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Are Any Republicans Running Against Trump

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Governor Of Arkansas

Trump takes aim at Republicans who have spoken out against him

Outgoing White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders hugs US President Donald Trump during a second chance hiring and criminal justice reform event in the East Room of the White House

Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced her plans to run for the governor of Arkansas on January 25, and Trump gave her his endorsement the same day.

Sanders has a long and positive history with Trump, having served as his White House press secretary from 2017 to 2019.

In Gop Poll From Hell Republicans Say They Want Donald Trump Jr To Be President In 2024

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A recurring nightmare among millions of Americans is that come 2024, Donald Trump will forget the fact that he actually hated being president, decide to run again, and win. Seriously, can you think of a more horrifying scenario, except perhaps falling through a sidewalk into a rat-filled chasm,;which some people might still prefer? We maintain that you cannot. But an equally terrifying, skin-crawling situation would definitely be to turn on the TV on January 20, 2025, and see Donald Trump Jr. being sworn in as president of the United States, which a number of Republican voters apparently actually want to happen.

The poll, which was conducted between July 6 and 8, did not include Donald Trump Senior, who maintains an inexplicable grip on voters despite the mass-death stuff, an attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 election, and a mental state that suggests he should be in a home or studied by a team of Swiss doctors.

And the fact that Don Jr. came out on top is not where the scary news ends. Because apparently if Republicans cant have Sheep Killer over here, their second-favorite choice is Florida governor Ron DeSantis, the man currently responsible for this:

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Sen Mitt Romney Of Utah

A Gallup poll last March found Romney, 74, has a higher approval rating among Democrats than Republicans, so you might figure he doesnt have a prayer in taking his partys nomination again. A February Morning Consult poll, though, had Romney polling ahead of Republicans like Pompeo, Cotton and Hawley. So, youre telling me theres a chance? Yes, a one-in-a-million chance.

The 2012 GOP presidential nominee and his wife, Ann, have five sons. He graduated from Brigham Young University and Harvard Law. Romney is a former Massachusetts governor, and the first person to be a governor and senator from two different states since Sam Houston, who was governor of Tennessee and a senator from Texas. Romney is this years JFK Profile in Courage Award recipient.

Georgia And Arizona Senators Show Progressive

Republican urges conservatives to run against Trump in 2020

Walker, the 1982 Heisman Trophy winner and a Wrightsville, Ga., native, has long lived in Texas after a professional football career that ended in Dallas, but he changed his voter registration last week to an Atlanta house owned by his wife, Julie Blanchard. Blanchard is under investigation by the Georgia secretary of state’s office over potential illegal voting after The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported she voted in Georgia despite living in Texas.

Walker has also repeated false claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election despite elections officials finding no evidence of widespread fraud that affected the outcome.

It’s unclear when Walker will make a formal Senate announcement. The campaign paperwork filed Tuesday ends months of speculation about his political plans, including a prediction in June from Trump that the former football star would soon suit up for the Republican primary.

“He told me he’s going to, and I think he will,” Trump said on the conservative talk radio Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show. “He’s a great guy. He’s a patriot. And he’s a very loyal person, he’s a very strong person. They love him in Georgia, I’ll tell you.”

Some national Republicans have been wary of Walker’s candidacy, though. The first-time candidate comes with potential baggage that could harm his chances in both the primary and general elections, including his Texas residency.

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John Boozman: Senator Arkansas

WASHINGTON, DC FEBRUARY 02: U.S. President Donald Trump applauds at the National Prayer Breakfast February 2, 2017 in Washington, DC. Every U.S. president since Dwight Eisenhower has addressed the annual event. Also pictured are Rep. Robert Aderholt , television producer Mark Burnett, and Sen. John Boozman .

Trump announced his endorsement for Republican Arkansas Sen. John Boozman on March 8.

INBOX: Trumps Endorsement of Senator John Boozman

Henry Rodgers

Senator John Boozman is a great fighter for the people of Arkansas. He is tough on Crime, strong on the Border, a great supporter of our Military and our Vets, and fights for our farmers every day. He supports our Second Amendment and has my Complete and Total Endorsement! Trump said in a statement.

Trump Ally Herschel Walker Is Running For Us Senate In Georgia

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Then-President Donald Trump elbow bumps Herschel Walker during a 2020 campaign rally in Atlanta. Walker filed paperwork Tuesday to run for U.S. Senate in the key swing state of Georgia. John Bazemore/APhide caption

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Then-President Donald Trump elbow bumps Herschel Walker during a 2020 campaign rally in Atlanta. Walker filed paperwork Tuesday to run for U.S. Senate in the key swing state of Georgia.

Herschel Walker, a former University of Georgia football standout and a friend and ally of former President Donald Trump’s, is running for U.S. Senate in Georgia, setting up a high-profile Republican primary next year in the crucial battleground state.

Walker enters a growing field seeking to unseat Democrat Raphael Warnock, Georgia’s first Black senator, with strong encouragement from Trump, who has been fixated on Georgia politics since narrowly losing the state’s 16 electoral votes in the 2020 presidential election.

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Sen Josh Hawley Of Missouri

Though controversial, Hawley, 41, is a fundraising machine and hes quickly made a name for himself. The blowback Hawley faced for objecting to Bidens Electoral College win included a lost book deal and calls for him to resign from students at the law school where he previously taught. His mentor, former Sen. John Danforth of Missouri, said that supporting Hawley was the biggest mistake Ive ever made in my life.

Still, he brought in more than $1.5 million between Jan. 1 and March 5, according to Axios, and fundraising appeals in his name from the National Republican Senatorial Committee brought in more cash than any other Republican except NRSC Chair Sen. Rick Scott of Florida. Just because youre toxic in Washington doesnt mean you cant build a meaningful base of support nationally.

One Republican strategist compared the possibility of Hawley 2024 to Cruz in 2016. Hes not especially well-liked by his colleagues , but hes built a national profile for himself and become a leading Republican voice opposed to big technology companies.

Hawley and his wife, Erin, have three children. He got his start in politics as Missouri attorney general before being elected to the Senate in 2018. Hawley graduated from Stanford and Yale Law.

List Of Registered 2024 Presidential Candidates

Democrats introduce article of impeachment to stop Trump from running again

The following table lists candidates who filed with the FEC to run for president. Some applicants used pseudonyms; candidate names and party affiliations are written as they appeared on the FEC website on the date that they initially filed with the FEC.

Candidates who have filed for the 2024 presidential election

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Former Trump Aide To Run Primary Challenge Against Kinzinger

Representative Adam Kinzinger will face a primary challenge from a former Trump administration aide as the pro-Trump faction of the GOP looks to oust Republicans, such as Kinzinger, who voted in support of the former presidents second impeachment.

Catalina Lauf, who served in the Department of Commerce under the Trump administration, launched a bid Thursday to oust Kinzinger from his seat in the 16th congressional district of Illinois.

I never thought Id primary a fellow Republican, but is Congressman Kinzinger really a Republican anymore? He isnt and we have the proof, the 27-year-old challenger said in a campaign announcement video.

Lauf said her 42-year-old opponent is a weak-kneed, establishment Republican who cares more about his next MSNBC appearance than the voters who elected him.

She claimed Kinzinger does not support the America First movement, noting his one in three votes in Congress that have sided with House speaker Nancy Pelosi

Instead of being in our fight, Adam betrayed his constituents for a life in the D.C. swamp, said Lauf, who branded herself the anti-AOC.

She blasts her Fake Republican opponent for backing the phony impeachment hoax for a president who has already left office.

He said impeachment was necessary to save America. What? Lauf said. You know what I think is necessary to save America, Adam? Setting term limits for people like you and the rest of your friends out. Six terms in Congress is enough.

This Republican Is Running Against Donald Trump Is Anybody Listening

Bill Weld thinks GOP voters should bail on the president. So why is he making his case to independents?

Erick Trickey is a writer in Boston.

MANCHESTER, N.H. â Bill Weld leans back in a chair, hand on his hip, and talks about the Republican Party like someone whoâs been away for a while and is trying to get used to all the new developments. âI know a lot of the Republicans in Washington, and theyâre good people,â says the sandy-haired, ruddy-faced primary challenger to Donald Trump. âTheyâre just cowed by this president somehow.â

This was three days into his long-shot bid for president, and the former Massachusetts governor is talking in a Hilton Garden Inn lounge that looks out on the New Hampshire Fisher Catsâ minor league baseball field. On his campaignâs opening day, Weld declared heâd chase Trump as ferociously as a fisher cat, the weasel-like native of New Hampshire known for eating porcupines. But the president seems not to have noticed he has an angry 73-year-old on his tail, at least not one from his own party; Trump hasnât aimed so much as a tweet at his erstwhile opponent or bothered to taunt him with a nickname. Weld, however, is basically screaming at the TV. Heâs worked up over a news report that Trump aides fear the presidentâs âwrathâ because they talked to special counsel Robert Mueller.

The question is: Are they listening?

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Republican Party Presidential Primaries


First place by first-instance vote

;;Donald Trump

Presidential primaries and caucuses of the Republican Party took place in many U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and five U.S. territories from February 3 to August 11, 2020, to elect most of the 2,550 delegates to send to the Republican National Convention. Delegates to the national convention in other states were elected by the respective state party organizations. The delegates to the national convention voted on the first ballot to select Donald Trump as the Republican Party’s presidential nominee for president of the United States in the 2020 election, and selected Mike Pence as the vice-presidential nominee.

President Donald Trump informally launched his bid for reelection on February 18, 2017. He launched his reelection campaign earlier in his presidency than any of his predecessors did. He was followed by former governor of MassachusettsBill Weld, who announced his campaign on April 15, 2019, and former Illinois congressmanJoe Walsh, who declared his candidacy on August 25, 2019. Former governor of South Carolina and U.S. representative launched a primary challenge on September 8, 2019. In addition, businessman Rocky De La Fuente entered the race on May 16, 2019, but was not widely recognized as a major candidate.

Who Is Trump Reaching

Jeb Is Desperate For Some Other Republican, Any Republican ...

If the former president proves to be a kingmaker in the 2022 midterms, his allies say he may seek reelection in 2024.

The Republican Party is just a name, Steve Bannon told me last week. I had called him to ask about the influence he believes his old boss still carries inside the GOP. The bulk of it is a populist, nationalist party led by Donald Trump. As for the rest of it? The Republican Party, pre-2016, are the modern Whigs, he added, referring to the national party that collapsed in the mid-19th century over divided views on slavery.

Bannon might not be the most reliable barometer of the political moment, but some of Trumps fiercest Republican critics share his belief that the former president maintains a strong grip on his party. He sparked this , and now others are going ahead and taking the baton of batshittery, Representative Adam Kinzinger, a Republican from Illinois and a staunch Trump critic, told me last week.

After losing badly in 2020, the GOP wants candidates who can win in 2022. But the partys biggest star seems less concerned with fellow Republicans electability than with their fealty. Trump aims to punish incumbents who voted for his impeachment and reward those who support the culture war hes stoked. Republicans want to talk about Joe Bidens liberal leanings and how inflation is making life more expensive for most Americans. Trump wants to talk about himself and his personal woes.

What will voters want to hear?

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Business Executives And Leaders

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  • ‘the Stars Have Aligned For Both Parties’ Interests’

    Trump employed a scorched-earth brand of politics throughout his presidency, and often undercut his own efforts. In 2019, he abruptly pulled out of infrastructure talks with Democrats as they started investigating his administration. “Infrastructure week” soon became a running gag referring to his repeated failures at passing a new bill.

    Biden, on the other hand, is applying the opposite approach. He’s had an unyielding faith in bipartisanship and repeatedly sought compromise with Republicans. That hasn’t always panned out Biden muscled through a $1.9 trillion stimulus law earlier this year without any GOP support once negotiations collapsed.

    Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, the second-ranked Senate Republican, serves as a barometer of where many rank-and-file Republicans stand. Thune pushed back against Trump’s recent criticisms, saying he believed each side’s political interests have aligned recently. Infrastructure has long been something popular with voters.

    “I disagree with former President Trump on that,” he told Insider. “You want to celebrate successes no matter when they happen. It just so happened the stars aligned right now for both sides to come together on this.”

    “As is always the case up here, timing is everything,” he said.

    “I’m not sure the nature of his objections,” Cassidy said in an interview with Insider, referring to Trump. “Somehow, he says it’s a win for I view it as a win for the American people.”

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    Rand Paul: Senator Kentucky

    Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

    Trump announced his endorsement for Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul on April 8, praising the longtime politician for his war against the swamp in Washington.

    Rand Paul has done a fantastic job for our Country, and for the incredible people of Kentucky.; He fights against the Swamp in Washington, the Radical Left Liberals, and especially the destructive RINOS, of which there are far too many, in Congress, Trump wrote in a statement. Rand will continue to stand up for our great AMERICA FIRST policies because he believes in stopping wasteful spending, defending our Second Amendment rights, and taking care of our Military and our Vets.; I am proud to be working with Rand in our battle to Make America Great Again.; He has my Complete and Total Endorsement for another term in the U.S. Senate. ; The Commonwealth of Kentucky has a true champion in Rand Paul.

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