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California Republican Party Voter Guide

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Republican Party Of California

The Republican Party of San DIego County’s 2020 voter guide

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Republican Party of California

The Republican Party of California is the California political party affiliate of the national Republican Party. The group is headquartered in Sacramento, California.

A Voter’s Guide To The Republican Primary Candidates

California’s primary election is just over two months away, and after that the number of local democratic campaigns needing staff support for the general election will only county democratic party will be hiring one or more full-time organizers in the near future to coordinate volunteers and field programs for the 2020 election season. Create and host fundraising events that provide the financial support needed to guarantee republican victories in riverside county and the state of california. We participate in lots of community events with outreach that focuses on voter education, voter registration, and candidate information during election years . We meet at oxford suites in chico, at 2035. More information can be found on the california registrar of voters website about this upcoming historic election, california march 3rd presidential primary election more information will be provided about finding your local polling location by contacting the san.

Please print it out and take it with you to the polls on june 5th! Bogh is endorsed by every republican state senator, including morrell, and the california republican party. Republican party the california republican party is committed to making california affordable for everyone. Huey s election forum conservative craig huey s election forum picks. The secretary of state s voter guide has been mailed to voters, slate mailers. Find news, party leadership information, events, volunteer and contribution options, and more!

Lively Summer Picnic Kicks Off 2022 Election Preparations

Santa Clara County Republican Party and South Peninsula Area Republican Coalition joined together to host this years Republican Membership Picnic and we were pleased to see over 120 people comfortably seated at the shaded tables at Linda Vista Park. Executive Committees for each group organized a tasty summer barbecue, live music, and festivities celebrating our volunteer achievements. This years theme on Accountability was perfectly vocalized by our featured speaker Lanhee Chen, one of Americas leading policy commentators and experts, teaching at Stanford

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California Gop Leaders Decide Not To Endorse Any Candidate In Recall Election

SACRAMENTO, Calif. California Republican leaders have decided not to endorse any one candidate in the upcoming recall election on Sept. 14 that could remove Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Delegates with the California Republican Party agreed to the plan on Saturday morning, saying they chose to focus on the recall effort itself, rather than a single candidate. Prior to the vote, state party leaders were set to decide if they should endorse one of four candidates: Larry Elder, Kevin Faulconer, Kevin Kiley, or Doug Ose.

Todays overwhelming decision by our delegates to offer no endorsement speaks to the strength of our field of candidates and the outstanding position our party is in going into the recall election, CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson said in a statement.

The recall ballot includes 46 candidates, including Republican politicians, media celebrities, activists and Californians from all walks of life.

Todays overwhelming decision by our delegates to offer no endorsement speaks to the strength of our field of candidates and the outstanding position our party is in going into the recall election. CAGOP Chairwoman

California Gop Licks Wounds After Another Lopsided Loss

California Republican Party Voter Guide Fresno County

LOS ANGELES The results of Tuesdays recall election in which California Gov. Gavin Newsom defeated an attempt to remove him from office look all too familiar to the states enfeebled Republicans they were embarrassed again by Democrats, who havent lost a statewide race in 15 years.

The returns were incomplete Wednesday about 26% remained uncounted but Newsoms 2.5 million-vote lead gave him an insurmountable lead. It was business as usual for him a day after his victory. He visited an Alameda County school to talk about the pandemic and investments in education, two key issues for him.

For the state GOP, it once again was a time to evaluate what went wrong. Despite pre-election polls showing high enthusiasm among Republican voters for an election that was driven by GOP activists, only 36% voted to remove Newsom. That preliminary result fell into a predictable range for statewide elections in recent years an unwelcome sign for the party as it looks for a comeback.

  • Dire warning from Newsom helped turn California recall tide

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    California Republicans: Where Have They Gone

    California’s GOP struggles for relevance.

    There was a time when Republicans held sway in Los Angeles and Sacramento when Dick Riordan was mayor and Pete Wilson was governor, or earlier, when Earl Warren commanded the states politics and Los Angeles was a Republican bastion. In those days, debates over major issues featured typical tensions between the parties, with one side arguing for frugality and the other for human services. Those days are gone.

    Today, not a single Republican holds statewide office in California. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is an up-and-coming Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown is a career-capping Democrat. Two Democrats are contesting the states open Senate seat no Republican made the runoff. Fourteen out of 15 members of the Los Angeles City Council are Democrats. Only one Republican elected official at any level local, state or federal lives within the city limits of Los Angeles: City Councilman Mitchell Englander.

    There are no more furiously argued questions in California politics than: How did the Republicans lose their grip? And how can they regain their relevancy? The answers are complicated, and not everyone agrees, but most accept a few points.

    Rob Stutzman, one of Californias leading GOP political consultants, concedes that the picture is grim. The partys image, he acknowledges, is that of Southern white men, a perilously narrow base upon which to build a political coalition, especially in California.

    Former Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo Gave Inspiring Talk To Svgop

    The Santa Clara County Republican Party enthusiastically welcomed Mike Pompeo to an exclusive luncheon in mid-October 2021 for SVGOP Members and Young Republicans. Our featured speaker Michael Pompeo served as the 70th Secretary of State of the United States, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and was elected to four terms in Congress representing the Fourth District of Kansas. He is a distinguished fellow at Hudson Institute, where he focuses on promoting U.S. national security, technological leadership and global engagement. Luncheon attendees

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    The Loudest Voices Against Newsom And His Strict Measures To Fight The Spread Of The Coronavirus Turned Out To Represent An Extreme Minority View As Exit Polls Showed This Week

    Elder is against gun control and policies to fight climate change, is anti-choice and has called for a minimum wage of zero. He is a regular guest on Fox News.

    In a normal gubernatorial election, Elder would have no chance in California. After nearly 30 years as a talk radio flamethrower, Elder has name recognition but little support beyond those who already share his far-right, libertarian views. Until the recall, he had never run for office or put in the hard work of building a genuine political constituency.

    The loudest voices against Newsom and his strict measures to fight the spread of the coronavirus turned out to represent an extreme minority view, as exit polls showed this week. The vast majority of voters supported the stay-at-home orders, the mask mandates in schools, the vaccine mandates for state workers.

    While voters who were already battered from 18 months of COVID-19 were increasingly alarmed by the unexpected rise of the delta variant, Elder promised to eliminate all those protections before I have my first cup of tea as governor. It was a typically provocative statement from Elder that might light up the phone lines for his radio show, but it was no path to victory. Californians do not want to become Florida.

    Newsoms Decisive Victory Has Strengthened The Governor For Reelection In 2022 And Positioned Him As A Potential Presidential Candidate Later This Decade

    Newsom recall: CA republican party reaches out to Hispanic voters

    The GOP will never again prevail in the state it once dominated until it adopts policies and a persona that isnt politically repulsive to the mainstream. In 2021, that seems out of reach. One traditional Republican in the race was the moderate former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, who came in a distant 3rd, his less than 500,000 votes just a fraction of Elders support.

    Newsoms decisive victory has strengthened the governor for reelection in 2022 and positioned him as a potential presidential candidate later this decade. But many voters were genuinely enraged last year when he was photographed maskless for dinner at the exclusive French Laundry restaurant in Napa Valley, after creating restrictions on public gatherings in response to the pandemic. The revelation pushed the recall signature gathering effort over the finish line, ultimately costing $276 million in taxpayer dollars.

    This weeks vote was an expensive lesson at a moment of national crisis and a self-inflicted wound. Newsom will have to make up for that as the state continues to fight COVID-19, climate change, ongoing wildfires and an exploding homeless population.

    * * *

    Schwarzeneggers popularity meant he could easily cross party lines in a state that was then more evenly divided, while holding moderate positions on abortion rights, the environment and gun control. There was also a staggering state debt that the incoming Governator was ultimately unable to solve. It tripled during his two terms in office.

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    Riverside County Republican Voter Guide

    In the meantime check out our City Council Ratings page. Riverside county republican voter guide 06-05-2018 The Riverside County Registrar of Voters can start sending vote-by-mail ballots to those who have requested them Monday so many voters will soon have to decide who they want to represent them in.

    Politics Why Is The Gop Thriving In Riverside County Press Enterprise

    A Partisan Recall Puts California Republican Party In Disarray

    CALIFORNIA, USA This story was originally published by CalMatters.

    Raging wildfires. A surging once-in-a-century pandemic. An off-season election asking voters to throw a sitting governor out of office for just the second time in California history.

    Despite the extraordinarily unusual factors shaping the attempt to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom any of which could have led to an unpredictable outcome in the end, results from Tuesdays election show that the race largely came down to partisanship. The Democratic governor beat back the GOP-driven recall by about the same margin as Democrats have defeated Republicans in the top statewide races over the last decade.

    It was a deep-blue victory in a deep-blue state.

    This went down strictly along party lines, said Mindy Romero, director of the Center for Inclusive Democracy at the University of Southern California. There was some crossover, but very little.

    Exit polling shows that 94% of Democrats voted against recalling Newsom, while 89% of Republicans voted to remove him. Independent voters were more evenly split, but leaned toward keeping Newsom in office. As of Wednesday, voters were rejecting the recall by a nearly 30-percentage-point margin.

    This whole election changed dramatically six to eight weeks ago, said Dave Gilliard, a GOP consultant working on the recall.

    Elder vowed to repeal Newsoms vaccine and mask requirements, leading the governor to frame the race as a matter of life and death.

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    Larry Elder Could Be A Candidate Again In 2022 Sidelining Any Moderate Republicans Who Might Actually Have A Chance Statewide Against Newsom

    This time, few voters were interested in hearing about the quirkier candidates running in a recall election. There was too much at stake in the MAGA era to take the amateurs seriously.

    Caitlyn Jenner, who enjoyed outsized media attention early in the campaign, didnt even land in the top 10 with 1.1% of the vote. Her campaign as a compassionate disrupter was a garbling of previous Republican slogans and had few takers. Despite huge name recognition as a Karsdashian TV family member and her distant past as an Olympic decathlon champion, Jenner ended up only five places above onetime billboard pinup Angelyne in the final results.

    Now that Elder has had a taste of life as a high-profile politician, he may not be willing to surrender that spotlight. He could be a candidate again in 2022, sidelining any moderate Republicans who might actually have a chance statewide against Newsom. As he promised an interviewer on KMJ radio in Fresno on Election Day, Im not going to leave the stage.

    I know some Republicans who are really tied in knots they do not want him to run, says Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, longtime observer of state politics and retired professor of the practice of public policy communication at USC. What youve got to do in a regular general election is to reach out to moderate Democrats, to reach out to no party preference voters. And even if he tries, its going to be very difficult given his record on issues.

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    Likely Voters Are Disproportionately White Democratic Likely Voters Are More Diverse

    California Republican Party Voter Guide Fresno County
    • Whites make up only 41% of Californias adult population but comprise 54% of likely voters. In contrast, Latinos make up 35% of the states adult population but only 22% of likely voters. The shares of Asian American and African American likely voters are proportionate to their shares of the states adult population16% for Asian Americans and 6% for African Americans.
    • Just under half of Democratic likely voters are white 27% are Latino, 15% are Asian American, and 9% are African American.
    • A strong majority of Republican likely voters are white relatively few are Latino , Asian American , or African American .
    • Among independents, 51% are white, 19% are Latino, 19% are Asian American, and 6% are African American.

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    California Republican Party Creates Recall Endorsement Path

    OAKLAND The California Republican Party on Saturday created a process that will allow delegates to endorse one of the 24 Republicans running to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom, despite objections from some conservatives who say the party should not back anyone in the race.

    Party leaders kept the bar for endorsement at 60 percent support from delegates and made it possible for them to vote “no endorsement,” which could mean the party ultimately does not back a single contender.

    Republican candidates and party activists have jockeyed and lobbed accusations of impropriety for weeks. Out of the 24 Republicans, roughly a half-dozen are in the top tier based on experience or name identification, increasing the likelihood that the Republican vote will fracture several ways.

    Delegates will meet virtually on Aug. 7 to decide on the endorsement, three days after five Republicans are scheduled to debate at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda.

    Some Republicans believe the crowded field increases the incentive to coalesce behind a single candidate. But others believe doing so could create an appearance of favoritism that discourages turnout, squandering the grassroots energy that drove the recall qualification process and undercutting the primary goal of ousting Newsom.

    But Faulconers team shifted ahead of the vote to argue that the risk of party infighting outweighed the reward of a party nod.

    The Shrinking Republican Base In California Has Only Grown More Extreme As Traditional Conservatives And Moderates Exit A Party That Once Dominated In California

    However unintentionally, the insinuations of voter fraud only served to underline how broken the GOP has become in California. The latest rigged conspiracy was in defiance of simple math in a state where verified Democratic registration is double that of Republicans. Joe Biden had just won the nations most populous state in 2020 with 63.5% of the vote, easily crushing Trump by more than 5 million votes.

    Newsom won by essentially the same margin as his landslide victory in 2018 against another weak Republican candidate, John Cox.

    The shrinking Republican base in California has only grown more extreme as traditional conservatives and moderates exit a party that once dominated in California. While traditionally liberal states like Maryland and Massachusetts have managed to elect moderate Republicans as governor in recent years, California has become a lost cause.

    It was a strong Republican state when Republicans werent this anti-immigrant, this anti-woman, this anti-science, says Melahat Rafiei, secretary of the California Democratic Party. So it isnt that the people changed. The Republican Party went to a place where people couldnt go.

    If more than 50% of voters had voted yes on the recall, Newsom would have been replaced by the leading challenger: Elder.

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    Elections And Voter Information

    The Elections Division oversees all federal and state elections within California. In every statewide election, California prepares voter information pamphlets in ten languages English, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Tagalog, Thai and Vietnamese for over 22 million registered voters. As the chief elections officer for the largest state in the nation, the California Secretary of State tests and certifies all voting equipment for security, accuracy, reliability and accessibility in order to ensure that every vote is counted as it was cast. The Secretary also ensures election laws and campaign disclosure requirements are enforced, maintains a statewide database of all registered voters, certifies the official lists of candidates for elections, tracks and certifies ballot initiatives, compiles election returns and certifies election results, educates California citizens about their voting rights, and promotes voter registration and participation.

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