people to breach the Capitol. They showed video of him smashing a window, which allowed dozens of rioters to rush into the building. In addition to showing widely shared social media footage from outside the Capitol, the Democratic managers played never-before-seen security camera footage depicting the breach of the window from inside the building.

    In court, prosecutor Erik Kenerson tip-toed around calling him a Proud Boy, without saying the group’s name specifically, and instead described him becoming a “leader” of an effort to overtake a pedestrian walkway in or near the Capitol building on Jan. 6. Kenerson also described how Pezzola “was not some solitary actor” who came to DC — alleging he may have planned and coordinated with others to stop the certification of Joe Biden’s presidential win, even meeting up with some the morning of the pro-Trump rally.

    Pezzola’s lawyer said he does not have a long history with the Proud Boys and is not a threat to public safety.

    The judge has not yet decided if Pezzola will stay in jail.

    The Man Seen In Viral Photograph At Pelosi’s Desk Was Carrying A 950000 Volt Stun Gun

    From CNN’s Josiah Ryan

    House impeachment manager Stacey Plaskett revealed today that the the man photographed sitting at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk on Jan. 6 was carrying a 950,000 volt “stun gun walking stick.”

    “The weapon could have caused serious pain and incapacitated anyone Barnett had used it against,” said Plaskett, displaying a zoomed in photograph of the device, tucked into his pants.

    Plaskett said the FBI had later identified the device from the photo.

    Richard Barnett, who left a note for Pelosi, later appeared on social media to brag about desecrating Pelosi’s office. Plaskett also showed a photo of Barnett’s note during her presentation. The note read: “We will not back down.”

    Barnett, a resident of Alabama, has been charged with knowingly entering and remaining in restricted building ground without authority, violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds and the theft of public property, officials said early last month.

    He was also charged in connection with the pipe bomb found on the south side of the Capitol building, 11 Molotov cocktails and military-style weapon found in his pickup truck. 

    Watch here:

    The Triangular Pin That Trump’s Inner Circle Wear So The Secret Service Can Spot Them

    6 Reasons Congressional Orientation is Basically College ...

    • Donald Trump’s inside circle have been sporting triangular lapel pins
    • Pins were seen on Trump’s former campaign managers Paul Manafort and Corey Lewandowski during the campaign trail
    • Incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer, and senior White House adviser Stephen Miller wore the pins in the lobby of Trump Tower on Thursday
    • Pin was handed out by Secret Service to identify those who are allowed to pass through security as they please, but people floated conspiracy theories online
    • Some stoked rumors of secret societies, while others pointed out the pin’s resemblance to the pink triangle initially used by Nazis to identify homosexuals 

    Chilling Video Shows Pelosi Staffers Hiding As Rioters Try To Break Down The Door

    Impeachment manager Stacey Plaskett presented chilling video that showed staffers rushing out of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s office as the mob made their way inside the Capitol.

    She described how they “feared for their lives” as rioters broke into Pelosi’s office and her staff were were ushered into a conference room. In the video they could be seen whispering as rioters started to break down the door as they hunted for Pelosi.

    Here’s how Plaskett explained it:

    She also played an audio recording “of the speaker’s staff with the rioters at the door that day.”

    “You can hear the terror in their voice, as they describe what’s happening to them, as they are barricaded in that conference room. Please listen carefully, because the staffer is whispering into a phone as he hides from the rioters that are outside the door,” she said.

    “You can hear the pounding in the background as that staffer is speaking,” Plaskett continued. “One of those staffers explained later they could hear the mob going through her offices, breaking down the door and yelling “Where are you, Nancy?” The mob also pillaged and vandalized the speaker’s office and documented their crimes on social media. They stole objects, desecrated the office of the speaker of the house of representatives of the United States. As you can see in these photos, rioters broke down a door. They also shattered a mirror.”

    Watch here:

    Footage Shows Moment Eugene Goodman Diverted A Senator From The Rioter’s Path

    From CNN’s Manu Raju, Jeremy Herb and Lauren Fox

    House impeachment managers are showing new Capitol security footage in their presentation today to demonstrate the extent of the violence that occurred on Jan. 6 and the threat the rioters posed to everyone in the Capitol.

    “There is some very graphic, violent footage coming,” lead impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin said before the footage start

    Footage from one of the Capitol’s interior security cameras showed Capitol officer Eugene Goodman direct Sen. Mitt Romney out of the path of the rioters. Videos from other security cameras showed the moment the rioters broke into the building.

    Senior aides on the House impeachment team told reporters earlier today that the footage would be used as part of a compelling presentation that shows a view of the “extreme violence” at the Capitol on Jan. 6, as the managers argue that the rioters were incited by former President Trump.

    Watch here:

    Emblem Experts Say It’s Reminiscent Of Gay Pride Logos And Star Trek Badges

    Jennings Brown

    There’s one easy way to tell if someone at a Donald Trump rally is one of the Republican frontrunner’s aides. It’s not whether they’re assaulting journalists or standing next to a table filled with defunct Trump products. No, you can distinguish a man who is on the Trump campaign payroll by looking at their lapel to see if they’re wearing an emblematic pin.

    You can’t mistake it. The small badge is an upside-down, triple overlapping, half purple and half gold triangle. Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has been photographed sporting the insignia the most often, and wears it in his Twitter profile photo, but several other aides have also been captured with the pin.

    Vocativ dug through photos of Trump staffers from media appearances and events since the campaign began. Our earliest sighting was on December 1, 2015, when Lewandowski wore the pin to a meeting with black pastors.

    So what does the emblem mean? Hope Hicks, Trump’s campaign communication director, told Vocativ neither she nor Lewandowski would explain why aides wear the pin. Huffington Post reporter Eliot Nelson, who called out the pin in a recent tweet, suggested the image might help secret service identify Trump staffers. But even if that’s true, why use an icon reminiscent of triangle images associated with secret societies?

    Eric Trump Spoke About His Father’s Willingness To Fight For Americans

    Although the pin may have drawn a lot of attention, Eric’s speech was focused on highlighting what he says are his father’s goals as president. “Every day my father fights for the American people,” he said. “The forgotten men and women of this country. The ones who embody the American spirit.” He tried to reach out to those who feel overlooked by politics and what he described as “coastal elites.” 

    Eric also cited specific policies that his father had enacted, including tax cuts for the wealthy, increased military spending, and an improved economy. Of course, the impact of those tax cuts may not have helped middle class families, and the economy is currently in the middle of a recession thanks to the coronavirus pandemic that some believe Trump has mishandled. 

    Eric concluded his speech with a message for his dad. “I miss working alongside you every day but I’m damn proud to be on the front lines of this fight,” he said. “I am proud of what you are doing for this country. I am proud to show my children what their grandfather is fighting for. I am proud to watch you give them hell. Never stop. Continue to be unapologetic. Keep fighting for what’s right.”

    Gop Sources Say Managers’ Evidence Is Clearly Targeting Senate Republicans

    From CNN’s Jamie Gangel

    Evidence presented today was clearly targeted for Senate Republicans, including video of a crowd chanting “Destroy the GOP” and mentions of “relentless attacks on Mike Pence,” GOP sources said.

    Two senior Republican Capitol Hill sources gave very different reactions to how GOP members are likely to vote that reflects the division in the party, but also the political realities.

    “I’ll be shocked if anyone changed their vote from yesterday,” one said.

    Another said: “I cannot imagine how any senator sits and listens to this and votes against conviction.”

    A former GOP Senate staffer believes that the GOP senators are either scared of Trump’s base or were a party to what happened, and will never vote to convict. 

    “What I’ve heard from senate friends is similar — that lots of their bosses would love to vote against him but don’t want the fallout. Most of the folks at the lower level will grouse about it in the office, but it’s something that the top two-three aides will ultimately advise on, and they tend to be more cognizant of the political winds in the state.

    “So each time the state Republican parties put out a statement bashing a senator, it really dampens any desire to buck the party,” the GOP Senate staff said.

    One senior GOP former administration official questioned how anyone can vote to acquit.

    “How anybody could vote to acquit after watching that yesterday is just beyond,” the official said.

    House Manager Says Capitol Footage Shows Rioters Wanted To Execute Pence

    New security footage showed how then-Vice President Mike Pence was evacuated on Jan. 6 as rioters breached the Capitol, looking for him.

    “During the assault on the Capitol, extremists reportedly coordinated online and discussed how they could hunt down the vice president. Journalists in the Capitol reported they heard rioters say they were looking for Pence in order to execute him,” Stacey Plaskett, a House impeachment manager, said while presenting a series of new videos.

    The security footage shows Pence and his family quickly moving down the stairs. The vice president turns around briefly in the video. During the same time frame, rioters were spreading throughout the building, Plaskett said.

    “As the rioters reached the top of the stairs, they were within 100 feet of where the vice president was sheltering with his family, and they were just feet away from one of the doors to this chamber,” she said.

    In one video shown, the crowd can be heard chanting “hang Mike Pence” as they stood in the open door of the Capitol building. A photo showed a gallow outside on the lawn.

    “After President Trump had primed his followers for months and inflamed the rally-goers that morning, it is no wonder that the Vice President of the United States was the target of their wrath, after Pence refused to overturn the election results,” Plaskett said.

    “They were talking about assassinating the Vice President of the United States,” she added during her arguments.

    Watch here:

    Favorite Search: Whats The Black Dot On The Flag Pin Republican Debates

    What’s the dot / star on the flag pin republicans are wearing? It all started in 2012 with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan when they were spotted with black dots on their flag pins during the Republican National Convention . Since then it has become a GOP fad to “modify” the traditional flag pin, either by wearing the one with a star, or upgrading to different shapes like waves or states.

    The original research into the republican flag pin phenomenon: Using a monster 80 inch HDTV , coupled with a little of “the Google” I was able to find what the dot is on Romney’s flag pin .

    Of course, the comments and questions as to whether or not this black dot or elephant or star as an “amendment to the flag” is some sort of flag desecration… they don’t matter, really. Free speech and all… so I’ll leave that one be.

    However,the point being made that if Democrats were to do the same thing with their own flag pins… then Republicans would be up in arms about it!!! That point of political hypocrisy, particularly stellar in Mitt Romney’s Rubber and Glue campaign, is at least shareable.

    House Impeachment Managers Reveal Dramatic New Audio From Capitol Riot

    In these times, the only thing Democrats and Republicans ...

    From CNN’s Josiah Ryan

    Impeachment manager Stacey Plaskett revealed dramatic new audio of communications among law enforcement officers as rioters moved toward the Capitol building on Jan. 6 as former Vice President Mike Pence was presiding in the US Senate chamber. 

    “You have a group of about 50 charging up the hill on the west front, north of the stairs. They’re approaching the wall now,” said a law enforcement, advised a dispatcher. 

    “They’re starting to dismantle the reviewing stand,” and officer can be heard, “They’re throwing metal poles at us.”

    “Multiple law enforcement injuries,” reports another officer.

    “We just had explosions go on up here, I don’t know if they’re fireworks or what, but they’re starting to throw explosives, fireworks material,” another officer can be heard saying.

    The radio communication from the Metropolitan Police Department had not been made public until today, Plaskett said before unveiling the audio.

    Obama Returns To The Flag After Republicans Attack His Patriotism

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    Battered in West Virginia by white, working-class voters, the “almost nominee” of the Democratic party, Barack Obama, wants to re-brand himself as a flag-waving American. Or at least as a flag-pin-wearing American.

    Mr Obama had his worst primary performance of the campaign in West Virginia on Tuesday when even his most enthusiastic backers – university educated young whites – abandoned him. He received only 26 per cent of the overall vote, compared to 67 per cent for Hillary Clinton. Even John Edwards, who dropped out of the race months ago, managed to get seven per cent of the vote.

    With a pool cue in one hand and a flag pin on his lapel, Mr Obama gamely tried to fight off his elitist image in West Virginia. It’s the second time in as many weeks that he has sported one. On another occasion he wore a flag pin for a day after it had been presented to him by a veteran.

    Yesterday, as he took his campaign to working-class districts of Michigan after picking up three more endorsements from superdelegates, who are crucial to winning the presidential nomination, he was sporting the lapel pin as he visited a car plant.

    “I decided I won’t wear that pin on my chest,” Mr Obama said back in October. “Instead, I’m going to try to tell the American people what I believe will make this country great, and hopefully that will be a testament to my patriotism.”

    A Defiant Cheney Tears Into Trump Gop: ‘we Must Speak The Truth’

    She said she won’t remain silent in the face of impending cancellation by her own party.

    “Remaining silent and ignoring the lie emboldens the liar,” Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., said in a floor speech Tuesday evening. | AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

    05/11/2021 09:37 PM EDT

    • Link Copied

    On the eve of being ousted as House GOP conference chair, a defiant Rep. Liz Cheney called Donald Trump a “threat we have never seen before” and said she refuses to peddle his lies that the election was stolen, nor should her GOP colleagues.

    In what will likely be her final public stand as the No. 3 in GOP leadership, the Wyoming Republican — wearing a pin that is a replica of George Washington’s battle flag — continued to blame Trump for inciting the deadly Jan. 6 riots, raised concerns about the path her party is heading, and warned that democracy and freedom are at stake. All are comments that have contributed to her imminent loss of power.

    “Remaining silent and ignoring the lie emboldens the liar,” Cheney said in a floor speech Tuesday evening. “I will not participate in that. I will not sit back and watch in silence while others lead our party down a path that abandons the rule of law and joins the former president’s crusade to undermine our democracy.”

    “We must speak the truth,” she added. “Our election was not stolen, and America has not failed.”

    “Our freedom only survives if we protect it,” she said.

    Lawmakers Removed Their Congressional Pins To Hide From The Mob

    Lawmakers removed their congressional pins as a mob of pro-Trump rioters moved into the Capitol building, House impeachment manager Rep. Eric Swalwell said in his remarks today.

    “Out of fear that they would be seen or taken by the mob, my colleagues were telling each other to take off their congressional pins,” he said from the Senate floor.

    A video from Rep. Dan Kildee, a Democrat from Michigan, showed lawmakers trapped inside the gallery. They can be heard telling each other, “Take your pins off,” and “Pins off.”

    Democrats Wear Blue And Red Pins During Trump’s Congress Speech

    Many House Democrats listening to President Donald Trump’s speech to Congress on Tuesday could be seen wearing two types of pins: blue and red.

    The blue pins read #ProtectOurCare and referred to Trump’s threat to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act implemented by President Barack Obama.

    Look closely and you’ll see Democrats at tonight’s #JointSession wearing this button to support the fight to #ProtectOurCare!

    Fashion Sense Practicality Cited As Reasons For Growing Trend

    Eleanor Van Buren

    While big jewelry and bold statement chains made headlines last week during New York Fashion Week, an increasing number of women in the House are starting a fashion trend of their own: wearing their member pins as a necklace pendant.

    Traditionally, the House member pin, given out to lawmakers to distinguish them from staffers and visitors, is worn pierced through fabric as its menswear name suggests — on a suit lapel. While members are not required to wear them, the pins can be an easy way for the Capitol Police to identify the freshman class of lawmakers each Congress — or perhaps some of the more obscure members of the House.

    And while spouses get issued their own pin, gendered presumptions persist. “I still get mistaken — even went over to the Senate Gallery and said, ‘No spouses allowed,’” said third-term Michigan Democrat Debbie Dingell, who succeeded her husband, longtime Rep. John D. Dingell

    Florida Democrat Debbie Mucarsel-Powell said it wasn’t surprising that people are noticing the necklaces, considering the 116th Congress has more women in the House than ever before.

    After modest gains by female lawmakers in the 2014 and 2016 elections, last year’s midterms brought nearly three dozen new women to the House, including Mucarsel-Powell. A record 102 women — 89 Democrats and 13 Republicans — serve in the chamber today in addition to four nonvoting female members.

    That increase has not gone unnoticed.

    Debbie Dingell

    White House Tries To Pin Defund The Police On Republicans

    ‘What we’ve seen is a 40% increase in violent crime in major cities because the Democrats have been defunding the police for the last year.”…’

    The White House tried to distance Democrats from the radical ‘Defund the Police’ movement this week by claiming Republicans are the ones who really defunded law enforcement, by voting against President Joe Biden’s coronavirus relief package earlier this year.

    Cedric Richmond, one of Biden’s top advisers, first made this allegation during a press conference about gun violence in the U.S.

    “Let’s talk about who defunded the police,” he said. “When we were in Congress last year trying to pass a rescue plan … it was the Republicans who objected to it.”

    “So, look, Republicans are very good at staying on talking points of who says ‘defund the police,’ but the truth is, they defunded the police, we funded crime intervention and a whole bunch of other things,” Richmond continued.

    …article continued below

    White House press secretary Jen Psaki defended this allegation during a later press briefing, even after Fox News reporter Peter Doocy pointed out that Biden’s American Rescue Plan had nothing to do with stopping the crime wave.

    Hours after Psaki’s comments, the Democratic-run city of Oakland, Calif. approved a budget on Monday that diverted nearly $20 million away from its police department and towards other social services.

    …article continued below

    Those Stupid American Flag Pins May Finally Be Dying Out

    • Snap

    Twitter’s favorite large adult son, Donald Trump Jr., produced one of his most thought-provoking self-owns earlier this month, when he attempted to impugn the patriotism of the Democratic women of Congress. On February 6, Trump tweeted a post–State of the Union photo of a white-clad group of congresswomen huddled around Nancy Pelosi with the superimposed caption “NOT ONE AMERICAN FLAG PIN AMONG THEM.” Ironically, Trump also wrote that the photo “speaks for itself and no one is at all surprised.”At the top of his replies, above the cracks about the Trump family’s preference for Russian flags or the gallery of Republican politicians wearing flag pins in mugshots, were a pair of photos from that same SOTU. One was of the Trump children. The other was a crowd shot of the Republican side of the speech audience. Not a flag pin in sight in either picture.

    Junior’s posting may have been just another attempt to rile his father’s dwindling base, but he unwittingly may have exposed a noteworthy zeitgeist shift. Could the decades-long rule of the flag pin finally be over?

    While other outlets pontificated on the ethics of allowing anchors to wear pins, Fox News went all in from the jump. “Why would it ever be inappropriate?”asked Fox News’s Brit Hume. “It doesn’t stand for the Bush administration or for a certain party or even the government. It stands for the country. Why is wearing a symbol of the country of which you’re a citizen a problem?”

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    Tim Scott Only Black Gop Senator Set To Respond To Biden

    I hope this isn

    WASHINGTON — Tim Scott, the only Black Republican senator, is often happy to dart past Capitol Hill reporters without saying much. This time, he and the spotlight have found each other.

    Brought up by a single mother who worked backbreaking hours as a nursing assistant, the 55-year-old Scott has spent a decade in Congress representing South Carolina. Now, the lawmaker who combines a willingness to address racial questions with an advocacy of vintage conservative themes such as opportunity and optimism is giving his party’s nationally televised response to President Joe Biden’s Wednesday night address to Congress.

    Scott also is the lead GOP negotiator as the two parties seek an accord on legislation overhauling police procedures. The issue has long eluded compromise despite national attention fanned by last year’s killing of George Floyd, a Black man, and this month’s conviction of a former Minneapolis police officer in his slaying.

    “You figure out who your audience is, you figure out what you want to say and you try and find a way to say it well,” Scott told reporters Tuesday about his speech preparations. “And you lean into who you are.”

    GOP leaders’ choíce of Scott to answer Biden comes at a tense political moment.

    Scott, from North Charleston, South Carolina, nearly dropped out of high school. He tells of a life-changing turnabout after befriending a businessman who became a mentor and stressed the value of hard work.


    The Black Dot Star Or Elephant On Republican Flag Pins:

    The mystery dot on Mitt Romney’s flag pin actually started back in January during the Republican debates. Both Romney and Ginrich “modified” their flag pins . The “history professor” Gingrich had the small blue flag of the George Washington campaign in his flag pin, while Mitt had a small elephant in the lower corner. Wishful thinking, I guess.

    Now it looks like the elephant has changed to a star… a star that is the flag pin that Secret Service agents wear.

    So the basic boil-down of the dotted, starred, elephant flag pin mystery is:

    The Romney campaign is either too cheap to buy their own flag pins, or has a tendency to forget that the candidates must wear one lest they be kicked out of the Republican Party for treason… so they are taking them off of their Secret Service agents who always cary some spares. Maybe they just forgot theirs during the RNC and now are stuck wearing the star flag pin because people noticed it.

    ...or maybe…Romney bought the Secret Service agency using a debt-leveraged loan, and is progressively liquidating its assets, starting with the flag pins.

    Mystery of the black dots on Romney’s flag pin solved?

    Aliens controlling Romney… that’s my vote. Otherwise how can a man that out of touch become so damn wealthy?

    Safety Pins: Solidarity Symbol Or Emblem Of White Guilt

    The election of Donald Trump came as more than a shock for many opponents of the Republican businessman. After the results were tallied, fear spread that Trump’s more extreme supporters, emboldened by his victory over Hillary Clinton, would intimidate or attack people of color, women, immigrants, Muslims or members of the LGBT community.


    The concern was not unfounded. Reports of hate crimes and election-related harassment have surged since last Tuesday. Critics allege that the president-elect has encouraged hateful behavior through his history of vulgar, racially charged and inflammatory remarks — a claim the Trump campaign has denied. Trump has urged people to “stop it.”

    In an attempt to show their solidarity, Trump opponents across the country last week started fastening safety pins to their clothes and posting selfies on social media. The gesture was supposed to signify that the wearer was a “safe” ally, ready to stand up for anyone who might be the target of abuse, whether verbal or physical.

    But that’s not how some people have seen it. Just days after the impromptu campaign went viral, the decision to don safety pins has come under fire from critics — including several black and Hispanic writers — who lambasted it as a poor excuse for action and a self-indulgent way for white people to distance themselves from Trump voters.

    The campaign caught on quickly in the United States after Trump won.

    But the criticism mounted.

    More from Morning Mix:

    Flag Lapel Pin Etiquette: How To Wear It The Right Way

    Lauren Deegan

    The American flag is a powerful symbol of democracy and freedom to millions of people around the world. Government buildings, schools and many private offices fly flags outside. Citizens display the flag proudly on their front porches, vehicles and during parades. Of course, some use flag lapel pins to show off their patriotism. For those who prefer to wear lapel pins, knowing the etiquette is essential. After all, the flag is a beloved, sacred symbol for many Americans.

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