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Patriot Mobile Cell Phone Plans

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Supported Phones And Byod Devices

Patriot Mobile – Christian Conservative Cellular Provider

Any device that is compatible with the Sprint or T-Mobile network is compatible with Patriot Mobile. Most phones that are sold unlocked directly from Motorola and Samsung are compatible. Devices that have been used with Sprint must be paid off in full and have no financial obligations on them before they can be moved over to Patriot Mobile.

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What’s The Best Cell Phone Plan In Patriot

The best cell phone plan for one person in Patriot wont be the best plan for everyone in Patriot. People vary in the amount of data, minutes, and texts they use each month. Further, people differ in how they want to make tradeoffs between prices, coverage quality, and other factors.

For those struggling to choose between two cell phone plans, I often suggest trying the cheaper option first. If you have a good initial experience with a cheap phone plan, you can stick with it and save month after month. If you have a bad experience in the first month, you can switch to another phone plan.

Switching between cell phone plans is getting easier. Most carriers have phased out long-term contracts. Phones also tend to have better compatibility across networks than they used to. Just beware of installment plans. Cell phone carriers often run deals that entice people to purchase expensive phones on installment plans that last two or more years.

Cell Phone Plans For $31$40 Per Month

We can recommend a few plans in this price range, but it’s an awkward spot. Slightly less expensive plans offer comparable services and, if you’re willing to pay a few dollars more, you can get unlimited service.

Frequent international callers who use a moderate amount of data should check out Lyca Mobile‘s $39-per-month, 15GB plan that offers unlimited calls and texts to over 75 different countries.

Ultra Mobile is another solid option in this price range. For $39 per month, you get unlimited talk and text, along with 15GB of 5G or LTE coverage. If youre willing to pay in advance, you can save up to $9 per month with the carriers multi-month plan.

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What Makes Patriot Mobile Different

Patriot Mobile describes themselves as Americas only Christian Conservative wireless provider. As you know I am a Christian and finding another Christian company that I can support was another deciding factor for me. Their faith though is not the only thing that sets them apart. They also hold a lot of the same values as I do which I am finding less and less companies these days that even come close. Patriot mobile supports causes that I believe in but they also support American families with great wireless plans that can really help your budget.

What Networks Does Patriot Mobile Use

Patriot Mobile Coverage Map

Patriot Mobile works on the Sprint network. They rent network from this big carrier, then sell it back to you at a much lower price.

Network coverage ratings


Powered by: Sprint

If you’re looking for data Patriot Mobile have a great range of plans. Whether you’re only on the hunt for a few GB a month, or you want to go unlimited. However, with most of us only using around 5GB a month, why pay a premium for data you’re not using? Take a look at our data usage calculator and save much more with a set-data plan.

With all Patriot Mobile data plans, once you run out, you’ll experience reduced speeds. If your needs change, you can switch to another plan of theirs.

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Patriot Mobile Byop Benefits

Bringing your own device to a low cost carrier plan offers a number of benefits

  • Lower prices: with affordable plans, you can save up to $600 a year with an MVNO.
  • Keep your number: there’s no need to change your number, low cost carriers make it easy to port it across.
  • Flexibility: there’s no contracts with these prepaid plans, so if your needs change you can cancel or amend your plan.
  • Easy to switch: it’s simple to switch providers, just pick your plan and your SIM card kit will be sent to you in the post.
  • Quality coverage: powered by the same major US networks, you’ll get the same coverage on the nationwide 4G LTE network that you’re used to.

Stay Connected When Youre Away From Your Phone

Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch SE cellular models with an active service plan allow you to make calls, send texts, and so much more all without your iPhone. You can complete a call to emergency services when youre traveling abroad just by pressing and holding the side button.1 And now with Family Setup, members of your family who dont own an iPhone can use Apple Watch.

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Interpreting Coverage Scores For Patriot

The Coverage Scores assess the quality of networks’ cell phone service in Patriot. The Coverage Scores dont account for other factors like prices or customer support quality. Heres an outline of what different Coverage Scores mean:

  • 8.5+ Nearly all subscribers using a network with a score above 8.5 in Patriot will experience a strong signal in outdoor areas by their residences. The large majority of people will experience a strong signal inside their homes. Few if any dead spots will be found when out and about in Patriot.
  • 7-8.5 The large majority of people will experience a strong signal in front of their residences. Most people will also have a strong signal inside their homes. Dead spots may exist within the city or town, but most people wont encounter dead spots often.
  • 5-7 Most people will experience acceptable signal strength at their homes, but a substantial portion of people wont have adequate service. In most cases, people should opt for a network with a higher Coverage Score. People who arent adamant about having high-quality service and/or lack other options may still have a satisfactory experience with networks that score between 5 and 7. I strongly recommend looking at coverage maps and talking with neighbors before choosing a network that scores in this range.
  • 0-5 If possible, opt for a network with a higher score. Consult carriers coverage maps if you have no better options.

What To Look For In A Cell Phone Plan

Dana Loesch: Don’t Fund Liberal Causes With Your Cell Phone

Choosing a cell phone plan is a big decision. Here are a few tips from the experts about how to find the right one.

  • Know how much data you need: Not everyone needs unlimited data . Read our handy guide to see how much data you actually need.
  • Compare prices: Use price-comparison tools, like the charts in this review, to make sure youre getting the best deal available.
  • Look at the fine print: Not all cell phone plans are straight forward. Many, especially the cheaper plans, have plenty of devils in the details .

Thats enough of that. Lets talk plans, beginning with the most powerful.

  • Pricey

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Which Wireless Carrier Is Best 2021

Its hard to choose favorites when there are several great options, depending on what you want from your cell phone plan. That said, T-Mobile has been making some really impressive strides when it comes to 5G coverage, data speeds, and perks.

T-Mobile has the biggest and fastest 5G network right now, and the other two networks arent very close to catching up.1 This means that T-Mobile will likely be on top for the near future when it comes to overall performance.

Patriot Mobile Compatible Phones

The quickest way to check if your phone is compatible with Patriot Mobile is with our IMEI checker.

If your current phone is not compatible, you can still find some affordable prepaid phones online. With a range of handsets from basic cell phones to the latest smartphones.

If your phone was purchased through a plan with, AT& T, Verizon, or T-Mobile you’ll need to check the phone is unlocked. Phones purchased with the big three are locked to their network, but once the contract ends, as long as the phone has been paid off, they’ll unlock the handset for you.

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Recap: Which Plan Is Right For You

Weve gone over the five best cell phone plans on the market right now. Its up to you to decide which one fits your lifestyle and budget. Heres a quick recap to help you make up your mind.

  • Best overall performance: The T-Mobile Magenta MAX plan is simply the most powerful plan on the market, offering truly unlimited data, the fastest speeds, and plenty of cool perks.
  • Best cheap unlimited data plan:Mint Mobile offers a perfectly good unlimited data plan for the ridiculous price of $30. Your data speeds may not be the fastest, but your wallet will thank you.
  • Best coverage:Verizon Wireless is still on top when it comes to rural coverage. If you live out in the boonies, this is probably the best carrier for you.
  • Best family plan deal:Visible Wireless will hook you and your loved ones up with an unlimited plan for as little as $25 per line. Yes, its a very good deal.
  • Best bundle: If youre already paying Comcast-Xfinity home internet, then you should look at Xfinity Mobile. Get on Verizons 5G network for less than $50 a month.
  • Best under $20: If youre just looking for the cheapest, most bare bones plans, then we suggest checking out US Mobile. A crisp twenty will get you up to 18 GB of data.

Thats all weve got to say about the best cell phone plans. We hope weve been helpful .

Saw Patriot Mobile Ad And Decided To Try


Saw Patriot Mobile advertised on the NRA site and thought Id look into their service. Went the site, signed up, punched in my device ID, and away we went. Next day a SIM arrived, I stuck it in my device, powered it up, and went the the Patriot site and followed the instructions to activate. It all went perfectly fine, no errors, no hiccups. The service has been just fine, and every month my unlimited fee is charged to my card. I have been a customer now for 4 ,on the and I am perfectly happy with my service. I have not had to speak to Customer Service so far, so I can only say that the service is perfect and the price is reasonable for an unlimited data plan.

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Best Phone Carriers Of 2022

ByPhilip Michaelspublished 4 January 22

We pick the best phone carriers based on data speeds, phone selection, monthly costs and more

If you’re looking to start the new year with new provider for your cell phone service, we can help you find the best phone carrier. Whether you’re picking up a new phone and want to get a better deal by switching or you just want to make sure you’re getting the most value for your dollar, comparing phone carriers can help you find the best service overall.

To that end, finding the best phone carrier requires more than just picking the carrier who charges you the least for data each month . Phone carriers also stand out with their network coverage, particularly as wireless providers are expanding their 5G networks. You should consider customer service the best phone carriers can handle questions about billing as easily as helping you troubleshoot your device. And some carriers make a mark by showering subscribers with plenty of perks.

When it comes to the best mix of data plans, coverage and perks, T-Mobile is a tough phone carrier to beat. While its merger with Sprint has introduced a few customer service struggles, T-Mobile still emerges as the best phone carrier, thanks to some great data plans, excellent perks and a growing 5G network.

If you don’t need all that data, T-Mobile’s 2.5GB and 5.5GB prepaid plans are among the cheapest you’ll find. T-Mobile is upgrading all of its monthly plans to include 5G coverage.

Mobile Service Near Patriot

If you live near Patriot but arent technically in the city, or you like to explore the region a lot, your coverage availability and speeds may vary.

to find more precise mobile numbers on your exact location. Here are our mobile and cell phone guides for several popular locations in and around Patriot:

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Who Is The #1 Cell Phone Carrier

It really depends on what you want. Some folks will want Verizons awesome rural coverage, while others will go for T-Mobiles lightning fast data speeds. Others still will prefer AT& T for its perks or Visible for its incredible family plan pricing.

In short, there isnt a single carrier thats clearly the best. But if you read about the five plans weve featured in this article, then youll probably find something thats a great fit for you.

Best Cell Phone Plans Of 2021

Patriot Mobile, America’s only Conservative cell phone company 1-877-367-7524 www.patriotmobile.com

We review the best cell phone plans on the market, with a pick for best performance, value, coverage, family plan deal, and cheap pricing.

The holidays offer not only a chance to pick up a great new smartphone but also stellar savings on wireless carrier plans. Find the best carrier deals that enable you to call family, text friends, and catch up on the latest holiday trendsall without breaking the bank.

Stay connected with friends and family this year without fretting over your bill.

Weve got so much to say in this article that were going to skip the clever intro and just get straight to the meat of this review. These are the best cell phone plans available right now.

  • Verizon Wireless’s Get More Unlimited: Best coverage
  • Xfinity Mobile’s $45 Unlimited Plan: Best bundle
  • Visible Wireless: Best family plan
  • Mint Mobile: Best cheap unlimited data plan
  • T-Mobiles Magenta MAX: Best overall performance
  • US Mobile: Best plan under $20

How do we know? We spend every day researching, analyzing, and writing about cell phone plans. So we know a thing or two about the industry. But you can make up your own mind by reading our in-depth review of each of these plans.

  • : Best plan under $20$20/mo.* for first 6 mos.

*As of 10/6/2021, not including up-front costs, taxes, or fees.

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Is Pure Talk A Good Service

If youre looking for a budget-friendly cell phone service, Pure Talk is, indeed, worth it. As an MVNO, it brings you the AT& T service at a fraction of the cost, starting from $20/ month or $16 if you have multiple lines.

Similar to prepaid carriers like Mint Mobile or Spectrum, Pure Talk usually operates as a pay-as-you-go phone. So, it doesnt require a credit check to create an account, thereby allowing you to join with bad credit or no credit at all.

The best part, Pure Talk has a retail department that sells a variety of entry-level and high-end phones that are already unlocked. Thus, you can easily use the devices with other carriers without having to wait, as with most providers.

About The Coverage Model

Coverage Critics predictive model crunches tens of millions of rows of data to assess cell phone coverage quality in cities throughout the U.S.

I believe the model is better than anything else on the market, but its far from perfect. I plan to make improvements to the model, and I expect the underlying data collected by the FCC will improve over time.

On another page, I list internet service providers in Patriot.

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The Best Cheap Phone Plans For 2022

There are a lot of options beyond the big three phone carriers in the US. If you’re looking to save money, these lesser-known low-cost cell phone plans might be the ticket.

Most Americans are signed up with one of the major carrier brandsAT& T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wirelessor runner-up US Cellular, but many more choices are available to US cell phone customers looking for a bargain. Dozens of MVNOs and prepaid carriers offer big discounts by piggybacking on the major networks to deliver lower prices.

All the major carriers have low-cost brands and their deals are worth checking first. AT& T runs Cricket Wireless. T-Mobile currently owns Metro. Verizon owns Visible. If you’re looking for a wide range of stores and solid customer service, these brands have excellent prices and should be your first shopping stops. We’ll mention them below where appropriate.

For the other brands, which typically don’t have stores, pay attention to their reputation for customer service and their enabling networks. Some MVNOs give you an option to choose between different enabling networks, while others are tied to only one. One company, Google’s Project Fi, uses T-Mobile’s and US Cellular’s networks interchangeably on some phones, but for the rest, you have to choose which network you want when you buy your SIM card.

Potential Hidden & Extra Costs

Patriot Mobile â Auction Armory

Patriot Mobile charges subscribers a $30 activation fee per line of service. According to their terms of service, a non-refundable fee may be charged when customers activate a new number, ask for their number to be switched to a different phone, request a number change, or activate an additional line on their account.

Customers do have the option to add caller ID to their plans for an additional $2.99/month.

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Why We Switched To Patriot Mobile

My husband and I started looking a few years ago for a lower cost option for a cell phone carrier. I was always hesitant to switch phone carriers because I was afraid the plan we would get would not provide quality service. I was wrong and I am very happy that I was.

The plan we currently have may not work for everyone but it is the best fit and lowest cost for our needs. We have never owned smart phones because we have been able to meet our needs with lower cost phones and plans. However, over the years our carrier kept raising costs even on our basic phone plans and pushing smart phones. This was not what we wanted and so we started discussing our options and searching for a better carrier. The carrier we were with was one we had been with since our early twenties and we had always been told they had a better network and coverage.

My husband found a carrier who was recommended by a conservative radio program and he started researching them. He liked the fact that the companies beliefs aligned with ours and I loved the price for the plans they offered. We decided after more than 15 years with our previous carrier to give a new carrier a try.

We have not regretted the choice we made to switch. I wanted to encourage others that might be looking to save money on their plans to check out Patriot mobile. If you are looking for a quality plan for less, a plan with no contract and one that will not increase your monthly costs unexpectedly this carrier might be right for you.

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