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Patriot Portable Solar Generator 1500w

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The Benefits Of A Solar Powered Generator Over Gas Powered Generators:

Patriot Portable Solar Generator 1500W with 2 Panels

One of the key features of The Patriot Power Generator 1500 is the fact that it is solar powered, meaning that its powered by sunlight which as we all know is a free resource!

Now you may be wondering whats so great about the fact that its solar powered well, this is actually a huge advantage because it means that it is a much safer and than gasoline powered generator which apparently have a history of harming and even leading to the deaths of their owners in due to the toxicity of gasoline. Sure most people who own gas powered generators dont die as a result of their purchase but my feeling is why risk it!

That being said I think the true benefit of it being solar powered is that it means you dont need to worry about procuring the gasoline necessary to run it.

Sure, if you just need to use it temporarily, due to a bad storm or something, then buying gas isnt much of an issue but during a serious disaster situation where we lose power for a long period of time this is a crucial consideration.

We have to recognize that when the shit really hits the fan, we cant count on gasoline being readily available!

Once I realized that you cant rely on a source of gas being available then I stopped considering a gas powered generator to be an option for use in a true disaster situation.

Patriot Power Generator Review : Worth Your Money

Joseph Hallas

I live in a fairly rural part of the country where power cuts and weather problems are not uncommon. From blackouts to floods, there are a million and one reasons why my home can randomly lose power for a few hours.Its super annoying.While I can survive without my TV for a few hours, I like the option of having a backup power generator in my home so I can power my fridge or freezer and a few other essential appliances until the power comes back on.Always eco-conscious, I decided to try the Patriot Power Generator 1800 with solar power charging to see if it would work for my needs.

Ultimate Patriot Power Generator Gift Package

We appreciate customers like you who are taking the necessary steps to protect themselves & their families. So in addition to the FREE Solar Panel that comes with your Patriot Power Generator, you get 12 FREE gifts WOW!

  • FREE Patriot Power Cell – $29.95 Value: Like a Patriot Power Generator… for your phones! Critical power and light to keep you safe & connected to loved ones.
  • FREE Sun Kettle Personal Water Heater – $67.00 Value: Boil water without fuel or flames! This solar cooker heats your food & drinks with the power of the sun.
  • FREE HaloXT Tactical Flashlight – $29.95 Value: Youll never need to buy batteries again your FREE HaloXT Flashlight runs on solar power. Nine functions in a single flashlight!
  • FREE Solar Air Lantern – $19.95 Value: This lightweight and handy travel light charges in the sun.
  • FREE USB-Rechargeable Battery Kit – $29.95 Value: Run any device that takes AA batteries. Over and over again!
  • FREE 72-Hour Survival Food Kit – $27.00 Value: Delicious food designed to last for 25 years.* 16 servings of tasty meals: America’s Finest Mac & Cheese, Creamy Rice & Vegetable Dinner and Grammys Sweet Oatmeal.
  • FREE 25-Foot Solar Panel Extension Cord – $49.99 Value: Use your generator INSIDE while charging your solar panel OUTSIDE.
  • FREE Blackout Survival Library – $20.00 Value: Critical information and tips to help Patriot Power Generator owners & their families can survive in an emergency.
  • FREE Shipping and Handlingto USA 48

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The Patriot Power Cell

This is probably the best pocket-sized solar panel on the market.

Crafted by 4 Patriots a Utah-based survival company the Patriot Power Cell is one of their most popular products.

Theyve already sold roughly 1.5 million of these!

This charger easily fits into your pocket, doubling as a battery bank as well.

This means you can harvest solar energy on the spot, but you also store it for extended periods. Within a disaster situation, thats a big deal.

The Patriot Power Cell can be completely drained approximately 500 times before dying, meaning that you should be able to get over five years of use from it.


As far as charging goes, like most emergency solar setups out there, you can either harvest sunlight or plug this directly into a wall outlet to recharge the battery bank.

Recharging via solar does take a long time for this little guy, though.

Depending on the weather, it can take up to 40 hours to completely recharge solely from solar. If you use a wall outlet, that time reduces to 6 hours for a full charge.

This device charges two devices at once via its two USB ports and features an 8,000-milliamp-hour capacity. Also, it sports a rain-resistant design with a 2-year warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Coming in at all of $30, this isnt a bad deal for an emergency solar kit.

Prices accurate at time of writing

Best Budget: Tacklife P50 500wh Portable Power Station

Patriot Solar Generator 1500

Output: 500 watts | Weight: 13.6 pounds | Dimensions: 10.2 x 7.8 x 7.7in inches | Output Ports: 110 volt AC Output, DC 12V 10A, 12V 3A, 2 USB ports, PD 45W Type-C Port

The simple-yet-solid TACKLIFE 500 watt hour power station is an affordable, portable option that can serve as an outdoor electrical source or as an emergency backup for a medical device, like a CPAP machine, during a power outage.

Charge your phone, tablet, laptop, GoPro, or small appliances while recharging the generator with an AC adapter, car port charger, or solar panel . The handles fold for easy storage.

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How To Choose The Best Solar Generator For Your Home Or Rv

It takes more than a price comparison and reading solar generator reviews to make the best choice. Since everyones needs are different, its like comparing apples to oranges. The first step to choosing the best portable solar generator is to determine how much power you need to run the devices that are important to you in an outage.

The average American home uses about 25,000 watts of energy daily or 1000 watts each hour. Most solar generators can produce 900 to 5,000 watts of electricity per hour, making them appear capable of running everything from your freezer to your pool, but unlike gas-powered generators that produce a steady supply of electricity as long as the tank is full, solar generators cant produce power that fast. They run on energy stored in batteries that must be recharged between uses.

The key to choosing the best generator is figuring out how much power you need, what you can afford and which features are the most important.

Patriot Power Generator 1500 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Patriot Power Generator?

A: The Patriot Power Generator is a portable solar generator that comes with an integrated 1500-watt inverter / 600Wh lithium-iron phosphate battery, 100-watt foldable solar panel, and a 25-foot long extension cord. It also comes with a multitude of bonus items including a Survival Essentials Kit , a deck of playing cards listing 52 ways to Save Power, and four hard-copy reports titled: The 3 Hidden Dangers of the Smart Grid, Top 7 Reasons the Power Grid Will Fail, The Generator Survival Checklist, and The Blackout Response Guide. It is designed to provide electricity for critical devices and equipment during a power outage or disaster situation. The generator is quiet and efficient, lasting up to 2000+ complete life-cycles. There are no emissions and no carbon footprint. The Patriot Power Generator is a smart solution that protects you when power outages leave you powerless for an extended period of time.

Q: Where can I find customer reviews of the Patriot Power Generator?

A: We host a website where many of our customers have left honest reviews about their purchases for you to see. You can find it by .

Q: Can I see the Patriot Power Generator on TV or in newspapers?

A: Yes, please see our Newsroom link for the latest on the Patriot Power Generator in the news.

Q: How large is the Patriot Power Generator and Solar Panel?

Q: How will I charge my generator?

Q: What can I run on my generator?

Q: Can I use PayPal?

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Finally Hot Water Doesn’t Have To Be A Luxury In A Blackout

“Thank you 4Patriots for being there when our energy grid, here in Texas, was not. With my Patriot Power Generator, I was able to get water from my cistern… put it through a camp shower and have HOT water.”

Joyce G.Bellaire, TexasMarch 2021

* Real reviews from real customers. Sometimes customers receive a free product to test or receive a free product as a thank you for submitting honest feedback. For more information see footnote 1.

Avoid These Things When Purchasing A Portable Solar Generator:

Patriot Power Generator 1500 Review | Best Portable Solar Generator
  • Incomplete kits that require purchasing costly additional components
  • Proprietary systems for which replacement parts are no longer being made
  • Electronic components that are not completely waterproof
  • Generators with minimal warranties or made by companies without a solid industry presence

Our final thoughts:

Choosing the best solar generator not only offers convenience during power outages, it can save your life. Gas generators are powerful, but will fuel be available when you need it? Do your homework and expand on what youve learned here. Read solar generator reviews and talk to people who own them. Ultimately, when the lights go out, a portable solar generator may be the perfect solution, but only if its reliable and powerful enough to meet your energy needs.

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Warning: 5 Reasons Why The Patriot 1800 Solar Generator May Not Be Right For You

You may be looking at the Patriot 1800 solar generator thinking that it sounds like a perfect fit for your needs. Are you looking for emergency backup power? Need to run things in the RV? Want something portable that is easy to use? Sadly, the Patriot 1800 doesnt do as much as what most people think.

Seeing the number 1800 makes people think it must have a huge battery or large inverter which is capable of running everything they need. Because it comes with a 100-watt solar panel, flashlight, small battery pack, booklets, food and other small knick-knacks people get excited. But there are 5 reasons you should reconsider before buying.

You wont believe what these reasons are. Be sure to read the full review.

Solar Power Vs Diesel Generator

While many people acknowledge gas negative impact on the environment, those who would prefer to have a tangible fuel source would still rather invest in diesel fuel than solar energy. However, despite the benefits of a diesel generator, solar power still comes out on top. Solar energy frees you from the confines of a finite resource and enables you to make energy wherever you are.

While you do have to have a certain amount of power generated before youre able to use this power, it is still more reliable than a traditional generator. This means that youll be able to have power regardless of what your situation is as long as you can put the solar panels in an area that is able to soak up enough sunlight.

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Page : Table Of Contents

  • Page 5 PLEASE read this entire manual before attempting to use this product. WARNING 1. Avoid dangerous environments. Do not charge this item in rain, snow or damp or wet locations. Do not use this item or charger in the presence of explosive atmospheres because sparks may be generated when charging or discharging this item, possibly causing fire.
  • Page 6 PATRIOT POWER Before using this unit, please read ALL instructions and information in this user manual.
  • Patriot Power Generator Shelf Life & Battery Size

    The Patriot Power Generator 1500 is a revolutionary solar ...

    The patriot power generator’s battery does come with a decent shelf life of 6 to 12 months, meaning you can charge the solar generator fully and it will only begin to lose power after six months. This is slightly above average when compared to most competitive brands, however there are some solar generators that are comparable in price or less expensive than the Patriot with battery capacities double and triple its size and that also only need topped off every 6 months. For example, the EcoFlow Delta 1800 has an 1,300 watt hour battery and only needs to be charged every 6 months when in storage. But more on this later!

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    The Patriot Power 1500

    Undoubtedly, anyone looking for a solar generator is serious about spending a lot ofmoney to have one of the most important emergency preparedness items. Everyone will want to ensure they have the absolute best option to make sure their investment is worthwhile. The Patriot Power Generator 1500 is one of the most well-known ones on the market.

    The Patriot comes in a general kit with solar panels, some bags of food storage, some books and other accessories.

    If this fits your needs then you can find it online from a few different dealers and get all squared away. I have been studying solar generators for multiple years now and have learned A LOT.

    Patriot Portable Solar Generator 1500w With 2 Panels

    Power outages are very frequent occurrences in the present day world due to overloading of power sources, natural calamities and attack by offenders. Its very frustrating to stay in an area without power especially if you were used to it. Hence you need to be prepared by having a power backup.

    But the surprising thing is that most of the power sources that can be used as power backup at home are of low quality and arent reliable as expected. Thats why we need a reliable power backup like Patriot Power Generator 1500

    You can get your Patriot Power Generator 1500 in just a moment, but first

    Its 8:47 AM and the you know what has just hit the fan. People are panicking in the streetsits all over the radio and TV.

    A news anchor comes on screen and says in a shaky voice, We have reports of widespread power failures sweeping the area. If youre watching this, your power could go out at any moment. We are now in a state of emergency. I repeat, we are now in a state of

    • 100 Watt Foldable Solar Panel
    • FREE 25 Foot Ext Cord More Info
    • FREE Bonus Report The Top 7 Reasons The Grid Will Fail
    • FREE Bonus Report The Blackout Response Guide
    • FREE Bonus Report The Generator Survival Checklist
    • FREE Bonus Report The 3 Hidden Dangers of the Smart Grid
    • FREE 72 Hour Food Kit More Info
    • FREE Survival Spring Water Filter More Info
    • FREE Survival Tool More Info
    • FREE Slash Your Power Bill Playing Cards
    Patriot Power Generator Charge Time
    Patriot Power Generator Watts of Power

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    How Does The Patriot Power Generator Work

    The Patriot Power Generator claims to work by combining a solar panel with a portable power generator. Heres whats included with your purchase:

    • 37.5 pound generator that arrives fully charged and ready to go
    • 100 watt folding solar panel with cells made by Bosch
    • 25 foot solar panel extension cord

    Thats the system. Patriot Power Generator also throws in a bunch of other survivalist tools unrelated to power generation. You get food survival kits, for example, a Survival Spring Personal Water Filter, a multi-tool, and a pack of playing cards.

    To use the system, you set up the solar panels on the ground or vertically. Then, plug the panels into the portable power supply. Once you have something that needs to be charged, plug your electronics into that power supply to keep them charged.

    Theres also a Platinum package that includes a second solar panel along with a carrying bag.

    The generator itself features a rechargeable lithium ion battery. When its hooked up to your solar panels, that battery will steadily recharge itself. 4Patriots makes a big deal that this battery is superior to a lead acid battery, although in reality, almost all electronics use lithium ion batteries today so its not really an advantage over other generators.

    The Patriot Power Generator 1800

    Patriot Power Generator 1500 – Solar power generator | Review, get price –

    The Patriot Power Generator 1800 gives you 52% more peak power and 28% more storage capacity so you get more power for longer. And it charges faster than ever.

    You get all the customer-favorite features of our existing solar generator model with MORE of the convenience you love.

    Advanced-Engineered Battery TechnologyInside your solar generator theres a powerful lithium-iron-phosphate battery famous for its stability. Youll love the reliability and power of this advanced engineering.

    52% More Peak PowerDont let its compact size fool you. The Patriot Power Generator 1800 can handle up to 3,048 watts of peak power. That means your solar generator can handle a wider variety of appliances than ever.

    20% More Continuous Power – to Run More AppliancesAnd the Patriot Power Generator 1800 now has a continuous output of 1,800 watts. If an appliance uses 1,800 watts of power or less, your Patriot Power Generator can run it. Most small appliances including your fridge and freezer fall into this group.

    28% More Capacity so You Can Use it LongerWith the Patriot Power Generator 1800, you get up to 768 Wh of stored power. Each unit includes 8 convenient outlets, including two AC outlets, one DC outlet, 4 USB outlets and one 12 VDC extension cable outlet.

    Longer LifespanYou can fully drain and recharge your Patriot Power Generator 1800 over 2,500 times. Thats like having 6.8 years of daily use about 4 times the shelf life of most generator products!

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