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Patriotic Bunting Made In The Usa

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Why Choose Independence Bunting

Flags Made in the USA by Gettysburg Flag® Works

When you order from our site, you are receiving American flag buntings made right here in the U.S. Because we independently manufacture our own decorative products, we can ensure each one is of the highest quality.

Along with only using the best, most durable materials, we also pay close attention to the details of each bunting. No matter which design you choose, you get bunting fabric that’s stitched together and then hemmed with two rows of stitching. The field of stars on our American flag bunting nylon fabric is carefully embroidered onto the fabric instead of printed on. The result is a patriotic decoration that will make a statement and stay looking vibrant for years to come.

Patriotic Jointed Patriotic Bunting Cutout

Seller:partysuppliesoverstock100%, Location:Toms River, New Jersey, US, Ships to: WORLDWIDE, Item:283919296951Patriotic Jointed Patriotic Bunting Cutout – Made In The USA. Patriotic Jointed Patriotic Bunting Cutouts are 12 inches x 6 feet and are printed on both sides.Condition:New, Brand:Beistle, Type:Hanging Decoration, MPN:55060, UPC:034689550600 See More

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What Types Of American

At Independence Bunting, we want you to have tons of outdoor pleated fan choices. Below are just some of the options you’ll find:

  • Patriotic pleated fans: Show off your patriotism in true style. A full fan flag looks great on its own or alongside a more traditional flag.
  • Celebration and support fans: Want to display an outdoor pleated fan during Pride Month? Need a full fan flag to highlight breast cancer awareness? We have an abundance of unique, stylish outdoor pleated fans you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Holiday fans: From Christmas to Halloween and many holidays in between, our full fan flags will help you get in the spirit of any season.

Whatever full fan flag you choose, you can order with confidence from our company. And if you contact us with any questions, you’ll always get a response from a real person.

Let our team of experts help you add dazzle and delight to any outdoor space with vibrant, affordable outdoor pleated fans!

  • Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm EST
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    Make A Patriotic Statement With American Flag Bunting

    At Independence Bunting, we can help you make a lasting patriotic statement with our pleated fans. Our entire collection is competitively priced, making it easy to celebrate and decorate for the holidays.

    Our team is here to make sure you are completely satisfied. If you have any questions, reach out by calling 800-995-9129 or filling out our online contact form, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

  • Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm EST
  • Made In America Gifts

    Made In The USA 6

    According to ABC News, “if every American spent an extra $3.33 on U.S.-made goods, it would create almost 10,000 new jobs in this country.” We at want to help keep your friends and neighbors working by giving you the opportunity to buy American! All of the products on this page are made right here in the United States. We have gifts for everyone – American flags, toys, fun and historical flags, even clothes and books.We have so many products that they just won’t all fit here so look for the Made in USA! tag in our item descriptions. Check back often as we are always adding new products.

    Have a question about flags? Check out our Helpful Documents Section for answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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    American Bunting Past Vs Present

    Butler was able to spread his products to realms of the government due to his connections from being a retired war general and was responsible for creating the first American bunting flag that was hoisted at the United States Capitol building in 1866.

    His company went on to achieve continued success even after he passed away due to his excellent ability to hire trustworthy businesses to carry out his vision for almost 80 years. Despite the fact that his company was discontinued circa 1947, the American bunting product is still immensely popular today due to his noteworthy accomplishments.

    Today in America, bunting is still used as an excellent way to express pride in the nation that freed itself from British tyranny centuries ago. Its especially prevalent on Independence Day, as Americans all over the nation hang it on their doorways and window sills on display to boast the red, white and blue colors that are replicated on the Stars and Stripes.

    Although bunting is a different way of boasting pride in the United States, its a fun, creative way to decorate for the holiday and appreciate the land of the free, the home of the brave.

    Patriotic Bunting Flags & Fabric

    If you did nothing else for all of the American holidays other than displaying red, white and blue bunting on the front of your home, outlining the porch or front door, you would be set! Nothing says American like the bunting and banners that feature the stars and stripes of the American flag. Add pennant garlands and the American flag and you have all you need for your outdoor decorating needs! Bunting, pennant garlands and banners are a great way to display your patriotism!

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    Patriotic Bunting Made In Usa

    How To Decorate With Bunting

    Person of the Week: Patriotic Salute to American-Made Flags

    Here at Independence Bunting, we make it easy for you to add an old-fashioned Americana look both indoors and outdoors. We use the highest quality materials with vibrant red, white and blue colors that are resistant to UV fading.

    This durability means you can confidently display all our patriotic decorative bunting on fences, porches and even parade floats. Need to decorate a large space? Having rows of American flag bunting will create a “wow” factor that guests won’t soon forget.

    With other patriotic decorations like flags, banners and streamers, you can easily create a festive setting to celebrate and honor the United States of America.

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    Eight Sources For Patriotic Items Made In The Usa For Memorial Day 4th Of July And All Year Round

    Posted by Tracey Hanson, editor | May 25, 2021 | 5

    Walk into almost any store in the weeks before the Fourth of July and you are sure to run smack into a display of patriotic products. How many of those patriotic items are actually made in the USA? Not many, if any at all. Well, we have found patriotic items that are actually made in the USA. These are must have’s for your patriotic plans and Fourth of July festivities or for every day!

    Ready To Start Decorating For Your Next Patriotic Celebration

    Whether you are getting ready to throw a Fourth of July celebration or decorate for Veterans Day, we have the American patriotic bunting you need. With a wide range of materials and sizes to choose from, our team will help you find the perfect bunting based on your needs and style.

    If you have any questions, give our team a call at 800-995-9129 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll be in touch with you.

  • Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm EST
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    How To Decorate With Pleated Fans

    Patriotic pleated fans work well both indoors and outdoors, allowing endless possibilities for decorating your home, business or even parade float. Whether you are celebrating a holiday like Memorial Day or the Fourth of July or you just want to show your patriotic pride, you can easily mount these fans onto your porch, fence or wall, adding a festive touch.

    Where Can You Display A Pleated Fan

    18x36 Inches 1.5x3 Ft Double Sided US American Flag ...

    You don’t have to be a professional designer to realize that outdoor pleated fans can hang from almost any surface.

    Many homeowners like to show off their full fan flags from their windowsills, rooftops and porch railings. You can also decorate a barn or shed with a pleated fan or add one to a table at a local festival. Use your imagination! Each gorgeous, durable pleated fan for sale at our store has a multitude of potential uses.

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    Patriotic Items Made In Usa

    Made in USA Patriotic Lawn Decor: Crab Pot Trees Patriotic LED Lighting

    Crab Pot Trees aren’t just for Christmas decorating. We have been a huge fan of Crab Pot Trees here at USA love list for years and we love that they offer a 4 Patriotic LED Crab Pot Tree for summer holiday decorating too. Save 30% off of any Crab Pot Trees you order by going to and entering promo code USALOVE. No expiration date.

    Crab Pot Trees are Christmas trees made from.crab pots! A string of lights woven through American made crab pot mesh creates the beauty and the simplicity of the Crab Pot Tree.

    Handcrafted on the shores of North Carolina, Crab Pot Trees were originally created as a frugal way to use up leftover crab pot mesh, and as a unique way to keep the makers of crab pots employed during the winter offseason. These easy to display lighted trees quickly caught on with the locals, who fell in love with the nautical themed holiday decorations. Please note: The LED lights are NOT made in the USA. Currently, there are no LED lighting strands made in America.

    Made in USA Patriotic Children’s Pajama: Brian the Pekingese
    Made in USA Patriotic Nails: Makeup America!
    Made in USA Patriotic Socks: Boldfoot and Freaker USA

    Look no further for patriotic socks that are made in the USA!

    Patriotic Party Supplies: Big Dot of Happiness

    Items Related To Our Patriotic Buntings And Pleated Fans

    Many customers who use pleated fans also use parade flags and lead banners to march in a special parade. Whether you are looking for large patriotic bunting banners, outdoor patriotic buntings or patriotic bunting garland, we can help.

    Gettysburg Flag Works specializes in custom flags and banners and will happily help to make your marching group stand out with custom flags and banners that are unique to you. Check out our custom marching banners portfolio for ideas and inspiration!

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    Shop Patriotic Fans Buntings And Banners

    Decorate your home, business or parade float with patriotic banners, fans and buntings to show your American pride! We could even customize a fan to be any color that you need. Gettysburg Flag Works would also be happy to help with your custom parade banners and flags. Learn more about our customization options here.

    Do you have a historical home? Check out our tea stained bunting flags and pleated fans to keep a historical feeling in your patriotic display. You can also order historical flags in the same style for display on your in-ground flagpole or house-mounted flag pole. We also recommend using American stick flags along your fence or in planters, as well as outdoor 4th of July pleated fans for porches.

    America has a long history of showing patriotism on porches and homes with patriotic buntings and banners, but did you know that you can also show your German, Irish or Italian pride in the same way? Our outdoor patriotic buntings come in a wide variety of patriotic colors and are great for decorating for St. Patrick’s Day, heritage festivals, local parades and more.

    We also offer fans in several other color combinations and designs. Check out the gay pride rainbow fan,checkered racing fan and black and purple mourning fans, all made for decorating on different days of the year.

    Why Purchase Patriotic Bunting Fans At Independence Bunting

    American Flag Made In USA

    Our entire collection of patriotic bunting fans are manufactured right here in the United States. We are dedicated to using the highest quality materials and methods to create bunting fans you’ll be proud to display on holidays or even year-round.

    To achieve this, we use a much heavier and sturdier material than our competitors. Our durable cotton fabric fans are best for indoor use, while our SolarMax nylon fabric is better for regular outdoor use. Because the material is resistant to UV fading and color bleeding, you can trust that this material will last and stay vibrant, even when you display your bunting fan outside.

    While your American flag bunting is on display, the abundance of material will keep the fan in place and prevent it from curling. We also pay special attention to the small details, double-stitching the colors together to create an attractive, long-lasting patriotic pleated fan.

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    American Flag Buntin And Fans

    American flag bunting and fans have been a staple of Fourth of July, historic, and patriotic events for decades! Carrot-Top is your one-stop shop for patriotic décor like bunting, fans, U.S. flags, and red, white, and blue banners and pulldowns. We stock a wide selection of patriotic bunting and fans, including designs that feature stars and stripes. Our selection of bunting and fans is offered in three different materialsnylon, cotton, and plasticso you’ll be sure to find the right one for your event. And for events beyond the Fourth of July and Memorial Day, our high-quality bunting and fans can also be customized to match your color specifications. Create bunting and fans for your school, business, or patriotic event.

    See our calendar of flag flying holidays for a list of appropriate dates and times to display your U.S. flag and American flag bunting!

    For special events like funerals, memorial services, or to honor those who have passed in the line of duty, hang black and purple mourning bunting and fans from buildings in your city or town. See our selection of bunting and fans below or continue reading about the different types of bunting and fans we carry down in the longer description. When youre ready to order, we offer easy checkout and fast shipping on hundreds of in-stock products from Carrot-Top! Questions, live chat us from the icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Were standing by to help.

    Why Choose A Pleated Fan

    You’ve probably seen pleated fans on your community’s residences, businesses and other structures. But have you ever wondered where the idea for indoor and outdoor pleated fans started?

    In America, pleated fans, flags and bunting have been a mainstay for generations. Often associated with patriotism or politics, pleated fans have begun to take on new uses. Today, pleated fans offer a fun, eye-catching day to celebrate anything from the Fourth of July and Christmas to awareness months and personal special occasions.

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    St Patrick’s Day Pleated Fans

    When showing off your spirit, support or heritage matters, you can always find the right outdoor pleated fans for sale at Independence Bunting.

    Our wide array of beautiful, full fans features tons of colors and patterns. Plus, every pleated fan we sell is constructed in the USA using high-quality fabrics that resist fading under outside conditions. Decorate your home, office or other space with a full fan flag today.

    What Is Bunting

    White PVC Flagpole, Made in The USA, Includes 3

    Bunting is a type of decoration. Originally, the Royal Navy used worsted wool fabric to create their bunting. Now, patriotic bunting fabric can be made out of anything, such as lightweight cotton, paper and plastic. The swags, fans and banners made from bunting add a festive touch to neighborhoods and communities around the holidays.

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