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A Patriot’s History Of The United States Study Guide

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  • Summary

Throughout A People’s History of the United States, Howard Zinn blends critical approaches. The book’s twenty-five chapters move from the European discovery of North America through the year 2000, evoking American history in a roughly chronological sequence. However, each chapter also has a topical focus, which allows Zinn to trace distinct but intersecting lines of historical influence. Zinn uses these intersections of time and topic as a combination of springboard and platform: he inserts extended meditations on key themes where they grow logically from the narrative of the people’s history. For example, Zinn’s first chapter discusses the general relationship between Europeans and Native Americans, but Zinn also analyzes larger-than-life historical figuresChristopher Columbus in this caseand their role in American history.

Almost every chapter performs a set of interwoven functions central to Zinn’s project:

Chapter 1:Columbus, the Indians, and Human Progress

Chapter 2: Drawing the Color Line

Chapter 3:Persons of Mean and Vile Condition

Chapter 4:Tyranny Is Tyranny

Chapter 5:A Kind of Revolution

Chapter 6:The Intimately Oppressed

Chapter 10:The Other Civil War

A Patriots History Of The United States

#1 New York Times bestseller!

The official website of authors Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen

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A Patriot’s History Of The United States

A Patriot’s History of the United States

First edition
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LC Class E178.1 .S3795 2004

A Patriot’s History of the United States: From Columbus’s Great Discovery to the War on Terror is a 2004 book on American history by Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen. Written from a conservative standpoint, it is a counterpoint to Howard Zinn‘s A People’s History of the United States and asserts that the United States is an “overwhelmingly positive” force for good in the world. Schweikart said that he wrote it with Allen because he could not find an American history textbook without “leftist bias”.The Wall Street Journal said the book serves to “remind us what a few good individuals can do in just a few short centuries.”

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Chapter 5 Study Guide Answers

Size and necessity of big government. Who to support France or Britain for European power?George Washington had relinquished the crown. Adams took office without bloodshed almost unheard of around the world.Adams was a brilliant lawyer, pious to a fault because of his doctrinal religion. He brought a sense of the sacred to government that Washington lacked. He put his moral compass before the nation. People could not stand him. Washington was more subtle, even boring at times. Was never in it for personal glory. Invented the concept of cabinet. Was supposedly in love with another woman besides his wife, Martha. Adams best friend and confidant was his wife Abigail. Jefferson: Sec. of State, Hamilton: Sec. of Treasury, Henry Knox, Sec. of War, Edmund Jennings Randolph: Atty GeneralGreat fiscal responsibility. 1.Report on Public Credit: How to pay off the bond holders and simultaneously refinance the nations many upcoming expenses in order to establish a sound fiscal policy and a good credit rating. federal gov. issue new bonds to borrow more money at better terms, creating a permanent national debt to help finance to gov. operations. Wanted to establish good credit. He understood that monetary growth fueled investment and economic expansion. those alive at any given time should not be saddled with the debts and obligations of earlier generations.Pay off old debt before incurring new debt. 2. Report on a National Bank

Wild World Of History Courses

From Colonies to Country Student Study Guide (History of ...
Larry Schweikart
21 March 2019

Larry Schweikart, co-author of A Patriots History of the United States and A Patriots History of the Modern World: Volume I and Volume II, is the author and presenter for the Wild World of History online courses for American history and world history. These video-based courses for teens and adults require the use of books Schweikart has co-authored, and each course should take one school year to complete. Schweikart also has created some shorter, special-topic courses that I will discuss later in this review.

The series title, Wild World of History, reflects Schweikarts penchant for storytelling that brings history to life. He loves to tell stories of little known but influential events, such as how spies for the abolitionist movement transitioned into another type of spy by doing background checks on people, eventually becoming Dunn and Bradstreet®one of our modern-day sources for business credit scores. Schweikart also enjoys relating ironic stories such as the origin of the Democratic Party as a pro-slavery party just prior to the Civil War.

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Patriot’s History Of The United States 15th Anniversary Edition

Grades: 11-AD

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Product Description:

Although this book was written by a couple of university history professors, it is a refreshing change from the beat-up-on-America crowd. No anti-white-male, anti-Christian, anti-firearm, anti-capitalism stuff here. Instead, the authors speak of a nation to be proud of, a nation that loves public virtue, personal liberty, and private property.

Publisher Description:

Other Books Related To A Peoples History Of The United States

Lies My Teacher Told MeA Peoples History of the United States

  • Full Title: A Peoples History of the United States: 1492-Present
  • When Written: Late 1970s
  • Where Written: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • When Published: Fall 1980
  • Literary Period: Revisionist history, left-wing history
  • Genre: Nonfiction, history
  • Antagonist: The Establishment
  • Point of View: Third person omniscient

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Complete Patriots History Curriculum

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World History Since 1775

Chapter 6 Study Guide Read Aloud

World History Since 1775 is a modern history course for high school students that focuses heavily on the United States. The course components are 15 streamed video lectures, online tests, PDF files for both the student and teacher for each lesson, and the two-volume textbook, A Patriots History of the Modern World. The introduction to the first volume of the textbook for this course says:

A Patriots History of the Modern World follows the history of the last century to the end of World War II along three thematic lines: the struggle between Progressivism and Constitutionalism within America the rise of American global power and its corollary in the decline of European constitutionalism and international influence and the rise of new, non-western powers challenging the United States for world leadership .

In addition to the course components that I listed above, students will also need access to primary sources available on the internet, such as The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. These documents are listed and described in the Word document I mentioned earlier, “Teaching US and World History through the Wild World of History Courses.”

The course videos and textbooks present a conservative, patriotic viewpoint. Occasionally, the course also reflects a Christian interpretation of events

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Extra Credit For A Peoples History Of The United States

Hey, if Matt Damon loved it . Hundreds of famous people have listed A Peoples History of the United States as one of their favorite books. One of the books more high-profile endorsements came in the 1997 Academy Award-winning film Good Will Hunting. In one scene, Matt Damon, playing a genius, tells Robin Williams to read Zinns book, adding, that bookll knock you on your ass. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, the movies screenwriters and stars, had grown up a few doors down from Zinns house and were close family friends.

A memorable death-day. Howard Zinn was one of the most beloved historians of the second half of the 20th century. On the day Zinn died, however, relatively few news outlets ran stories about his passing. The reason? On the same day, an even more beloved American writer died: J. D. Salinger.

How The Courses Work

Both courses include access to video lectures plus PDFs for a teaching guide, a student guide, and seven tests with answer keys. Students will also need the course books which have to be purchased separately. A Word document titled “Teaching US and World History through the Wild World of History Courses” provides some critical details about the courses, especially for World History Since 1775. In that document, Schweikart explains how you might schedule the courses, and he provides schedules for the reading from the course books for the world history course.

For American History, Schweikart presents the lectures before a small audience while he stands on a stage set decorated with lots of interesting props. The audience is missing for the world history course, but Scheikart is an excellent presenter in both settings.

Lectures vary in length from under a half hour to just over an hour. Students can watch these in one sitting, but the longer lectures might be watched more profitably in two or three sittings. Each video covers two or three topics, and the breaks between topics make natural breakpoints where students might pause watching if they prefer shorter sessions.

In the lectures it is clear Schweikart knows his subject so well that he often speaks without reference to his notes. He tells stories and makes connections that bring the subject matter to life. He uses humor and even sings a line from a song once in a while to illustrate a point.

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An Overview On American History Books

In school, you were handed a history textbook and told to read it. It likely had a condensed history of America, covering wars, important political figures and big events.

For those interested in history, though, the thirst for information continues long after graduation. Even children may find school textbooks inadequate if theyre really interested in learning history. Fortunately, theres no shortage of history books, especially if you want to study a particular event or era in depth.

But what if you just want a full telling of the history of America? There are books for that, as well. The key is to find one that covers the timeframe youre interested in studying. Some start with Columbuss arrival, while others include the history of Native Americans before settlers arrived.

Most American history books will focus on a certain theme. This is what makes each one unique. So before you start looking for a good book, think about what interests you most. Do you want to learn more about the political climate of America throughout history, or do wars and foreign relations interest you more? Are you interested in exploring a particular theme, or would you prefer to simply read the events in chronological order, pulled together with an interesting narrative?

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