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Patriot Power Solar Generator 1500

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Patriot Portable Solar Generator 1500w With 2 Panels

Patriot 1500 and 1800 Solar Generator Review

Power outages are very frequent occurrences in the present day world due to overloading of power sources, natural calamities and attack by offenders. Its very frustrating to stay in an area without power especially if you were used to it. Hence you need to be prepared by having a power backup.

But the surprising thing is that most of the power sources that can be used as power backup at home are of low quality and arent reliable as expected. Thats why we need a reliable power backup like Patriot Power Generator 1500

You can get your Patriot Power Generator 1500 in just a moment, but first

Its 8:47 AM and the you know what has just hit the fan. People are panicking in the streetsits all over the radio and TV.

A news anchor comes on screen and says in a shaky voice, We have reports of widespread power failures sweeping the area. If youre watching this, your power could go out at any moment. We are now in a state of emergency. I repeat, we are now in a state of

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Patriot Power Generator Charge Time
Patriot Power Generator Watts of Power

Only 2 Outlets For 120v Power

When the power goes out and you know youre going to need power anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, youre going to need to plug a lot of things in. Having two 120v style plugs isnt enough.

Once the fridge is plugged into one and the freezer is plugged into the other, youre out of outlets!

It is easy to use a power strip to give you more outlets. Then you can easily plug lot of things into the Patriot 1800 solar generator. It is a bit of a pain though to have to use power strips rather than just having more outlets on the unit.

Having more outlets is such a simple thing but is not included on the Patriot 1800. Everyone will need to run more than two items when the power is out so having more outlets is an absolute must. This means that the Patriot 1800 requires you to have at least one power strip on hand in order to run everything you need.

It does have 4 USB outlets on it which does make it easier for charging small devices like cell phones. Charging cell phones only needs to happen once or twice a day at most though so its not a feature that is used often.

With 1 DC cigarette lighter outlet it does allow for additional phone chargers to be plugged in like in the car if needed. It is rated to 20 amps which is nice.

Since the Patriot 1800 only has two 120v outlets it should come with power strips amongst all the other small gadgets they give you in the kit.

What To Look For In A Generator

Before we go any further, lets mention some basics to look for when youre shopping for a generator.

The first thing youll want to decide is which size you want. If youre looking for a generator that can supply around 5000 watts enough to accommodate a sump pump, furnace, and refrigerator at the same time you can go for a medium-sized generator.

This is quite a lot of power but a large generator offers up to 9000 watts and can power multiple rooms at a time. In other words, whatever your needs are, you can find a generator to accommodate them.

You can also find generators that connect directly to your appliances or even your homes breaker box.

Many people use extension cords so that more than one appliance at a time can be accommodated. Portable generators can use gas as their power source, as well as propane, diesel, and others, but in addition to the features mentioned so far, there are other features that you can look for if you have other preferences.

These include pneumatic tires that make the generator easier to maneuver, electric turnkey starting features, and models that have more than four outlets. All of these features make the generator more useful.

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What Are The Pros Of The Patriot Power 1500 Generator

For one thing, this generator can be charged either with the sun or through a standard electrical cord, although most people choose the former.

It takes only 3.5 hours to fully charge the device, after which you can enjoy many hours of use. The battery is a high-quality lithium particle phosphate battery, and this type of battery is much more secure and reliable than a standard lead corrosive battery.

For people who like to reduce their carbon footprint and utilize renewable clean energy sources, this is a great generator to own. There does not have to be any more purchasing gas every time that you need to recharge your generator and no more contributing to the destruction of Mother Earth.

The company also claims that once the generator is fully charged, you can utilize it for up to one year although to be honest, some customers have claimed that this isnt true.

The generator also contains two 120-volt outlets, four USB outlets in case you wish to use it to charge any of your electronic devices, one 12-volt emergency Anderson control post outlet, and one 12-volt DC outlet so you have a lot of options when it comes to using the generator.

In addition, you can order extra sun-powered plates if you like so this is truly a very versatile generator.

And if youre wondering what the cost of the Patriot solar generator is, it is roughly $2000. Is this a lot to pay for a generator? Not necessarily, especially if you want a solar-powered generator.

It Holds Charge For 6

Patriot Power Generator 1500 Review

Most solar generators and portable power stations will lose their charge at around the 6 month mark, but the Patriot can hold its charge for anywhere up to 12 months.This makes it ideal if you just get power outages every so often you only need to recharge the product on an annual basis to make sure that its still holding charge.

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Warning: Top 3 Patriot Power Generator Alternatives

If you’re looking for a solar-powered generator as a source of emergency backup power, you might have heard about the Patriot Power Generator.

The Patriot Power Generator 1500 was released in late 2014 by 4Patriots, an American company based out of Nashville, TN. 4Patriots also sells survival foods, water filtration devices systems, and pocket constitutions on top of its Patriot Power Generator. It has since launched a newer version of the 1500 called the Patriot Power Generator 1800.

Best Patriot Power Generator 1500 Price In 09 2022

Best patriot power generator 1500 price of 2022 from brand: Jackery, Honda, A-iPower, DuroMax, EF ECOFLOW, Generark, MARBERO, BLUETTI, Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment, GOOLOO, Goal Zero, BLUERISE, SBAOH.

Based on 53,686 of consumer reports in 2022 we compared 29 best patriot power generator 1500 price with the same type to give the best patriot power generator 1500 price for you. Over the past time, BestSolarLights has spent time researching and testing thousands of patriot power generator 1500 price, finding the pros & cons of patriot power generator 1500 price. From a fair and objective point of view, we will only evaluate patriot power generator 1500 price which are good quality to ensure you don’t waste your money.

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Avoid These Things When Purchasing A Portable Solar Generator:

  • Incomplete kits that require purchasing costly additional components
  • Proprietary systems for which replacement parts are no longer being made
  • Electronic components that are not completely waterproof
  • Generators with minimal warranties or made by companies without a solid industry presence

Our final thoughts:

Choosing the best solar generator not only offers convenience during power outages, it can save your life. Gas generators are powerful, but will fuel be available when you need it? Do your homework and expand on what youve learned here. Read solar generator reviews and talk to people who own them. Ultimately, when the lights go out, a portable solar generator may be the perfect solution, but only if its reliable and powerful enough to meet your energy needs.

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Patriot Power Generator Review

Patriot Power Generator 1500 Review | The Amazing Solar Power Generator

Patriot Power Generator is a portable power generator created by the team at 4Patriots, LLC. The generator promises to help your family survive when the electrical grid goes down.

Let’s review the Patriot Power Generator 1500 system and see if it is the magic bullet’ protection against power failures, blackouts, outside threats or a crumbling electric grid.

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Page : Table Of Contents

  • Page 5 PLEASE read this entire manual before attempting to use this product. WARNING 1. Avoid dangerous environments. Do not charge this item in rain, snow or damp or wet locations. Do not use this item or charger in the presence of explosive atmospheres because sparks may be generated when charging or discharging this item, possibly causing fire.
  • Page 6 PATRIOT POWER Before using this unit, please read ALL instructions and information in this user manual.
  • What Makes The Patriot Power Generator Special

    First of all, the Patriot Power generator is solar-powered and therefore charges in the sun, which is an extremely convenient feature. In addition, it is so safe to use, quiet, and devoid of fumes that you can even use it indoors safely and without worry.

    Lets face it if youre experiencing an outage that will keep you electricity-free for even a few days, running a generator 24/7 can cost you a lot of money in gas. With this generator, you never have to worry about having gas money on hand because one charge from the sun can keep it going for a very long time.

    If you run a regular gas-powered generator for even one week, it can cost you more than $200 in gas alone. Patriot Power generators are powered by the sun, which is free, so you can save a lot of money with this feature alone.

    In addition, the generator offers the following benefits that make it unique when compared to other generators:

    • Super light weight at only 38 pounds
    • 100% solar power
    • Up to 1500 watts of clean, renewable power
    • 100-watt folding solar panel with cells made by Bosch, a reputable company
    • 25-foot solar panel extension cord

    In other words, when you order the Patriot Power 1500 generator, you get everything that you need to begin using it immediately. Indeed, it even comes fully charged, leaving you with no reason not to use it right away if you need to.

    This includes a personal water filter, a multi-tool device that can really come in handy during emergencies, and even a pack of playing cards.

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    Its Expensive For What It Is

    This product clocks in at around $2,500, which is pretty expensive despite all the free items you get with it.Now, I understand that most large power generators are expensive, but this thing only has a 768Wh battery capacity.In the words of Shania Twain that dont impress me much!For the same price, you can get other power generators with much bigger battery capacities, or you can just build your own DIY solar generator.

    The thing is, for its price, this just doesnt cut the mustard.

    Patriot Power Generator 1500 Bonuses

    Patriot Solar Generator 1500

    As mentioned above, there are ten bonuses offered with the purchase of the Patriot Power Generator 1500. These bonuses are completely free of charge, though they have been valued for hundreds of dollars.

    A list of the bonuses included with the purchase of the Patriot Power Generator 1500, as well as a brief description of each bonus, can be found below.

    Bonus 1 Shipping

    Despite being light and rather compact, the Patriot Power Generator 1500 would cost over $200 dollars in shipping, an amount the creators of the generator did not want to pass on to their customers. Because of this, shipping for the generator is completely free, so users can get their Patriot Power Generator 1500 faster and with less of a hassle.

    Bonus 2 25 Foot Solar Panel Extension Cord

    This heavy duty extension cord is a necessity to make using the Patriot Power Generator 1500 much easier. With this cord, the solar panels can be outside while the generator works away inside.

    Bonus 3 Top 7 Reasons Why the Grid will Fail Report

    This report gives a detailed account as to why the power grid is failing and what will happen when it officially fails.

    Bonus 4 The Blackout Response Guide

    For those who want to know what will happen when the power grid crashes, this guide is the perfect help. It will go over what will happen, as well as the tips and tricks for keeping loved ones safe and comfortable.

    Bonus 5 The Generator Survival Checklist

    Bonus 6 The 3 Hidden Dangers of the Smart Grid

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    Best Budget: Tacklife P50 500wh Portable Power Station

    Output: 500 watts | Weight: 13.6 pounds | Dimensions: 10.2 x 7.8 x 7.7in inches | Output Ports: 110 volt AC Output, DC 12V 10A, 12V 3A, 2 USB ports, PD 45W Type-C Port

    The simple-yet-solid TACKLIFE 500 watt hour power station is an affordable, portable option that can serve as an outdoor electrical source or as an emergency backup for a medical device, like a CPAP machine, during a power outage.

    Charge your phone, tablet, laptop, GoPro, or small appliances while recharging the generator with an AC adapter, car port charger, or solar panel . The handles fold for easy storage.

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    How Does It Work

    According to their website, the United States is in serious danger of a terrorist attack on their power grid that could shut down the entire country.

    In fact, they quote someone who claims that if the power grid was destroyed and stayed shut down for more than a year, 90% of Americans would probably die.

    Most people understand that having a backup generator is a good way to keep access to power when traditional energy sources go out, but it can take up to 18 gallons of gasoline per day to keep one running and that can add up to $210 per week.

    The goal of the Patriot Power Generator is to give people a generator that cant be shut down and isnt cost prohibitive to keep running, which is why they have created a solar generator.

    This generator is whisper quiet, fume free, discrete, and safe to use. It offers up to 1,500 continuous watts of clean, renewable power. Its only 38 pounds and is small enough to easily to transport with you wherever you need to go.

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    Just Want To Know What The Best Patriot Power Generator Alternative Is

    The most popular and best Patriot Power Generator alternative is, by far, the EcoFlow Delta 1800 Solar Generator Quad kit with 4 x 100-watt solar panels.

    The Delta solar generator has twice as much battery capacity, same size inverter with a bigger surge, comes in 15 lbs lighter, and charges twice as fast!

    Check out the comparison chart of the two solar generators below, and you’ll quickly see why the EcoFlow Delta 1800 is the clear frontrunner:

    The Benefits Of A Solar Powered Generator Over Gas Powered Generators:

    Patriot Power Generator 1500 – How to Daisy Chain Your Solar Panels

    One of the key features of The Patriot Power Generator 1500 is the fact that it is solar powered, meaning that its powered by sunlight which as we all know is a free resource!

    Now you may be wondering whats so great about the fact that its solar powered well, this is actually a huge advantage because it means that it is a much safer and than gasoline powered generator which apparently have a history of harming and even leading to the deaths of their owners in due to the toxicity of gasoline. Sure most people who own gas powered generators dont die as a result of their purchase but my feeling is why risk it!

    That being said I think the true benefit of it being solar powered is that it means you dont need to worry about procuring the gasoline necessary to run it.

    Sure, if you just need to use it temporarily, due to a bad storm or something, then buying gas isnt much of an issue but during a serious disaster situation where we lose power for a long period of time this is a crucial consideration.

    Once I realized that you cant rely on a source of gas being available then I stopped considering a gas powered generator to be an option for use in a true disaster situation.

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    What Caused The Patriot Power 1500 Recall

    According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission , the Patriot Power 1500 was recalled Due to Fire Hazard. Yes, thats right, 4Patriots reportedly decided to discontinue importing the Chinese manufactured Patriot Power 1500 after 13 consumer accounts of the device catching on fire.

    The CPSC stated that the Patriot Generators began to smoke after the batteries within the devices caught on fire. This malfunction also caused an atypical and potentially harmful odor from the Patriot Power Generator. Thankfully, there were no reported injuries or serious incidents caused by device failure.

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