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Patriot Lighting Ceiling Fan Reviews

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Great Casablanca Ceiling Fans With Buying Guide

21″ Patriot Lighting Brooklyn Ceiling Fan x2

Ceiling fans from the Casablanca stable are one of the most sought after ceiling fans on the market today. The reason is that every single unit by Casablanca entails an ageless concept that is offered thorough care and manufactured using only the very best quality. Casablanca Fan Company is known for delivering top rated ceiling fans to the public, and the key element of their success lies in its consistency.

While the majority of the ceiling fan manufacturers on the market today focus entirely on design and looks, Casablanca has been ahead of their competitors by introducing attractive designs that are tested to deliver efficient and consistent performance. All their ceiling fans are extremely well-built, powerful, quiet and reliable, and this is the reason why Casablanca can deliver the finest artistry and quality to make a top-rated fan that will last you for years to come. Although Casablanca Fan Company does not offer the most unique or colorful ceiling fan to the market, their products are extremely durable and dependable.

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  • Hunter Key Biscayne 59135 54

    Consumer Score: 89% give it 4 stars or higherWhether inside or out, this fan will provide excellent airflow in large spaces.

    6,239 CFM | 3 speeds | 14 watts | up to 400 square feet

    If youre looking for a fan for a covered patio, porch, or sunroom, this is where the Hunter Key Biscayne fan excels. Its WhisperWind motor ensures quiet operation even at powerful speeds. Better Homes & Gardensconcluded that this is a quiet, attractive fan with excellent airflow. In addition, the mounting system allows for three positions, including standard, low, and angled. In terms of style, one buyer on Wayfair said “Beautiful fan. Very nautical, with a touch of farmhouse. Works GREAT!”


    How Can You Balance A Ceiling Fan

    The last thing you want is to turn on your ceiling fan and see what its about to fly off from all that wobbling. If this happens, the chances are that is was not balanced properly. However, the good news is that it should not take longer than 15 minutes to balance a ceiling fan. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

    • Loosen the screws of the canopy that covers the ceiling hole. This will expose the ceiling fans mounting brackets.
    • Tighten the screws found on the mounting bracket, as well as the ones found on the outlet box. Make sure that they are screwed in as tight as possible.
    • If you have a downrod, tighten the screws on it as well. Make sure that every pin is secured safely in its proper space.
    • Make sure that the fan blades have been secured to the blade holder. You also need to ensure that the blade holders are secured on the motor housing. To adjust a bent blade holder, you will have to press down or up on the bracket gently.
    • Measure the distance between the ceiling and the ceiling and the blade. There should be the same distance between all of them. If the distances are not equal, you should adjust the holders until all the blades are at the same distance from the ceiling.
    • Turn on the ceiling fan and see if the wobbling has stopped.

    Long story short, if the ceiling fan has begun to wobble, it means that some of the screws have loosened. In that case, you will have to tighten the screws in order to balance the fan once more.

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    Honeywell Sabal Palm Tropical Ceiling Fan

    If you are looking for a good ceiling fan with a great wind punch and a lovely style, you might want to give this model a try. This is why this ceiling fan will allow you to kick back and enjoy your day as you are transported on a tropical vacation.

    This device is perfect for medium to relatively large living rooms since it can reach up to 450 square feet. Place it in the room where your family gathers, and you should be able to cool down when the summer heat does not want you to.

    This unit features a reversible motor as well, aside from the classic, 3-speed one. This means that not only can you adjust it for summer, but you may adjust it for winter as well. The blades will take the cold air upward instead of downward therefore allowing the warm air to circulate throughout the room.

    Aside from being practical, this model also features a unique design that you will not find on any other fan. The blades have been hand carved from basswood to look like leaves, giving your room a rather tropical vibe. You should feel the cool winds of the Bahamas just by turning on your fan. You can mount it as it is or you may mount it on a downrod. It all depends on the height of your ceiling, as well as your own preferences. You can also choose to install it angled, in rooms that have a particular wall design.

    How Energy Efficient Are Ceiling Fans

    Patriot Lighting Ceiling Fan Reviews

    You can use you ceiling fan in conjunction with your air conditioning and heating to save money. Using the two devices in increase the airflow of both hot and cold air and the area covered.

    You can also choose an energy-efficient fan for increased savings. The most energy efficient ceiling fans use less than 60 watts on average and have high airflow.

    To qualify for Energy Star certification, a fan must produce at least 155 CFM, 100 CFM and 75 CFM of airflow per watt on the high, medium and low speeds respectively.

    When planning your energy use, count built-in light fixtures separately, since manufacturers don’t combine the fan and lighting wattage.

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    Hunter Low Profile Iv 51059 42

    Consumer Score: 93% give it 4 stars or higherFor rooms with low ceilings, this Hunter fan is the most affordable and quality option.

    2,328 CFM | 3 speeds | 29 watts | up to 100 square feet

    • Small enough for ceilings under 8 feet
    • Inexpensive
    • No light attachment

    If you need a little airflow in a small room, but not any additional light, then the Hunter Low Profile IV fan will do the trick. Though it doesnt have a light attachment, its design allows it to rest close to low ceilings while providing airflow over 2,000 CFM with three motor speeds. One reviewer on noted that this model hangs only about nine inches from the ceiling, making it great for installing above a bed too. While a light will add more depth to the fan, Hunter also offers this low profile, 42-inch option with a light for just $100.


    Ves 60 Industrial Indoor/outdoor Moisture Resistant Ceiling Fan

    This one ups the blade length and surface area a bit and the motor strength, allowing for even more air movement. It also includes multiple settings, including conveniently, a reverse function. While it might not seem like much, a reverse function can be a lifesaver and offer a much better range of use. Not only will it offer a better choice for cooling, the reverse function can also aid greatly in ventilation, making it useful in warehouse or manufacturing environments where chemicals or overwhelming smells are present, or in an environment where heat needs to be syphoned out rapidly, such as manufacturing areas, anywhere motors run most of the time, or cooking and baking areas.

    Where would this fan work the best? Smaller warehouse or manufacturing areas with ceilings on the mid-level range, about ten to twenty feet are the perfect environment. Larger open floor office or commercial spaces, including large open floor retail spaces. With the reverse function and it being moisture resistant, it could also be successfully used in indoor greenhouses or workshops where moisture is a constant.


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    What Are The Prices On The Best Ceiling Fans Today

    Good entry level ceiling fans can be found for about $50 on Amazon today. These ceiling fans are good for standard bedrooms, about 12×12 feet in size, and should have variable speeds. A 20% premium may help you to get reversible motors so that the ceiling fan can be used all year instead of just in the warmer months.

    On the other end of the pricing, a premium ceiling fan can be as much as $300. These ceiling fans typically have some artistic components, such as being made from distress koa wood from Hawaii, and have high powered motors that provide a superior level of air flow. These top-of-the-line ceiling fans generally have lifetime warranties on their motors and displace a lot of air.

    Best Hunter Ceiling Fans

    52″ Patriot Lighting Manchester II Ceiling Fan

    All ceiling fans from Hunter are Energy Star certified. That means that you will experience top-rated airflow efficiency and air circulation on a level that you have not experienced before. Moreover, their innovated Whisper-Wind technology ensures that you get powerful airflow, without spending much energy. They are one of the most efficient ceiling fan manufacturers on the market, and they work hard to cut down on your utility bill without sacrificing quality.

    All the Hunter fans listed in our countdown are only quality built units that are known to deliver first-class performance without breaking the bank. Feel free to browse through the list below and see if you can find the best Hunter ceiling fan that fits your needs and budget.

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    Ceiling Fan Direction For Winter

    If you want your ceiling fan to be usable in winter, you will have to ensure that it can go in reverse mode as well. This means that the blades should be spinning in a clockwise direction therefore drawing the cold air up. This way, the warm air would be easier to circulate downward throughout the room. To make sure that your ceiling fan is going in the right direction, you might want to stand under the fan and turn it on. If you can feel the breeze, it means the direction was set for summer. However, if you cannot feel any breeze, this means the ceiling fan has been set for winter.

    Key Elements In A Ceiling Fan


    As we discussed above, the motor is one of the key components of the ceiling fan. The rule of thumb is that the more powerful the motor is, the more air it moves. However, low-quality blades attached to a motor with high RPM will not get the job done properly. You’ll only find high-powered motors with excellent air movement in Casablanca’s products. They are known to deliver only top of the line units, and as a consumer, it might become a daunting task to figure out the type and the quality of a motor that operates a fan.

    However, that is not the case with the ceiling fans from the trustworthy company because they only provide high-quality motor. It is always a wise course of action to pay a little more for a quality motor because an efficient motor is going to make a huge difference in moving the air around the room. Moreover, a quality motor will deliver excellent performance and efficiency.

    Blade Pitch


    RPM is a measure of the frequency of rotation and simply determines how fast the blades spin at a given speed. This means that increased RPM means more air, but only if the blades are pitched correctly. Casablanca also has ceiling fans that include low RPM at low speed and high RPM at high speed, which means that you have more flexibility in adjusting the comfort level where the ceiling fan is mounted.

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    Ceiling Fans Vs Floor Fans

    Ceiling fans and floor fans are both unique in their own ways, but they have the same purpose: to make you feel cooler when the temperature is too hot to handle. But which one should you choose? Well, floor fans are, just as the name suggests, fans that are specially built to keep on your floor for air ventilation. The cool thing when it comes to floor fans is their portability.

    They do not require a permanent installation. In fact, you can actually place them in any room you need at that moment, basically taking the ventilation source with you. Whats more, they generally come with the feature to rotate 180 degrees. So, in case you move around, it will keep up with your position and ensure you always feel cooler. If you need a fan that moves the air where you want it, a floor fan can help you in this regard.

    On the other hand, ceiling fans are different. As noticed from the name, they are meant to be fixated on the ceiling, immediately differentiating them from floor fans. The blades of the fan can rotate at 360 degrees, and they also move the air in the room just like a floor fan does. However, they have a bigger range and they are able to use more air to help you feel cooler. They are better than floor fans as they look nice and decorate the room, and also do not take up floor space.

    How Long Should The Motor Warranty Be

    Patriot Lighting Ceiling Fan Reviews

    Because ceiling fans are used long term, their motor warranties should also reflect a long service life, at least 15 years. To earn Certification from Energy Star a motor needs at least 30 years of warranty coverage in addition to excellent energy efficiency.

    However, the best protection for a fans motor is a lifetime warranty. When it comes to other parts, a one-year warranty is standard among ceiling fan manufacturers. Add-on light kits often have separate warranties.

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    Troposair Titan Brushed Nickel 84 Inch Ceiling Fan

    The next big ceiling fan is the TroposAir Titan. This fan comes with a potential airflow of 9325 CFM which is big. Itâs energy efficiency is also 303 CFM/W which isnât too bad. This fan comes with 6 blades with a super efficient DC motor. The fan can also be operated with 6 different speeds which makes things convenient. It can also spin in reverse which is good for the colder months. This fan is also an indoor and outdoor ceiling fan, and is also rated for damp conditions.

    The TroposAir Titan 84 inch fan also comes with a remote control. This ceiling fan also comes with an integrated light, but comes with a light cover if you donât want to use it I personally love the look of this fan. The meta finish with the smooth metal plates near the base of each blade really give it a modern look. The black version also looks stunning.

    The reviews for this fan are also quite positive. Customers love the modern look too, and they claim itâs also quite and that it does an amazing job of moving air around the room. One downside of this fan is that the integrated light perhaps isnât strong enough for the large area that the fan can operate in, but this obviously depends on the room. Customers also like that the fan is light. The shipping weight is only 30 pounds which is great for industrial ceiling fans.


    This Can Cause A Bit Of Confusion When It Comes Time To Replace Or Upgrade The Bulbs

    Menards® has everything you need to update the lighting for your home or business, both indoors and out! 10,978 ceiling fans lights products are offered for sale by suppliers on alibaba.com, of which fans accounts for 44%, ceiling fans accounts for 23%, and chandeliers & pendant lights accounts for 4%. You can buy a ceiling fan without any lights, but you can buy it later and mount it on the fan. 24 metropolitan dual ceiling fan with light in oil rubbed bronze. Sometimes, you may just want to refresh the overall look or get better illumination in the room. The ceiling fan may be the one home appliance that is still notorious for being an eyesore. A complete consumer guide to buying ceiling fan lights with useful tips on features and specifications. A wide variety of ceiling fans lights options are available to you, such as electric, usb. However, plenty of models exist without gaudy candelabra lights and annoying pull chains. We have ceiling fan light fixtures to fit all types of fans. Budget lighting kits for ceiling fans make a lot of sense if you need to replace or upgrade an existing fan light. By exploring these reviews and the tips on how to make the best choice, it becomes easy to decide which light bulbs will best suit your needs. Shop for ceiling fans at amazon.com.

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    Harbor Breeze Hydra 70

    It is more convenient to have one beastly fan than three miniature ones hanging off your ceiling. The Harbor Breeze Hydra 70-inch is a relatively large instalment, that will deliver the power of multiple typical fans all on its own.

    This it manages with the great features it comes packed with, which include 8 nickel toffee-finish blades, with a 70-inch diameter. The blades not only efficiently move air but also give your ceiling that warm elegant look.

    It gets better when the fan starts to move as it works at a whooping 6376 CFM rate. With such a speed, it can sufficiently ventilate the largest of rooms even with the highest of ceilings.

    That is not all, for optimal comfort, it comes with a unique Natural Breeze mode. This feature optimizes airflow, resulting in what feels like a natural breeze. All that it does silently, and makes no noise even in reverse airflow mode.

    Very important to mention is that it has 6 speed settings which are easily varied using a handy remote control. A 4.5-inch down rod is included for hanging and also for adjusting the angle of the fan.

    To seal the deal, the fan features an LED smart light. The brightness can also be adjusted accordingly using the remote control.

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    The Hunter 53091 produces airflow at more than 5000 cubic feet per minute with 64 watts max of electrical usage. This means the airflow efficiency is slightly higher than average as its equivalent to 80 CFM per watt.

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