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Georgia Republican Senate Primary 2020

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Mo Brooks Survives Donald Trump Snub Makes Runoff In Alabama

Senate Republicans aghast at Perdue’s false election claims in Georgia governor race

Alabama business leader Katie Boyd Britt is headed to a runoff for a U.S. Senate seat against U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks, who survived an un-endorsement from ex-President Donald Trump.

Britt, the former head of the Business Council of Alabama, led the field, but did not win the 50% of the vote needed to claim the nomination outright Brooks came in second to qualify for the runoff.

Mike Durant, an aerospace company owner and former military pilot who was involved in the 1993 “Black Hawk Down” incident in Somalia, was in third place.

Trump at one time endorsed Brooks but withdrew his support after the congressman told supporters it was time to move past protests of the 2020 presidential election.

The candidates are vying to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala. Britt once worked as Shelby’s chief of staff.

The Republican nominee will be favored to win the fall election in GOP-leaning Alabama.

– David Jackson

Georgia Voters Cast Their Ballots To The Right To The Right To The Right The Right The Right

Georgia voters awaiting election results took to the dance floor Tuesday night, when the DJ played the Cupid Shuffle and The Wobble.

Volunteers with the New Georgia Project, a non-partisan civic engagement group, spent Tuesday monitoring polls and helping Georgians cast their votes. But once polls closed the party began.

Drinks, food and dancing were the theme of the election party at the Terminus 330 event space in Atlanta.

– Mabinty Quarshie and Ella Lee

Raffensperger Wins Ga Secretary Of State Primary Avoids Runoff

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger survived former President Donald Trumps wrath to win the GOP nomination for the states chief election officer, according to ABC and NBC.

Raffenspergeris expected to clear the 50% threshold required to avoid a runoff against Rep. Jody Hice, who was recruited by Trump to run in the primary.

The former president made it a personal mission to throwRaffensperger from office after the incumbent rejected Trumps demands to find more votes to overturn the 2020 election results.

Hice, who often repeated Trumps “Big Lie” about a stolen election in Georgia and other states Biden won, jousted with Raffensperger over the election results for much of the campaign.

Phillip M. Bailey

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Georgia Senate Election Results 2020

Estimated remaining46,126

Georgia requires a winner to receive 50 percent of the vote. If no candidate reaches 50 percent, a runoff will be held on January 5th.

  • Ossoff
Which best describes your education? You have:
Education among Whites by Sex
No matter how you voted today, do you usually think of yourself as a:
On most political matters, do you consider yourself:
Do you have any children under 18 living in your home?
White born-again or evangelical Christians
Is this the first year you have ever voted?
Have you ever served in the U.S. military?
Are you gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender?
Which ONE of these five issues mattered most in deciding how you voted for president?
Which ONE of these four candidate qualities mattered most in deciding how you voted for president?
Do you think U.S. efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic are going:
Do you think U.S. efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic are going:
Which comes closest to your position? Abortion should be:
Which comes closest to your position? Abortion should be:
Is racism in the U.S.:
Is racism in the U.S.:
Is your opinion of the Black Lives Matter movement:
How confident are you that votes in your state will be counted accurately?
How confident are you that votes in your state will be counted accurately?
Do you think your state makes it easy or difficult for you to vote?
Do you think your state makes it easy or difficult for you to vote?
Do you think the condition of the nation’s economy is:

Georgia Primary Election Results

Fight by 2 Republicans for Georgia Senate seat unnerves GOP

ATLANTA Georgia Democrats chose state Rep. Bee Nguyen as their nominee for secretary of state Tuesday in primary runoff elections, voting on a position that assumed new importance after former President Donald Trump cast doubt on Georgias 2020 election results by making false claims of widespread voter fraud.

Nguyen defeated former state Rep. Dee Dawkins-Haigler in the primary and is set to challenge Republican incumbent Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in Novembers general election. The importance of the position was highlighted by Raffenspergers appearance as a witness Tuesday before the U.S. House Jan. 6 committee.

Meanwhile, Republicans had no statewide runoffs but were voting in four congressional races. Trump had endorsed candidates in two of those races and both were defeated.

In the 10th Congressional District east of Atlanta, trucking company owner Mike Collins beat former Democrat Vernon Jones, who had been endorsed by Trump, in a runoff to become the Republican nominee. Collins, the son of former congressman Mac Collins, was narrowly the frontrunner in the eight-candidate May primary, while Trumps endorsement helped push Jones into second place.

The secretary of states race was the most high-profile of four Democratic statewide runoffs, with nominees also being selected for lieutenant governor, labor commissioner and insurance commissioner.

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When Do The Polls Close

First polls will close in Georgia at 7 p.m. the only state voting Tuesday in Eastern Time.

Texas polls close at 7 p.m. local time, with the state covering both Central and Mountain Time. Alabama polls also close at 7, and Arkansas ends voting at 7:30 pm, with both states in Central Time.

Merdie Nzanga

Abrams Wins Democratic Nomination For Georgia Governor

Stacey Abrams will once again be the Democratic nominee for Georgia governor after sailing through the primary contest unopposed.

Abrams lost the 2018 contest for governor against Republican Brian Kemp by less than 2% and refused to concede in the ensuing months, citing voter suppression.

Four years later, Abrams has become a rising star in the Democratic Party nationally as a voice for voting rights. She has led massive registration drives that many have credited with making Georgia a battleground state.

In 2020, Abrams was rumored to be on the short list of President Joe Biden’s potential running mates.

She was also heavily recruited to run for U.S. Senate but bypassed after citing her renewed passion toopposeelection law changes being pushed in Republican-controlled state legislatures.

If elected in November, Abrams would be the Peach States first Black governor.

Phillip M. Bailey

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Who Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the daughter of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, is expected to win the GOP primary, making her the odds-on favorite to win the red state in November and replace Gov. Asa Hutchinson.

The former Trump press secretary is running against Francis “Doc” Washburn in the contest.

State Attorney General Leslie Rutledge was also in the race, but dropped out, as did Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin.

Sanders was the first formal endorsement from Trump after he left office.

Trump described her as a “warrior who will always fight for the people of Arkansas and do what is right, not what is politically correct.”

Mabinty Quarshie, David Jackson

In New York Gov Hochul Holds A Steep Fund

Georgia Republicans vote in a heated primary animated by Trump’s 2020 election lies

According to the latest campaign filing numbers, there is little question that Representative Lee Zeldin faces an extreme uphill battle in his effort to unseat Gov. Kathy Hochul of New York.

Ms. Hochul, a Democrat, has a better than seven-to-one fund-raising advantage over Mr. Zeldin, a conservative Republican congressman from Long Island, heading into their general election showdown.

Ms. Hochul reported $11.7 million in the bank as of mid-July, compared with just $1.57 million for Mr. Zeldin, reports filed late Friday show.

But perhaps the starkest example of the governors fund-raising advantage and, perhaps, her confidence of victory in November was the nearly $1 million that her campaign transferred to the state Democratic Party, more than half of it before she won her primary election in late June.

The $950,000 transfer outpaced the little under $900,000 that Mr. Zeldin reported in the latest period , about 60 percent from donors who gave in chunks of $5,000.

The largest single source of contributions listed on Mr. Zeldins financial disclosure report wasnt from an individual donor, however it was from unitemized donations, which have no names attached.

Campaigns are not required to report the names of donors who give no more than $99. Many campaigns do so anyway Ms. Hochul, for example, has listed no unitemized donations in reports going back to August of last year.

In the latest report, Mr. Zeldin reported receiving $72,546 from unitemized donors.

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Democrat Marcus Flowers To Face Off Against Georgia Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene

Georgia Democrat Marcus Flowers and right-wing firebrand Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., will go toe-to-toe this fall for the House seat representing Georgias 14th Congressional District.

Flowers has raised more than $8 million in his bid to unseat the polarizing Congresswoman, some of which came from out-of-state donors who just dont like Greene. Flowers faced a small business owner, Hollie McCormack, and a former Rome city commissioner, Wendy Davis, in the districts Democratic primary.

Hours before the Associated Press called the race in Flowers favor, he deemed himself the primary winner, writing on Twitter on November 8th, I will unseat Marjorie Taylor Greene.

– Ella Lee, Associated Press

Dan Cox Wins Gop Nomination For Governor While The Democrats Await Their Primary Results

Republican voters in Maryland on Tuesday made their state the latest to elevate a nominee for governor who denies the 2020 elections legitimacy, choosing Dan Cox, a first-term state legislator who wrote on social media during the Capitol riot that Vice President Mike Pence was a traitor.

Mr. Cox handily defeated Kelly Schulz, a political protégé of Gov. Larry Hogan, a leader of the partys anti-Trump wing, in a contest defined by Mr. Coxs endorsement from former President Donald J. Trump and Democratic television advertising meant to help Mr. Coxs candidacy.

The Associated Press called the race late Tuesday. The Democratic primary was too close to call, though Wes Moore, a best-selling author and former nonprofit executive, held a lead over Tom Perez, a former Democratic National Committee chairman.

Like their brethren in Illinois and Pennsylvania, Maryland Republicans chose a Trump-endorsed candidate from the far right instead of opponents backed by the political establishment, which warned in each state that Mr. Trumps picks would be toxic in the general election.

Marylands contest may have broader implications for 2024 presidential politics. Mr. Hogan has sought to present himself as a potential alternative to Mr. Trump, who has been considering an early 2024 announcement, but the governors failure to help his handpicked successor win the nomination in his home state will raise questions about his political clout.

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How The Primary Works

A primary election is an election in which registered voters select a candidate that they believe should be a political party’s candidate for elected office to run in the general election. They are also used to choose convention delegates and party leaders. Primaries are state-level and local-level elections that take place prior to a general election. Georgia utilizes an open primary system, in which registered voters do not have to be members of a party to vote in that party’s primary.

For information about which offices are nominated via primary election, see this article.

Big Lie Believers Sure To Win Runoffs In Georgia And Alabama

QuorumCallGeorgia Senate Runoff Odds: Perdue, Loeffler Favored Over ...

This may be a case of voters seeing through Trumps endorsement and preferring the candidate who is Trumpier on the merits. While Evans has said that e will never know whether were sufficient legal votes to overturn the 2020 election, McCormick still has not conceded his 2020 campaign for Congress, believing himself to be the victim of voter fraud.

Or it could just be a testament to the power of money in politics: McCormick has raised almost twice as much money as Evans, and School Freedom Fund, a super PAC allied with the Club for Growth, has spent $1.3 million to help McCormick win. Trumps endorsed candidate beat the Club for Growths endorsed candidate the two previous times the two GOP juggernauts went head to head this cycle, but it looks like the third time might be the charm for the Club. Regardless, the winner here on Tuesday will almost certainly flip this seat red in November, as it was redrawn in redistricting to have a FiveThirtyEight partisan lean1 of R+24.

West has attacked Hunt for being a recent transplant to the district, but in this era of nationalized politics, what might matter more is Hunts national profile: He has appeared on Fox programs 15 times since January, and major party figures like former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley have campaigned for him. There havent been any public polls of the race, but Hunt has also raised way more money than West, $770,493 to $286,691.

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Who Is Running For Georgia Senate In The 2022 Primary

Around the Georgia Capitol, the Savannah senators are among the most familiar faces in the building.

Lester Jackson has served in the Georgia General Assembly for 24 years and previously chaired the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus. Ben Watson joined the Legislature in 2011 and chairs one of the Senates highest-profile committees, Health and Human Services.

Georgia Senate: After 24 years, Lester Jackson completes his final session as a state representative

The 2022 election will introduce at least two new faces to the ranks of Savannah-area members.

Watson is likely to return, but Jackson isnt running for re-election to his Senate seat, choosing instead to mount a statewide campaign for Georgia Labor commissioner. Additionally, the 2021 redistricting session added a third Senate district, District 4, to Chatham County.

Georgia Senate map surprise: Chatham adds third Senate post as part of redistricting

Two Democrats are challenging Watson while four candidates – two Democrats, two Republicans – are running for Jacksons open seat. Republican Billy Hickman, who resides in Statesboro, is running unopposed in District 4 and will represent a swath of West Chatham residents.

That primary will be held on May 24, with early voting beginning May 2.

Heres a look at the candidates for the local Georgia Senate posts.

Story continues below

The Potentialeffect Overturning Georgias Runoff System Could Have On Black Political Power

But did these efforts actually work as intended?

The 1990 Justice Department seemed to think so. That year, the DOJ sued to overturn the runoff system. Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights John R. Dunne toldthe Los Angeles Times at the timethat the runoff system has had a demonstrably chilling effect on the ability of blacks to become candidates for public office, andcalled the requirement an electoral steroid for white candidates.

The Justice Department cited elections in more than 20 Georgia counties where at least 35 black candidates won the most votes in their initial primaries, but then lost in runoffs as voters coalesced around a white opponent. The Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights praised the suit contemporaneously, favorably comparing the George H.W. Bush DOJ with the Reagan administration. The American Civil Liberties Union, which had also unsuccessfully filed suit to discard the majority-vote requirement, applauded the lawsuit.

But there was real dissent around what eliminating this system would have done.

Thirty years ago, University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato told the Los Angeles Times that the Republican Justice Department in the name of minority rights is pursuing policies that will help Republicans.

The court agreed that the virus of race-consciousness was in the air when majority voting was instituted but that the plaintiffs failed to prove that the majority-vote requirement was infected thusly.

As would David Perdue.

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Republicans Seek To Challenge A Maryland Democrat In A Newly Competitive House District

When Representative David Trone ran for re-election in 2020, he easily dispatched his Republican opponent, the state lawmaker Neil Parrott, winning nearly 60 percent of the vote.

And while this years general election could become a rematch between Mr. Trone and Mr. Parrott, much has changed since 2020. To start, the national climate is less friendly for Democrats this year: High inflation and low approval ratings for President Biden may be a boon for Republican candidates across the country.

More critically for Mr. Trone, who is expected to emerge the victor in his Democratic primary, his once safely Democratic district in this deep-blue state was redrawn into a competitive tossup this year.

The district changed dramatically, said Mr. Trone, adding that the shift would require running a campaign that will have to spend some money.

Mr. Trone, who made a fortune as a wine and spirits retailer, gave his campaign $2 million in March and an additional $10 million in June.

The Republicans hoping to challenge him have far less.

The leading G.O.P. candidate appears to be Mr. Parrott, who was elected to the House of Delegates in the Tea Party wave of 2010 and has the most cash on hand of the Republican bunch with about $340,000. Mr. Parrott is running a Trump-tinged campaign on issues that have stoked the Republican base, like election integrity, anti-vaccine mandate slogans and critical race theory.

Jonathan Weisman contributed reporting.

Flood Of Early Voting In Georgia Could Mean Short Lines On Election Day

Georgia Sec. of State Republican primary candidates face off

LOCUST GROVE, Ga. After witnessing record turnout during early voting, some Georgia voters said they anticipated short wait times at the polls on Election Day.

I figured with the way things were going with so many people voting early that it will probably be less crowded today, said Phil Gilbert. I walked right in only person there.

Georgia saw historic turnout during the states early voting voting period. More than 850,000 voters cast a ballot in person or returned an absentee ballot before Election Day, according to the Georgia Secretary of States office.

Catherine Buchaniec, Medill News Service

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