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2008 Jeep Patriot Transmission Replacement Cost

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Buying Guide For Finding Complete Auto Transmissions For Your Jeep Patriot On Ebay

2008 jeep patriot clutch replacement

For the Jeep Patriot, you have a compact crossover SUV that was manufactured from 2007 until 2017. If your 2017 Jeep Patriot transmission six-speed automatic model needs to be replaced, you should consider buying a complete automatic transmission as a replacement. You can find these and other Jeep Patriot transmissions online with a simple search on eBay, and this guide will help you with finding the right transmissions.

How do you find compatible Jeep Patriot transmissions?

You should consider some of these categories and features in your search for affordable Jeep Patriot transmissions:

  • Brand and brand type – For OEM brands, you will want to find ones made by Jeep. For aftermarket and unbranded options, there are companies such as McLaren, Lokar, and others that offer complete transmissions.
  • Model year and trim – Depending on the engine type and model year, the Patriot could be equipped with two different types of automatic transmissions including a six-speed and CVT automatic.
  • Fitment – For transmission fitments, the two main categories will be direct fitment and performance depending on the engine that the Patriot is equipped with.
  • Condition – You can choose between new, used, and rebuilt Jeep transmissions.
  • Drive system – The Patriot could be equipped with either a front-wheel or four-wheel-drive system. The drive system will impact the size and parts of the transmission in use.

When is it a good idea to purchase used transmissions?

Is The Jeep Patriot A Reliable Suv That You Should Consider

Although we hinted earlier that Jeep Patriot problems can be aplenty, its not as bad as you think. Kelley Blue Book gave the Jeep Patriot its 5-Year Cost To Own award not once, but several times. Overall, it as well as some reviewers and owners have praised the Patriot for its fairly low cost of ownership. While not the most reliable car you can buy, its dependable enough to not necessitate costly maintenance all too frequently. This is made better thanks to how cheaply you can run it.

Thats also taking into account its reasonably fuel efficient engines. Price-wise, then, the Patriot can be considered a relatively affordable car to own and upkeep through its lifecycle. To get to know a bit better, we dived straight into data collected by Here, they compile reports by owners from its website, and those from the NTHSA. We can see here that amongst the Jeep clan, the Patriot has fewer complaints than its siblings. More so when you consider how many were sold.

Jeep Patriot Transmission Rebuild Estimate

It could be in your location or the type of shop you are using . Shouldnt you be concentrating on the entire invoice ? Or just get other estimates .

No, you wont get a transmission replaced for $500.

To have a rebuilt transmission installed would cost $3000 to $5000.

To have a rebuilt transmission installed would cost $3000 to $5000.

Correct , but Dee is asking about the labor charge as if anyone would know how that is in her unknown area .

The labor to replace the transmission is 8.6 hours, 6.2 hours for front wheel drive. The labor to rebuilt the transmission is 15.4 hours.

You guys are real JERKS!! I was asking a basic ?based on the bits of quoting I received, given I went with a used vs rebuilt W/O having any #s available on a rebuilt!!!

Thank you,

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Check If The Warranty Is Still Valid

This might seem obvious to some, but if your vehicle is still relatively new/low mileage you should call the dealership or check the owners manual to see if your transmissions problem is still covered by your powertrain warranty before calling a mechanic.

A typical powertrain warranty is for 5 years or 50K miles , but they vary widely depending on the manufacturer and can range anywhere from 4-10 years and 50,000-100,000 miles. The following components are typically covered: transmission case and all internal parts, torque converter, converter housing, automatic control module, transfer case and all internal parts, seals, gaskets.

A warranty will cover the cost of repairs if the damage was caused by poor workmanship or a manufacturer defect. However, if the vehicles maintenance schedule was not followed then the warranty might be void and not be honored.

Parts that experience significant wear-and-tear and are expected to be replaced at regular intervals such as CV joints and boots and clutches are excluded from most warranties. Certain components may or may not be covered depending upon the manufacturer of your vehicle. Refer to your owners manual for a complete list of what is and is not covered.

Problems Shifting Into Higher Gears


As you gradually increase speed, your transmission should correctly shift into higher gears at the correct time. When this doesnt happen, youll notice that your engines RPM simply keeps increasing instead of slightly dropping an upshift occurs.

Because each gear has a maximum speed it can go to, you may never reach your intended speed if the faulty TCM refuses to shift to a higher gear.

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Common Jeep Patriot Transmission Problems

The Jeep Patriot has always been highly regarded for its brand prestige and affordable price. However, one thing seems to be consistently associated with it Jeep Patriot transmission problems. Because these failures are so extensive and happen so frequently, it has almost become an expectation that undermines the cars reliability and overall performance. This guide aims to counter that perception by discussing the vehicles most common issues and how to fix them.

Common Jeep Patriot transmission problems include shuddering and whining noises. Generally, issues originate from a defective transmission but may also come from damaged brakes and tie rods or corroded sway arms. Inspecting transmission fluid levels is usually the first step to addressing them.

Here are the 7 most common Jeep Patriot transmission problems:

  • Loss of acceleration power
  • Grinding sounds
  • Transmission gear slippage
  • Unresolved transmission failures are an accident waiting to happen hence, they should be treated with the utmost urgency. That said, if transmission and differential fluid levels are up to spec, then it is time to look into other components that may require a more laborious troubleshooting process. Dont worry if you are new to all this, as this article has got you covered.

    Is It Better To Replace Or Rebuild A Jeep Wrangler Engine

    This is a hard question to answer and probably depending on your budget and the confidence you have in your mechanic. In most cases, It may be better to replace the engine rather than rebuild it because of time and skill constraints.

    A rebuilt engine is not sold as an assembly which means that you will have to assemble much of the engine yourself. Assembling an engine takes longer than replacing an engine because there are several components that need to be put into place in order for it to work properly. With that said it is cheaper to rebuild an engine than it is to replace it.

    There are several cons of rebuilding a jeep wrangler engine that can make you wish to replace the engine instead. The most significant of the cons is that it takes time and skill to do this work correctly, whether youâre planning on replacing or rebuilding the Jeep wrangler engine.


    Replacing a jeep wrangler engine is faster than rebuilding an engine. You will be done quicker if you replace the engine, even when it is a used engine.

    If your mechanic knows what he/she is doing, you should be done in no time. On the other hand, if there are problems with your jeep wrangler engine and they cannot figure out how to fix it or what is wrong with it, replacing it with a used jeep wrangler engine may take longer to get done than rebuilding an engine.


    Re-building an engine can take much skill. A mechanic should have the skills and know-how to build an engine.

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    Symptoms Of A Bad Torque Converter

    In this article we are going to talk about the part of the automatic transmission called the torque converter. After reading, you will know how a torque converter works, symptoms of a bad torque converter, and its average replacement cost.

    Need immediate help for your car problem? Chat online with an expert:

  • Torque Converter Replacement Cost
  • Average Cost Of Rebuild Repair And Replace:


    Transmission replacement is one of the most expensive jobs done by any mechanic. According to Transmission Repair Cost Guide readers, the average cost of transmission replacement ranges from $1800 to $3400.

    A used/salvage transmission ranges from $800 to $1500, a rebuilt transmission from $1100 to $2800 and a remanufactured from $1300 to $3400.

    The labor to remove and replace a transmission ranges from $500 to $1200 for 4 to 10 hours of billed time.

    Differences between rebuilt vs remanufactured?Check out our complete guide.

    Rebuilds can cost just as much as a replacement depending on the extent of the damage. The upper end of the range is typically for the replacement of a high end vehicles transmission or a complete rebuild after a major mechanical failure.

    Basic repair jobs are on the lower side, from $300 to $1400. For example, fixing a manual transmission often only requires a new clutch, a $800 to $1500 job.

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    The Process: How A Transmission Is Rebuilt

    The process of rebuilding a transmission is rather lengthy and labor-intensive. Mechanics must disassemble the transmission to look for problems and replace the parts that are causing it to not function properly. Through this process, the part causing the mechanical failure are eventually found and replaced instead of having to install a brand new transmission.

    Generally speaking, there are three different aspects that must be checked before any transmission rebuild or replacement:

    1) Changing the FluidThe first is probably the easiest, and definitely the most affordable: changing the transmission fluid.

    The cause of many problems is low or dirty transmission fluid, which can also cause the vehicles fuel economy decrease. This causes shifting to become noticeably stickier and, in some cases, the car will change gears and stay stuck in neutral. This fix often costs less than $100, though many vehicle owners find that they can do it themselves.

    2) Checking for Trouble CodesNext, the mechanic checks the vehicles computer system that controls automatic shifting . Transmission slipping and hard shifts can actually be caused by the computer if it is not reading the RPM correctly. Sensors can be easily replaced without disassembling a transmission, so this is the second easiest repair that can fix the problem.

    How A Torque Converter Works

    Basically, the rotational power of engine torque is transferred to the transmission from the engine using a torque converter. This converter is installed and mounted onto a flex plate in between the transmission and engine. The crankshaft spins the flex plate to create the conversion effect.

    Underneath the cover of the torque converter is a pump which contains a bunch of blades. These blades spin like a propeller in sync with the engine crankshaft. This causes fluid from the transmission to flow onto the blades of the impeller.

    This particular blade assembly is attached to the input shaft of the transmission. The speed and gear of the vehicle is determined by how much hydraulic pressure is generated inside of the transmission through this process.

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    Torque Converter Replacement Cost

    Best places to order parts? See: 19 Best Online Auto Parts Stores

    If you have experienced any of the symptoms mentioned above, then your torque converter possibly is at fault. The cost of getting your torque converter repaired will actually be more than just replacing the converter. However, have a mechanic or auto expert look at it first before making any decisions.

    Most auto repair shops will charge someone anywhere from $600 to $1000 for a torque converter replacement job. If you would rather do the replacement job yourself, then a new torque converter will cost anywhere from $150 to $500.

    The exact cost depends on the make and model of your vehicle. At least youll be cutting out the labor costs if you do it yourself.

    It is a big job though because the transmission will have to be removed so that the torque converter can be inspected and then replaced so if youre a beginner, its not something you probably want to tackle.

    What Is The Transmission Position Sensor All About


    Vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission are designed to start only in park or neutral gears. If a vehicle is able to start in reverse or drive gears, it can unintentionally move, causing damage to property or injuries to occupants or bystanders. For this reason, automakers have developed a safety shutdown called a transmission position sensor or range sensor that cuts the power to the starter control circuit if the vehicle is not in park or neutral. This sensor or switch is typically mounted on the side of the transmission and screws into the body of the transmission to detect in which gear the transmission is engaged. If the driver attempts to start the vehicle when the transmission is engaged in a gear other than park or neutral, power is not distributed to the starter circuit. The vehicle will not crank, preventing unintentional vehicle movement. If the transmission position sensor, or range sensor fails, the vehicle may be able to start while engaged in a drive gear.

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    What Are The Worse Jeep Patriot Issues That You Need To Know

    To have a better understanding of Jeep Patriot problems, well look through each model year. This goes from its first year on sale in 2007 and onwards. In a nutshell, the most serious of the Jeep Patriot problems that you need to be concerned about is the transmission. The Jeep Patriot uses what it calls the Freedom Drive. This is its 4WD system, connected to a Jatco-built CVT, continuously variable transmission. Using this, it can simulate the low range modes you get with a dedicated transfer case.

    Therefore, you can more or less get a proper off-road experience with a simple road-going gearbox. However, this CVT has proven to be prone to failure and unreliability, even with regular servicing. This is the most severe fault listed by, and several other repair sites such as RepairPal. Other than transmission-related issues, the Jeep Compass is also subject to leaking. Some of the seals along with the windows, roof, sunroof, and so on could fail over time, causing water to leak into the cabin.

    Those two the gearbox and leaking are the most commonly reported issues for the Patriot. That said, there are other small niggles that continue to plague owners of the Patriot. Here is a list of the Jeep Patriot problems, in greater detail

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    What Is Transmission Fluid

    Transmission fluid is pretty nifty, because its really a two-for-one trick. We like that. Its responsible for acting as a lubricant for the transmission, but also as a coolant. In an automatic transmission, pressurized fluid also plays a major role in transmission control and operation.As your transmission operates, the fluid circulates around it. The fluid – which is a mix of oil and additives – simultaneously absorbs heat from the transmission, while lubricating it. As a result, it keeps the transmission from overheating, and from having large amounts of wear and tear from friction.Want some more good news? It lasts a heck of a lot longer that motor oil, so you dont need to replace it often.

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    Average Cost For Cvt Trans Flush

    PTAaron said:I did a bunch of reading on here last night about transmission flushes seems you can DIY for around $100-150 depending on where you by the fluid from, then you have to take it into the dealer to have them check the level with their magical thermometer dipstick .The prices I saw mentioned in older posts for having it done at the dealership ranged from $300 to around $450.I just got an email from my local dealership quoting me $275.00 which seems reasonable for a job that would cost me $150 + my time + the cost to have the dealer check the level I was just curious to find out what you guys have found as the average price for this job recently?

    Creation said:I paid $300 and change if I recall. No matter what youll need to take it to the dealer and theyll probably charge you an hour of labor for checking the level because theyll need to let the vehicle cool down. I say if they quote you 275 just take it there.

    the_jeep_now said:Buy a dipstick on Amazon for $20 that comes with a chart that tells you how much fluid you should have in it. Shop around for CVT fluid. No need to go to the dealer. I bought the dipstick last week and checked the fluid yesterday. All seemed to be normal. Griff posted some instructions on how to below.

    typetotal of $310

    Problems With Gear Shifts

    Transmission Removal 2009 Jeep Patriot CVT Automatic JF011e PT1

    Any delayed or soft shifts could be the symptom of the torque converters lowered pressure output. Instead of the transmission shifts feeling nice and crisp, they will be rough and wont engage the way theyre supposed to.

    The best way to assist the transmission so it can shift its gears properly is to increase the torque converters output pressure. The only way to do that is to increase the RPM of the engine.

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    How Do You Know If You Need A Transmission Fluid Change Or Transmission Flush

    A transmission flush is only fundamental if your system contains dirt or debris. If the fluid is extremely dark or contains diverse sediments, we would express a complete system flush instead of just exchanging the fluid. If youd like one of our experienced Jeep Patriot technicians to examine your transmission fluid, book your transmission service online or give Bill Estes Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram a call at 3178540239.

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