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Republican Voter Guide Orange County

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No Party Preference Voters

What Turned Orange County Blue? Democratic Republicans Answers | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Voters not affiliated with a qualified political party may vote a ballot of a qualified political party allowing participation by non-affiliated voters.

For the 2020 Presidential Primary Election, the following parties have agreed to allow non-affiliated voters to vote their partys ballot for the President of the United States contest:

Democratic Party

American Independent Party

Libertarian Party

NOTE: The other qualified parties did not agree to allow non-affiliated voters to vote their partys ballots.

Beginning in 2020, all voters will automatically receive a vote-by-mail ballot.

  • Submitting a request on our website
  • Email
  • Fax to 714-567-7556
  • Voting in person at a Vote Center beginning on February 22, 2020

If you choose to vote in person at a Vote Center beginning on February 22, 2020Voting in the Green, Peace and Freedom, or Republican Party Primary

No Party Preference Additional Questions

The Secretary of States Office has advised the Registrar of Voters that three qualified parties are allowing voters not affiliated with a political party to vote for their parties candidates in the 2020 Presidential Primary Election. The parties allowing non-affiliated voters to do so are the Democratic Party, American Independent Party, and the Libertarian Party.

The following are frequently asked questions concerning No Party Preference Voters:

As a No Party Preference Voter, why did I receive a postcard?Since you are registered as No Party Preference, you received a postcard explaining that you have the option to vote for candidates of qualified parties if they notified the Secretary of State that they are allowing non-affiliated voters to do so. You can request a vote-by-mail ballot from the Democratic Party, American Independent Party or the Libertarian party by returning the postcard, or. You can also call our office to make this request at 714-567-7600.

Why are only three parties listed on the postcard and not all the other qualified parties, including the Republican, Green, and Peace and Freedom Parties?Only the Democratic, American Independent, and Libertarian Parties notified the Secretary of State that they are allowing non-affiliated voters to vote for candidates of their parties.

If I am a No Party Preference voter, how can I request a ballot for the Republican Party, Green Party, or Peace and Freedom Party?You need to re-register with that party. Click

Oc Republican Leaders Split On Who Should Win Supervisor Race With Voting To Start Soon

With voters set to start casting ballots in less than two weeks, a major split has emerged among Orange Countys top Republican leaders over who should win a hotly contested, coastal county supervisors seat.

A majority of Republicans on the county Board of Supervisors are breaking with their county party and endorsing Newport Beach Councilman Kevin Muldoon, despite GOP efforts to coalesce around the party-endorsed candidate John Moorlach.

In back-to-backannouncements last week, Muldoon was endorsed by supervisors Don Wagner and Andrew Do for 2nd District supervisor.

Do also is endorsing Fountain Valley Mayor Michael Vo for the seat, the mayor said in a campaign announcement.

This is the big battleground right now for both parties in Orange County, said Mike Moodian, A Chapman University public policy researcher who closely follows local politics.

This of course will determine whether Republicans have a 4-1 advantage on the board of supervisors or whether Democrats are able to narrow that gap a little bit to a 3-2 advantage.

Mail-in voting starts Feb. 8 and runs through March 9, with in-person voting starting in late February.

The county Republican Party chairman, Fred Whitaker, has warned in multiple messages to party supporters that having multiple Republican candidates risks handing the seat to Democrats and their endorsed candidate, Costa Mesa Mayor Katrina Foley.

The party chairman, Whitaker, and Moorlach didnt return phone messages for comment.

John Moorlach

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Return Ballots By Tuesday September 14

The Courage California Voter Guide compiles the information that allows you to make informed decisions about the races on your ballot, based on your values. Vote in every race on your ballot! It’s our right and our responsibility. Please share this guide with your friends and family.Want more information on how to vote where you live?

Voting has changed in Orange County this year. The Voters Choice Act was enacted in the county to make voting more convenient. Changes include an expanded period of in-person early voting, every registered voter in the county will receive a vote-by-mail ballot, and every registered voter in the county is able to vote in-person at any Vote Center in their county. Have questions about the changes to voting in Orange County? Find out how to vote in Orange County.

Town Supervisors: Some New Some Contested Some Unopposed

GOP Voters Guide

Nine of Orange County’s 21 towns have contested supervisor races. Three have no incumbent on the ballot and will elect a new supervisor: Goshen, Mount Hope and Woodbury. The others are Cornwall, Crawford, Highlands, New Windsor, Tuxedo and Wallkill.

Two supervisor races have the unusual situation of incumbents running on a major-party line other than their own.

In Cornwall, Supervisor Richard Randazzo lost a Democratic primary in June to town councilman Josh Wojehowski, and is now running on the Republican ballot line against Wojehowski in the general election.

In New Windsor, Supervisor George Meyers, a Republican who ran on both the GOP and Democratic lines in 2019, is running this time on the Democratic line against GOP councilman Stephen Bedetti. Meyers chose not to run in a GOP primary in June after the town Republican Committee narrowly endorsed Bedetti over him.

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Orange County Voter Guide

This Election 2020 Orange County voter guide will help you cut through the rhetoric, election propaganda, and biased media coverage of the campaigns. This guide ranks every aspect of a candidates record according to experience, integrity, and commitment to community.

Here youll find recommendations for:

  • President
  • City Council

Scroll down for our recommendations.

Dont forget to for updates on critical issues, trends, and policies affecting our freedoms and are impacting our economy, legislation, culture, and election results.

Lets get started.

Ratings: Every candidate is considered after thorough research we also have a questionnaire for candidates to complete. Here is our rating system:

  • : The best candidate. Our strongest endorsement.
  • : Very good.
  • : Vote only to prevent worse candidate from winning.
  • : Terrible. Do Not Vote. All your other votes will count.

for new policy for write-in candidates.

Vote Centers In Orange:

  • Chapman University-Argyros Forum, 386 N. Center St.
  • El Modena Branch Library, 380 S. Hewes St.
  • Orange Public Library, 407 E. Chapman Ave.
  • OUSD Office, 1401 N. Handy St.
  • Santiago Canyon College Gym, 8045 E. Chapman Ave.
  • Sports Center at Grijalva Park, 368 N. Prospect St.
  • Steve Ambriz Memorial Park, 611 Riverbend Pkwy.
  • Taft Avenue Community Church, 1350 E. Taft Ave.

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Voter Guide: March 2020 Primary Election

If youd like to support coverage of local elections, please consider becoming a monthly donor to Voice of OC through this link.

Voting is now underway for the March 2020 primary election and below is a rundown of the races up for a decision by Orange County voters.

A host of competitive local, state and federal seats are up for grabs, with voters choice potentially deciding how state and local officials will handle priorities like homelessness, housing affordability and immigration. In most of the races, the primary election will determine which two candidates will face off in the November general election. In other races, the final winners will be decided in the primary, including the hotly-contested county Board of Education and 3rd District supervisor races.

For the first time, OC voters are casting their ballots in a dramatically-overhauled system that changes when, where, and how people vote.

Election Day in Orange County technically started Feb. 3 a month before the election when officials started sending out mail-in ballots to all 1.6 million registered voters in OC.

Voters also can instead vote in person up to 11 days ahead of the election starting Saturday at any of 188 new vote centers countywide, which allow voters to cast their ballot regardless of where they live. The first batch of vote centers opened Saturday, with all vote centers scheduled to be up and running starting this coming Saturday and during the four days through Election Day.

Hot Legislature Race Among Those To Watch

Are Orange County voters still feeling blue in the 2020 election?

Among the Legislature races to watch is one between veteran GOP lawmaker Steve Brescia and Democratic challenger Fran Fox-Pizzonia. Brescia has served nearly three decades on the Legislature and was its chairman until recently, which normally would be a strong edge in a district in which he also has been Montgomery mayor for 32 years.

But he has faced political heat after a series of recent controversies that caused him to relinquish his leadership post and led seven colleagues to say he should surrender his seat as well. Those calls were prompted by a sexual harassment complaint against him by an employee based on an insulting remark he reportedly made.

Two legislative races each have three candidates – a Republican, a Democrat and a third-party contender – vying to replacing a retiring legislator. Those races are in District 6, the Newburgh seat that Democrat Jim Kulisek is vacating, and District 10, the Chester-Warwick seat that Republican John Vero is leaving.

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Ballot Drop Boxes In Orange:

Ballot Drop Boxes will be open beginning October 5 through Election Day

  • County of Orange Social Services Agency, 800 N. Eckhoff
  • El Modena Branch Library
  • Orange Public Library
  • Taft Branch Library

For a full list of vote centers and ballot drop box locations in Orange County, please visit the Registrar of Voters website.

Judges Tentative Ruling Allows Newsom To Brand Recall Election As Republican In States Voter Guide

Republicans feared that fallout from an endorsement squabble could sap support from the critical first question on the ballot whether or not to remove Newsom. If that vote fails to reach a majority, the results on the second question are irrelevant and the governor retains his job.

The partys decision was not without risk. Republican voter registration in the heavily Democratic state is a paltry 24%. Some party leaders believed the best route to victory in the Sept. 14 election was concentrating the GOPs money and volunteers behind a single candidate.

Some will see the decision as a setback for Faulconer, who was considered an early favorite for the endorsement. Faulconer had been seeking the nod, but his campaign later shifted gears, saying he no longer believed it was in the partys interest to back a single candidate.

Cox, a conservative, earlier accused party insiders of trying to steer the endorsement to Faulconer, a political centrist elected in Democratic San Diego who some saw as a more viable statewide candidate in strongly Democratic California . Cox, in protest of what he viewed as a rigged process, said he wouldnt seek the endorsement.

In a statement Saturday, Cox praised the delegates decision, adding that the Republican Party must be united to recall Gavin Newsom. Nothing is more important.

Kiley said in a statement that all candidates are on the same team as we make the case that California deserves so much better than Gavin Newsom.

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In Orange County The Recalls Defeat Echoes Years Of Gop Erosion

Voters struck down the effort to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom, continuing the political seesawing that has defined the former Republican stronghold.

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By Jill Cowan and Shane Goldmacher

LADERA RANCH, Calif. When Gail Grigaux first moved to Ladera Ranch in Orange County from the East Coast more than 15 years ago, she knew she had arrived in the conservative heart of Southern California.

If I met anybody new, I would assume they were Republican, said Ms. Grigaux, 53, a teachers assistant.

It often felt that way, even as recently as last year when supporters of former President Donald J. Trump drove golf carts with Trump flags and sold Trump paraphernalia on street corners of the master-planned suburban community. But the Democratic side has been nearly as visible lately. A Ladera Ranch social justice Facebook group formed.

I got my little Black Lives Matter sign, Ms. Grigaux said.

Ladera Ranch, much like Orange County itself, is changing.

In 2018, Democrats flipped four House seats in Orange County, turning the county entirely Democratic for the first time in the modern era. But in 2020,Democrats ceded two of those seats back to the Republicans even as Mr. Trump lost both Orange County and California overall.

In Orange County, if you run a cookie-cutter campaign, you are going to lose, Mr. Brulte said.

For Northern California Voters

2020 Voting Guide â Orange County Democrats

Sacramento: Measure G:

A city charter amendment to divert tax revenue to a childrens fund amending the city charter to allow 2.5% of unrestricted revenues to be allocated to a childrens fund for the next 12 fiscal years. measure establishes a Sacramento Childrens Fund Planning and Oversight Commission and was qualified for the ballot by Sac Kids First, made up of groups that stand to benefit from the annual $10 million tax revenue.

Rep. Doris Matsui is running for reelection in District 6. She has three challengers two Democrats and one Republican. Matsui first won election to the US House of Representatives in a special election in 2005 following the death of her husband Rep. Robert Matsui, also in 2005.

Rep. Ami Bera is being challenged by Republican Colonel Buzz Patterson, a career Air Force pilot and Clinton Administration official responsible for carrying the nuclear football. Rep. Ami Bera has represented the district since January 2013 following redistricting. Currently Congressional District 7 represents southern and eastern Sacramento County. California Globe analyzed this District 7 race and interviewed Patterson.

Close State Races that have been analyzed by the California Globe:

San Francisco: San Francisco voters will have five ballot measures on March 3 to consider.

Close State Races that have been analyzed by the California Globe:

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New County Clerk For Orange

Voters will elect a successor for County Clerk Annie Rabbitt, a Republican who is retiring from that office after eight years. Deputy County Clerk Kelly Eskew, also a Republican, and Democrat Anthony Grice, an elementary-school reading teacher and Newburgh city councilman, are competing for the clerk’s seat.

That is the only contested race for a countywide seat this year. County Executive Steve Neuhaus and District Attorney David Hoovler, both of them second-term Republicans, are running unopposed for their third four-year terms. The next sheriff’s race is in 2022.

Early Voting For The General Election Will Be October 23 2021

  • Registering to vote for the first time: May 28
  • Submit an address change: June 2
  • Change your political party: February 16,
  • Submit an absentee ballot application by mail: June 15
  • Submit an absentee ballot application in-person: June 21
  • Return your voted absentee ballot by mail: Postmarked by June 22 BOE must receive your ballot by June 29
  • Return your voted absentee ballot in-person: June 22 by close of polls at 9pm

General Election

  • Registering to vote for the first time: October 8
  • Submit an address change: October 13
  • Submit an absentee ballot application by mail: must be received by the board on or before October 18
  • Submit an absentee ballot application in-person: November 1
  • Return your voted absentee ballot by mail: Postmarked by November 2 BOE must receive your ballot by November 9
  • Return your voted absentee ballot in-person: November 2 by close of polls at 9pm

2021 GE Sample Ballots

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Multiple Gop Candidates For Oc Supervisors Seat Could Split The Republican Vote In March 9 Election

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A March 9 special election to fill an open seat on the Orange County Board of Supervisors is heating up, with five candidates having qualified to run by the Jan. 25 filing deadline.

But the real battle could be between three Republican contenders whose campaigns are already clashing as they seek endorsements that threaten to split the GOP vote.

Former state Sen. John Moorlach who previously served as a 2nd District supervisor from 2006 to 2015 secured the backing of the Republican Party of Orange County more than a month before outgoing supervisor Michelle Steel retired and was sworn into the U.S. House of Representatives.

John Moorlach is an experienced and principled legislator who has the experience Orange County needs to address our most pressing issues, said party Chairman Fred Whitaker in a e. The nature of a special election gives us a shortened campaign cycle to unite Republicans and execute a winning campaign strategy.

Although Moorlach lost his senatorial reelection bid to challenger Dave Min in the Nov. 3 election, he prevailed over Costa Mesa Mayor Katrina Foley in the June primary. Havingin December, Foley stands poised as the Democratic front-runner in the supervisor race.

Whitaker acknowledged in the Republican Party endorsement the importance of maintaining dominance in the five-member board, which before Steels departure leaned conservative by 4-1.

Republican Leadership Voter Guide Series

A Seismic Shift? Registered Democrats Outnumber Republicans In OC

While Landslide Communications slates are targeted to include moderate and conservative voters regardless of party affiliation, including independents and Decline-to-State voters, hard-core self-identified Republican voters remain a very important part of our overall direct-mail program. And as the saying goes, all politics is local. GOP voters are dominant in the local southern California counties of Orange County, San Diego County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County and Ventura County, and are the most important in the State of California for Republican candidates and statewide measures that are counting on support from their Republican base. In these days of low-voter turnout, inexpensive and persuasive direct-voter contact like Landslides Republican Leadership series to help inspire higher GOP voter turnout are now an even more essential part of a winning campaign strategy.

If you want to help build a big vote in Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Riverside and Ventura Counties, you need to be on our Landslide Communicatiosn slate program!

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