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Patriot Power Generator 1800 Amazon

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Best For Camping: Jackery Explorer 1000

Patriot 1500 and 1800 Solar Generator Review


The Jackery Explorer 1000 portable power station is one of the best all-around options, equally suited for outdoor activities and for emergency power readiness. Though its rated for 1,000 watts, it can actually get closer to 2,000. The lithium battery pack offers a capacity of 1,200 watt-hours, and Jackerys professional MPPT technology makes it easy to get your unit fully charged in a relatively short span of time .

Why buy: Jackery is one of the leading names in outdoor equipment and in clean energy products. This portable power station is a great pick for campers and can also be a very effective home backup power solution for small appliances and electronics thanks to its pure sine wave inverter AC outlets.

Best High Capacity: Maxoak Bluetti Portable Power Station

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Output: 1000 watts | Weight: 37.9 pounds | Dimensions: 14.6 x 6.5 x 14.4 inches | Output Ports: 2 110 Volt AC outlets, 1 12 Volt regulated DC, 45 watt USB-C, 4 USB-A ports

The Bluetti stores plenty of power at an affordable price. Its 1500-watt-hour lithium-ion battery is quick-charging and ample for powering up most home appliances during a blackout. It weighs 37.9 pounds.

While it serves as a great home power supply during an emergency, the MaxOak Bluetti is also portable enough take along on fishing or a road trip. It includes two AC ports and five USB outlets and a 12-volt DC outlet that can handle a mini-fridge. Theres also a nifty LCD display to help you track the generators performance.

Would I Recommend The Ac200p

I recommend the AC200P because its battery will last for years and potentially over a decade depending on how often you use it.

With its high-tech features , it can meet different user needs while also providing detailed information so you can understand how your system is working.

The AC200P is the successor to the lithium-ion-powered AC200. For a detailed look into the differences in performance, I have an article comparing them side-by-side here: Bluetti AC200 vs AC200P Key Differences & Takeaways.

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Fastest Charging: Ecoflow Delta


The EcoFlow DELTA power station is a wonderfully rugged, dependable backup generator that can help meet your power needs during a blackout. For one thing, the charging time is incredible you can potentially go from zero to 80 percent in under an hour with a wall outlet. Should you ever find yourself facing a power outage, this is an emergency energy solution youll be really thankful for.

Why buy: The DELTA station from EcoFlow offers a lot of value and usability in particular, it has one of the fastest recharging times of any solar generator, which may be reason enough for you to choose it over the competitors. The DELTA unit offers 13 ports, meaning its compatible with pretty much any device or appliance you could ever need to charge.

What Is The Patriot Power Generator

Patriot Power Generator 1800Default Title

The Patriot Power Generator 1800 is a power generator that is often used for power outages in the home. It comes with 2 charging options solar panel charging and AC outlet charging .

This product is a continuation from the Patriot 1500, which famously was recalled because it kept catching fire.

Now, Ive not heard any stories about the 1800 catching fire, but I feel like its worth mentioning when considering which company to buy from.

Maybe speak to the customer service team if youre nervous.

In terms of outputs, the Patriot 1800 has plenty to choose from. Outputs on this solar generator include:

  • 2 X AC Outlet
  • 1 X DC Output
  • 4 X USB Outputs
  • 1 X Anderson Powerpole Outlet

Potentially, you could have a power supply for 8 different appliances running at once, assuming you dont max out the 1800W output. However, I doubt you would ever need to plug that much in at once. I certainly havent.Despite being called the 1800, the battery capacity on this generator is actually 768Wh which is quite small for such a large generator, to be honest.Speaking of large, the Patriot 1800 is pretty darn big.

Its similar in size to a large desktop computer and weighs a whopping 40 lbs.When you buy the Patriot Power Generator, you go get a bunch of free stuff included with it, which is nice.

Free items included with the Patriot 1800 are:

  • Patriot power cell
  • Good customer service contacts

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Lie #: Get Off Grid With An 1200 Watt

The most important aspect of a solar generators actual usability is its battery storage capacity. Battery storage allows you to use the generator at night, in periods of limited sun, and when your energy needs exceed the amount of solar input coming in. So the question you should be asking to determine a reliable size of battery bank is what do you need to run during these times?

A general rule that I recommend to everyone is to have at least 3-5 days of battery storage, because having several days of rain or cloudy weather is a real possibility, especially in an emergency situation like a natural disaster! If youre using this solar generator for survival in emergency scenarios, you need to ensure you have enough power in any situation. Also, having 3-5 days of battery storage you wont be draining your batteries continually. If you drain your batteries 10% each night, they will last a lot longer than draining them at 90% each night.

So lets say you want to power your refrigerator during a blackout. If an average refrigerator will take 1,500 watt-hours per day to run, youll need at least 4,500 watt-hours for a reliable size battery bank. Unless you dont need power all of the time, and in that case, why are you buying a solar generator?

Does The Patriot Power Generator Come With A Car Charger

Lastly, it’s important to note that the Patriot Power Generator does not come with a DC input . Although this is not a standard feature among the best solar generators, many products come with this capability and its extremely helpful to have one of these if and when you need it! Having a DC input makes it possible to charge the unit with your vehicle, so if you were hoping to do so with your van or RV, extra steps would need to be taken to make a DIY car charging solution.

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Pros. Cons. Best of the Best. Jackery. Explorer 240 Portable Power Station Solar Generator. Check Price. Versatile & Affordable. This portable and versatile charger comes at an affordable price point and earns our DIY expert’s top recommendation. Charges via solar panel, AC adapter, or 12V port.

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Compare our Top 7 Best Solar Generators of 2020. #1. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station. Goal Zero is one of the most popular brands in producing portable solar power panels, generators, and accessories. The Yeti 400 Lithium portable power station is one of their powerful and sturdy solar generators. It has a 396Wh lead-acid battery that.

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Add to cart. Lion Safari ME 2,970wH Solar Generator + 4 x 100W Solar Panel Suitcases, EMP Bag, LED Lights & More. 3 Reviews. $4,209.00 $5,100.00. Add to cart. EcoFlow DELTA PRO 3,600wH / 3,600W Solar Generator + 4 x 200 Watt Solar Panels, LED Light String, EMP Shield & More.

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The Delta features a built-in 1,260Wh deep-cycle solar battery, which is fairly impressive given its compact and lightweight design. For comparison, similarly-sized units, such as the PatriotPowerGenerator1800, only feature a 652Wh internal battery.

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What I Dont Like

PATRIOT Power Generator 1800 EXPOSED! World’s WORST Solar Generator
  • Portable, but still relatively heavy
  • Factor in the solar panels and it takes up a lot of room in the car

The price of the Jackery Explorer 1500 Portable Power Station alone is $1,599. Each SolarSaga 100W Solar Panel bought separately costs $299.99. Do the math for the power station and four solar panels, and that comes out to just under $2,800 before tax.

Or, save $100 and buy the Jackery Solar Generator 1500 as a set for $2,699. Yeah, its expensive, but thats not even the top-of-the-line unit Jackery offers .

If within your means, yes, this is a product I recommend along with the solar panels. I dont plan on using the power station regularly for a home theater in the woods, but its nice to know thats an option. Next time, Ill be bringing along a coffee maker.

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How Much Power Can It Store

Portable solar generators come in an extremely wide range of sizes, but a generators size doesnt automatically make it capable of storing a lot of power. In fact, most are disappointingly limited and unable to store much more juice than a portable charger.

To properly check a generators storage, you need to look at its capacity, measured in watt-hours . One watt-hour is the equivalent of 1 watt flowing over the course of an hour. The best solar generators offer capacities of several hundred and in some cases several thousand watt-hours. That doesnt mean, however, that it will provide power for several hundred or several thousand hours. Any generator will ultimately last a different amount of time, depending on whats plugged into it.

Its easy to predict how long a generator will last when you use it to power one thing. For example, if you were to power a 100-watt bulb using a power station with a capacity of 500 watt-hours, it would stay lit for 5 continuous hours. Add a portable fridge that requires 50 watts per hour, your phone which uses 18, a mini-fan that uses three you get the picture. The more capacity, the better.

The First Test: Home Appliance

I didnt spend a whole lot of time putting this through the paces at home because I dont think of this power station as something that would save the day during a power outage. This is not a replacement for a more powerful backup or portable generator, and youll have to be choosy about what you use it for in the event of an outage.

Need to keep the fridge cold? Great. Power a lamp, too, but keep an eye on the battery percentage on the display. While you can simultaneously charge the power station with the solar panels while using it to power other equipment, its not advised and could affect the overall life of the battery.

Now that thats out of the way, I wanted to see how it would handle a full-size microwave oven. It was as described by Jackery, losing about 1% for each of the five minutes I ran it.

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Would I Recommend The Eb70

I recommend the EB70 because it is portable, powerful, and versatile. It has the ability to be used for several different purposes and activities but it also has a high-powered AC inverter and several output ports to choose from.

Most of all, it will last longer than most other solar generators of its size.

How Do Solar Generators Work

9 Best Emergency Solar Power Setups for Prepping

Solar generators have four major components:

The solar panels convert sunlight into direct current electricity that is then passed through the charge controller. The charge controller regulates the voltage of the electricity into the battery, where the solar energy is then stored for use later. Most solar generators sold today are lithium ion batteries.

When you need to use the energy stored in the battery, the inverter converts the electricity into alternating current energy, or AC power, which is what most appliances and devices use.

Solar generators typically have USB ports, AC outlets, and 12 volt carports to allow you to charge multiple devices.

How much can you save with solar?

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The 5 Best Solar Generators

A solar generator gives you backup energy from the sun should your electricity fail. In this review, the This Old House Reviews Team researched the five best solar generators on Amazon to help you find the product thats right for you and your home. The products included in this article are available at various home improvement stores, local home centers, and online retailers like Amazon.

Solar generators convert sunlight into energy to power your devices and appliances when you dont have electricity. If youre looking for a portable power station to take with you on a trip, read our review below on the best solar generators.

Final Thoughts On The Best Solar Generators

Were living in a golden age for portable solar generators. When I was a kid and my family was playing around with solar gear while camping in the 90s, the technology wasnt capable of charging many devices so it wasnt all that practical.

We havent even scratched the surface in terms of the potential offered by portable, reliable, renewable, relatively affordable power. What we can do now is already incredible. The potential for what may come next, though, is truly mind-blowing.

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Patriot Power Generator Conclusion

Again, if you’re considering the patriot solar generator, I feel as though there are simply too many better options for less money and that the Patriot Power Generator is not worth it. If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck, the Patriot Power 1800 is far from the best option in its price range.

As we can see in the solar generator comparison chart above, with the patriot power generator’s limited input capacity, small storage potential, and high price tag, I cannot recommend the Patriot Power Generator as the best option for anyone looking for a solar powered generator. If youd like to purchase the EcoFlow Delta Quad kit, click here.

If you’re still looking for more information on solar generators, read the most in-depth solar generator buying guide ever written here.

Customer Reviews: Folks Love This Solar Generator

How to Daisy Chain Your Solar Panels | Patriot Power Generator 1800

I Don’t Need to Depend on the Government

During Hurricane Harvey people were standing in line for hours for water. There was no fuel, there were no grocery stores open.

The power was out, but I just plugged everything into my Patriot Power Generator. Plugged the TV in, and we had our coffee. We were just living a normal life. Everything was normal.

Be prepared to be self-reliant. I could hunker down and live here for six months and not ever have to leave. I feel self-reliant. I dont have to rely on anybody.


Driscoll, Texas

I Feel Secure Having This

The Patriot Power Generator handles my lights, AC if I need it, a small heater, my microwave and my TV. I also have a small refrigerator I can plug in. I put my solar panels on the trailer hitch and recharge while I use my generator inside.

Ive used a gas generator before and spent $50 for gas for 3 days. But the Patriot Power Generator can go inside while I sleep, and I dont have to worry about anything. I feel a lot more comfortable.

Im really glad I made the investment. Dont think about it too long. JUST DO IT.

Cristine H.

Bronson, Fla.

* Real reviews from real customers. Sometimes customers receive a free product to test or receive a free product as a thank you for submitting honest feedback. For more information, see footnote 1.

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Are There Other Types Of Generators

Yes. Some generators use electricity or gas for power. However, some people prefer solar generators for the following reasons:

  • Theyre more eco-friendly because they use energy from the sun as opposed to fossil fuels.
  • Theyre cheaper to operate because you dont have to buy fuel refills.
  • Theyre better in emergency situations where you might not have access to fuel.
  • Theyre quieter.
  • Theyre more portable because theyre smaller and lighter.

Patriot Power Generator Shelf Life & Battery Size

The patriot power generator’s battery does come with a decent shelf life of 6 to 12 months, meaning you can charge the solar generator fully and it will only begin to lose power after six months. This is slightly above average when compared to most competitive brands, however there are some solar generators that are comparable in price or less expensive than the Patriot with battery capacities double and triple its size and that also only need topped off every 6 months. For example, the EcoFlow Delta 1800 has an 1,300 watt hour battery and only needs to be charged every 6 months when in storage. But more on this later!

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Most Powerful: Ef Ecoflow Portable Power Station

Two of this solar generators six USB ports are fast-charging to ensure your necessary devices and appliances, such as lanterns and phones, stay charged at all times. The generator provides up to 3,300 watts of power for refrigerators, window air conditioners, and other large appliances. Once it runs out of battery, you can use a solar panel, wall outlet, or cigarette lighter to recharge it.

The Best Solar Generators: Reviews & Recommendations

Patriot Power Generator

The solar generators included on this list span a wide range of budgets, from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. They span a number of use-cases, from camping to a backup for your home. Only you know all the factors that make one of these the best solar generator for you, but we think that one of these will get the job done.

  • Can connect to six 200W solar panels


  • Heavy for its size

The biggest portable power station from Jackery, a leading solar generator manufacturer, the Explorer 2000 Pro offers a tremendous 2,160 Watt Hours of power, making it capable of charging a full camping set up for a few days. When plugged into six 200W solar panels, an upgrade over the four-panel setup available on the Jackery Explorer 1500, you can fully charge this portable power station in just 2-2.5 hours. Thats less than half the time of the smaller model.

On top of all that, its extremely user-friendly. Numerous output ports ensure that you can plug in a wide range of devices and electrical equipment. Its functions are highly intuitive, and the digital display is easy to understand. Like other Jackery generators, its incredibly durable, too. The one potential downside is its weight: At 43 pounds, its a bit heavy for its size. Even so, for all the power you can store and the rapid-charging time, the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro will keep the lights on wherever you need power.


  • Expensive for its size/capacity

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