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Patriot California’s Great America

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Californias Great America Announces The Patriot For 2017

Patriot New Roller Coaster Front Seat POV Californias Great America #rollercoaster #rollercoasterpov

With no fanfare or any buildup, Californias Great America announced a long-standing rumor that it will convert its Vortex roller coaster into a floorless model, dubbed The Patriot.

Now, Im all for improving the ride experience for any coaster and certainly Vortex fits the bill for that. But considering that a longer, faster, taller floorless coaster is an hours drive north from Santa Clara why would they try to market the worlds shortest floorless coaster in the same media market? .

The Patriot will convert Vortex into a floorless coaster, with new trains and paint. Graphic courtesy of Californias Great America.

Not quite, Californias Great America

Dont get me wrong this is still a good move by the park. But its no slam dunk. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has the upper edge on this ride type with Medusa, so Great America must come with a really good angle to get their message heard.

Looking at the parks social media feeds, members of the general public arent really sold on the idea:

Park fans on CGAs Facebook feed are a bit confused on the Vortex / Patriot conversion and sadly the park isnt answering their questions

KumbaWildfireIncredible Hulk

Lets hope the station is also improved, with actual shade and you know a roof.

The Patriot will be one of the shortest floorless coasters when it opens in 2017. Graphic courtesy of Californias Great America.


What lies beneath their fee? Isnt that your admission?

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Goliath At Six Flags Great America Illinois

Goliath is one of the most extreme coasters in the world. It has three world records: Fastest wooden coaster at 72 mph tallest drop for a wooden coaster at 180 feet and steepest drop for a wooden coaster at a near-vertical 85 degrees. It has three over-banked turns, a 180-degree zero G-roll twist, two wild inversions, and a spiraling inverted zero G stall.

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5 October 2017

El Toro Six Flags Great Adventure New Jersey

Patriot, California


Just looking at this massive roller coaster is awe-inspiring. The extremely complex architecture rising high over the park is one of the fastest and tallest wooden runs in the world. Its name, El Toro, which means the bull, is not random at all. You feel the power of the bull-like train. The ride begins with 19 stories up to a sudden drop of 176 feet at a 76 degree angle the steepest drop of any wooden-style roller coaster in the country at 70 mph.

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The Joker Six Flags Great America Illinois

Flickr/Ken Srail/CC BY 4.0

Six Flags says The Joker is its most maniacal coaster to date. This is chaos coaster full of twists. Riders are lifted straight up a 12-story, 90-degree hill. After that the freestyle-coaster will flip them head-over-heels up to six times along the weightless journey. They will also get to dive along a horizontal plane with unexpected drops.

Lightning Rod Dollywood Tennessee

The Lighting Rod is said to be the fastest wood coaster on Earth. It launches riders from zero to 45 mph more than 20 stories. After that riders face twin summit airtime hills before tackling the bold first drop. Lightning Rod races down the 165-foot descent and pushes guests along its 3,800-foot track to a top speed of 73 mph.

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X2 At Six Flags Magic Mountain California

The X2 is the first fourth-dimensional ride in the world. It spins independently 360-degree forwards or backwards on a separate axis. Perched on the edge of a massive 20-foot wide wing-shaped vehicle, riders plummet 200 feet to the ground head-first, face down and race at 76 mph spinning head-over-heels and performing forward and backward acrobatics through the gigantic 3,610-foot twisted steel maze.

Patriot Floorless Coaster For Californias Great America

Patriot Floorless Roller Coaster Reverse POV – California’s Great America

The Santa Clara theme park Californias Great Americaannounced that for the 2017 season, it will introduce Patriot, the first Floorless Coaster in the parks 41-year history. Patriot will emerge from the soon to be retired Vortex coaster, the oldest Stand Up Coaster standing at its original location in the United States.

Patriot will take riders to a 91-foot height before plummeting them into a 360-degree loop at 45 miles per hour. Patriots position in the park makes it a dynamic visual from three different sections of Great America.

The inspiration for the coasters name was taken from the fact that the ride is nestled adjacent to All American Corners within a park whose name celebrates America.

The transition from a stand up to Floorless ride will include state-of-the-art blue and white trains positioning guests with their feet dangling above the blue and white track.

With the track visible beneath their feet, Patriot will create unique and exciting new perspectives throughout the ride, said Californias Great America Vice President and General Manager Raul Rehnborg.

Guests can take their Last Stand on Vortex through September 5. Then work will begin to ready Patriot for the 2017 season.

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Check out Californias Great Americas sister park, Knotts Soak City in Southern California, and their big 2017 expansion, here!

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Patriot Opens At Californias Great America

Californias Great America was nice enough to invite us to the media day for their new ride experience for 2017 Patriot! After a 25 year run as one of the first B& M stand up coasters, Vortex closed last year to receive new floorless trains and be converted to Patriot. Below Ill go over what the media day and opening ceremony consisted of, as well as my thoughts on this new ride experience.

Over the years, many of our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that not everyone mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you!

After arriving, we were ushered through the park back towards Patriot. We filled in the small area between the Park Operations building and Patriot, in which they had built a stage for the occasion.

The park brought in multiple branches of the military to help open the ride: The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and National Guard. I personally thought this was a very cool touch to pay respect to those serving considering the ride is named Patriot. One member of the military was invited up to the sing the National Anthem, and did so beautifully.

General Manager Raul Remborg then came up and gave a short speech expressing his excitement for the new ride experience Patriot is able to provide.

Watch an on-ride POV of the bright blue newbie below:

Millennium Force Cedar Point Ohio

The 310-foot Millennium Force is a looming behemoth. It was designed for the purpose of proving bigger is better. In fact, in order for it to be constructed, an all-new category just to classify its on-of-a-kind nature had to be created. Thats why its called a giga-coaster. Guests ride over hills, past lagoons and through tunnels at 93 mph.

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