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Thompson Center Patriot Pistol Kit

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Thompson Center Patriot 45 Cal Gong Shoot

T/C Thompson Center Patriot 45 Pistol

Idaholewis said:My new little TC Patriot .45 Cal Target Pistol, What a FUN little Rig to Shoot, and VERY ACCURATE These were my Home Cast .445 Pure Lead Balls, OC Daisy Patches .015 thick, Powder Charge was 30 Grains of Swiss 2F

DESPERATE LEE said:Nice Lewis. You’re gonna love that pistol. Just be careful loading hard to load loads. Did i say that right? The stock has a weak spot in the wrist and is prone to breakage there. Use a load stand that supports the wrist and you’ll have no problems.DL

Thompson/center Arms And The Supreme Court

In the case of United States v. Thompson/Center Arms Co. , the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the company’s favor by deciding that the rifle conversion kit that Thompson sold for their pistols did not constitute a short-barreled rifle under the National Firearms Act of 1934.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms contended that the mere possession of a pistol having a barrel less than sixteen inches long, a shoulder stock, and a rifle-length barrel constituted constructive intent to “make” an illegal short-barreled rifle even if the shoulder stock was intended to be used only with the rifle-length barrel.

The Supreme Court disagreed and its decision clarified the meaning of the term “make” in the National Firearms Act by stating that the mere possession of components that theoretically could be assembled in an illegal configuration was not in itself a violation as long as the components could also be assembled into a legal configuration.

One argument raised was the example of ammonium-nitrate fertilizer and Diesel oil, which can very often be found together in a farmer’s possession Both are lawful, and while they can easily be assembled into the blasting agent known as ANFO, possession of both has never been held to imply that a farmer was “making” explosives.

What Is A Thompson Center Arms Pistol Worth

A THOMPSON CENTER ARMS pistol is currently worth an average price of $615.61 used . The 12 month average price is $607.00 used.

The used value of a THOMPSON CENTER ARMS pistol has fallen dollars over the past 12 months to a price of$615.61 .

The demand of new THOMPSON CENTER ARMS pistol’s has not changed over the past 12 months. The demand of used THOMPSON CENTER ARMS pistol’s has risen 12 units over the past 12 months.

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A Buying Guide To Thompson Center Arms Black Powder Vintage Firearms

With the resurgence of interest in black powder firearms, shopping for Thompson Center Hawken parts and flintlocks became necessary to sustain your thriving interest in vintage weapons. Since you have considered eBay to look for items such as a Thompson Center flintlock or a Thompson Center Hawken kit for sale, here is some valuable information on your target of vintage firearms.

Facts about shopping for an affordable Thompson Center vintage firearm

The first thing to remember is that looking for an affordable vintage black powder firearm such as a classic TC Hawken for sale means that your choice lies between an original and a replica of the muzzleloader known as a mountain man’s gun. If you wish to have original parts, then a hunting rifle, such as a used TC Firestorm, may come with usable components for your customization into a whole unit. Next, a replica is likely to be complete for your immediate use, and eBay also sells conversion kits to switch out your flintlock for percussion cap ammunition.

What distinguishing features do new or preowned Thompson Center hunting firearms offer?

One of the attractions that vintage hunting black powder firearms hold is decorative scrollwork on butt plates, trigger guards, and percussion locks. Metal engraving may even show the name of the original owner on the butt plate or the trigger guard.

What sorts of stocks does eBay have for vintage black powder firearms?

Thompson/center Arms Firearms For Sale


Founded in 1967, Thompson Center Arms is as passionate about firearms as the thousands of hunting and shooting enthusiasts they serve and support. Thompson Center Arms has been synonymous with firearms that stand up in the toughest situations and perform when it counts. With features like interchangeable barrels, 5R rifling and uncompromised quality you won’t find anywhere else, it’s no wonder today’s top hunters rely on Thompson Center. Thompson Center Arms is proud to offer American-made quality while backing it up with knowledgeable support and a lifetime warranty.

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Thompson Center Gun Parts Products Up To 51% Off 66 Products / 123 Models Page 1

Thompson Center gun parts are born from a passion for firearms and a determination to provide uncompromised quality and design with every product. For over 50 years, Thompson Center has delivered reliable gun parts with top performance to thousands of hunting and shooting enthusiasts. With a great selection of Thompson Center rifle barrels, Thompson Center handguards and forends, and more, you can rest assured that you are getting a great product at a great value. And when you shop with OpticsPlanet you get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $49, you’ll benefit from the expert knowledge of our product specialists, and access to a wealth of information in our How-To Articles and Blog Posts. When every shot counts, trust T/C gun parts.

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