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Patriot Power Protein Berry Flavor

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Patriot Power Greens Cost

Patriot Power Greens Superfood Review –

So what’s the price of this stuff? Here were the prices I saw when this review was created:

  • 1 canister: $59.90
  • 3 canisters: $149
  • 5 canisters $149

When purchasing 5 canisters you get a free shaker bottle and a couple of free reports too. In addition, when buying 3 or 5 canisters, the company makes a donation of Power Greens to active duty military.

How Does Patriot Greens Work

One of the ways Patriot Greens is said to work by reducing inflammation. Inflammation in cells is linked to a variety of diseases like:

to name a few. This supplement also contains a variety of probiotic bacteria that may confer additional benefits .

Green foods also contain nitrates. These compounds increase our production of nitric oxide which relaxes the muscles in our blood vessels. By doing this, nitrates can increase blood flow and even help lower blood pressure. All this stuff about nitrates being healthy is at the heart of many supplements.

For example, you’ve probably heard about the health benefits of beet juice. Yep, nitrates are behind many of its effects too. But, are beets the highest source of nitrates? Despite the beet-hype, the answer is no. It turns out green vegetables have even more nitrates than beets. Unfortunately, as can be seen from ingredients list below, Patriot Power Greens has more beets than green vegetables .

Because Power Greens has so many ingredients, it’s difficult to pin down its effects to any single compound.

What Are The Patriot Power Greens Benefits

  • SUPPORT BRAIN & MEMORY Patriot Power Greens contain an optimal amount of nutrients essential for the proper development and function of your brain. Studies show that when people consume foods rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients, they perform better memory tasks.
  • BETTER DIGESTION A healthy gut has a significant impact on maintaining a healthy body and mind. The 10 probiotic strains found in Patriot Power Greens powder contain bacteria that improve the balance of microorganisms for better digestion, along with 6 digestive enzymes to provide optimum support for your gut health.
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY JOINTS The antioxidant properties found in Patriot Power Greens ingredients provide your joints support with antioxidant protection from free radicals and reduce the inflammation that causes aches, stiffness, or pain.
  • SAVES YOU TIME Save time by blending a delicious smoothie packed full of greens plus all the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.
  • BOOST ENERGY & STAMINA The ingredients in patriot power greens, along with the minerals and vitamins blend, works to provide you with energy and stamina.
  • SUPPORTS ANTI-AGING AND DETOXIFICATION The organic ingredients support your anti-aging and detoxification process by reducing inflammation, protecting against free radicals, healthy digestion.
  • CARDIOVASCULAR SUPPORT The ingredients in patriot power greens include Omega-rich fatty acids that support healthy cholesterol levels.
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    Is It The Same Thing As Fruits And Veggies

    No, it’s not. One reason for this because fruits and vegetables have fiber. Each scoop of Power Greens only has 2 grams of fiber, which is far less than you’d get if you actually ate all the foods in the product. Fiber does more than make us go to the bathroom. It has many health benefits and it’s healthy food for our gut bacterial too.

    This lack of fiber is something most all green drink powders are also lacking.

    Is Patriot Power Greens Safe For Type 2 Diabetics

    Patriot Power Protein Berry Flavor 13.86 oz 15 Servings ...

    Patriot Power Greens is an all-natural formula that is considered safe and effective for nearly everyone. However, anyone considering taking this supplement who has an existing medical condition should first consult their medical practitioner before taking ANY supplement and this is the case here with Power Greens.

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    Who Is Patriot Power Protein For

    Now You might think that the only people whore going to be interested in purchasing a protein supplement are body builders, weight lifters, or competitive athletes. And sure These folks are going to extremely interested in such a bio-available source of protein.

    But actually, theres not really anyone out there who wouldnt benefit from such a supplement. Because and lets be honest here who doesnt want to look more youthful, have more energy, and provide their body with amazing heart health? Indeed, as we get older, it can be harder and harder to not only take on board the proteins we need, but also to digest them. And this is where a supplement such as Patriot Power Protein really does come into its own

    How Does Patriot Power Greens Work

    Patriot Power Greens is a powder that delivers nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins to your body in an easy way. It helps with inflammation, low immunity, and other health problems like cancer prevention or inflammation reduction. You might not need expensive surgeries if you are using Patriot Health Alliance products all the time.

    Patriot Power Greens powder is a perfect product for boosting immunity and fighting inflammation. It provides collagen, antioxidants, and minerals that are great for your skin, heart health, strengthening bones or tissues and fighting inflammation in the body.

    Patriot Power Greens drink is an all-natural, gluten-free, and dairy-free product that supports healthy weight loss. The product also provides minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that help your body heal itself naturally and fight against free-radicals and oxidative stress.

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    Patriot Power Greens Vs V8 Juice

    Is Patriot Power Greens better than V8 Juice? The Power Greens web page I saw touches on this by proclaiming the Power Greens supplement has 40 fruits and vegetables while V8 Juice only has 8. It goes on to say V8 Juice has as much sodium as an order of McDonalds french fries!

    If we leave off the fact that Low Sodium V8 Juice has a lot less sodium , it should be pointed out that V8 Juice has clinical evidence it reduces blood pressure. This may be partially due to the 900 mg of blood pressure reducingpotassium in V8 juice. Patriot power greens don’t tell us its potassium content.

    Why Choose Patriot Power Protein

    Organifi Vs Patriot Power Greens

    Aging is never an easy thing. It is an indication to you and the people around you that you are becoming old.

    A lot of health problems arise when you are turning old because your body doesnt function as efficiently as it did when you were young. I was a person who used to believe all these and thought that I can never be young at all.

    But Patriot Power Protein broke that idea of me and gave me back my youth which no other medicines that I was consuming did.

    It bought back the happiness and energy that I thought I had lost forever. I would definitely recommend you to get this as we can for sure beat aging with this simple drink.

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    Should You Buy Patriot Power Greens

    n our Patriot Power Greens review, I’ve grown quite fond of the product. It focuses on an older market and formulation for health, as well as its backstory and dedication to supporting the US military is commendable.

    But is the product itself as good as its competitors?

    No Patriot Power Greens review would be complete without answering whether these power greens are really that powerful. In my experience and from the testimony of their customers, there is a marked and significant boost to energy levels while using Patriot Power Greens.

    There is a significant amount of nutritional worth to the power greens, the health benefits, and the easing of joint pain, in particular, set this product apart.

    Like all green drinks and powders, this review has proven the product to be a highly convenient, tasty way to get your day off to a great start. But for me, their focus on catering to an older crowd makes me wonder if the product is that suited for me and the high energy needs of my exercise routine.

    I’ll be sticking with Organifi Greens, which has proven itself to be without equal over many years.

    It gives me all the energy I need in one convenient and delicious serving. You can read our full Organifi review here to find out why this is what I consider to be the best product.

    Maybe I’ll try Patriot Power again when I’m a little older.


    What To Look For In Powder Supplements

    Taking supplements like green organic superfoods will enhance our diet when a gap forms in our bodys nutrition. It doesnt matter if we want to reduce the risk of health issues or if we are lacking a nutrient, the most important thing is that we fill the nutritional needs our diet requires. We also prepared an article on How to Find the Best Supplements, you should check it out too.

    When making a supplement purchase, be sure it doesnt contain health-disruptive ingredients like artificial sweeteners or flavors, dextrins or fillers, and glutens. Also, make sure your supplement fits your needs because no supplement is a one-size-fits-all product. If you are taking a powder drink for mental clarity, dont buy a product designed for relaxation.

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    Texas Superfood Vs Patriot Power Greens: Battle Of The Superfoods

    Are you planning on buying a new food supplement, and after a thorough search, you cant seem to decide: Texas Superfood vs. Patriot Power Greens? If this is the case with your final decision-making process, we have the answer.

    Both the Texas Superfood and Patriot Power Greens are a type of green organic superfood supplement. They are used for supporting a diverse diet with many health benefits like better physical energy, neutralizing skin issues, offering quality sleep, and mental clarity.

    The primary goal of this article is to answer your simple question: Should I get the Texas Superfood or Patriot Power Greens supplement? With our expertise and research, and after the use of this product, this is what we came up with.

    Both supplement drinks serve the same cause, to give their users healthy nutrition and a versatile diet. While they hold the same goal, their profiles are slightly different. Lets look at what sets the two brands apart.

    Topic Contents

    When Should You Take It

    Patriot Power Protein Berry Flavor 30 Servings Brand New ...

    I take my greens powder in the morning, which is generally the recommendation across the board. You can use it as a convenient one-stop-shop and kick start your daily nutrition and a boost for your immune system.

    With the focus and marketing of Patriot Power Greens being so focused on energy levels and selling this product as an all-natural energy drink, I think it’s better to take at the top of the day rather than the tail.

    To prepare your juice drink, all you have to do is mix it in with water or any liquid of your choosing. I often blend mine into my morning smoothie for a custom-built fruit and vegetable bonanza.

    Do not expect this sugar-free all-natural green powder to be a taste sensation, even if they claim it to be.

    It’s going to be earthy and grassy, and you can offset this by balancing it with some flavors you’re more comfortable with like almond milk.

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    Who Makes Patriot Power Greens

    Patriot Power Greens is the product of the all-American Patriot Health Alliance based out of Nashville, Tennesse.

    It was the brainchild of American Air Force veteran Dr. Lane Sebring and, as mentioned above, initially intended for use within the military.

    Patriot Health Alliance has since been repackaged and repurposed and is available to the public.

    The Patriot Health Alliance is not just patriot by name, a share of all sales are donated to the US Armed Forces.

    There was a doctor who did autopsies on people that lived to be 100 or over, and his observations were very astute because he said that these people have all the problems of aging but that everything got old evenly. It seems, therefore, to make sense that we should discover if we have any weak systems and support them, so everything gets old evenly,

    – Dr. Sebring, MD

    Is Patriot Power Greens Safe

    The ingredients in each 5-gram serving comprise of berries, fruits, and vegetables. Although there is no information about quantities of ingredients in each serving, there are no stimulants in the formula and so for the majority of consumers should be safe.

    The website states that every ingredient is tested for verification and that these tests are also performed a second time on the finished product. Each batch of their Greens powder is then tested for heavy metals . The seaweed in Patriot Power Greens is sourced from southern China .

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    Can Greens Powder Replace The Need For Fruits And Vegetables

    Some people are often under the false impression that taking a greens powder supplement can replace fruits and vegetables. However, Patriot Power Greens is not meant to be taken as an alternative for eating healthy foods. Rather, its designed to support your health by giving you additional nutrients in any situation when your body needs them most.

    If youre someone who struggles with trying to maintain a balanced diet or have trouble getting enough of certain important vitamins and minerals each day, then greens powder like Patriot Power Greens and Organifi Green Juice could be the perfect solution.

    Its easy to take greens powder because they come in powder form, so theres no need for dicing and juicing just scoop 1 cup of greens in a glass of water, stir properly and enjoy. They also taste great and comes in a variety of flavors so that you can mix things up.

    If anyone wants to add greens powder supplements to his diet with all the benefits of Patriot Power Greens ingredients, one must try Top 5 Greens Powder.

    What Ingredients Are In Patriot Power Greens

    Patriot Power Greens Review

    Each scoop of Patriot Power Greens contains 40 organic fruits and vegetables to give you the nutrition your body needs. The product also provides 10 probiotic strains and 6 digestive enzymes in addition to vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and probiotics that can help fight inflammation, low immunity, and Boost health in addition to healthy weight loss.

    Below is an overview of the important ingredients in patriot power greens and what they do:

    Organic Spirulina Algae Spirulina is the golden boy of the supplement industry. Its been proven to boosts health and energy levels.

    Organic Chlorella Another power player in the supplement game, chlorella is full of protein which can help you lose weight without feeling like you are dieting.

    Kombu seaweed The kombu seaweed is a great source of zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and iron, which helps with nutrition deficiency and boosts metabolism.

    Nori Seaweed Nori seaweed has excellent immunity and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Organic Superfoods Pear, Pomegranate, Papaya, Grape, Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Blackberry, Black Currant, Mango, Passion Fruit, Spinach, Beet, Apple, Kale, Amla, Tomato, Carrot, Parsley, and Cabbage help provide energy and supports health.

    Digestive Enzymes Digestive enzyme includes Protease, Amylglucosidase, Cellulase, Amylase, Protease, and Lipase.

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    Organic Fruits And Vegetables

    Do you remember when your parents and doctors told you to eat more fruits and vegetables?

    You can tell them you had over 40 for breakfast if you’re drinking Patriot Power Greens.

    Packed full of nutritional goodness, the blend of all organic fruits and vegetables is sure to make a healthy impact.

    Did you know fruits and vegetables are good for you? I bet you do.

    These Patriot Power Greens ingredients tell you that it is packed with awesome stuff.

    Why Does Power Greens Have Seaweed

    From the ingredients list above, we see Patriot Greens has 3 different types of seaweed:

    • kombu seaweed
    • wakame seaweed
    • nori seaweed

    Why does it have seaweed? While there are many compounds in seaweed, one that stands out is iodine. The mineral iodine is necessary for the production of thyroid hormone. Could this be where the claim of restoring youthful energy comes from? It’s difficult to say for sure, but it’s possible.

    Each serving of Power Greens has 65% of the RDA for iodine. In someone whose not getting enough iodine, its possible this might boost thyroid hormone levels, which in turn, could raise energy levels.

    In someone not lacking iodine, it’s debatable if iodine would boost energy levels. It’s worth noting most cases of hypothyroidism are not due to iodine deficiency but rather an immune system defect . Iodine doesn’t correct this, unfortunately.

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    Patriot Power Greens: Any Proof

    Sprinkled throughout the sales page I saw, were 9 different ways benefits of how Patriot Greens is supposed to help people. They are as follows :

    • Healing Secret #1: Easy Digestion: Less Gas, Bloating, and Constipation!
    • Healing Secret #2: Healthy Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Levels
    • Healing Secret #3: All Natural Joint and Muscle Pain Relief At Last
    • Healing Secret #4: Fight Those Dreaded Senior Moments And Keep Your Mind Sharp-As-A-Tack
    • Healing Secret #5: Glowing, Younger Looking Skin Without Dangerous Botox Injections
    • Healing Secret #6: Harvard School of Public Health Says Inflammation Could Be The Real Reason Youre Fat
    • Healing Secret #7 : Blood Sugar Levels Your Doctor Will Love
    • Healing Secret #8:A Healthy Libido At Any Age!
    • Healing Secret #9: Instant Energy! Spring Out of Bed Every Morning and Restore The Endless Energy You Had 20 Years Ago!

    All these sound great. But clinical evidence showing Patriot Power Greens any of this is lacking. By clinical evidence, I mean research, published in medical journals. It might or might not. Without seeing clinical evidence, it’s difficult to say.

    The Testimonies Are Real But

    Patriot Power Protein Berry Flavor 30 Servings

    The sales page for the product I saw states that while the testimonials for Patriot Power Greens are from real, happy customers,

    • The names/pictures of some of them have been changed for privacy reasons
    • Some featured customers were given a free canister of Patriot Power Greens in exchange for their feedback
    • The testimonials and customer letters represent exceptional results and don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results

    I can appreciate the company being forthcoming with this information. Not everyone in the supplement world is as honest as this.

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