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Alabama Republican Party Qualified Candidates

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Democratic Party Primaries In Alabama 2022

Alabama GOP Candidates Qualifying for Primary
State political party revenue

This page focuses on the Democratic primaries that will take place in Alabama on May 24, 2022.

A primary election is an election in which registered voters select a candidate that they believe should be a political party’s candidate for elected office to run in the general election. They are also used to choose convention delegates and party leaders. Primaries are state-level and local-level elections that take place prior to a general election. Alabama uses an open primary system, in which registered voters do not have to be members of a party to vote in that party’s primary.

For information about which offices are nominated via primary election, see this article.

Alabama Republican Candidates Far Outnumber Democrats As Qualifying For May 24 Primary Wraps Up

Alabama Republican primary voters will have the final say in seven of the statewide races on the ballot this year because no Democrats signed up to run.

Today was the deadline for candidates to fill out their paperwork and pay their qualifying fees with the two state parties to compete in the primary, which is May 24.

Fifteen candidates qualified to run for the Republican nomination in the two top races on the ballot.

Republican Gov. Kay Ivey drew eight challengers in her party. Six Republicans are running for the U.S. Senate seat that comes open with the retirement of Sen. Richard Shelby after this year.

Six Democrats qualified to run for governor and four qualified in the race for the U.S. Senate. No other statewide race drew more than one Democratic qualifier.

Todays deadline does not apply to the races for the U.S. House. A federal court extended that to Feb. 11 as part of a lawsuit over how the Legislature reapportioned Alabamas seven congressional districts after the 2020 census.

U.S. Senate

The top candidates have been campaigning for months in the race that drew six GOP qualifiers and no Democrats.

Republican qualifiers are former Shelby chief of staff and Business Council of Alabama chief Katie Britt, Congressman Mo Brooks of Huntsville, and former Army aviator and businessman Mike Durant. Others are Lillie Boddie, Karla M. Dupriest, and Jake Schafer.


Lieutenant governor

No Democrats qualified for the race.

Attorney general

Mobile County Republican Party Qualifying Information:

We are looking forward to the Republican primary voters choosing our candidates to represent our Party for the November general election. Our county has been voting Republican for multiple election cycles. We expect another strong year as Alabamians continue to reject the Democratic Party liberal progressive policies.

We also are excited to have added 57 new members to the Mobile County Republican Executive Committee for a total of 105 members. The Mobile County GOP is now one of the largest Republican county parties in Alabama.

State candidates can be found at

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Overall Primary Competitiveness Of Alabama State Legislative Elections

The table below shows cumulative primary competitiveness and incumbency statistics in Alabama’s state legislative elections from 2014 to 2022. These totals include any regularly-scheduled House and Senate elections.

Alabama state legislative competitiveness, 2014-2022
Year % of incumbents in contested primaries

State Political Party Revenue

County GOP releases final list of qualified candidates ...
See also: State political party revenue and State political party revenue per capita

State political parties typically deposit revenue in separate state and federal accounts in order to comply with state and federal campaign finance laws.

The Democratic Party and the Republican Party maintain state affiliates in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and select U.S. territories. The following map displays total state political party revenue per capita for the Republican state party affiliates.

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General Information And Resources

  • Administrative rule governing ballot access petitions for prospective independent candidates
  • Ballot access signature requirements for potential independent candidatesseeking district offices at the federal or state levels in Alabama are being recalculated by the Elections Division. The revised signature requirements will reflect the new district lines approved by the Alabama Legislature this year based on the 2020 U.S. Census. The new signature requirements will be posted to this web site once the Elections Division has calculated them. If you have a question about the signature requirement, please contact Clay Helms at the Elections Division by email at or by phone at 334-353-7177.

Minor Political Parties

  • Administrative rule governing ballot access petitions for prospective minor political parties
  • Ballot access signature requirements for potential minor political partiesseeking to nominate candidates for district offices at the federal or state levels in Alabama are being recalculated by the Elections Division. The revised signature requirements will reflect the new district lines approved by the Alabama Legislature this year based on the 2020 U.S. Census. The new signature requirements will be posted to this web site once the Elections Division has calculated them. If you have a question about the signature requirement, please contact Clay Helms at the Elections Division by email at or by phone at 334-353-7177.

Trump Congressman Belittle Female Former Senate Chief Of Staff

ANALYSIS While Republicans are still celebrating electing a record number of women to the House in 2020, former President Donald Trump and a sitting member of Congress have resorted to sexist attacks in a Senate primary that wont take place for another 10 months. Yet no one seems to care enough to condemn the comments publicly.

Katie Britt is one of a handful of Alabama Republicans running to replace GOP Sen. Richard C. Shelby, her former boss, who is not seeking reelection. Britt clearly touched a nerve among her competitors when she raised $2.2 million in less than a month after entering the race.

I see that the RINO Senator from Alabama, close friend of Old Crow Mitch McConnell, Richard Shelby, is pushing hard to have his assistant fight the great Mo Brooks for his Senate seat, Trump said in a July 10 release, just a few days after Britt announced her second-quarter fundraising. She is not in any way qualified and is certainly not what our Country needs or not what Alabama wants.

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Primary Candidate Registration Closes Soon In Alabama

Election season is approaching quickly in Alabama. Registration for Republican and Democratic primary candidates closes on Friday, Jan. 28.

Prospective candidates for local positions should contact their county chairman while statewide and national hopefuls should apply through their statewide party. Required qualifications depend on the desired position.

John Wahl is the Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party. He said some primary elections this year could be competitive.

We have an open US Senate Seat, and thats been a very exciting race, said Wahl, a lot of interest. We also have, I think, six candidates now qualified to run for governor. So I think those two you will probably see the most attention with over the next four months.

Most state constitutional positions like governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general are up for grabs this season. A highly contested U.S. Senate seat and both of Alabamas congressional seats will also be decided in the general election.

Wahl said Alabamas Republican primaries often determine the outcome of these races.

Theyre even more influential because of the fact that we are such a Republican state, said Wahl. For the most part, especially in a statewide race, whoever wins the Republican primary will most likely be the candidate that wins in the general election.

Primary elections will be on May 24. May 9 is the voter registration deadline.

Where To Find A Covid Test Vaccine

Tommy Tuberville officially qualifies as GOP Senate candidate

New testing sites open as demand increases.

  • The Alabama Supreme Court has sided with environmentalists who say the Birmingham Water Works Board is not abiding by a court order to protect land around Lake Purdy and parts of the Cahaba River, which are the largest source of drinking water in the Birmingham area.

    The Supreme Court overturned an earlier court ruling that sided with the board and sent the case back to the circuit court. Read more.

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Jeff Coleman Loses Ballot Bid

Court rules Coleman failed to qualify by the deadline in his quest to oppose Congressman Barry Moore.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -A federal court has ruled that Dothan businessman Jeff Coleman cannot appear on the Republican congressional ballot.

The U.S. Court for the Northern District of Alabama believes Coleman failed to qualify by the deadline in his quest to oppose the only other GOP 2nd District candidate, incumbent Barry Moore.

The controversy stems from a January 28 deadline extended until February 11 by a federal court ruling that Congressional districts redrawn by Alabamas Legislature last year violated the Voting Rights Act.

Coleman qualified with the Alabama Republican Party on February 10, but after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the lower court ruling, apparently reverting the deadline to January.

Coleman filed a motion two weeks ago trying to get on the ballot but, on Friday, the Northern District court essentially ruled that Coleman qualified too late.

Despite the uncertainty about his candidacy, Coleman launched a massive television ad campaign, including purchasing premium spots during the Super Bowl.

He had hoped to set up a rematch of the 2020 runoff, when he lost to Moore.

It is not immediately known if he plans to appeal.

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Jeff Coleman Loses Court Battle To Appear On 2022 Gop Primary Ballot Barry Moore To Run Unopposed


In this file photo, then 2nd Congressional Republican candidates Jeff Coleman and Barry Moore enter the studio of WTVY prior to a debate on July 7, 2020.

A three-judge federal panel on Friday ruled against Dothan businessman Jeff Coleman in his plea to appear on the upcoming Republican primary election ballot to seek Alabamas second congressional seat, according to a Yellowhammer News story.

The case featured the question as to whether Coleman would be allowed to appear on the ballot given that the Alabama Republican Partys Jan. 28 qualifying deadline had already passed.

In Fridays ruling, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama found that Coleman could not establish that he suffered injury in the matter.

Coleman attempted to launch a last-second bid after a federal panel on Jan. 25 ruled that Alabamas redistricted congressional map had to be redrawn. The ruling also ordered the qualifying deadline to be extended until Feb. 11. Coleman attempted to file his candidacy with ALGOP on Feb. 10.

However, the U.S. Supreme Court on Feb. 7 halted the lower courts ruling.

Coleman on Feb. 13 asked the court to intervene to allow him to become certified as a candidate.

Further, the court determined that it did not have the power to order the Alabama Republican Party to certify Mr. Colemans name to Secretary Merrill.

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Alabama House Of Representatives Elections 2022

Choose a chamber below:

Elections for the Alabama House of Representatives will take place in 2022. The general election is on November 8, 2022. A primary is scheduled for May 24, 2022, and a primary runoff is scheduled for June 21, 2022. The filing deadline was January 28, 2022.

The Alabama House of Representatives is one of 88 state legislative chambers holding elections in 2022. There are 99 chambers throughout the country.

The Colbert County Republican Creed

Candidates begin qualifying for major Alabama races

The following creed encapsulates the principles of good government as approved by the Colbert County Republican Executive Committee on March 16, 2019.

We believe:

That faith in God has guided the leaders of our nation since its founding and has provided the moral axioms according to which our system of delineated rights and laws was created,

That a system of free enterprise that allows informed individuals to participate in transactions of their own volition generates the highest levels of productivity, inspires human ingenuity, and defends individual liberty,

That all individuals are entitled to equal rights under our laws while they assume the responsibilities of citizens in a free society,

That a proper judiciary administers the law following the strictest textual interpretation of each statute and legal precedent while restricting the governments impingement on individual liberty to the least extent possible,

That domestic peace and tranquility is kept by an informed and responsible citizenry whose right to self-defense is unimpeded,

That enduring peace with our international neighbors is necessarily predicated upon a strong national defense,

That government must ensure that youth are given instruction in the language arts, science, mathematics, and humanities, enabling them to be productive citizens who appreciate the foundations and benefits of our constitutional republic,

That the goodness of government is measured by the prosperity of the people, not of itself.

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Context Of The 2022 Elections

Alabama Party Control: 1992-2022Six years of Democratic trifectas Twelve years of Republican trifectasScroll left and right on the table below to view more years.


Alabama has a Republican trifecta. The Republican Party controls the office of governor and both chambers of the state legislature.

Drake V Ala Republican Party


Thomas E. DRAKE II and Kimberly H. Drake v. ALABAMA REPUBLICAN PARTY.

Thomas E. Drake II of The Drake Law Firm, Cullman, for appellants. Albert L. Jordan and Susan E. McPherson of Wallace, Jordan, Ratliff & Brandt LLC, Birmingham and Joel R. Blankenship of The Blankenship Law Firm, LLC, Birmingham, for appellee.


Thomas E. Drake II of The Drake Law Firm, Cullman, for appellants.

Albert L. Jordan and Susan E. McPherson of Wallace, Jordan, Ratliff & Brandt LLC, Birmingham and Joel R. Blankenship of The Blankenship Law Firm, LLC, Birmingham, for appellee.


“When a trial court enters conclusions of law stating alternative legal grounds for its judgment, the failure of an appellant to show error as to each ground in his or her opening brief constitutes a waiver of any argument as to the omitted ground and results in an automatic affirmance of the judgment.” Austin v. Providence Hosp., 155 So.3d 1028, 1031 . Thomas E. Drake II and Kimberly H. Drake appeal from the summary judgment of the Jefferson Circuit Court disposing of their claims against the Alabama Republican Party. The trial court stated two bases for entering a summary judgment in favor of the Alabama Republican Party on the Drakes’ claims. Because the Drakes fail to address one of the bases for the judgment on appeal, they have waived any argument against that basis for the judgment. As a result, we affirm the judgment.

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Alabama Gop Gears Up For Fierce Senate Primary Clash

Alabama Republicans are heading for a dogfight in the states Senate primary, with GOP voters in the reddest of states set to forecast which of the partys disparate wings could be ascendant in the November midterms.

The nominating contest is largely a race between Rep. Mo BrooksRichard Craig ShelbyCongress races clock on Ukraine aid amid invasionUkrainian forces need more weapons, ambassador warns senatorsWho’s most qualified to become the next Supreme Court justice?MORE , whose seat they are running to fill. Also in the mix is Mike Durant, a former Black Hawk pilot who was shot down in Somalia in 1993.

The primary represents a clash of résumés that appeal to various flanks of a fractured GOP, from an incumbent hard-liner with an endorsement from former President TrumpDonald TrumpFive takeaways from the Texas primariesFive takeaways from Biden’s State of the Union addressFive things Biden didn’t talk about in State of the UnionMORE to a politico with deep ties to the business community and establishment lawmakers to an outsider Army veteran making his first foray into politics. And with none of the three establishing themselves as an early front-runner, Alabamians are gearing up for a slog.

But the race has tightened significantly after Britt honed her messaging and went on a campaign blitz thats already taken her to each of Alabamas 67 counties.

Brooks has also handed Britt a tactical opening by frequently being away from the stump.

Shifting Deadline Causes Confusion For Alabamas Gop Congressional Candidates

Will this new GOP Senate candidate split the party in Alabama?

Two men who paid their qualifying fees and filed papers with the Alabama Republican Party last week to run for Congress are seeking answers about a shifting deadline that could keep them off the ballot.

Jeff Coleman of Dothan signed up to run in the 2nd District. Jamie Aiken of Vestavia Hills signed up for the 6th District. Both turned in their fees and papers at the Republican Partys headquarters in Birmingham on Thursday, one day before the end of the extended qualifying period set by a federal court last month.

Aiken said he was stunned when party employees told him he was too late because the deadline had reverted to Jan. 28, the original deadline before the federal courts order.

Aiken, who would be a first-time candidate, said he left his $3,400 qualifying check and papers at the partys office and plans to check back Monday morning to see if the party will change its position. He said he believes he was misled about the date.

I just think this is a terrible thing to sweep under the rug, Aiken said.

Coleman said he was acting on the belief that the Feb. 11 deadline was still valid when he filed his papers on Feb. 10. Coleman has asked the federal court to clarify the deadline.

Two years ago, Coleman lost to Barry Moore in a runoff for the Republican nomination. Moore won the general election and is seeking another term. Moore will be unopposed in the primary if Coleman is excluded.

Aiken would be the lone Republican challenger to U.S. Rep. Gary Palmer of Hoover.

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