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Diesel Brothers Patriot Tires For Sale

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Even Though They Seem Like Brothers They Arent

Diesel Brothers Legion Cooper Tires SEMA Show 2018

From the name of the show, you may assume that the stars are brothers, but Heavy D and Diesel Dave arent. Most people tend to think that the two are brothers because they look alike .

According to Discovery Channel, Heavy D and Diesel Dave met at a church event for singles. Others assume that the Diesel Brothers dont want anyone to find out that they arent brothers it isnt true. If you look at the fact that they are best buddies who do business successfully together and go about with familiar beards, you might as well call them brothers.

Fans Have Accused Them Of Using Foreign Parts

The Diesel Brothers are proud of their American heritage and are proud of the American military and their familys roots to the armed services. They put the American flag on a lot of the gear and apparel that they sell on their websites.

Thus fans felt a bit betrayed when the brothers developed a line of tires called Patriot Tires that were actually manufactured in Taiwan.

Those same fans began a campaign, stating that the tires were made in several other Asian countries, which was a testament to their undoubtedly rigorous research standards.

Recently, fans have been debating whether or not Taiwan is a part of China, while others have stated that they believe that Patriot Tires are actually made in Korea. The tires are actually produced in Taiwan by Federal Tyres, which, according to Heavy D, has an impeccable manufacturing record.

When The Cameras Weren’t Rolling The Production Team Decided To Recreate A Fire

Many fans have been fooled into believing everything that happens on reality TV, is reality, well thats not the case because there is always a script for every episode. Another common thing many reality producers do is stage recreations of events which took place when the show wasnt rolling to use the scenes to add more drama for viewers.

One such example is the case of the burning truck that transpired in the second episode of one of the Seasons. What happened? The parts of a Duramax truck ignited with fire when the cameras werent shooting. So, the crew decided to leverage on the fire scene, to get more drama, but the fire grew beyond control.

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Fans Request Free Trucks From The Stars And Producers

Its normal for fans who watch the Diesel brothers show to desire the diesel life and possess one of the trucks created in the show. The Diesel brothers have been living to expectations when it comes to giving their fans all the entertainment and lessons they require.

According to Discovery Channel, some fans dont think they are doing enough, so they go as far as requesting free trucks from the Diesel brothers, by dropping a ton of comments on Social Media pages of the show. They ask them to give out free trucks. Sadly, most of their requests cant be met.

Diesel Brothers Trucks For Sale Diesel Brothers Calendar

Diesel brothers patriot tires 35x12.50x20 for Sale in Mesa ...

The function of the high range gear selector is to permit the driver to continue to reuse the very same gear positions without needing to move the shifter into a pattern that would require the shifter to wind up in a position that would be hard to reach.

Make sure that you have some simple understanding of hydraulic kits before you buy a pump. In some sense, it is going to be true.

Actually, it failed because it was not digital enough. Which is the reason why the simple fact that Legendary got the rights to the character was the very first indication that things were going the proper way, as they understand how to take an outdated, often mocked traditional monster and turn them in a modern menace.

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Some Of Patriots Most Popular Car Tire Categories

From extreme driving condition to everyday driving, Patriot has a product for all kinds of driving conditions. Here are three of their most popular range of car tires:

The Patriot RB-1 All-Season Tire

This one is an excellent choice for all those of you that drive compact to mid-sized cars and are looking for an affordable model thats highly reliable and functional. The RB-1 by Patriot is a touring tire that has been produced with the latest equipment in a state-of-the-art factory.


The RB-1 All-Season Tire by Patriot features Asymmetric Tread Patterns, thus making these tires extremely safe even when driving on worn out roads. Asymmetric Tread Patterns allow your car to adjust to uneven roads, lopsided bumps, and wet patches while ensuring even tread wear over a long period of time.

Another crucial design aspect of these tires is the Wide Circumferential Grooving feature that they come with. This helps to negate the effects of aquaplaning by funneling the water away from the tire treads and ensuring a solid grip on the road.

These tires also have a lightweight design that adds to the overall stability of your vehicle when youre on the road.

Who should get these?

If youre looking for a set of high-performance tires that are also safe and reliable, these are for you.

As long as you dont plan on doing too much off-roading, these tires are sure to last you for a long time. Perfect for the regular city commuters.

The Patriot Mud Terrain Tire


Fans Have Accused Them Of Obtaining Parts And Labor Illegally

With passionate fans come passionate grievances, and considering how many Diesel Brothers fans there are, its no surprise that when they feel betrayed, they make sure the show knows it.

Fans have posted in comment sections on the Diesel Brothers websites with allegations that they use illegal immigrants for labor and obtain parts for their custom builds by illegal means.

Spoiler alert: theres no actual concrete evidence to support this, and Heavy D has posted videos in support of both immigrant labor and refining the immigration process in America.

As for getting parts illegally, Diesel Brothers hasnt been charged with obtaining parts through any illegal channels, but given their penchant for grabbing components from junkyards, they might have accidentally broken a law in the process a few times.

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Cooper Tire Partners With Dieselsellerz To Make Legion Brand Tires

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. is partnering with the DieselSellerz, stars of Discovery Channels hit show Diesel Brothers, to launch a new tire brand: Legion tires.

At the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show, the team introduced its new Legion Diesel Power M/T, an all-terrain tire for mixed on-and off-road diesel trucks.

The tire provides reliable, long and even tread wear with an aggressive buttress that provides off-road traction, absorption and puncture resistance. The optimized tread pattern reduces noise for a quiet ride on paved surfaces while still providing performance and durability on dirt and gravel.

The Legion Diesel Power M/T is available in 11 sizes from 16- to 22-inch rim diameters. Additional sizes will continue to be added, focusing on the enthusiasts diameters that are unique to the high-performing diesel application. It has wide lateral grooves that provide traction and grip to any driving surface, as well as stone ejectors to ensure it remains free of any road debris for enhanced durability.

DieselSellerz headquarters is in Salt Lake City, Utah. Legion brand tires are made in Texarkana, Ark.

For more information, visit www.legiontires.com and www.coopertire.com.

Diesel Brothers Trucks For Sale Sparks Motors

20,000 Mile Patriot Tire’s Torque MT Review

Diesel Brothers Trucks for Sale The big distinction is that in big trucks theres a lower and upper or superior variety. The issue with new people has become the way theyre introduced.

When it is worse than the preceding entries from Five onward, its only slightly.

You may even select a name thats designed along the lines of some regular boy humor.

At the close of the film, the principal characters assemble on a sunny beach. You reboot the story and bring in an entire new cast. Diesel Brothers Trucks for Sale The movie quickly sets up the key storylines for Vol. The Fast and Furious films are likely to earn money.

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In A Verge To Escape Speeding Tickets Heavy D Did What His Father Taught Him: To Fake Seizures

Now, this is one weird story! First off, who teaches his son how to fake seizures? Did Heavy Ds dad teach him how to counterfeit seizures when hes faced with highway cops, or he just showed him the trick for nothing? There are, no doubt, a lot of questions to ask about this matter.

According to an IG post by Heavy D, he made a tribute to his father for teaching him how to fake seizures when hes pulled over by cops for speeding. To avoid the speeding tickets, Heavy D faked the seizures. But the big question is, did the police officer let him go or did he call an ambulance?

They Didnt Know How Many Fans Social Media Would Get Them

Theres a lot to learn from the Diesel Brothers when it comes to taking advantage of the least expensive means to promote your business effectively. Their actions support the fact that we all look, but see differently. While some people see social media as a platform to chit-chat and catch up on old times, they decided to use it for something that would be useful to their business.

The stars started by advertising Diesel trucks for sale, but according to Discovery Channel, they advanced to adding pranks and skits in their news feedwhich helped to promote their business.

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Diesel Brothers Trucks For Sale Diesel Brothers Cast

In short Lifted truck is the truck that have served variety of advantages and advantages to the company and the producing companies also.

Its going to be crucial that you have the automobile youre considering checked by the professional mechanic before signing a legal contract.

Self-driving vehicles will be a significant game changer in the upcoming few decades. No matter what you require, Ewald Automotive Group has the ideal vehicle for you.

Diesel Brothers Trucks For Sale Diesel Brothers Episodes

Diesel brothers patriot tires 35x12.50x20 for Sale in Mesa ...

Unsure of her capacity to do in the movie, Diesel said hed go along with Portman provided that she could pass the Diesel Test.

Biodiesel is something Ive been interested in for quite a while, Sparks says. It is just a good fuel for Minnesotans.

Please check whether the name you want to adopt for your club was registered previously.

Settling on a suitable name completes a massive part of your task of initiating your vehicle club. Not to mention it gave the team to return from it leverage with the remainder of the home.

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The Company They Run Is Three Separate Entities

The Diesel Brothers sure know how to find a balance between managing their company and image. Over time, the DieselSellerz website gained a lot of publicity since they use it to give away and sell diesel trucks.

If you arent attentive to the show, you may not notice that the business has three separate entities: Diesel Power, Sparks Motors, and DieselSellerz. The Diesel Power is a lifestyle brand that displays the image of the Diesel Brothers. On the website, you can choose to buy anything from a beard growth stimulator to a tactical pen. According to Discovery Channel, Sparks Motors started the Diesel brothers while DieselSellerz is for their truck sales.

Diesel Brothers Patriot Tires For Sale

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Theyre Not Actually Brothers

Based on the title of the show, youd assume that the two men behind the Diesel Brothers brand, Heavy D and Diesel Dave, were actually brothers. However, it turns out that theyre only brothers in spirit.

As evidenced by their similiar monikers, David Sparks and David Kiley are related only by their hot-blooded love of diesel and beards.

The two actually met at a church event for young singles, and what happened next is as heartwarming as any rom-com. Heavy D invited Diesel Dave on a trip with his friends, and when Heavy D accidentally began filling his new pickup with regular gasoline instead of diesel, Diesel Dave saved Heavys new ride by syphoning the gas out of it.

While the syphoning happened, legend has it they bonded and hatched the idea that eventually became DieselSellerz.

They Partnered With Mlb Network For A Two


In early 2016, the Diesel brothers launched their show for the first time on Discoverys Motor Mondays. It wasnt long before the show pulled over 2 million viewers for every episode, which made it the most-watched new unscripted show on cable TV that year.

Sponsors and big organizations were also noticing the growth of the show. One of them is the MLB network they partnered with the show to premiere a unique two-night special called Doubleheader. According to Hollywood reporter, the special editions featured Miguel Cabrera, the Detroit Tigers Star, and two MLB analysts, working together with the Diesel brothers to trick out Cabreras Chevrolet Silverado.

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Heavy Ds Dad Taught Him How To Fake Seizures To Get Out Of Speeding Tickets

When memorializing a loved one whos passed on, most people tend to focus on the good things about the person and his life. Some people like to present both sides of their dearly departed, as a fitting tribute to the complex person they were in life.

Heavy D chose the second path when he Instagramed a tribute to his father, thanking him for teaching him how to fake seizures to get out of speeding tickets. In doing so, he raised roughly a lot of questions.

Many fans have wondered if he learned this by example after watching his father fake-seize, or whether his father coached him on fake seizures before the cop walked up to the drivers window on one of their drives.

Also, what kind of police officer would just let them go rather than volunteer to call emergency services and get them to a hospital, and how many times was this awful trick deployed by the duo?

Regardless Of What It Looks Like The Stars Are Working Hard

When you watch Diesel Brothers, its normal to pay attention to what interests you the most. The brothers tend to play a lot on the show, and they do this to make it more interesting to viewers. However, this doesnt mean that they play throughout the show, its only a spice.

In reality, they are running a full-time business alongside filming the show. Its apparent that it takes a lot of work to put an amazing truck together. Due to their exposure on social media, they have customers with demands that they have to meet. According to Discovery Channel, their hands are usually on projects when cameras are rolling or not.

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Theyre Currently Being Sued By Doctors In Utah

Diesel Brothers has never been a show to push environmentalism, but according to Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, theyve been polluting more than they let on.

UPHE says that theyve been aware of diesel tuning shops specializing in removing automotive emission systems since 2007, and that the diesel tuning and modification businesses around the state have been helping customers with rolling coal.

This basically means that modifying or removing an exhaust system to emit impressive stacks of rolling black smoke, and in January 2017 UPHE targeted the stars behind Diesel Brothers in a lawsuit alleging that theyve contributed to the pollution problem by altering or removing emission regulation components on their trucks.

The brothers themselves have called the lawsuit overly broad, and have supported the production of biodiesel, but theres plenty of evidence in the complaint that the brothers have favored the diesel aesthetic over the preservation of the environment.

What Happened To Diesel Brothers Patriot Tires

Diesel brothers patriot tires 35x12.50x20 for Sale in Mesa ...

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Seriously just look at those tires Tag a friend that would enjoy this MegaRamRunner

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