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How To Apply For Patriot Express Loans

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Sba 7 Eligibility By Industry

Patriot Express Loan Webinar

Even if you already fall under the SBA definition of a small business, your particular industry may have additional industry-specific requirements, which mainly concern number of employees and revenue/receipts. The SBA has two main standards for business size fewer than 500 employees for manufacturing and mining industries, and under $7.5 million in average annual receipts for non-manufacturing industries. There are of course exceptions, so youll want to check with the SBAs size requirements for your specific industry.

Whats The Patriot Express Loan Being Qualified For Bigger Quantities Of Funding As Well As Lower Rates Of Interest

What& #8217 s the Patriot Express Loan? being qualified for bigger quantities of funding, as well as lower rates of interest

Loan system offered the Patriot Express Loan. Like the majority of loans, there is no guarantee that is absolute of, nevertheless the objective associated with Patriot Express Loan would be to accelerate army veterans access to company money. They offered among the SBAs quickest turnaround times for loan approvals. The Patriot Express Loan Program had been centered on, and improved the guarantee and rates of interest of, the already effective SBA Express Loan Program.

So that you can qualify, a veteran needed seriously to have nearly all their company. Additionally they must be on active responsibility , within the nationwide Guard, solution disabled, or even a reservist. Spouses regarding the above, along with widowed partners of these whom passed on in solution had been additionally qualified. Dishonorable release ended up being a deal-breaker.

The Patriot Express Loan allowed army business people both term loans and personal lines of credit for funding up to $500,000. That money might be useful for startup expenses, or even to buy company stock or commercial estate that is real. Financial obligation refinancing has also been a choice.

The primary advantages of the Patriot Express Loan had been:

Being qualified for bigger quantities of funding, and also at reduced interest levels

More efficient loan processing

Mreidl: Loan For Military Reservists

In the event that a business owner or key employee is called up for active duty in the Reserves, a business may be eligible for a Military Reservist Economic Injury Disaster Loan to cover the businesss financial obligations until the Reservist is released from active duty. This loan is intended to provide working capital to cover the businesss operating expenses in the absence of the essential team member. The maximum MREIDL amount is $2 million.

It can be trickier to qualify for the MREIDL, since VA business loan requirements in this case are stringent, and include a federally mandated review of the applicants other viable credit options. Before approving a MREIDL, the SBA will determine whether the applicant would be able to access credit from non-government sources without undue financial hardship. If the SBA finds that the business is able to fund their operations through other means, the applicant would not eligible for MREIDL assistance.

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Coronavirus : Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources

Health and government officials are working together to maintain the safety, security, and health of the American people. Small businesses are encouraged to do their part to keep their employees, customers, and themselves healthy. COVID-19 Relief Paycheck Protection Program Economic Injury Disaster Loans SBA Debt Relief SBA Express Loans Guidance for Businesses and Employers SBA … read more

Exactly How Good Of A Deal Was It

The Patriot Express Loan: What You Need to Know

The SBA Patriot Express Loan Program streamlined the mortgage approval and application processes. It absolutely was feasible for Veterans to have authorized for funding in as low as 36 hours. Veterans could make an application for loans up to $500,000 and obtain a low interest with less than zero charges. Although the guarantee cost started off at 3% for loans between $150,001 and $350,000, that fee ended up being later on paid down to 0%.

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What You Need To Know About Sba Express Financing

SBA Express loans fall under the federal governments SBA Loan Guarantee Program. Though similar to the SBA 7 loan, which offers up to $5 million and has a guarantee of up to 85% of the loan amount, the express loan sets itself apart by being approved or denied within 36 hours. If approved, funds become available to the business owner within 90 days. This is a far cry from the notoriously grueling process surrounding the SBA 7 loan, which requires lengthy application paperwork and even longer lead times for approvals or denials. Still, an unprepared borrower will always have a harder time in trying to get approvedno matter what loan program they apply for. That’s why we break down the entire process in detail, to help get prospective borrowers up to speed and ready to receive the funding they’re after. We want our clients to apply for their SBA Express loans with the highest confidence, backed by the knowledge of our lending specialists.

How Can You Use The Funds From A Va Business Loan

Great news: Your veteran business loan application was approved. How exactly can you put your new funds to use?

Versatile by design, VA loans can be used to do many things, including:

Unlike other kinds of loans that must be invested in very specific ways, VA loans offer businesses more flexibility. As a result, veteran entrepreneurs can usually use the funds they receive in whatever way they think will help their businesses the most.

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What Happened To The Sba Patriot Express Loan

SBA Patriot Express Loan was a pilot program. According to some sources, one of the reasons that particular veteran lending program was terminated was due to higher-than-expected loan default rates. Some reports state one out of five borrowers could not repay.

The SBA guarantees its business loans in a manner similar to FHA home loans or VA mortgages. For every loan default, the Small Business Administration is required to pay the lender as part of the agreement.

Too many loan defaults caused a financial burden on the program and it was ultimately shut down in 2014.

Best For Sba Loans For Veterans: Smartbiz

Business Loans for Veterans

SBA 7 Details

  • Loan amount: Up to $5 million
  • Rates: Variable: Prime plus 2.25% to prime plus 4.75%
  • Term: 10 or 25 years
  • Min. Credit Score Required: 680

The federal governments Small Business Administration previously offered the Veterans Advantage 7 loan, but the program is now defunct. That means there are no longer SBA loans for veterans specifically, though veterans can still apply for SBA loans through Smartbiz, including:

7 loans: These loans are considered SBAs flagship product, though they come in several forms and sizes. Most 7 loans offer up to $5 million, have terms of 10 or 25 years, and charge interest rates that range from prime plus 2.25% to prime plus 4.75% for variable-rate loans and 5%-8% for fixed-rate loans. The minimum credit score for 7 loans is typically 680. Veterans are permanently exempt from paying guaranty fees on 7 Express Loans.

504/CDC loans: These loans are intended to help a small business expand or modernize through commercial real estate and equipment purchases, or improve existing facilities. In general, an SBA-backed lender covers 50%, a Community Development Corporation covers 40% and the business owner covers the remaining 10% as a cash down payment. Financing is available up to $5 million and repaid in terms of 10, 20 or 25 years. To qualify, a business must have a tangible net worth of less than $15 million. The minimum credit score for these loans is usually 680.

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Guide To Small Business Loans For Veterans

Learn about the business funding options for Veterans.

Leaving the battlefield and heading back to civilian life is a difficult transition for even the most composed veterans. After risking their lives to protect our freedoms, many veterans have a difficult time adjusting to ordinary jobs. Instead of taking orders from someone else, many of these individuals pursue entrepreneurial endeavors, hoping to build and grow businesses of their own.

According to the Small Business Administration , more than 2.52 million small businesses are owned by veterans of the U.S. armed forces. This figure represents 9.1% of all U.S. firms. Collectively, veteran-owned businesses haul in $1.22 trillion in revenue each year and employ nearly 5.8 million people.

Veterans own businesses in all industries, including:

  • Finance and insurance

  • Mining, quarrying, oil, and gas

  • Construction

  • Professional, scientific, and technical services

  • Manufacturing

  • Utilities

  • Real estate

Like all other small business owners, veterans who decide to open their own companies need to figure out how to finance their operations. For the most part, veterans opt to finance their businesses out of their own pockets. According to the SBA, 59.4% of veteran business owners start their companies with personal or family savings, compared to 57.3% of all business owners who do the same.

A History Of The Patriot Express Loan Program

In 2007, the SBA introduced the Patriot Express Loan as a pilot product in its 7 loan guarantee program. Unlike other SBA loans, which are available to all business owners who qualify, the Patriot Express loan was designed specifically for veterans and other eligibility military members to get access to the financing they needed to start or expand their business.

While the SBA didnt originate or service the loans itself, it provided insurance to SBA-approved lenders, reducing their risk and encouraging them to work with small business owners who qualified.

For veterans and other eligible military members who qualified, the Patriot Express Loan provided up to $500,000 in funding and could be used for most business-related purposes. The program had one of the fastest turnaround times for approval among all SBA loans, and some of the lowest interest rates at just 2.25% to 4.75% above the prime rate, depending on the loan amount and repayment term.

All these features made the Patriot Express Loan an appealing financing option, and the SBA guaranteed more than $703 million through the end of 2012.

The problem was that the default rate on Patriot Express Loans was higher than other SBA loans, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office. Among business owners who borrowed less than $25,000, for instance, one in five couldnt repay the debt. Ultimately, the costs of providing the program exceeded the income, and the SBA discontinued the product at the end of 2013.

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Best For Established Veteran


  • Term: Up to 60 months
  • Min. Credit Score Required: Not available

Navy Federal Credit Union serves customers with ties to the U.S. military, so to borrow, veterans must be a member of the credit union. As a nonprofit credit union, Navy Federals rates and fees may be lower than banks or online lenders.

Navy Federal offers small business term loans, real estate loans, business and commercial vehicle loans and business lines of credit. Its standard term-loan applications are for amounts up to $50,000, though you can speak with a lending representative to find out if you can qualify for more.

Navy Federal prefers applicants to have at least two years in business. In the application process, youll have to provide two years of your personal tax returns plus a business plan with three years of cash flow projections. If your business is less than two years old, Navy Federal will consider loaning you up to $25,000 if you have excellent credit and strong personal cash flow. They dont publish their interest rates, but the rates are based on criteria that include your businesss capacity to pay the loan back, available capital and collateral. Navy Federal charges a $150 origination fee, though there is no prepayment penalty.

More Ways For Veterans To Fund A Small Business

The Patriot Express Loan: What You Need to Know

There are several ways to fund your Veteran-owned small business outside of the VA and SBA. Private funding programs like Hivers and Strivers can provide a source of venture capital.

One way to discover sources of venture capital is to create LinkedIn profiles for yourself and your business, and state in your About section that you are a veteran with a veteran-owned business. Private lenders will be able to find you with a quick search, but make sure you or someone you trust can help analyze the overtures of a private lender or venture capital firm.

There is also the possibility to use crowdfunding on a site like Kickstarter or GoFundMe. Small businesses of all types and orientations have used crowdfunding to successfully pull together much-needed capital. Then there is also the possibility of looking into VA small business grants. Grants may be better than loans for some borrowers, especially when the grant is a gift that does not need to be returned .

Some Veterans choose to use their own available capital to fund their startup or revitalize their existing business. There are certainly pros and cons to doing this, one obvious pro being that there will be no loan and interest to pay back, and one obvious con being the risk of losing their savings. There are a number of choices for pursuing entrepreneurship, and a Veteran is not just limited to the SBA.

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Who Needs A Veterans Advantage Business Loan

The Congressional Research Service published a study including some revealing data on more than 60% of participating veterans. These veterans reported using personal financial resources to fund their businessesfamily savings, personal assets, etc.

Some of those surveyed used a personal credit card or took out a business credit card to fund their business, and only about 10% of those surveyed turned to a business loan to help themselves stay in business.

Its important to consider this data for those who want to protect their livelihood and find alternative financial resources through the SBA.

Getting A Small Business Loan Should Be Easy Now It Is

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Alternative Small Business Sources Of Financing For Veterans

There are also private loans that are geared toward veterans:

  • Street Shares: This is a source of loans for veteran-owned businesses that have been in operation for over one year. Loan amounts are available up to $250,000 with competitive interest rates.
  • Hivers and Strivers:This source of angel investors offers equity financing, as opposed to loans, to graduates of the U.S. military academies who are also veterans. Typically, the first round of funding is $250,000 to $1,000,000 and the investors take an active role in helping the company.
  • Connect2Capital: This company strives to connect small business owners to mission-driven sources of funding for their small business, along with counseling and education. They strive to connect veterans, lenders, and community resources.
  • Smartbiz: A specialist in SBA loans for veterans, this company is highly regarded because of its fast application and disbursement procedure for most types of SBA small business loans.
  • Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Program: If you are an eligible, disabled veteran, you may qualify for certain federal contracts.

Replacing The Sba Patriot Express Program

SBA Express Loans Explained: What You Need to Know (2021)

The Patriot Express shut down in 2013, but since then there have been similar veteran-specific Small Business Administration Loan programs launched. The SBA Patriot Express ran under the 7 Loan Program like the programs available today.

While intended applicants, terms, and conditions vary between 7 programs, veterans will find several resources among these types of loan offerings.

SBA participating lenders may choose to offer one or more of the following SBA Small Business Loan programs in the 7 category:

  • Standard 7
  • Veterans Advantage
  • CAPLines

Of these programs, Veterans Advantage is the loan veterans turn to most for a loan similar to the SBA Patriot Express and the one explored first.

Not all the options listed above are specifically aimed at veterans, but Veterans Advantage may be the closest option to the old Patriot Express loan.

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How To Apply For A Veterans Advantage Loan

For the SBA Veterans Advantage Loan program, you must find a qualified lender to work with, such as a bank or credit union.

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  • The SBA offers a Lender Match service that connects businesses with a lender in their area. While some applications can be completed online, lenders generally require a phone call or in-office visit by the applicant.

    After getting in touch with a lender, you will need to put together an application. You must be prepared to show that you can repay the loan and operate your business successfully. The application process will require additional documentation, including:

    • Business and personal income tax returns
    • Financial statements, projections, business certificates, and licenses
    • A business plan
    • SBA forms such as DD Form 214, DD Form 1173, or a different relevant form

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