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California Republican Party Voter Guide

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Fresno County Republican Party

The Republican Party of San DIego County’s 2020 voter guide

May 9, 2022 May 31, 2022: Mail Ballots in Mail

May 9, 2022: First Day of early Voting – County Clerks office, 2221 Kern St., Fresno, CA 93721

May 23, 2022: Close of Registration for This Election

May 24, 2022 June 7, 2022: Conditional Voter Registration – In Person at County Clerks Office, 2221 Kern St., Fresno, CA 93721 and Vote Centers Beginning May 28, 2022

May 28, 2022 June 7, 2022: Eleven-Day Vote Centers open through Election Day 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.

National Convention Delegate Allocation 2016


A political party formally nominates its presidential candidate at a national nominating convention. At this convention, state delegates select the party’s nominee. Prior to the nominating convention, the states conduct presidential preference primaries or caucuses. Generally speaking, only state-recognized partiessuch as the Democratic Party and the Republican Partyconduct primaries and caucuses. These elections measure voter preference for the various candidates and help determine which delegates will be sent to the national nominating convention.

The Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee, the governing bodies of the nation’s two major parties, establish their own guidelines for the presidential nomination process. State-level affiliates of the parties also have some say in determining rules and provisions in their own states. Individuals interested in learning more about the nomination process should contact the political parties themselves for full details.

California had 172 delegates at the 2016 Republican National Convention. Of this total, 159 were district-level delegates . California’s district delegates were allocated on a winner-take-all basis the plurality winner in a given congressional district won all of that district’s delegates.

What Do Party Preferences Mean When Listed With Candidates’ Names On The Ballot What Are The Qualified Political Parties And Abbreviations Of Those Party Names

The term “party preference” is now used in place of the term “party affiliation.” A candidate must indicate his or her preference or lack of preference for a qualified political party. If the candidate has a qualified political party preference that qualified political party will be indicated by the candidate’s name on the ballot. If a candidate does not have a qualified political party preference, “Party Preference: None” will be indicated by the candidate’s name on the ballot.

Similarly, voters who were previously known as “decline-to-state” voters are now known as having “no party preference” or known as “NPP” voters.

Abbreviations for the qualified political parties are:

  • DEM = Democratic Party

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About The Hiring Process:

This is the third time that Californians are voting for governor in the past four years. Democrat Gavin Newsom won a decisive blowout in 2018, then beat back a recall attempt last September by a nearly identical margin. As he pursues a second and final four-year term, Newsom faces Brian Dahle, a little-known Republican legislator from rural Northern California.

Even with some voters souring on the governors performance his approval rating was nearly evenly split in publicpolls this spring it will take a miracle to unseat Newsom and his $25 million campaign war chest in this overwhelmingly Democratic state. He won 56% of the vote in the June primary.

About The 2022 Elections

EPIC JOURNEY: California Republican Voter Guide

So much is up in the air for our Primary Election in 2022. Because the Redistricting Commission will receive Census data late, they may not have district lines finalized until February of 2022! The Legislature is considering moving the Primary to a later date, e.g. August.

If youre thinking of running for office, check out the positions up in June of 2022 , view the important filing dates, and then visit the 2022 Election page for more helpful info! Not sure which districts you are in? Sac County voters can visit this link.

Want to know who has filed their intent to run in Sacramento County? Visit this page on the Sac Elections website to search by name, or click on Elections to search all upcoming elections.

In addition to the upcoming Recall of Gavin Newsom, there are local Recalls pending. Learn more at this link.

We will keep you up-to-date on the Citizens Redistricting Commission, including opportunities for the public to comment on preliminary district lines for the California Legislature and Congress. Learn more about the Countys redistricting at this link.


Commission Chair Linda Akutagawa

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Keep Tabs On The Latest California Policy And Politics News

Jeffrey Erik Perrine, a member of the far-right Proud Boys seeking a Sacramento-area school board seat, was banned from participating in the Sacramento County Republican Partys events after aggressive behavior, including threats to members, and derogatory comments about immigrants, said Betsy Mahan, chairperson of the county party. Mahan said Perrines removal was not strictly about his association with the Proud Boys, but about his behavior.

We dont ask people what organizations they belong to, she said. We look at how they act and if they are supportive in general of our party platform.

The state party said it works closely with county parties on attendee lists for training sessions, and follows their decisions on candidates. We will follow the county partys lead against supporting this expelled Republican, Hockenbury said.

Also, the state GOP says it doesnt give directly to school board candidates, but said its training provides non-monetary support. The April workshop and virtual event in July had at least 100 attendees each. The party has also conducted one-on-one sessions with prospective candidates.

Dont worry about the Ukraine, dont worry about D.C. You can do something socially useful, and start showing up to your school board meetings.

shawn steel, former state gop chairperson and architect of parent revolt effort

It did inspire me to think that I can do it, she said.

Is Hicks worried?

Alameda County Republican Party

Our hybrid meetings use ZOOM and in-person at 1039 MacArthur Blvd, San Leandro. County COVID rules followed. If you are concerned for your own health or are currently ill, please ONLY attend via ZOOM.

Candidate Requests for Time:

Mailing List:To receive Alameda County Republican general e-mails , please subscribe or unsubscribe here. .


The Alameda County Central Committee of the Republican Party is a formal elected body serving five Assembly districts. Central Committee members are required to pull papers at the ROV and gather signatures as all other candidates on ballot. Up to six voting members are elected per district to four-year terms. Elections occurs during the Primary of Presidential Election years . An appointment can be made to fill a vacancy. Each member proposes one alternate to vote in their absence. The leading Republican nominee who ran for a regional partisan office is an ex-officio member during that office’s term.

California does not have Precinct Committeemen as a voting office. We welcome volunteers who walk their local precincts. Please visit our volunteer page to sign up. If you are a constitutionalist independent or decline-to-state, please re-register as Republican. That simple action would encourage potential Republican candidates to run within our five deep-blue districts.

Our Five Assembly Districts

  • Chung Bothwell – Livermore
  • Hugh Bussell – Livermore, Chairman,
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    Likely Voters Are Disproportionately White Democratic Likely Voters Are More Diverse

    • Whites make up only 40% of Californias adult population but comprise 55% of likely voters. In contrast, Latinos make up 35% of the states adult population but only 22% of likely voters. The shares of Asian American and African American likely voters are roughly proportionate to their shares of the states adult population16% for Asian Americans and 6% for African Americans.
    • Just under half of Democratic likely voters are white 28% are Latino, 13% are Asian American, and 8% are African American.
    • An overwhelming majority of Republican likely voters are white relatively few are Latino , Asian American , or African American .
    • Among independents, 51% are white, 20% are Latino, 19% are Asian American, and 5% are African American.

    Most Independent Likely Voters Lean Toward A Major Party

    California Republican National Advises On How To Vote In Recall Election
    • In surveys over the past year, independent likely voters have been more likely to lean Democratic than Republican 11% did not lean toward either party.
    • These shares have shifted since 2018, when 43% leaned Democratic, 29% leaned Republican, and 28% did not lean toward either party.
    • Independent likely voters are much more likely to be moderate than liberal or conservative .
    • Overall, about three in four Republican likely voters say they are conservative, while 63% of Democratic likely voters describe themselves as liberal. Conversely, only 9% of Democrats label themselves as conservative, while just 4% of Republicans call themselves liberal.

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    Many Demographic Traits Of Likely Voters Differ Across Parties

    • Independents and Democrats are more likely to be young adults than are Republicans , while Republicans are more likely to be age 55 and older than are Democrats or independents .
    • Democratic likely voters are much more likely to be women than men , while independents are much more likely to be men than women Republicans are more evenly divided.
    • Independents and Democrats are much more likely to be college graduates than are Republicans .
    • About one in four Democrats have household incomes under $40,000, compared to about two in ten Republicans and independents .

    We Are The Party Of Freedom Since The Beginning

    The party of which you, gentlemen, are the delegated and honored representatives, will fall far short of accomplishing its great mission, unless among its other resolves it shall declare for such an amendment of the Constitution as will positively prohibit African slavery in the United States.-RNC Chairman Edwin Morgan, 1864 Republican National Convention

    Free speech,Free men

    The Republican Party was born in the early 1850s by anti-slavery activists and individuals. The first official Republican meeting took place on July 6th, 1854 in Jackson, Michigan. At the Jackson Convention the new party adopted a platform and nominated candidates for office in Michigan.

    In 1856, the Republicans became a national party when John C. Fremont was nominated for President under the slogan: Free soil, free labor, free speech, free men, Fremont. The GOP was a third party then due to the Democrats and Whigs controlling the two-party system at the time, despite this challenge Fremont received 33% of the vote. Four years later, Abraham Lincoln became the first Republican to win the White House.

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    Veterans And Armed Forces

    Riverside County Republican PartyIt’s Not About One Person…We’re A Team

    Today, we live in a state controlled by one party that recklessly raises our taxes, spends our money, and suffers no consequences for mistakes. Businesses are leaving, and jobs arent coming back. Families struggle and Sacramentos solution to the problem is higher taxes for their gross overspending. The people in the 58 counties of California are ready for a new direction. Join the Republican Party of Riverside County and make an impact!

    Our Chairmen, Johnathan Ingram

    Frustration Spurs California Parents To Run For School Boards

    Official Voter Guide for Republicans

    These local races are hardly low-stakes: School board members around the state will be at the forefront of determining how federal funding is spent and addressing labor shortages, teacher pay and inequities in education exacerbated by the pandemic.

    Im just trying and the party is trying to get the word out: Theres a whole lot of stuff going on in your backyard, Steel said in an interview. Dont worry about the Ukraine, dont worry about D.C. You can do something socially useful, and start showing up to your school board meetings.

    Will the strategy work? Some political consultants think it could be a smart way to go.

    Its the one instance where the David really can defeat the Goliath when David continues to be so arrogant, said Sean Walsh, a GOP strategist.

    But Rusty Hicks, chairperson of the California Democratic Party, said he sees some within the Republican Party using this really challenging moment in our history tofurther divide the state for political gain.

    Ultimately I think parents want the best education for their kids, he told CalMatters. And is banning books and punishing teachers and those kinds of activities is that top of mind for parents? No, I dont believe so.

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    How To Vote For Not Against Your Values

    2022 California Voter Guide

    Our extensive research on each candidate includes evaluations of their conservative worldview on individual God-given rights, forced masking of children, government spending, crime, free enterprise, and deregulation. We also look at their biblical worldview, views on family, school choice/homeschooling, and much more.

    We search their voting records, public and social media statements, donations, who donated to them, and endorsements they made or made for them.

    Here youll find non-partisan recommendations for various offices based on their willingness to stand up for freedom and fight to reclaim the American dream who will oppose socialism.

    Scroll down for our recommendations.

    Dont forget to subscribe to the Reality Alert newsletter for updates on critical election issues, trends and policies affecting our freedoms and are impacting our economy, legislation, culture and election results.

    Lets get started.

    Our Ratings

    Ratings: Every candidate is considered after thorough research we also have a questionnaire for candidates to complete, plus our Tennessee taxpayer protection pledge. Here is our rating system:

    ***** The best candidate. Our strongest endorsement

    **** Very good

    ** Vote only to prevent worse candidate from winning

    * Terrible. Do Not Vote. All your other votes will count

    Note: We do not take money from any candidate for their endorsement. For over 20 years we never have.

    How Are Primary Elections Conducted In California

    All candidates for voter-nominated offices are listed on one ballot and only the top two vote-getters in the primary election regardless of party preference – move on to the general election. Write-in candidates for voter-nominated offices can only run in the primary election. A write-in candidate will only move on to the general election if the candidate is one of the top two vote-getters in the primary election.

    Prior to the Top Two Candidates Open Primary Act, the top vote-getter from each qualified political party, as well as any write-in candidate who received a certain percentage of votes, moved on to the general election.

    The Top Two Candidates Open Primary Act does not apply to candidates running for U.S. President, county central committee, or local office.

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    What Is A Voter

    The Top Two Candidates Open Primary Act, which took effect January 1, 2011, created “voter-nominated” offices. The Top Two Candidates Open Primary Act does not apply to candidates running for U.S. President, county central committees, or local offices.

    Most of the offices that were previously known as “partisan” are now known as “voter-nominated” offices. Voter-nominated offices are state constitutional offices, state legislative offices, and U.S. congressional offices. The only “partisan offices” now are the offices of U.S. President and county central committee.

    Become A Patriot Volunteer

    The Republican Party of San DIego County’s 2020 voter guide

    The Precinct Captain is the most important position in the Republican Party! No, its not the Chairman, its not the elected official, its not the person writing checks. Its the Precinct Captain the Patriot Volunteer who visits fellow Humboldt County Republicans in person twice before election day to thank them for being Humboldt County Republicans, remind them to vote, and share the official list of endorsed Republican candidates with them!

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    Making An Impact In Humboldt County Ca

    We are the boots on the ground the grassroots of the Republican Party, where much of the work is done. Our efforts to increase Republican voter registration, support Republican candidates, and promote Republican ideals in Humboldt County California are ongoing.

    Not from Humboldt and wondering where is humboldt county ? We are in Northern California on the Pacific Northwest Coast. Nestled between beeches and thick old growth redwoods, Humboldt County is a unique place with a lot to offer. Likely the city people are most familiar with is Eureka California.

    We need all hands on deck as we work toward improving our Republican Party efforts both here in Humboldt County and across the state.

    Your involvement is key to our success!

    How Are Presidential Primary Elections Conducted In California

    Qualified political parties in California may hold presidential primaries in one of two ways:

    • Closed presidential primary – only voters indicating a preference for a party may vote for that party’s presidential nominee.
    • Modified-closed presidential primary – the party also allows voters who did not state a party preference to vote for that party’s presidential nominee.

    If a qualified political party chooses to hold a modified-closed presidential primary, the party must notify the California Secretary of State no later than the 135th day before Election Day.

    Voters who registered to vote without stating a political party preference are known as No Party Preference voters. For information on NPP voters voting in a presidential primary election, please see our webpage on No Party Preference Information.

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